Backpacking to Magelang….Enjoying “Lima Gunung” Festival.

Magelang….a small town in Central Java Province, Indonesia which since Dutch colonial era was known as armed forces producer. But my arrival here was unrelated to military even though two members of my family were soldiers from Magelang barracks.

This time I had a opportunity to climb to east slope of Merapi mountain for enjoying the beauty of “Tutup Ngisor” village. A village where is famous for its efforts to preserve dance culture through a Padepokan Seni “Tjipta Boedaja” (in english: “Tjipta Boedaja” dance gallery) which was founded in 1937 ago.

And a main reason for my arrival there was the 18th “Lima Gunung” Festival (FLG XVIII). The festival which is able to attract my interest to heading there amid my dense work activities in capital city.

The festival is named “Lima Gunung” (in english: Five Mountains)…. Referring to five mountain names located around Magelang district i.e Merapi, Merbabu, Menoreh, Sumbing and Andong.


My journey to Magelang used a legendary bus service which had triumphed in year 1990-2000, namely PO Santoso. Old and “voiced” bus slowly but surely drove and dropped me to Magelang on cold Saturday morning (6/7/19).

The warmth of long black coffee in a cold morning disrupted my eyes to close and required me to accompany my morning until dawn coming.

A shadow of festival’s majesty continued to disrupt my concentration that morning. And after the dawn came, a brother-in-law’s white hatchback began to split green rice fields towards festival.

I have to be willing to lag one session, because this event has been started since Friday (7/7/19) afternoon. A road to Tutup Ngisor village that has been closed for several types of public transportation indicates that this festival will be attended by many visitors, and finally I had to park the car a little far from village gate.

A few steps later I arrived.

Java eagle as stage background. This bird is believed to give a sign when Merapi volcano will erupt.

My Whatsapp continued to actively reply some messages to find someone who had an important role in my presence at this festival. Our friendship in blogging world started since a year ago and finally we met here.

He is Yokhanan who give a big contribution in my arrival at festival this time. Finally, we can meet in an event after we each other just contact in blogging world for a long time….Thanks, “Brother” Yo.


In addition to local performers, the festival was also enlivened by performers from other countries. Likewise with visitors….international visitors were also coming….It was cool.

Kaori Okado from Japan performed “Gambir Anom” dance. She is a good Japanese dancer.
Well, this photo is deliberately displayed, it’s nothing…I just interest to see Putri who was very exotic….hahaha, it’s heard naughty.

FLG XVIII presented 79 performers, all performances were presented in 3 days duration (5-7th July 2019) with 20 minutes show time for each performance. Really massive agenda, visitors were required to be smart to choose performance which they wanted to see within timeframe which was prepared by committee.

“Barong Gunung” dance from Sanggar Rangkul Dulur (Lumajang, East Java Province)

This 18-year-old festival was also independently organized by “Lima Gunung” Community without sponsors. This is based on a commitment that community is trying to maintain art purity so willn’t be contaminated by commercial businesses.

“Gedruk Pangekes” dance from Sanggar Gaboet Wasesa (Magelang, Central Java province).

Carrying a theme of “Gunung Lumbung Budaya” (in english: “Mountain is Source of Culture”), shows that villages are main enclave of cultural guards amid swift influences of modernization. Villages are expected to be the guardian of diverse cultural originality which dance is one of them.

“Uni Ing Geprak” dance from Gramang Art Community (Special Province of Yogyakarta).

“Lima Gunung” festival is usually held close to Dieng Culture Festival. So these two events can be visited alternately if you want to feel how lively art parties in Java land.

“Subali Senopatya” dance by Culture Board of Bantul (Special Province of Yogyakarta).

FLG XVIII committee was organized on by millennials, this was very visible from many young faces of committee members, event concept was neatly arranged and brought an interesting theme. Stage design also looked very modern when night. Light shot towards stage wasn’t inferior to many performances in capital city.

“Brahmarupa” dance in collaboration with Kemlaka Sound of Archipelago and Pesona Nusantara Surakarta (Central Java Province).

FLG XVIII slipped a session i.e Culture Carnival of “Lima Gunung” Community around “Tutup Ngisor” village on third day of festival.

Culture Carnival of “Lima Gunung” Community preparation.


There are several other things that can be found during FLG XVIII. Visitors could enjoy it as an added bonus for their presence in “Tutup Ngisor” village.

Padepokan Tjipta Boedaja (“Tjipta Boedaja” Dance Gallery).

Almost all Tjipta Boedjaja’s art activities are did out in this gallery.

Gallery is often used for Wayang Menak show by villagers.

The Tomb of Roso Yoso Soedarmo.

Roso Yoso Soedarmo is a central figure in art development at “Tutup Ngisor” village. Padepokan Tjipta Boedaja was born as his initiation. Because of his pioneering work in art, “Tutup Ngisor” village has consistently produced artistic talents until now.

This is the tomb.

“Lumbung Karya” Art Exhibition

This art exhibition displayed various artworks in form of paintings, sculptures, dance costumes and masks.

Father and his son also took pictures in exhibition gallery.
It was good right….masks felt alive.
He was carving something in wood.

“Mangunsuko” Suspension Bridge.

During festival, MC always reminded visitors fo didn’t miss a view from Jokowi Bridge (the famous name of Mangunsuko Suspension Bridge). Hearing this repetitive emphasis, made me curious. And on my first day of arrival at “Tutup Ngisor” village, I immediately visited this bridge.

Like a suspension bridge in general….sway if we step on it….hahaha.
Enchanting mini waterfall.
Beware, don’t eat there… can be bitten by a tiger.

Transit House

Transit house is a term for a resident’s home which was voluntarily and unpaid used to stay for festival visitors. Strong spirit of mutual cooperation, making every village residents is very compact in competing to provide transit house during FLG XVIII.

Complete combination, visitors can also stay in tents in front of transit house.


During my visitation in FLG XVIII, there were two culinary which have left an impression until today.

Nasi Lesah (“Lesah” Rice) is an Magelang’s original rice with a mixture of vegetable sprouts, vermicelli, sliced tofu, small pieces of beef, fried onions and celery. Then it was poured with soup of hot coconut milk…..ulala.

Eating Nasi Lesah for first time.

Wine Coffee….For me who is a beginner coffee fan, finding wine coffee was something special. “Kopi Tanpa Nama” Coffee Shop which was located near stage, provided a “Sindoro Wine Coffee” menu with a very pleasant wine aroma.

Wine coffee can also be called fermented coffee or coffee which undergoes 30 days fermentation process before it is roasted.

So … Want to go to “Lima Gunung” Festival in 2020?….Let’s go with me.

Trip to Pahawang Island, Lampung

PAHAWANG.…come from word “HAWANG” which is a name of a Chinese who came to this island in 18th century. And then HAWANG have a big family and they acculturated with other migrants from several Indonesian area to occupy and prosper PAHAWANG.

My arrival to Lampung is indeed because of Pahawang. It made my sleep never well before I really set foot there.

My legs were still fatigue after long trip in Ied Mubarak holiday from Solo (my hometown), even didn’t even 24 hours resting….I immediately filled my backpack and went to Lampung to immediately kill my curiosity about Pahawang.

Becaue my remaining budget was little, so I decided to visit Pahawang in just one day trip. Boat and hotel cost are relatively expensive in Pahawang Island, It was beating my ego to overnight in Pahawang.

And for save my money, the best way is joining into open trip. Since I have office friends from Lampung, finally I was connected by them into Aero Travelindo Utama which is one of many open trip organizers there.

The core of open trip is paying an expensive trip cost by sharing cost with other tourists.

Didn’t need to long thinking, I immediately transferred a down payment of one day trip cost. Oh yes, the overall cost is USD 13 include lunch per tourist.

Starting trip to Pahawang, I rode a rented motorbike towards determined meeting point, namely Dermaga 4 Ketapang (Ketapang’s Pier 4).

Based an information from taxi driver who I met a day before, the route which I had passed was indeed very crowded and many Indonesian Navy soldiers who used motorbike toward their office.

Their existence on my route when morning condition was still dark made me feel very comfortable. By slowly driving, I tried to enjoy Way Ratay road situation as main access to Dermaga 4 Ketapang.

The Sun slowly began to uncover morning darkness, my motorbike slowly drove in coastline to present sea noise on my left side.

I slowly passed each Ketapang pier gate from gate 1, until finally Pier 4 (Dermaga 4) gate was found.

Parking my motorbike on pier edge for USD 0,75 then I decide to eat “lontong sayur” as my breakfast menu. By paying USD 0,85, my stomach already felt ready to sail immediately.

Ringcall from open trip organizer guide me to their office around Pier 4 to pay off payment and take a life jacket a nd snorkel.

Couldn’t wait to hug Pahawang

On 9 am o’clock, my boat began its journey, slowly the beauty of coastal village was clearly displayed when I was away from pier. Settlements under hill with yellow glow of morning sun combined with some thin white smoke from resident activities were able to make me stunned sitting in end of ship’s back deck.

Hills became a view along sailing.
Race with speed boat to Pahawang.

Along sailing, I always curios because organizer never gave a briefing before trip began. What will be done firsty in this trip?.

Need waiting for 1 hour 15 minutes, I finally found out that snorkeling was opening activity in this trip. For easy finding a snorkeling location, tourism operator makes a floating house to leaning each boat which carrying tourists.

Docked soon.

I decided to jump straight from boat when other tourists queue up to go to floating house. Enjoy coral reef by under water viewing made me amazed by coral density below me. Slowly feeding fishes with dry biscuits in my hand to saw it closer and enjoy cute fishes there.

Little sad too, when I saw some tourists who didn’t understand how supposed to enjoy coral reef tourism.…They likely didn’t care, some of them step on coral reef to make them standing.…It was unfortunate.

“Welcome to Pahawang” from top of a floating house.

I had to immediately interrupted my excitement in enjoying coral reef, because a jellyfish greeted me with its painful sting. I was forced to back in boat to reduce poison spreading in my neck.

Waiting for others to finished.…

1.5 hours snorkeling made me know that next agenda was definitely having a lunch…. I was very hungry.

Slowly going away from snorkeling area, I headed to Pahawang Island. Passed arrival gate, I straightly went to under of coconut trees to eat grilled fishes and “Sayur Asam” vegetables which just came out from stove.

Arrived on Pahawang island.
Our menus.

I also didn’t waste my time. After lunch, I explored around island to enjoy beauty of Pahawang.

Maximizes 1.5 hours for Pahawang exploration.

Precisely on 1:30 pm, I left Pahawang island and sailed to Nemo Park for seeing clown fish activity.

A little sea anemone colony where clown fishes live in was seen in this sea park. Clown fishes that live here are majority still small in size. It looks like that this park is being developed to become a habitat for clown fishes in the future.

In end section….

Trip was closed by visiting Kelagian Island on 3:30 pm. Most tourists prayed in a mosque, layed down in a row of rented gazebo, played soccer on soft white sand or enjoyed coconut directly from its shell in this island.

Kelagian Island which is managed by Indonesian Navy.
Beauty of soft white sand.

Exactly at 16:00, Pahawang one day trip was truly over. Return to Dermaga 4 and then I was back to hotel and prepared to relaxing in “Teropong Kota Bukit Sindy” (city night viewing from a hill) that I set up as my next night destination in Bandar Lampung.

Trip was ended.

Traveling to Way Kambas National Park, Lampung by Motorbike….Is It Savely?

WAY KAMBAS….Taken from the name of river which flows inside National Park’s area itself. This 125 thousand hectare National Park is home of a conservation program for some rare animals such as elephants, rhinos and Sumatran tigers.

However when I asked to an officer at Elephant Training Center (PLG)Way Kambas, Sumatran Tiger and Rhino Conservation Center haven’t been opened yet for public.

A few hours before my arrival at Way Kambas National Park (TNWK)….

That day is my second day in Lampung exploration. A night before, I was busy looking for information about the safety of using a motorbike towards Way Kambas by asking four of my friend who originally from Lampung. And Finally, three of them assured me that everything would be fine while one of them is more doubtful if I rode motorbike to Way Kambas because I wasn’t originally Lampung resident….Fear was the point….as if my brain has been contaminated by media who often preach about it….About Lampung and motorbike robbers.

Finally, it was simple….because of their opinion was three compared to one, So I decided to go to Way Kambas on next day using a rented motorbike.

Journey started,

Departing from Redoorz @ Jalan Pangeran Diponegoro in Teluk Betung area, Bandar Lampung exactly on 7:25 a.m. Riding along several streets in Bandar Lampung for 35 minutes finally I actually left the city through its last gate:

Bandar Lampung Exit Gate on Lintas Barat Sumatera Road.

I began to ride my motorbike through street which became a route of many intercity buses and logistic trucks. This fast lane required me to pull on my motorbike throttle, so that it won’t be horn constantly from behind.

In 40th minute, I arrived at local people crowd. I searched around some address boards, I finally just knew that it was Natar market.

Natar Market.…economy growth between Bandar Lampung and Metro.

Continuing my journey, in 55th minute, I arrived in front of Radin Inten International Airport.

This airport precisely located in edge of Lintas Barat Sumatra Road.

I was stunned for a moment and sat on m otorbike which turning off, I briefly watched activities around airport. I deliberately took time, because I had never used this airport at all. Unfortunately my arrival in Sumatra’s southernmost province used land routes combined with Merak-Bakauheni sea lane.

My trip along Lintas Barat Sumatra Road raced with small bus.

Come on Mr. Diver. We race.

Actually I could get in this bus to Metro then change again with another bus to Way Jepara (the closest area from Way Kambas which is accessable by public transportation). From Way Jepara it can continue with a taxibike to Way Kambas.

Or I could also use DAMRI Bus, which according to latest info which I got, only departing once every day from Rajabasa Terminal in Bandar Lampung on 8 am and stop precisely in Elephant Training Center, Way Kambas.

But I prefer to use a rented motorbike for USD 11,10 per day because after returning from Way Kambas, I could freely explore Metro City. Besides it, I could cccurately detect all paths which will be passed by me towards Way Kambas.

65th minute, I arrived in a big T-junction which both of its branches towards Metro.

Punduk Monument (Punduk is designation for Lampung traditional weapon)….Choose straight or right?

I prefer to use alternative path to right. According to google maps, this route is faster and will not jammed.

It’s right.…didn’t jammed…. swear

but very quiet.…Metro City Road spurred my heartbeat … started a bit afraid.

After passing through a stretch of rubber plantation, I always followed curves of road and canal in its right side.

Right side canal of Metro City Road.

I was glad when can through that quiet road. Finally I arrived in welcome gate of Metro City

90th minute, Welcome to Metro City.

Find again a hustle, I decided to fill my fuel tank before I was trapped in loneliness again.

Pos Polisi Monument was first landmark which I passed when entering Metro City downtown.

115 minutes.…good bye hustle….

I left Metro City in Abdul Haris Nasution Street
“Welcome to East Lampung districts” gate adjoin with “Outer Gate” Metro City.

Being stucked in a long traffic jam, I was curious, what was wrong? Trying to push forward with my rented “Honda Beat” (a merk of Honda motorbike), I broke through outer of asphalt, finally I found the answer….A large passenger bus was running out of fuel in middle of road, trying to be pushed by many passengers with observation by traffic police.

120th minute. Welcome Pekalongan Market!.…surely there are many Javanese descent here… because “Pekalongan” is a districts name in Java Island.

Pekalongan Market on Abdul Haris Nasution Road

130th minute, I was faced again with two choices of street.

Turned right to Batanghari Nuban road
Maskot Park is in middle of T-junction.
A situation of Batanghari Nuban road.

Smooth asphalt on this road will continue until Sukadana road.…but yeah, It was very quiet.

On 150th minutes, I arrived at this intersection:

The intersection of Soekarno-Hatta Road and Lintas Timur Sumatra Road

The end of these road are actually same:

Turn right to Way Jepara and you will explore Lintas Timur Sumatera Road.

Or You can also go straight, to Way Jepara too.…but You will pass through township and will find Lintas Timur Sumatera Road also.

Surely I chose to turn right, so I could see Sukadana residents activities.

I reached Sukadana Shopping Center in 160th minute

Not long after, you will pass this landmark:

Sukadana City monument as a sub-district which is became a capital city of East Lampung districts.

This Sukadana city monument presents a figure of freedom fighter from Sukadana Districts. His name is Colonel Arifin.

From this monument, go straight until you meet a intersection near Sukadana Sub District office, then immediately turn left.

Towards Minak Rio Ujung road after turning left

In 170th minute, I entered Lintas Timur Sumatera Road after passing this landmark:

Banding Park displays a statue of national hero i.e Kiai Haji Ahmad Hanafiah

I can say that asphalt of Lintas Timur Sumatera road in East Lampung is very smooth.

Lintas Timur Sumatera Road like asphalt of MotoGP circuit.…hahaha
Sukadana’s Outer Gate which I passed in 175th minute

I entered into Way Jepara District. And I arrived in a market which I was waiting for….yes, I wanted to see how are Tridatu market activities. A market that is well known in internet because it’s often referred to by travelers when heading to Way Kambas.

Tridatu market in 180th minute.

I didn’t will turn left from this market to go to Way Kambas. I prefered to choose straight to adding my reference and share it to you.

Yes.…I prefered to go to Gunung Terang Market (unfortunately I forgot to capture a photo for you) which is 5 minutes driving by motorbike from Tridatu Market and then I turned left.

A turn after Gunung Terang Market, I entered in welcome gate of Labuhan Ratu VI Village

Getting closer to Way Kambas’s Elephant Training Center, I entered Labuhan Ratu VI village

Road along Labuhan Ratu VI Village
Labuhan Ratu Rest Area at end of village

This rest area is widely used by tourists who will be heading or even over from Way Kambas’s Elephant Training Center.

Because this rest area is precisely in T-junction on edge of Way Kambas National Park, then I followed a direction board by turn right.

See to the arrow.…turn right along road which divides Way Kambas National Park
Road along Way Kambas National Park

Along a way of Way Kambas National Park, I occasionally found cars of tourist stopping to just feed a herd of wild monkeys which often cross the street.

Finally I arrived.…on 205 th MINUTE, I arrived at gate of Elephant Training Center, Way Kambas National Park.

Very happy to arrived at Way Kambas’s Elephant Training Center Gate.

Was my trip savely?….I can conclude, it is very safe and there isn’t crime atmosphere when go there. Just a suggestion from my friends who are originally Lampung resident.…Don’t go back to home beyond on 6pm.

Even I leaving Way Kambas National Park on exactly 2 pm.

So have you ever seen a wild elephant?

Or see elephants bathing?…#ups it’s porn

Or see elephants playing football? … or playing holahops?

That’s why, Let’s travel to Way Kambas.

Menuju Magelang….Menikmati Festival Lima Gunung.

Magelang….sebuah kota kecil di Propinsi Jawa Tengah yang sejak zaman Belanda terkenal sebagai produsen perwira Angkatan Bersenjata Republik ini. Tapi kedatanganku kesini tak terkait dengan dunia militer walaupun dua anggota keluargaku adalah serdadu hasil gemblengan barak Magelang.

Kali ini Aku berkesempatan menanjak ke lereng timur Merapi untuk menikmati pesona Desa Tutup Ngisor. Sebuah desa yang terkenal karena usaha pelestarian budaya tarinya melalui sebuah Padepokan Seni “Tjipta Boedaja” yang berdiri pada tahun 1937 silam.

Dan alasan utama kedatanganku adalah Festival Lima Gunung ke-18 (FLG XVIII). Festival yang mampu menarik minatku untuk merangsek kesana ditengah padatnya aktivitas pekerjaan di Ibu Kota.

Festival ini dinamakan demikian….Mengacu pada lima nama gunung yang terletak di sekitar Magelang yaitu Merapi, Merbabu, Menoreh, Sumbing dan Andong.


Perjalananku menuju Magelang menggunakan jasa bus legendaris yang pernah berjaya di masanya yaitu PO Santoso. Bus yang sudah berumur dan “bersuara” ini perlahan tapi pasti mengantarkanku tiba di Magelang tepat di dinginnya Sabtu (6/7/19) dini hari.

Hangatnya kopi hitam di tengah dinginnya pagi mengganggu terpejamnya mata dan mengharuskanku menemani Si Pagi yang tengah menjemput Fajar.

Bayangan keagungan festival terus mengganggu konsentrasiku di pagi itu. Dan setelah sang fajar datang, hatchback putih milik Ipar mulai membelah hijaunya persawahan.

Aku harus rela tertinggal satu sesi, karena acara ini sudah dimulai sejak Jum’at (5/7/19) siang. Jalanan menuju Tutup Ngisor yang sudah ditutup untuk beberapa jenis kendaraan umum menunjukkan bahwa festival ini akan dihadiri banyak pengunjung, bahkan akhirnya Aku harus memarkirkan mobil sedikit jauh dari gerbang desa.

Beberapa langkah kemudian Aku tiba.

Elang Jawa sebagai background panggung. Burung ini diyakini sebagai pemberi tanda jika gunung Merapi akan meletus.

Whatsapp ku terus aktif berbalas pesan untuk mencari seseorang yang punya peran penting dalam kehadiranku di festival ini. Perkenalanku di dunia maya setahun lalu (….kek ABG aja) akhirnya dipertemukan disini.

Dialah Mas Yokhanan yang  berjasa besar dalam kedatanganku di festival kali ini. Akhirnya Kita pun bisa kopdar di sela acara setelah sekian lama cuma ledek-meledek di dunia blogging….Thanks ya, Mas Yo.


Selain performer lokal, festival ini juga dimeriahkan performer dari negeri sebelah. Begitu juga dengan para pengunjung….pengunjung internasional juga banyak yang datang lhoooo….Keren kan.

Kaori Okado dari Jepang membawakan tari Gambir Anom. Masak kalah sama orang Jepang?
Nah foto ini sengaja kupajang, bukan apa-apa sih….Suka aja liat Si Putri yang eksotik banget…..hihihi, nakal.

FLG XVIII menghadirkan 79 performer yang keseluruhannya disajikan dalam durasi 3 hari (5-7 Juli 2019) dengan rata-rata waktu tampil 20 menit untuk setiap performance. Padat banget ya, pengunjung dituntut cerdas untuk memilih performance yang ingin mereka lihat dalam rentang waktu yang disiapkan panitia.

Tari Barong Gunung dari Sanggar Rangkul Dulur (Lumajang)

Festival yang sudah berusia 18 tahun ini juga diselenggarakan secara mandiri oleh Komunitas Lima Gunung tanpa sponsor. Hal ini didasari pada komitmen bahwa komunitas berusaha menjaga kemurnian seni agar tidak terkontaminasi oleh bisnis komersial.

