Enjoying 6 Culinary Places in Belitung

Sometime, My cheap traveling habit often sacrifice an important thing. A thing which often becomes a traveler concern when visiting a new destination i.e tasting the destination’s culinary wealth.

But this traveling was different. This was a business trip which allowed me to explore Belitung taste from famous culinary places. For a moment, I would leave street foods which usually be my daily meal when traveling.

So this is the point … for 3 days – 2 nights in Belitung, I visited these culinary places. Places where you can certainly visit also when traveling there.

1. Belitung Noodle

Belitung Atep Noodle

My visitation in Belitung was welcomed with Belitung’s noodle dish. Yellow noodles plus sprouts smothered in shrimp sauce, combined with “emping” (Indonesian chips) and shrimp “bakwan” (an Indonesian fried meal consisting of vegetables and batter) made this visit so memorable.

Don’t forget to eat “kepiting isi” (processed crab meats) at this “Mie Atep” resto. You don’t have to bother in breaking the crab, because its meat has been separated and put back into its head shell with a thin bandage of egg yolk. Very nice…… it can’t be revealed.

Combined with “jeruk kunci” (a kind of orange) ice, it will help to cooling your body from hot Belitung weather.

2. Kepayang Island Seafood

My sunburned face

Starved tourists after snorkling and sightseeing in Lengkuas Island waters will visit this restaurant.

A restaurant with seafood menus majority is located on Kepayang Island.

Don’t ask about the taste ! … How does it feel when you starve in waters then eat fresh grilled fish on an exotic island … hmmm. I am just still remember the delicious taste when writing it in this article.

3. Dapoer Belitung

Located on edge of Sudirman road and has seafood dishes with a combination of spices which make my tongue very addict. Combined with various variants of fruit juice, making my night in Belitung very special

4. Kedai Kelapa

A right place to relax in the night after a day sea tour is cafe. A cafe which be our choice that night was Kedai Kelapa.

Try its milk coffee ! … so wonderfully delicious, I spent two glasses until late at night.

A place where very identic with young people. It can be seen from three-dimensional art in its interior. It made me feel like I’m in a modern cafe as good as cafes in Jakarta (Indonesia capital city).

Come to Jalan Nuri and spend your night at this café !…. I guarantee, it will be nice.

5.Kupi Kuli

Do you want to sip coffee from Belitung with its famous aroma?

Order a cup of Kuli Kupi in back room of Andrea Hirata Word Museum !

You can enjoy coffee which is commonly brewed for tin mining workers only for USD 0,3. Coffee which boiled with firewood and drunk in a typical Belitung tavern.

You might be able to try it…It must.

6. Fega Restaurant.

Enjoying lunch on Serdang beach is a beautiful closing for my adventure in Belitung. Resto which is directly connected to pier, makes it so crowded because it was visited by many tourists.

The two-storey main building which was shaped like a ship gives a characteristic that this restaurant is a good sea food presenter.

Located in eastern part of Belitung and standing right on edge of brackish water lake, this restaurant feels calm and suitable to be used as a combination of culinary tourism as well as a place for your fatigue relaxation after exploring Belitung.

So.…..just come.

8 Tourist Attractions in Belitung

Friend: Hi Donny, Let’s travel to Belitung!….me : It’s high season, bro….#lazymood

Friend: There is cheap ticket, Donny…. me : what’s the ticket kind?….#stillstandardmood

Friend: Donny, it’s free….me : Whaaaattt?….#turnedawayfromlaptop

Friend: “Accommodation is also free”…. me : shock and very surprised….#closelaptop

It’s crazy moment….I was packing right away.

I didn’t realize that I had reached sales target which set by my office and was rewarded with a trip to Belitung. And a few months earlier, Jokowi (Indonesia President) decided Belitung as one of 10 leading tourism destinations in Indonesia

I was lucky.…

The departure day arrived and “The Green Airline” was landing me at Tanjung Pandan.

Because of free trip, I didn’t need to be a backpacker. Enough to sweetly sat and I was picked up by a blue tourism bus. This tour is hosted by the Belitung Nusantara Tour.

Also itinerary, I didn’t need to make it because it has been made by my office.….very nice moment. This time, I wasn’t an backpacker. Right now, I was Donny the luxury tourist.

Bus directly went to Tanjung Kelayang Port which was located in 30 km north of H.A.S Hanandjoeddin Airport. Looks like, I would go straight to sea tourism through this port. Using a life jacket, I immediately sailed to the main destinations in Belitung

This is it:

1.Batu Berlayar Island

Very beautiful … Granite rocks towering above soft sand island. Combined with clearly blue sea water, making this island as perfect opening session in my trip.

It only takes 15 minutes from Tanjung Kelayang pier. Climbing the granite stone is something which I had to do to marking that I’ve been here. It’s easy to find starfish and small hermit crab which slip between large granite rocks.


So named as Batu Berlayar because from a distance, It like a sail

2. Lengkuas Island

At the beginning of trip, I didn’t understand why bus driver bought so many biscuits before arriving at Tanjung Kelayang port. I thought it was for his snack (but still suspicious… It’s very much for snacking….maybe for lunch also….hahaha).

Apparently, I found the answer here. biscuits was bought for feeding fishes around Lengkuas island.

You have to come here, guys….snorkling like I feel….#alwayspray4u

Snorkling and feeding the fish … Wadauw.

You also have to visit the Dutch-made Lighthouse in 1882 on Lengkuas Island. The 62-meter in high and 18-floors lighthouse can be climbed by tourists (I hear now, it cann’t be climbed again because of an official regulation regarding the prohibition of climbing lighthouses by Transportation Ministry).

Taking off footwear and making sure legs are completely dry are a must before climbing lighthouse. Made from solid metals with relatively thick paint, it shows perfect maintenance of lighthouse.

The tiredness of climbing lighthouse will pay off with a beautiful ocean top view, like heaven that I rarely find with my naked eye.

3. Kepayang Island

From Lengkuas Island, trip continues to Babi Island-babi is pig in English– (another name from Kepayang Island). The island is protected with giant granite rocks. It famous for its turtle conservation activities in Belitung, Kepayang Island has an important role.

You can take a freshwater bath with a very clean public bathroom. Bathrooms managed by a restaurant. This restaurant is also be place where tourists have a lunch after snorkling on Lengkuas island.

4. Tanjung Tinggi Beach

Flanked by Tanjung Kelayang and Tanjung Pendam, making this beach very quiet. Blue sea water that doesn’t rip much, makes it very suitable to calm down. Granite expanse is more massive than three previous islands that I visited, making Tanjung Tinggi beach have a champion view.

Also known as Laskar Pelangi beach by public because it was used as one of locations for taking scenes in phenomenal film by Riri Riza.…Laskar Pelangi.

5. Kaolin Lake

Do You know Kaolin, right? … it’s mineralized clay for cosmic and toothpaste raw materials.

This Kaolin lake is a lake which is formed by accident.…Starting from Kaolin mining remains, it make large holes. And finally, after mining was inactive, holes were filled with rain water. Hence Kaolin lake is formed.

Because soil colour is white and water in the lake reflects a turquoise colour, it makes beautiful stretch of Kaolin lake.

This lake is also one of spots in Laskar Pelangi movie scene.


6. Kota Gantung Muhammadiyah Elementary School

Did You ever seen “Ikal” (main role of Laskar Pelangi) daily activities when studying at school?.

I visited replica of that Muhammadiyah Elementary School. Based on information that I heard, the real elementary school building has collapsed. So for filming purposes, its replica was built. And the replica still stands today.

The brilliance of elementary school buildings is indeed made intentionally to describe the real condition.

Very inspiring……

7. Andrea Hirata Word Museum

Do You know him?

The native son of Belitung who write Laskar Pelangi novel which it transformed in three sequels of film.

This museum is a literary museum and the only one in Indonesia. No need to pay to visit it. In accordance with its famous novel, room name in the museum was named according to characters names in Laskar Pelangi film i.e “Ikal” Room, “Lintang” Room and “Mahar “Room.

Come here then you will be amazed by words which was made by Andrea Hirata.

8. Kampung Ahok

For this figure (Ahok), everyone in Indonesia knows. Who doesn’t know Ahok as Jakarta’s phenomenal Governor.Spend your time to visit his house if you travel to Belitung. Even though you can’t enter into his house, at least you can imagine how Ahok’s childhood lived in his village.

If you go to Kampung Ahok, take time to stopby at the Daun Simpor Gallery. You can buy the original East Belitung batik cloth which were directly produced by gallery.

Daun Simpor Gallery

Very grateful to be able to visit Belitung. One unexpected thing, can get free trip to one of my bucket lists .

Bus INTRA dari Pematang Siantar ke Pekanbaru

Perjalanan meninggalkan Danau Toba menggunakan taxi (di Jakarta mungkin disebutnya omprengan…menggunakan mobil Avanza untuk mengangkut penumpang) seharga Rp. 40.000 dengan waktu tempuh 1 jam 50 menit akhirnya mengantarkanku untuk mengoleksi kota baru…..yes, Pematang Siantar. Kota yang tak pernah terpikirkan untuk ku kunjungi.

Taxi menurunkanku di daerah Parluasan, daerah yang konon terkenal sebagai produsen preman di Indonesia. