Bus from Singapore to Johor Bahru

Squirrel which cleverly jumped finally also can fall too“…. Oh, Donny is that squirrel.

Yesss….that night, I was kicked out of Changi International Airport terminal 2…Niceeee….My passport was marked by Aviation Securitty….God.

Since 2014, playing cat and mouse role with Singapore airport police. Now, the cat was caught when sleeping behind a waiting chair in terminal 2 of Changi International Airport … Embarrassing.

4 hours before incident.…

The “gray with orange star” airline with flight number 3K206 landed me in Terminal 1-Changi International Airport on 12:30 hours.

Because Changi Airport MRT station is in Terminal 2 and will operate on 5:30am, I decided to move to Terminal 2.

I finally prayed and then rest in prayer room until 02:00am. But coldness of air conditioner forced me to move to a row of waiting seat in front of passenger lounge. My assumption that airport police had finished patrol in this area was wrong.

Amid my dream, airport security who guarded by two young armed policeman and soldier woke me up. Ahhhh….I was understood….I finally caught after 4 years always avoid them.

Airport security: “Helo Sir, Can me see your passport and ticket?

Me: (while handing in a passport)  “Good night Sir, I’m sorry before. I am waiting for first train to downtown. I just arrived 3 hours ago.

Airport security: “Sorry, How long do you will stay in Singapore?”.

Me: “3 Days 2 Night, Sir”.

Airport security: “This hall is only for transit passengers. You can’t wait the train here. Let me take you to immigration counter”….(Click….Oh, my passport was captured with his camera. It was sent to their boss via whatsapp…. Hmmh, I’ve been tagged at Changi …. If I was caught once again, it will be a serious problem….hahaha.).

Because I came into immigration counter with armed soldier, Indian descent immigration officer became bitchy and angry to me when she stamped my passport ….Oh God, more angry then her face became more sexy like “Kajol” (beautiful Indian artist)….Hihihi.

2 hours can’t sleep….Yes, floor after immigration counter isn’t carpeted. How could I sleep while sitting on hard bench like that?.

In midst of sleepiness (it was because on noon, I worked full time in Bandung. And in afternoon, I directly went to Soekarno Hatta International Airport….cool yes, my home in Jakarta, working in Bandung on noon, and in night I was in Singapore….Hahaha), I decided to eat halal-certified noodles in this restaurant:

Located near exit gate after immigration counter of terminal 2 .
Cheap …. Only USD 3,5.

Waow….Please focus to the theme, Donny!


Let’s focus on the theme.…

That time, The final destination of my 7th visit to Singapore was Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Why did I go from “Lion Country”?…yes of course, the cost will be cheaper.

After eating noodles in the morning, I hurried to MRT platform in Changi Station. By buying a ticket for USD 1,9 on an automatic machine, I headed for Jurong East Station with 70 minutes travel time.

Why must be Jurong East Station?….Because this is a place where CW3/CW4 bus shelter which will go to Johor Bahru via Tuas Checkpoint which is the land border of Singapore and Malaysia.

I forced myself to hold pee because of toilet smell behind Jurong East Station crowd. Understandably, this station is integrated with bus terminal to various regions in Singapore and even out of Singapore.

After buying a bus ticket at counter, I immediately entered a queue and waited for bus to arrive. And finally, I got a CW3 bus which came 5 minutes later.

CW3 bus ticket costs USD 1,9.
Orderly waiting in line according to the path.

I chose a back seat so I could freely take photos during trip.

Bus’ air conditioner was great.

Bus continued to move towards Tuas Checkpoint via AYE Toll Road. Singapore’s streets smoothness made bus arrived at Tuas Checkpoint in just 30 minutes.

I deliberately chose queue line which guarded by Malay descent female officers for easy immigration checks (because I am Malay descent too). As a result, the immigration process at the border became very smooth.

Queueing at Tuas Checkpoint.

After passing the immigration counter, I immediately headed to the bus waiting area that will take me to the Sultan Abu Bakar Tanjung Kupang CIQ (Customs Immigration Quarantine) which is a Malaysian immigration building.

I didn’t need to find bus which I boarded before because as long as a ticket was still saved, I could continue my journey with another CW bus with similar destination.

Sea view along Second Link Expressway which connects Singapore and Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

The next journey begins. Second Link Expressway condition from Johor Bahru to Tuas Checkpoint was severely jammed during work hours at that time. On other side, the road from Tuas Checkpoint to CIQ Sultan Abu Bakar Tanjung Kupang was fluent.

very fluent in my side vs jammed in other side.

And in 15 minutes, I arrived at CIQ Sultan Abu Bakar Tanjung Kupang. There weren’t serious checking during immigration process and finally I was able to get through it quickly.

After stamping my passport, it means that the continued journey using CW3 bus has finished.

Immigration stamp when entering Malaysia via CIQ Sultan Abu Bakar Tanjung Kupang Immigration offfice and immigration stamp when exit from Malaysia via Sultan Iskandar Immigration Building.

I tried to find a bus with a route from CIQ Sultan Abu Bakar Tanjung Kupang to Legoland. Luckily, there were a lot of Indian descent bus driver asking to me about my destination. After talk with them, I was shown CW7 bus which passes through Legoland on its official route.

Playing lego in Legoland ????….Like me.

I finally arrived in Legoland.

Easy to get a bus ticket from Singapore to Johor Bahru or vice versa. Just try to ordering via travel e-commerce in 12Go or https://12go.asia/?z=3283832

Deeply Exploring Sentosa

Why do most tourists always post their photos with Universal Studio globe background?. It has become an informal agreement, if you take pictures like that then you have legitimately visited Lee Kuan Yew’s country.

Then have you ever thought about exploring the whole of Sentosa Island?….Yea, one more, all of that was done by walking….Could it?


Have you ever been, Donny?….”Crazy backpacker” like me was asked like that …. Yea, I ever did it….until I got fatigue.

It is my story….How is your story….don’t do it, tiring!

Get off at Harbor Front MRT station, I exit via Vivo Mall. In mall, I tried to didn’t interested with nice goods there or even beauty Singapore’s ladies. Just need to focus on finding a sign which will direct you to Sentosa Boardwalk.

Vivo Mall icon on top floor….from this floor, exit door to Sentosa Boardwalk is already close.

By the way, wait….Do You know? What “Sentosa Boardwalk” is?

Sentosa Boardwalk

If you go to Sentosa Island by bus or car then you willn’t find this floating road. Especially if you ride Sentosa Express monorail or Cable Car….Hmmh, when will I be able to use it?…. hahaha, I ever once… just read it.

Yes …. Sentosa Boardwalk is a 600m long pedestrian path which is made as if it floats on sea to connect Sentosa Island with Singapore mainland….Very cool.

Sentosa Boardwalk starting point.

If Sentosa Boardwalk is for pedestrians, then where is car lane and monorail line to Sentosa Island ?.

Yes, it’s available….You just need to walk off the lane on left of Sentosa Boardwalk, then you will find the both of lane.

That are its lanes….

Street and monorail line towards Sentosa Island.

Because of free cost seeker, so I went to Sentosa Island by….by walk.

A little help by escalator. Even though big portion in this journey is still by walking.

Please, no hurry in walking….yes, fast in reaching destinations isn’t important because you willn’t be able to see many awesome views.

Here is it….results when I was observing on a side of Sentosa Boardwalk decks.

Nice….that’s Harbor Front Port. If you want to get a ferry to Batam, just go there. I hope I can around the world by cruiser ship like that.
Viewpoint in the middle of Sentosa Boardwalk

Automatic Fare Gates at end of Sentosa Boardwalk was covered in cloth, a sign that I didn’t need to pay USD 0,75 to entering Sentosa Island…. I think it was a special promo for something in that day.

Trick Eye Museum

Do you want to go in there?….Just prepare about USD 15.

Entering Sentosa Island gate, greeted by an artificial river opposite museum.

Sentosa Resort World Sign

The walking path led me to entering artificial cave below “Sentosa Resort World” nameplate.

Needed time to take a good photo….Failed many times…..it had to wait for next monorail to passed again.

Malaysian Food Street

After a long time, I was peevish….Starving began to hit after getting the photo. But I knew, There is Malaysian Food Street after Trick Eye Museum.

There was it….
Don’t think that It is truly street food….No, Itsn’t. Sentosa Island is a place where Singaporeans spend their money….hahaha.

To save money, I suggest filling your drink bottles at free water station next to ticketing counter near Sentosa Island entrance.

Malaysian Street Food exit door which directly faces Universal Studio globe.

Universal Studio

Even though I have been here twice before, I came here again for third time….you wasted your time, Donny….Hahaha.

Sorry, beautiful lady….I got a candid photo.

Many tourists have had enough until here when traveling to Sentosa. So, what are other attraction which located after Universal Studio?

Let’s Explore….

Lake of Dreams

Walking to south from Universal Studio globe, You will find Lake of Dreams. When afternoon, Itsn’t interesting. But if You come at night, this place will present an interesting choreography which combines audio, fire, water and light.

The show is free.…

The Maritime Experimental Museum

It’s right next to Lake of Dreams, here it is:

Heading south pass the pool with many small fountains like this:

Sentosa Merlion

Then it will be clearly seen the brown Merlion statue. This half lion and fish statue is often called as the twin of same statue in Merlion Park. You can follow Sentosa Merlion Tour for USD 13,5 to go to top of the statue from inside and enjoy beauty of Sentosa island from a height of 37m.

At night, there is an audio-laser show with Sentosa Merlion as the object.

The statue will change in color during Merlion Magic Lights Show.

Sentosa Merlion Walk

Behind Sentosa Merlion is a 120-meter Merlion Walk. Pedestrian path with a mosaic theme park concept with fountains along park will spoil your eyes in hot weather of Sentosa Island.

Sentosa Express Beach Station

At end of Merlion Walk, there are two large buildings. A building on left side is Beach Station. Sentosa Express user tourists who will travel along southern coast of Sentosa usually get off here.

Finally tasting Sentosa Express for free when returning from Siloso Beach.

i-Fly Singapore

Well, on right side is i-Fly Singapore building. Everyone who want to play indoor sky diving have to spend USD 66,5.

I can’t play sky diving….Hahaha.

Siloso Beach

Located right on beach, I decided to turn right towards Siloso Beach. Oh yes, if you turn left you will see Palawan Beach and Tanjong Beach. Just use beach tram which operate along coastline if you don’t want to walk!.

Along Siloso Beach Walk, I encountered several Machine Gun Pillboxes. This Singapore defense line was built in 1936-1940 during Second World War.


You need to walk 700m from i-Fly Singapore to Siloso Beach and play as much water as you like there.

Interested ?? try to go around the island!.…definitely fatigue and sunburned….Hahaha.

Scoot Air TR 457 from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore (KUL-SIN)

SCOOT AIR….Low Cost Carrier (LCC) from Singapore, which its stocks are owned by Singapore Airlines.

Scoot Air TR457 flight path. Source from https://flightaware.com

Scoot is 22nd airlines which I have ever used. Through flight number TR 457 on regular route Kuala Lumpur (KUL) to Singapore (SIN), I firstly used Scoot Air service on March 31st, 2018. On that time, I boarded an Airbus A320 aircraft with 168 passengers in capacity.

Even though I ever used Tiger Mandala Airlines on November 26th, 2013 while heading to Bangkok and Tiger Air on January 11st, 2015 when I returned from Vietnam. Now the two airlines have merged into Scoot Air.

Look that ! Tiger Air identity in Scoot Air TR 457 plane.

Ambiguity of terminal where I would depart (whether from KLIA terminal 1 or KLIA terminal 2) made me a little nervous because departure list usually publishes 2 hours before flight. And of course, it takes time to move from KLIA2 to KLIA.

For international flights, I always start towards airport on 4 hours before flight time. So I left Westree Hotel on 05:30 and rushed to Skybus/Aerobus shelter which located in KL Sentral. Because distance from hotel to shelter is only 40 m, I only needed to walk for 3 minutes towards shelter.

Indian descent hotel security sharply watched me in inner door of lobby….Because I stood for a long time in middle of lobby door….I was seriously watching around….So quiet, I had to make sure that there wasn’t suspicious thing along road which I would pass towards KL Sentral.

Yesss….There aren’t any people on road….Fast walking. Like an racewalking athlete, I started to stay away from hotel. I arrived in shelter when bus was ready to leave.

With USD 3.1, I arrived at KLIA2 on 6:30. I immediately headed to information center to ask about terminal where TR457 would take off. On early morning, I disturbed information center officer with some questions because departure board didn’t display yet an information about TR457, so She had to pull keyboard and searching information for me….very kindly officer.

God…..my eyes glared while chewing Nasi Lemak (original food from Malaysia) with fried egg in corner of NZ Curry House….Look like a goat which was ruminating. It was a sign that I wasn’t ready to get early breakfast.

Yes, there wasn’t other choice, it was better to have breakfast in Indian restaurant with cheapest price before heading to 3rd floor for check-in, immigration and departure processes.

Departure Board in Departure Hall
Information Centre in Departure Hall
Departure Hall Area
Check-in counter no Z2-Z3 for Scoot Air TR457.
After passing immigration counter, I headed to waiting room at gate L3.

I entered waiting room on 08:05. In boredom of waiting, Vietnamese came to me and ask something:

Vietnamese: “Hi, Can you explain to me about my cigarette (while showing a pack of cigarettes which have been smoked two stumps). Can I bring it when entering Singapore?

Me : “Do you bring another one  or just this opened pack?. If you just bring it, you can savely entering Singapore.

Vietnamese: “No, I just bring it. So it’s savely. Thanks you.

Me: “You are welcome”.

Waiting room in front of gate L3.
After waiting for 20 minutes, finally boarding process begins.
Where was seat 14D?

Scoot Air is identical with yellow. The charm of young air crews was very fresh when their appeaybrance is clad in yeloow t-shirt and shallow.

Fly over Malacca Strait
The sky is really clear, very comfort to fly without turbulence.

After fllying about 1 hour and 15 minutes, I landed at Changi International Airport Terminal 2. Trying to leave Changi as soon as possible to go to Greendili Backpackers Hostel in Race Course Road and then ready to explore Singapore for 7th time.

Searching MRT map before entering Changi International Airport immigration counter.
Catch the MRT ! towards downtown.

Let’s go to Mustafa Center for lunch before exploring.

Bus dari Singapura ke Johor Bahru

Sepandai-pandai tupai melompat akhirnya jatuh juga….Dasar Donny si tupai.

Yesss….malam itu guwe di usir dari terminal 2 Changi International Airport….Aseeeeekkkkkkkk….pasport ditandai….yuhuuuu.

Sejak 2014, selalu kucing-kucingan dengan polisi bandara Singapura. Kini si kucing ketangkep basah sedang tidur di balik sebuah kursi tunggu di terminal 2 Changi International Airport….Memalukan.

4 jam sebelum kejadian….

Maskapai “abu-abu bintang orange” dengan nomor penerbangan 3K206 mengantarkanku ke Terminal 1 Changi International Airport pada 00:30.

Karena stasiun MRT Changi Airport berada di Terminal 2 dan baru akan beroperasi pada jam 5:30, maka kuputuskan untuk berpindah ke Terminal 2.

Akhirnya bersembahyang dan sekaligus beristirahat di dalam prayer room hingga pukul 02:00. Tapi dinginnya AC memaksaku berpindah ke deretan kursi di depan ruang tunggu penumpang. Asumsiku bahwa polisi sudah selesai menyisir area itu ternyata salah besar.

Ditengah mimpi, airport security berpengawal dua polisi belia bersenjata laras panjang membangunkanku. Ahhhh….guwe faham….Njiirrr, ketangkep juga setelah 4 tahun kucing-kucingan perihal beginian .

Airport security: “Helo Sir, Can me see your passport and ticket?”

Guwe: (sambil menyerahkan passport)  “Good night Sir, I’m sorry before. I am waiting for first train to downtown. I just arrived 3 hours ago.”

Airport security: “Sorry, How long do you will stay in Singapore?”.

Guwe: “3 Days 2 Night, Sir”.

Airport security: “This hall is only for transit passengers. You can’t wait the train here. Let me take you to immigration counter”….(Cekrek….Syem, passportku difoto. Dikirim pula ke boss nya via wa….Hmmh, Aku sudah ditandai di Changi….ketengkep sekali lagi pasti masalah….hahaha).

Karena diantar tentara, petugas imigrasi wanita keturunan India itu pun menjadi judes dan marah-marah kepadaku ketika mengecap passport….semakin marah wajahnya makin seksi kek Kajol….hihihi.

2 jam ga bisa merem….lah iya, lantai setelah konter imigrasi kan tak berkarpet. Mana mungkin tidur sambil duduk di bangku keras kek gitu.

Di tengah kantuk yang sangat (itu karena siang hari sebelum berangkat, Aku kerja full di Bandung dan sorenya langsung ke Soekarno Hatta International Airport….gile ye, rumah di Jakarta, siang kerja di Bandung besoknya sudah ngelayap aja di Singapura….hahaha), kuputuskan untuk menyantap mie bersertifikat halal di kedai ini:

Terletak tepat di exit gate setelah konter imigrasi terminal 2.
Murah….Cuma Rp. 47.500.

Halah….malah nulis ga keruan.


Yuk ah fokus ke tema….

Tujuan akhir kedatanganku yang ke-7 di Singapura kali ini adalah Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Kenapa lewat “Negeri Singa”?….ya tentu akan lebih murah costnya.

Selepas menyantap mie pagi itu, Aku bergegas menuju platform MRT di Changi Station. Dengan membeli tiket seharga Rp. 26.000 di mesin otomatis, Aku menuju Stasiun Jurong East dengan waktu tempuh 70 menit.

Kenapa Stasiun Jurong East?….Karena disinilah letak shelter bus CW3/CW4 tujuan Johor Bahru via Tuas Checkpoint yang merupakan perbatasan darat di selatan Singapura dan Malaysia.

Terpaksa menahan pipis karena bau pesing toilet dibalik keramaian Stasiun Jurong East. Maklum stasiun ini terintegrasi dengan terminal bus menuju berbagai daerah di Singapura dan bahkan keluar Singapura.

Setelah membeli tiket bus di konter, Aku segera memasuki jalur antrian dan menunggu kedatangan bus. Dan akhirnya Aku kebagian bus CW3 yang datang 5 menit kemudian.

Tiket bus CW3 seharga Rp. 26.000.
Tertib mengantri sesuai jalur.

Aku memilih bangku paling belakang supaya leluasa mengambil foto selama perjalanan.

AC busnya mantab.

Bus terus bergerak menuju Tuas Checkpoint melalui AYE Toll Road. Lancarnya jalanan Singapura,  membuat bus tiba di Tuas Checkpoint hanya dalam waktu 30 menit.

Aku sengaja memilih jalur antrian yang dijaga petugas wanita keturunan Melayu untuk memudahkan pemeriksaan imigrasi. Alhasil proses perpindahan antar negara di perbatasan menjadi lancar.

Ngantri di Tuas Checkpoint.

Setelah melewati konter imigrasi, Aku segera menuju ke tempat menunggu bus yang akan mengantarkanku ke CIQ (Customs Immigration Quarantine) Sultan Abu Bakar Tanjung Kupang yang merupakan bangunan imigrasi milik Malaysia.

Aku tak perlu mencari bus yang kutumpangi sebelumnya karena selama tiket masih tersimpan, Aku bisa meneruskan perjalanan dengan bus CW yang lain dengan tujuan yang sama.

Pemandangan laut sepanjang Second Link Expressway yang merupakan penghubung Singapura dan Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

Perjalanan selanjutnya pun dimulai. Kondisi Second Link Expressway dari arah Johor Bahru menuju Tuas Checkpoint macet parah di jam berangkat kerja kala itu. Sebaliknya, jalanan yang meninggalkan Tuas Checkpoint menuju CIQ Sultan Abu Bakar Tanjung Kupang kosong melompong.

Kosong di jalurku vs penuh di jalur sebelah.

Dan hanya dalam 15 menit, Aku tiba di CIQ Sultan Abu Bakar Tanjung Kupang. Tak ada pemeriksaan serius selama proses imigrasi dan akhirnya Aku bisa dengan cepat melewatinya.

Selepas mengecap passport, berarti  perjalanan lanjutan menggunakan bus CW3 sudah selesai.

Stempel masuk Malaysia via Imigrasi CIQ Sultan Abu Bakar Tanjung Kupang dan stempel keluar Malaysia via Imigrasi Bangunan Sultan Iskandar.

Aku pun perlu mencari bus dari CIQ Sultan Abu Bakar Tanjung Kupang menuju Legoland. Beruntung banyak pengendara bus keturunan India yang menanyakan tujuanku. Sehingga Aku ditunjukkan bus CW7 yang melewati Legoland dalam rute resminya.

Main lego di Legoland????……kek guweh.

Sampai Legoland juga akhirnya.

Mudah mendapatkan tiket bus dari Singapura ke Johor Bahru atau sebaliknya?. Cobain aja pesan via e-commerce perjalanan 12Go atau https://12go.asia/?z=3283832

Membedah Sentosa Island Lebih Dalam

Kenapa kebanyakan turis selalu memposting fotonya dengan latar belakang bola biru Universal Studio?….Sudah menjadi kesepakatan informal, jika sudah berfoto demikian maka Dia telah sah mengunjungi Negerinya Lee Kuan Yew.

Lalu pernahkah Kamu berfikir untuk membedah seisi Sentosa Island ?….Eh satu lagi, semua itu dilakukan dengan berjalan kaki….Sanggup?


Emangnya Kamu pernah, Don?….yee iii lee, “crazy backpacker” kek Guwe ditanya begituan….ya pernah lah….ampe gempor malah….

Nih ceritaku….mana ceritamu….jangan dink, capeeeekkk!

Turun di stasiun MRT Harbour Front, Aku keluar melalui Vivo Mall. Di dalam mall, plis jangan terlena ama barang dagangan atau bahkan ama para amoy yang aduhai itu. Kamu hanya perlu fokus untuk mencari papan petunjuk yang akan mengarahkanmu ke Sentosa Boardwalk.

Ikon Vivo Mall di lantai teratas….dari lantai ini, exit door ke Sentosa Boardwalk sudah deket kok.

Btw, tar dulu….Kamu tahu kan apa itu “Sentosa Boardwalk”?

Sentosa Boardwalk

Kalau ke Sentosa Island naik bus atau travel car maka Kamu ga bakal nemuin jalan apung ini. Apalagi kalau naik monorail Sentosa Express atau Cable Car….Hmmh, kapan ya Aku bisa naik begituan….hahaha, pernah tauk….baca aja deh.

Yes….Sentosa Boardwalk adalah jalur pejalan kaki sepanjang 600 meter yang dibuat seakan mengapung di atas air laut untuk menghubungkan Sentosa Island dengan daratan utama Singapura….Keren yaaaa.

Titik awal Sentosa Boardwalk.

Jika Sentosa Boardwalk untuk pejalan kaki, maka dimana jalan mobil dan jalur monorail menuju Sentosa Island?.

Ya pasti ada lah….Kamu hanya perlu berjalan keluar jalur di kiri Sentosa Boardwalk, maka Kamu akan menemukan jawabannya


Jalan raya dan jalur monorail menuju Sentosa Island.

Karena sukanya gratisan, maka Aku ke Sentosa Island dengan….jalan kaki lageeeeeeee….

Sedikit dibantu escalator. Walau porsi besarnya tetap jalan kaki.

Plis deh, lepasin kacamata kudanya….ya emang sih cepet nyampai, tapi Kamu ga akan dapat view experience yang yahuut.

Nih….hasil ketika Aku mengkol di salah satu deck Sentosa Boardwalk.

Njirrr….itu Harbour Front Port. Kalau mau ke Batam naik ferry di situ, gaes. Do’ain Aku bisa naik kapal pesiar kek gitu ya….
Viewpoint di pertengahan Sentosa Boardwalk

Automatic Fare Gate di ujung Sentosa Boardwalk itu tertutup kain, pertanda bahwa Aku tak perlu membayar Rp. 10.000 untuk  memasuki gerbang Sentosa Island….Ada promo apa sih?

Trick Eye Museum

Mau masuk situ?….boleh siapin aja Rp. 200.000. Aku sih kagak masuk….

Masuk gerbang Sentosa Island disambut sungai buatan berseberangan dengan museum.

Sentosa Resort World Sign

Alur pajalan kaki mengantarkanku memasuki goa buatan tepat dibawah papan nama “Sentosa Resort World”

Mending sekali foto jadi….ini gagal mulu….ya harus nunggu monorail berikutnya lewat lagi.

Malaysian Food Street

Lama-lama sewot juga….kelaparan mulai melanda setelah mendapatkan foto itu. Tapi Aku tahu, setelah Trick Eye Museum itu ada Malaysian Food Street.

Nah ntuh dia….
Lo kire makanan jalanan….ya kagak lah. Sentosa Island kan tempat orang SIngapura buang duit….hihihi

Untuk berhemat, Aku saranin isi botol minuman Kalian di free water station di sebelah ticketing counter dekat pintu masuk Sentosa Island.

Pintu keluar Malaysian Street Food yang langsung berhadapan dengan bola dunia Universal Studio.

Universal Studio

Walaupun sebelumnya sudah dua kali ke sini, tetap aja kesini lagi buat yang ketiga kali….kurang kerjaan lo, Don.

Maaf ya mbak cantik….Kena candid.

Kebanyakan turis sudah merasa cukup sampai disini kala berwisata ke Sentosa. Nah dibelakang Universal Studio ini ada apa aja ya?

Yuk Kita telusuri….

Lake of Dreams

Berjalan ke selatan dari bola dunia Universal Studio, Kamu akan menjumpai Lake of Dreams. Kala siang memang tak menarik. Tapi kalau datang saat malam, tempat ini akan menyajikan pertunjukan koreografi menarik yang megkombinasikan audio, api, air dan cahaya.

Pertunjukannya gratis….

The Maritime Experimental Museum

Letaknya tepat di samping Lake of Dreams, ini dia:

Ke selatan terus melewati kolam dengan banyak air mancur kecil seperti ini:

Sentosa Merlion

Maka akan terlihat dengan jelas patung Merlion berwarna coklat. Patung setengah singa dan ikan ini sering disebut kembaran patung yang sama di Merlion Park. Kamu bisa ikut Sentosa Merlion Tour seharga Rp. 180.000 untuk menaiki patung dari dalam dan menikmati indahnya Sentosa island dari ketinggian 37m.

Saat malam, ada audiolaser show dengan Sentosa Merlion sebagai obyeknya.

Patung itu akan berubah-rubah warna selama pertunjukan Merlion Magic Lights.

Sentosa Merlion Walk

Di belakang Sentosa Merlion tardapat Merlion Walk sepanjang 120 meter. Pedestrian dengan konsep mosaic theme park beserta air mancur di sepanjang taman akan memanjakan mata di tengah teriknya Sentosa Island.

Sentosa Express Beach Station

Di ujung Merlion Walk terdapat dua bangunan besar. Bangunan di kiri adalah Beach Station. Turis pengguna Sentosa Express yang akan berwisata ke sepanjang pantai selatan Sentosa biasa turun di sini.

Akhirnya mencicipi Sentosa Express gratis ketika pulang dari Siloso Beach.

i-Fly Singapore

Nah, disebelah kanan adalah gedung i-Fly Singapore. Kamu yang mau ber-indoor sky diving harus merogoh kocek sebesar Rp. 900.000.

Untung ga suka sky diving….dompet aman, hahaha

Siloso Beach

Berada tepat di pantai, Aku memutuskan berbelok ke kanan menuju Siloso Beach. Oh ya, jika Kamu berbelok ke kiri maka akan menjumpai Palawan Beach dan Tanjong Beach. Gunakan saja beach tram yang melintas sepanjang garis pantai jika ga kuat jalan kaki !.

Disepanjang Siloso Beach Walk, Aku menjumpai beberapa Machine Gun Pillbox. Garis pertahanan Singapura ini dibangun pada 1936-1940 semasa Perang Dunia Kedua.


Perlu berjalan 700m dari i-Fly Singapore menuju Siloso Beach dan bermain air sepuasnya disana.

Tertarik ?? coba deh keliling pulau !….pasti gempor dan kebakar matahari….hihihi.

Scoot Air TR457 dari Kuala Lumpur ke Singapura (KUL-SIN)

SCOOT AIR….maskapai Low Cost Carrier (LCC) milik Negeri Singa yang kepemilikan sahamnya dikuasai oleh Singapore Airlines.

Lintasan terbang Scoot Air TR457. Sumber dari https://flightaware.com

Scoot sendiri masuk list ke-22 dari seluruh maskapai yang pernah kunaiki. Melalui nomor penerbangan TR457 dengan rute regular Kuala Lumpur (KUL) ke Singapura (SIN), Aku pertama kali menggunakan jasa Scoot Air  tertanggal 31 Maret 2018. Kali ini Aku menaiki pesawat berjenis Airbus A320 dengan kapasitas 168 penumpang.

Walaupun sebenarnya Aku pernah menggunakan Maskapai  Tiger Mandala pada 26 November 2013 saat menuju ke Bangkok dan Tiger Air pada 11 Januari 2015 saat kembali dari Vietnam. Kini kedua maskapai tersebut sudah merger ke dalam Maskapai Scoot Air.

Tuh kan sudah merger, masih ada identitas Tiger Air di badan pesawat Scoot Air TR457

Ketidakjelasan terminal asal keberangkatan (apakah dari KLIA terminal 1 atau KLIA terminal 2) membuatku sedikit gelisah karena biasanya Departure List baru keluar 2 jam sebelum penerbangan. Dan tentu perlu waktu untuk berpindah dari KLIA2 ke KLIA.

Untuk penerbangan internasional, Aku selalu memulai perjalanan menuju bandara 4 jam sebelum waktu penerbangan. Jadi Aku meninggalkan Westree Hotel pada pukul 05:30 dan bergegas menuju ke Skybus/Aerobus Shelter yang terletak di KL Sentral. Karena jaraknya cuma 40 m, Aku hanya perlu berjalan kaki selama 3 menit menuju shelter.

Security hotel keturunan India tajam memerhatikanku di pintu lobby bagian dalam….Lha iya, Aku berdiri lama ditengah pintu….clingak-clinguk kiri kanan kaya ayam mau nyebrang….Saking sepinya, Aku harus memastikan tak ada yang mencurigakan di sepanjang jalan yang akan kulewati menuju KL Sentral.

Yesss….Sepi, ndak ada orang….Kabuuurrrrrr. Bak atlit jalan cepat, Aku mulai menjauhi hostel. Aku tiba saat bus siap berangkat.

Dengan 12 Ringgit aku tiba di KLIA2 pada pukul 6:30. Setiba di KLIA2, Aku segera menuju information centre untuk menanyakan dimana terminal TR457 akan lepas landas. Pagi-pagi Aku sudah ngrepotin Si mbak India petugas information centre, karena Departure Board belum menampilkan informasi tentang TR457 maka Dia harus menarik keyboard dan mencarikan info untukku….Hadeuhhh, sudah manis….baik pulak si teteh….eh, si mbak.

Buseeettt….mataku melotot sambil mengunyah nasi lemak telur ceplok di pojokan NZ Curry House….kek kambing yang sedang memamah biak. Pertanda Aku tak bisa membohongi otak bahwa perutku belum siap bersarapan.

Ya memang tak ada pilihan lain, lebih baik sarapan di kedai makan India dengan harga paling murah sebelum menuju ke lantai 3 untuk proses check-in, proses imigrasi dan keberangkatan.

Departure Board di Departure Hall
Information Centre di Departure Hall
Departure Hall Area
Konter check-in Z2-Z3 untuk Scoot Air TR457
Setelah melewati konter imigrasi, Aku menuju ke ruang tunggu di gate L3.

Aku memasuki ruang tunggu pada pukul 08:05. Dalam kejenuhan menunggu, datang kepadaku wajah Vietnamese dan bertanya:

Vietnamese: “Hi, Can you explain to me about my cigarette (sambil menunjukkan sebungkus rokok yang sudah terhisap dua puntung). Can me bring it when entering Singapore?”

Aku : “Do you bring another one  or just this opened pack?. If you just bring it, you can savely entering Singapore.”

Vietnamese: “No, I just bring it. So it’s savely. Thanks you.”

Aku: “You are welcome”.

Ruang Tunggu di depan Gate L3
Setelah menunggu selama 20 menit, akhirnya boarding process dimulai.
Mana 14D….manaaaaa?

Scoot Air identik dengan warna kuning. Pesona pramugari-pramugara muda keturunan Tiongkok semakin segar ketika penampilan mereka terlihat berbalut t-shirt dan syall serba kuning.

Terbang diatas selat Malaka
Langit sungguh cerah, nikmat banget terbang tanpa turbulensi.

Setelah mengudara selama 1 jam 15 menit, Aku mendarat di Terminal 2 Changi International Airport. Berusaha secepat mungkin meninggalkan Changi untuk menuju ke Greendili Backpackers Hostel di bilangan Race Course Road dan selanjutnya siap mengeksplorasi Singapore untuk ke-7 kalinya.

Cari peta MRT sebelum masuk konter imigrasi Changi International Airport.
Catch the MRT ! Menuju pusat kota

Makan siang dulu yuk ke Mustafa Centre sebelum walking-walking.

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