Tari Gedruk Pangekes dari Sanggar Gaboet Wasesa (Magelang).

Mengusung tema “Gunung Lumbung Budaya”, menunjukkan bahwa desa adalah kantong utama penjaga budaya di tengah derasnya pengaruh modernisasi. Desa diharapkan menjadi penjaga orisinalitas beranekaragam budaya dimana seni tari adalah salah satunya.

Tari Uni Ing Geprak dari Gramang Art Community (Yogyakarta).

Festival Lima Gunung biasanya diadakan berdekatan dengan Dieng Culture Festival. Jadi dua event ini bisa didatangi bergantian jika ingin merasakan bagaimana meriahnya pesta seni di tanah Jawa.

Tari Subali Senopatya dari Dinas Kebudayaan Bantul.

Kepanitiaan FLG XVIII digarap oleh para millennial, hal ini sangat terlihat dari wajah muda para anggota panitia, konsep acara yang tersusun rapi dan detail serta mengusung tema yang menarik. Desain panggung pun terlihat sangat modern ketika malam tiba. Tembakan lampu ke arah panggung tak kalah dengan pertunjukan-pertunjukan anak muda Ibu Kota.

Tari Brahmarupa berkolaborasi dengan Kemlaka Sound of Archipelago dan Pesona Nusantara Surakarta.

FLG XVIII menyelipkan sesi Kirab Budaya Komunitas Lima Gunung mengelilingi Desa Tutup Ngisor pada hari ketiga pelaksanaan.

Persiapan Kirab Komunitas Lima Gunung.


Ada beberapa hal lain yang bisa ditemukan selama penyelenggaraan FLG XVIII. Para pengunjung bisa menikmatinya sebagai bonus tambahan atas kehadirannya di Desa Tutup Ngisor.

Padepokan Tjipta Boedaja

Hampir seluruh kegiatan kesenian padepokan ini dilakukan di pendopo ini.

Pendopo yang sering digunakan untuk pementasan Wayang Menak oleh warga desa.

Makam Roso Yoso Soedarmo.

Roso Yoso Soedarmo adalah tokoh sentral dalam pengembangan seni di Tutup Ngisor. Padepokan Tjipta Boedaja lahir atas inisiasi beliau. Berkat kepeloporannya dalam seni, Tutup Ngisor konsisten melahirkan bakat-bakat seni hingga saat ini.

Bangunan makam Romo Roso Yoso Soedarmo

Pameran Seni “Lumbung Karya”

Pameran seni ini menampilkan berbagai karya seni berupa lukisan, patung, kostum tari dan topeng.

Anak dan Bapak pun ikut berfoto ria di galeri pameran.
Bagus kan….topengnya serasa hidup
Si Mas sedang mengukir sesuatu di kayu

Jembatan Gantung Mangunsuko

MC sepanjang acara selalu mengingatkan pengunjung festival untuk tidak melewatkan suguhan pemandangan di Jembatan Jokowi (nama tenar dari Jembatan Mangunsuko). Mendengar penekanan berulang-ulang tersebut, membuat rasa penasaran menyerangku. Dan dihari pertama kedatanganku di Tutup Ngisor, Aku langsung meyambangi jembatan ini

Seperti jembatan gantung pada umumnya….goyang-goyang euy…..aseekkk
Air terjun mini yang mempesona
Awas jangan makan disitu…bisa digigit macan

Rumah Transit

Rumah transit adalah sebutan untuk rumah warga yang secara sukarela dan tanpa pungutan sepeserpun digunakan sebagai tempat menginap para pengunjung festival. Kuatnya jiwa gotong royong, menjadikan setiap warga sangat kompak dalam berlomba-lomba menyediakan rumah singgah selama FLG XVIII.

Kombinasi lengkap, pengunjung pun bisa bertenda di depan rumah transit.


Selama keikutsertaan Saya dalam FLG XVIII, ada dua jenis kuliner yang membekas hati hingga saat ini.

Nasi Lesah merupakan nasi khas Magelang dengan campuran sayur taoge, bihun, irisan tahu bacem, potongan kecil daging sapi, bawang goreng dan sledri. Kemudian diguyur kuah soto bersantan yang masih panas….Wadaaauuwww

Pertama kalinya makan Nasi Lesah

Wine Coffee….Buat Saya yang penggemar pemula kopi, menemukan wine coffee adalah hal yang istimewa. Kedai Kopi Tanpa Nama yang berada dilokasi pameran menyediakan menu Sindoro Wine yang aroma wine nya sangat terasa nikmat.

Wine coffee juga bisa disebut dengan fermented coffee atau kopi yang mengalami proses fermentasi sebelum menjadi biji kopi.

So…Mau ikut ke Festival Lima Gunung tahun 2020?…..Kuy hal.

Visiting Siak River, Pekanbaru

Conversation in Javanese language (with taxibike driver) at that time gave me a fact that Most Pekanbaru resident are Minang descent. It is strengthens my mindset that Minang descent has a very strong migratory culture.

It only took 10 minutes for taxibike driver to explain everything about Pekanbaru until we both stop precisely in front of Sri Indrayani Hotel lobby.

Putting my backpack and eating 4 slices of toast made me ready in first minute inside Pekanbaru exploration.

“Hi Donny, you have to walk to north if you want to enjoy Siak river”, I murmured.

When I hear a word….”Pekanbaru”….my mind is always think about Siak river. How come? This river ever known as the deepest river in Indonesia, which in its heyday is usually traversed by tankers and container ships.

Hot weather in Pekanbaru burned my skin and crowded streets in downtown accompanied my steps to get closer to Siak river. And finally, I asked to a policeman to show me the fastest road towards Siak bridge 1.

Based on information which I got, Siak river has 4 bridges which become Pekanbaru’s landmarks. After sweating a lot, I finally arrived at side of Siak river. Precisely under Siak bridge 1.

Well-known as Leighton bridge which was built by PT Chevron Pacific Indonesia

Can’t wait to see river stretch with beautiful architecture of entire bridge which built above this legendary river, I immediately rushed to top of Siak bridge 1.

I was in middle of pedestrian path on Siak bridge 1, which was 42 years old

Once on bridge, I could enjoy river width more freely … Yes, I believe that tanker ships could sail on it in the past.

Looking far ahead, another bridge stretchs were looked also. Yellow arches that become a characteristic of Siak bridge 3 and construction of Siak bridge 4 which at that time hadn’t yet been finished but had already appeared its design. (Based on information in newspaper, this bridge had been opened in February 2019).

That is Siak bridge 3 and in the distance is Siak bridge 4

Didn’t want to leave Siak river immediately, I tried to see residents activities around it. I slowly walked to Siak bridge 3. Passing one side of river, and I found culinary stalls which hadn’t been partially opened.

Culinary stalls along Siak river.

Then I sat in a park to take shelter from hot sun while seeing Pekanbaru residents activities. I noticed a young couple who was busy playing in the park with their first child. I also diligently saw some residents catch fish under Siak bridge 1. Sometimes, Riau Water Police Patrol boat back and forth distracted my attention when I was looking at those activities.

Park on banks of river, near the Siak bridge 1

15 minutes later, I walked along river bank until I arrived precisely under the Siak Bridge 3. The yellow bridge which looked more artistic.

Area below the bridge is very well maintained by existence of a wider park. And under the other side of bridge is a tourist destination also i.e “Rumah Tuan Kadi”.

Riverside park precisely under Siak bridge 3
Rumah Tuan Kadi

And across river is clearly visible the water police headquarters with activity inside a patrol boat that was so busy.

Riau Police Water Headquarter

After feeling satisfied enough to visited Siak river and I saw my watch on 11:15, I finally left this river to find another tourist attraction in Pekanbaru.

Bus INTRA from Pematang Siantar to Pekanbaru

I left Lake Toba by a taxi (in Jakarta, it may be called “omprengan”.…(using minibus to transport passengers) for USD 3 with 1 hour 50 minutes travel time. It finally led me to visit a new city … yes, Pematang Siantar. The city that I never think to visit it.

The taxi dropped me off in Parluasan area, an area which famous as hoodlums producer in Indonesia. Horrific, but for me this was an extraordinary mental experience.

The driver drove me right across INTRA bus office on Sisingamangaraja street. A INTRA bus parked to upload passengers makes it was easy for me to make sure that I didn’t get it wrong.

INTRA office

Hurrying up and heading to ticket sales counter then paid for my ticket which was ordered by phone call a day before. Fearing if my order didn’t recorded and I could miss Pekanbaru in next day.

Buy a ticket here !….You better order at least a day before departing

Thank to God, my name was in list and I gave USD 17,5 to exchange with a sheet of ticket to Pekanbaru … Yes, welcome Pekanbaru.

Sitting in a waiting room, my gaze was fixed on my watch and INTRA office yard … Never seen when He arrived, from right end of bus office yard He shouted for me. Happy, meet old friend.

His name is Andy Erwin, we met on Hop On Hop Off (HoHo) bus in Kuala Lumpur in 2013. Since it, we have been friend and I never thought that I could stop by to his home….an umpteenth surprise on my journey.

waiting room at INTRA bus office

Waiting for four hours wasn’t a pleasant thing, it would be nice to go around city. Incidentally, Erwin was ready to take me around by his motorbike. I won’t discuss what I got for 4 hours journey in the city, I’d better tell it in another article.

After returning from my exploration in city which famous for its “war veteran bentor” (bentor is public transportation in Pematang Siantar which using old Harley Davidson) , I went back to INTRA bus office and was ready for departing to Pekanbaru. Thanks Erwin for brought me to sightseeing Pematang Siantar.

Slowly I started to get in INTRA Bus. It is embedded in my mindset that I must ready to ride this land roller coaster all night. There is a lot of info which I have gotten in internet that this “running box” will run very fast through roads towards Riau. Indeed, drivers from Sumatra are very well known for their high adrenaline in driving cars or buses. I’ll also tell you later when I couldn’t sleep when riding ANNANTA travel from Pekanbaru to Bukittinggi which is just as crazy in its speed.

That soft seats that I will occupy for 14 hours to travel about 600 km towards Pekanbaru.

I said that this bus is very comfortable, as comfortable as Jakarta to Solo buses (Jakarta is capital city of Indonesia, Solo is my hometown in Central Java) that I often ride when going to my hometown.…Well, you just know my origin.

It will become perfect if a socket under my seat is functioning, so I can just write on laptop or just charge my camera which is low battery. Unfortunately, all socket on all seats didn’t work.

Of course, I can’t enjoy night views out there because condition was really dark. I can only enjoy speed of bus in preceding every vehicle in front of it. This driver is amazing.

On next day, I could see real views from suburb of Trans Sumatra Highway.

Gardens belonging to residents

Or economic growth was seen from appearance of these shop houses.

Only 1 or 2 traffic jams which I encountered along the way because there was a road renovation, so all vehicles had to queue with other side to get through half of road.

Entering Pekanbaru city, bus began to slow down because urban traffic would certainly be more dense.

It wasn’t a terminal like I imagined where I will be taken down. But it was only a non-permanent building which is the final destination of INTRA bus:

A restaurant with a row of clean toilets.

After cleaning my body then I was exiting the building, I was offered by motorbike and taxi drivers to head to downtown. But to avoided a high price, I prefered to use online transportation services to go to Hotel.

I put my backpack and started exploring “Madani City” (madani city is another name of Pekanbaru city)

Trip ke Pulau Pahawang, Lampung

PAHAWANG….Berasal dari kata dasar HAWANG yang merupakan nama seorang Tiongkok yang datang ke pulau ini pada Abad ke-18. HAWANG seterusnya berketurunan dan kemudian berakulturasi dengan pendatang lain dari penjuru Nusantara untuk menempati dan memakmurkan PAHAWANG.

Kedatanganku ke Lampung kali ini memang karena Pahawang. “Dia” membuat tidurku tak pernah nyenyak sebelum  Aku benar-benar menjejakkan kaki kesana.

Kaki baru juga diselonjorin untuk mengusir lelah setelah mudik lebaran dari Solo, bahkan belum genap 24 jam beristirahat….Aku langsung mengisi backpackku dan berangkat ke Lampung untuk segera membunuh rasa penasaranku akan Pahawang.

Berbagi dengan budget mudik lebaran, Aku memutuskan untuk mengunjugi Pahawang dalam One Day Trip saja. Biaya perahu dan sewa penginapan di Pulau Pahawang yang relatif mahal, mengalahkan egoku untuk bermalam di Pahawang.

Dan untuk menghemat pengeluaran, jalan terbaik adalah bergabung dalam open trip. Berhubung Aku memiliki teman kantor asal Lampung, akhirnya Aku dihubungkan dengan Aero Travelindo Utama yang merupakan salah satu dari sekian banyak penyelenggara open trip disana.

Inti dari open trip itu kan menanggung biaya trip yang mahal dengan cara patungan.

Tak perlu berfikir panjang, Aku segera mentransfer Down Payment daribiaya One Day Trip Pahawang. Oh ya, biaya keseluruhannya adalah Rp. 175.000/pax include lunch.

Memulai trip ke Pahawang, Aku menggeber sepeda motorku menuju meeting point yang ditetapkan yaitu Dermaga 4 Pelabuhan Ketapang.

Sesuai perkataan driver ojek online sehari sebelumnya, jalur yang kulewati memang sangat ramai dengan lalu lalang para anggota TNI-AL yang berkejaran dengan waktu masuk kerja mereka.

Keberadaan mereka di jalanan saat kondisi masih gelap membuatku merasa sangat nyaman. Berkendara perlahan Aku berusaha menikmati suasana Jalan Raya Way Ratay sebagai akses utama menuju Dermaga 4 Ketapang.

Perlahan Sang Surya mulai menyibak gelapnya pagi, perlahan juga sepeda motorku melaju tepat di garis pantai untuk menyuguhkan kehadiran riuhnya suara laut di sisi kiri perjalananku.

Perlahan Aku melewati setiap pintu Dermaga Ketapang dari pintu Dermaga 1, hingga akhirnya pintu Dermaga 4 berhasil kujejaki.

Memarkirkan sepeda motorku di Dermaga dengan selembar puluhan ribu, kemudian Aku hinggap di menu lontong sayur sekitar dermaga. Dengan membayar Rp. 12.000, perutku sudah merasa siap untuk segera berlayar.

Dering telfon dari penyelenggara open trip memanduku menuju ke kantor mereka di sekitar Dermaga 4 untuk melunasi pembayaran dan mengambil pelampung dan snorkel.

Tak sabar memeluk Pahawang

Tepat jam 9 perahu memulai perjalanannya, perlahan keindahan perkampungan di pesisir itu terpampang jelas ketika Aku menjauhi dermaga. Perkampungan dibawah bukit dengan siraman cahaya kuning “Sang Surya” pagi dikombinasikan dengan beberapa titik kepulan asap tipis putih hasil aktivitas warga mampu membuatku duduk terpana di ujung geladak belakang.

Punggung-punggung bukit itu menjadi pemandangan sepanjang berlayar.
Berkejaran dengan perahu cepat menuju Pahawang.

Sepanjang waktu berlayar, Aku terus diliputi penasaran.  Hal ini dikarenakan penyelenggara tak pernah memberikan briefing sebelum perjalanan dimulai. Apakah yang akan dilakukan pertama kali dalam trip ini?.

Perlu menunggu 1 jam 15 menit, Aku baru mengetahui bahwa aktivitas snorkeling lah yang menjadi pembuka trip ini. Untuk menemukan lokasi snorkeling, pengelola tempat wisata membuatkan sebuah rumah apung untuk bersandar setiap perahu yang membawa wisatawan.

Sebentar lagi bersandar

Aku lebih memilih melompat langsung dari perahu ketika para pelancong lain mengantri untuk menuju rumah apung itu. Menikmati pemandangan karang di bawah perairan itu membuatku tertegun dengan kepadatan karang dibawahnya. Perlahan kuumpankan biskuit kering ditanganku untuk mengamati lebih dekat para penghuni karang yang lucu dan imut.

Sedikit sedih juga, ketika melihat beberapa wisatawan yang tak faham bagaimana seharusnya menikmati wisata karang….seakan tak peduli, beberapa mereka menginjak karang untuk menjadikannya tumpuan berdiri….paraaaaahhhhh.

”Selamat Datang di Pahawang”dari atas rumah apung.

Aku harus sedikit lebih cepat menginterupsi keasyikanku menikmati karang, karena Aku tahu ubur-ubur menyapaku dengan sengatan pedihnya. Terpaksa Aku naik ke perahu untuk mengurangi penyebaran racun ubur-ubur itu di leherku.

Menunggu yang lain selesai…..

1,5 jam melakukan snorkeling membuatku tahu bahwa agenda berikutnya pasti makan siang….lapar ampun.

Perlahan menjauhi tempat snorkeling, Aku menuju ke Pulau Pahawang. Melewati gerbang kedatangan, Aku langsung menuju ke bawah rimbunan pohon kelapa untuk menyantap bawal laut bakar beserta sayur asem yang baru keluar dari tungku.

Tiba di pulau Pahawang.
Ludes dalam sekejap.

Aku pun tak membuang waktu percuma dengan berkeliling pulau untuk menikmati kenyamanan Pahawang.

Memaksimalkan 1,5 jam untuk eksplorasi Pahawang.

Tepat jam 13:30, Aku meninggalkan pulau Pahawang dan berlayar menuju ke Taman Nemo untuk melihat aktivitas ikan badut.

Sedikit koloni anemon laut yang menjadi tempat tinggal ikan badut terlihat di taman ini. Ikan badut yang berhabitat disini juga mayoritas masih berukuran kecil. Sepertinya taman ini sedang dikembangkan untuk menjadi habitat ikan badut di masa depan.

Di bagian akhir,….

Trip ini ditutup dengan mengunjungi Pulau Kelagian pada jam 15:30. Kebanyakan wisatawan melakukan ibadah shalat, merebahkan diri di deretan saung sewaan, bermain sepak bola di lembutnya pasir putih atau menikmati kelapa muda langsung dari batoknya di pulau ini.

Pulau Kelagian yang dikelola oleh TNI AL
Lembutnya pasir putih yang melenakan.

Tepat pukul 16:00 One Day Trip Pahawang ini benar-benar berakhir. Kembali ke Dermaga 4 untuk kemudian balik ke hotel dan mempersiapkan diri untuk merelaksasi diri di Teropong Kota Bukit Sindy yang kutetapkan sebagai destinasi wisata malamku berikutnya di Bandar Lampung.

The trip was ended.

Bersepeda Motor ke Taman Nasional Way Kambas….Amankah?

WAY KAMBAS….Diambil dari nama sungai yang mengalir di dalam area Taman Nasional itu sendiri. Taman Nasional seluas 125 ribu hektar ini merupakan rumah bagi program konservasi beberapa hewan langka seperti gajah, badak dan harimau sumatera

Hanya saja ketika Aku bertanya kepada salah satu petugas di Pusat Pelatihan Gajah (PLG) Way Kambas, Pusat Konservasi Badak dan Harimau Sumatera belumlah dibuka untuk umum.

Beberapa jam sebelum kedatanganku di TNWK………………….??????

Hari itu adalah hari keduaku dalam eksplorasi Lampung. Pada malam hari sebelumnya, Aku sibuk mencari informasi tentang keamanan menggunakan sepeda motor menuju Way Kambas dengan bertanya kepada empat temanku yang asli Lampung. Dari keempatnya, tiga diantara temanku meyakinkan bahwa semua akan baik-baik saja sedangkan seorang lagi lebih ragu jika aku bermotor ke Way Kambas karena Aku bukan asli orang Lampung…..takut begal lah intinya….seakan otakku sudah tercemar media yang sering mengabarkan hal itu…..”tentang Lampung dan tentang begal motor”.

Simple saja akhirnya….karena pendapat mereka tiga berbanding satu, Aku putuskan untuk berangkat ke Way Kambas keesokan harinya menggunakan sepeda motor sewaan.

Perjalanan dimulai,

Berangkat dari Redoorz @ Jalan Pangeran Diponegoro di daerah Teluk Betung, Bandar Lampung tepat pukul 07:25. Menyusuri jalanan kota Bandar Lampung selama 35 menit akhirnya Aku benar-benar meninggalkan Kota melalui gerbang akhirnya:

Gerbang “Selamat  Jalan Bandar Lampung” di Jalan Lintas Barat Sumatera.

Aku mulai menyusuri jalanan yang banyak dilewati bus antar kota dan truk-truk bermuatan logistik. Jalur cepat ini mengharuskanku menarik gas sepeda motorku supaya tidak diklakson terus-menerus dari belakang.

Pada menit ke-40, Aku tiba di keramaian warga lokal. Aku mencari papan alamat disekitar, baru Kutahu bahwa ini adalah pasar Natar.

Pasar Natar….nadi ekonomi diantara Bandar Lampung dan Metro.

Melanjutkan perjalananku kembali, di menit ke-55, Aku sampai di depan Bandara Internasional Radin Inten.

Bandara ini tepat sekali berada di pinggiran Jalan Lintas Barat Sumatera.

Tertegun sejenak dan duduk diatas sepeda motor yang kumatikan, Aku mengamati sebentar aktivitas di sekitar Bandara. Sengaja kuluangkan waktu, karena Aku belum pernah mencicipi sama sekali Bandara ini. Sayang kedatanganku ke propinsi paling selatan Sumatera ini menggunakan jalur darat yang dikombinasikan dengan jalur laut Merak-Bakauheni.

Perjalananku di sepanjang Jalan Lintas Barat Sumatera ini berkejaran dengan bus ukuran tiga perempat.

ayolah bang sopir, Kita balapan.

Sebetulnya Aku bisa saja naik bus ini menuju Metro lalu berganti lagi dengan bus lain menuju Way Jepara (daerah terdekat dari Way Kambas yang terakses dengan angkutan umum). Dari Way Jepara bisa berlanjut dengan ojek menuju Way Kambas.

Atau bisa juga menggunakan Bus DAMRI, yang menurut info terkini yang kudapat, hanya berangkat sekali setiap hari dari Terminal Rajabasa di Bandar Lampung pada pukul 8 pagi dan berhenti tepat di Pusat Latihan Gajah, Way Kambas.

Tapi Aku lebih memilih menggunakan motor sewaan seharga Rp. 150.000/hari karena sepulang dari Way Kambas, Aku bisa leluasa mengeksplore kota Metro. Selain itu, Aku lebih bisa mendeteksi secara akurat jalur yang akan Kulewati menuju Way Kambas.

Menit ke-65, Aku tiba di sebuah pertigaan besar yang  kedua percabangannya sama-sama menuju ke Metro.

Tugu Punduk (sebutan untuk keris asli Lampung)….Pilih lurus atau ke kanan?

Aku lebih memilih memakai jalur alternatif ke kanan. Menurut google maps, jalur ini lebih cepat dan tidak macet.

Benar bro…kagak macet….swear

tapi sepi minta ampun…..Jalan Raya Kota Metro memacu detak jantungku….mulai sedikit jiper.

Setelah melewati hamparan kebun karet itu, Aku selalu mengikuti lekukan jalanan dan kanal disisi kanannya.

kanal disisi kanan jalan Raya Kota Metro.

Senangnya hati berhasil melewati kesepian itu ketika menembus gerbang awal Kota Metro

Menit ke-90, Selamat Datang Kota Metro.

Kembali menemukan keramaian, kuputuskan untuk memenuhi tangki bahan bakarku sebelum Aku terjebak dalam kesepian kembali.

Tugu Pos Polisi ini adalah landmark pertama yang kulewati ketika memasuki pusat Kota Metro.

Menit ke-115….bye-bye keramaian…

Aku meninggalkan Kota Metro di Jalan AH Nasution
Gerbang “Selamat Datang Kabupaten Lampung Timur “bersebelahan dengan Gerbang “Selamat Jalan Kota Metro”.

Terjebak dalam kemacetan panjang, Aku penasaran, ada apakah gerangan?. Mecoba merangsek ke depan dengan Honda Beat sewaanku menerobos jalan tanah di pinggiran aspal jalan raya, akhirnya kutemukan jawabnya….Bus penumpang besar mogor di tengah jalan karena kehabisan bahan bakar, mencoba didorong banyak penumpang dengan pengawasan para polisi lalu lintas.

Menit 120. Welcome Pasar Pekalongan !….pasti disini banyak orang keturunan Jawa….namanya aja begituh.

Pasar Pekalongan di jalan AH Nasution

Menit ke-130, Aku kembali dihadapkan pada dua pilihan….dirimu atau dirinya?

Aku lebih memilih Dia…..#apaansih.

Ambil belokan ke kanan menuju Jalan Raya Batanghari Nuban
Taman Maskot tepat di tengah pertigaan itu.
Beginilah suasana Jalan Raya Batanghari Nuban

Halusnya aspal Jalan raya ini akan berlanjut hingga Jalan Raya Sukadana….tapi ya begitu, Akulah si pemilik jalan raya….sepi brur.

Pada menit ke-150, tibalah diperempatan ini:

Perempatan Jalan Soekarno-Hatta dan Jalan Lintas Timur Sumatra

Muara jalan ini sebetulnya sama:

Ke Kanan ke Way Jepara dan Kamu akan menelusuri Jalan Lintas Timur Sumatera.

Atau bisa juga lurus, Ke Way Jepara juga sih….tapi Kamu akan melewati perkampungan warga dan akan tembus kembali ke Jalan Lintas Timur Sumatera.

Tentu kupilih yang lurus, supaya aku bisa melihat aktivitas para warga Sukadana.

Mencapai Pusat Perbelanjaan Sukadana di menit ke-160

Tak berselang lama, Kamu akan melewati landmark ini:

Tugu Kota Sukadana sebagai kecamatan yang menjadi ibu kota Kabupaten Lampung Timur.

Tugu kota Sukadana ini menampilkan sosok pejuang kemerdekaan dari Kecamatan Sukadana yaitu Kolonel Arifin.

Dari tugu ini luruslah hingga bertemu perempatan di dekat Kantor Kecamatan Sukadana, lalu segeralah berbelok kekiri

Menuju Jalan Minak Rio Ujung setelah belok kiri

Pada menit ke-170, Aku memasuki Jalan Lintas Timur Sumatera setelah melewati landmark ini:

Taman Banding menampilkan patung pahlawan Nasional Kiai Haji Ahmad Hanafiah

Boleh kubilang aspal jalanan Lintas Timur Sumatera di Lampung Timur ini sangat mulus.

Jalan Lintas Timur Sumatera kayak aspal sirkuit motogp ya….
Tugu Selamat Jalan Kecamatan Sukadana kulewati di menit ke-175

Aku berganti memasuki Kecamatan Way Jepara. Dan yang kutunggu tiba……ya, Aku ingin melihat bagaimana aktivitas pasar Tridatu. Pasar yang terkenal di dunia maya karena sering disebut para traveler ketika menuju ke Way Kambas.

Pasar Tridatu di menit ke-180.

Aku tak akan berbelok kekiri dari pasar ini untuk menuju ke Way Kambas. Aku lebih memilih lurus untuk menambah kembali referensiku dan kubagikan ke kalian.

Ya….Aku lebih memilih menuju Pasar Gunung Terang (sayang Aku lupa membuatkan fotonya untuk kalian) yang berjarak 5 menit berkendara motor lalu baru berbelok ke kiri.

Belokan setelah Pasar Gunung Terang, masuk gerbang Desa Labuhan Ratu VI

Semakin dekat dengan Pusat Latihan Gajah Way Kambas, Aku memasuki desa Labuhan Ratu VI

Jalanan sepanjang Desa Labuhan Ratu VI
Rest Area Labuhan Ratu di ujung desa

Rest area ini banyak digunakan para wisatawan yang akan menuju atau bahkan telah usai dari wisata PLG Way Kambas.

Karena rest area ini tepat berada dipertigaan di pinggiran Taman Nasional Way Kambas, maka aku mengikuti petunjuk arah dengan berbelok ke kanan.

Perhatikan tanda panah….belok ke kanan menyusuri jalanan yang membelah Taman Nasional Way Kambas
Jalan sepanjang Taman Nasional Way Kambas

Disepanjang jalan TNWK, Aku sesekali menemukan mobil para wisatawan berhenti untuk sekedar memberi makan kepada sekawanan monyet liar yang sering melintas jalanan.

Akhirnya penantianku tiba….MENIT KE 205 Aku tiba di gerbang Pusat Latihan Gajah, Taman Nasional Way Kambas.

Bahagia banget sampai di Gerbang Pusat Latihan Gajah Way Kambas.

AMANKAH perjalananku?…..Boleh kusimpulkan sangat aman dan tak ada nuansa kriminalitas disini. Hanya pesan dari para temanku yang asli Lampung….Jangan pulang melebihi jam 6 sore.

Bahkan Aku meninggalkan TNWK tepat pukul 14:00

Jadi sudah pernahkan Kamu melihat gajah liar?

Atau lihat gajah mandi?….porno ih

Atau lihat gajah main bola?….atau main holahop?

Makanya dong ke Way Kambas……… >

Enjoying 6 Culinary Places in Belitung

Sometime, My cheap traveling habit often sacrifice an important thing. A thing which often becomes a traveler concern when visiting a new destination i.e tasting the destination’s culinary wealth.

But this traveling was different. This was a business trip which allowed me to explore Belitung taste from famous culinary places. For a moment, I would leave street foods which usually be my daily meal when traveling.

So this is the point … for 3 days – 2 nights in Belitung, I visited these culinary places. Places where you can certainly visit also when traveling there.

1. Belitung Noodle

Belitung Atep Noodle

My visitation in Belitung was welcomed with Belitung’s noodle dish. Yellow noodles plus sprouts smothered in shrimp sauce, combined with “emping” (Indonesian chips) and shrimp “bakwan” (an Indonesian fried meal consisting of vegetables and batter) made this visit so memorable.

Don’t forget to eat “kepiting isi” (processed crab meats) at this “Mie Atep” resto. You don’t have to bother in breaking the crab, because its meat has been separated and put back into its head shell with a thin bandage of egg yolk. Very nice…… it can’t be revealed.

Combined with “jeruk kunci” (a kind of orange) ice, it will help to cooling your body from hot Belitung weather.

2. Kepayang Island Seafood

My sunburned face

Starved tourists after snorkling and sightseeing in Lengkuas Island waters will visit this restaurant.

A restaurant with seafood menus majority is located on Kepayang Island.

Don’t ask about the taste ! … How does it feel when you starve in waters then eat fresh grilled fish on an exotic island … hmmm. I am just still remember the delicious taste when writing it in this article.

3. Dapoer Belitung

Located on edge of Sudirman road and has seafood dishes with a combination of spices which make my tongue very addict. Combined with various variants of fruit juice, making my night in Belitung very special

4. Kedai Kelapa

A right place to relax in the night after a day sea tour is cafe. A cafe which be our choice that night was Kedai Kelapa.

Try its milk coffee ! … so wonderfully delicious, I spent two glasses until late at night.

A place where very identic with young people. It can be seen from three-dimensional art in its interior. It made me feel like I’m in a modern cafe as good as cafes in Jakarta (Indonesia capital city).

Come to Jalan Nuri and spend your night at this café !…. I guarantee, it will be nice.

5.Kupi Kuli

Do you want to sip coffee from Belitung with its famous aroma?

Order a cup of Kuli Kupi in back room of Andrea Hirata Word Museum !

You can enjoy coffee which is commonly brewed for tin mining workers only for USD 0,3. Coffee which boiled with firewood and drunk in a typical Belitung tavern.

You might be able to try it…It must.

6. Fega Restaurant.

Enjoying lunch on Serdang beach is a beautiful closing for my adventure in Belitung. Resto which is directly connected to pier, makes it so crowded because it was visited by many tourists.

The two-storey main building which was shaped like a ship gives a characteristic that this restaurant is a good sea food presenter.

Located in eastern part of Belitung and standing right on edge of brackish water lake, this restaurant feels calm and suitable to be used as a combination of culinary tourism as well as a place for your fatigue relaxation after exploring Belitung.

So.…..just come.

8 Tourist Attractions in Belitung

Friend: Hi Donny, Let’s travel to Belitung!….me : It’s high season, bro….#lazymood

Friend: There is cheap ticket, Donny…. me : what’s the ticket kind?….#stillstandardmood

Friend: Donny, it’s free….me : Whaaaattt?….#turnedawayfromlaptop

Friend: “Accommodation is also free”…. me : shock and very surprised….#closelaptop

It’s crazy moment….I was packing right away.

I didn’t realize that I had reached sales target which set by my office and was rewarded with a trip to Belitung. And a few months earlier, Jokowi (Indonesia President) decided Belitung as one of 10 leading tourism destinations in Indonesia

I was lucky.…

The departure day arrived and “The Green Airline” was landing me at Tanjung Pandan.

Because of free trip, I didn’t need to be a backpacker. Enough to sweetly sat and I was picked up by a blue tourism bus. This tour is hosted by the Belitung Nusantara Tour.

Also itinerary, I didn’t need to make it because it has been made by my office.….very nice moment. This time, I wasn’t an backpacker. Right now, I was Donny the luxury tourist.

Bus directly went to Tanjung Kelayang Port which was located in 30 km north of H.A.S Hanandjoeddin Airport. Looks like, I would go straight to sea tourism through this port. Using a life jacket, I immediately sailed to the main destinations in Belitung

This is it:

1.Batu Berlayar Island

Very beautiful … Granite rocks towering above soft sand island. Combined with clearly blue sea water, making this island as perfect opening session in my trip.

It only takes 15 minutes from Tanjung Kelayang pier. Climbing the granite stone is something which I had to do to marking that I’ve been here. It’s easy to find starfish and small hermit crab which slip between large granite rocks.


So named as Batu Berlayar because from a distance, It like a sail

2. Lengkuas Island

At the beginning of trip, I didn’t understand why bus driver bought so many biscuits before arriving at Tanjung Kelayang port. I thought it was for his snack (but still suspicious… It’s very much for snacking….maybe for lunch also….hahaha).

Apparently, I found the answer here. biscuits was bought for feeding fishes around Lengkuas island.

You have to come here, guys….snorkling like I feel….#alwayspray4u

Snorkling and feeding the fish … Wadauw.

You also have to visit the Dutch-made Lighthouse in 1882 on Lengkuas Island. The 62-meter in high and 18-floors lighthouse can be climbed by tourists (I hear now, it cann’t be climbed again because of an official regulation regarding the prohibition of climbing lighthouses by Transportation Ministry).

Taking off footwear and making sure legs are completely dry are a must before climbing lighthouse. Made from solid metals with relatively thick paint, it shows perfect maintenance of lighthouse.

The tiredness of climbing lighthouse will pay off with a beautiful ocean top view, like heaven that I rarely find with my naked eye.

3. Kepayang Island

From Lengkuas Island, trip continues to Babi Island-babi is pig in English– (another name from Kepayang Island). The island is protected with giant granite rocks. It famous for its turtle conservation activities in Belitung, Kepayang Island has an important role.

You can take a freshwater bath with a very clean public bathroom. Bathrooms managed by a restaurant. This restaurant is also be place where tourists have a lunch after snorkling on Lengkuas island.

4. Tanjung Tinggi Beach

Flanked by Tanjung Kelayang and Tanjung Pendam, making this beach very quiet. Blue sea water that doesn’t rip much, makes it very suitable to calm down. Granite expanse is more massive than three previous islands that I visited, making Tanjung Tinggi beach have a champion view.

Also known as Laskar Pelangi beach by public because it was used as one of locations for taking scenes in phenomenal film by Riri Riza.…Laskar Pelangi.

5. Kaolin Lake

Do You know Kaolin, right? … it’s mineralized clay for cosmic and toothpaste raw materials.

This Kaolin lake is a lake which is formed by accident.…Starting from Kaolin mining remains, it make large holes. And finally, after mining was inactive, holes were filled with rain water. Hence Kaolin lake is formed.

Because soil colour is white and water in the lake reflects a turquoise colour, it makes beautiful stretch of Kaolin lake.

This lake is also one of spots in Laskar Pelangi movie scene.


6. Kota Gantung Muhammadiyah Elementary School

Did You ever seen “Ikal” (main role of Laskar Pelangi) daily activities when studying at school?.

I visited replica of that Muhammadiyah Elementary School. Based on information that I heard, the real elementary school building has collapsed. So for filming purposes, its replica was built. And the replica still stands today.

The brilliance of elementary school buildings is indeed made intentionally to describe the real condition.

Very inspiring……

7. Andrea Hirata Word Museum

Do You know him?

The native son of Belitung who write Laskar Pelangi novel which it transformed in three sequels of film.

This museum is a literary museum and the only one in Indonesia. No need to pay to visit it. In accordance with its famous novel, room name in the museum was named according to characters names in Laskar Pelangi film i.e “Ikal” Room, “Lintang” Room and “Mahar “Room.

Come here then you will be amazed by words which was made by Andrea Hirata.

8. Kampung Ahok

For this figure (Ahok), everyone in Indonesia knows. Who doesn’t know Ahok as Jakarta’s phenomenal Governor.Spend your time to visit his house if you travel to Belitung. Even though you can’t enter into his house, at least you can imagine how Ahok’s childhood lived in his village.

If you go to Kampung Ahok, take time to stopby at the Daun Simpor Gallery. You can buy the original East Belitung batik cloth which were directly produced by gallery.

Daun Simpor Gallery

Very grateful to be able to visit Belitung. One unexpected thing, can get free trip to one of my bucket lists .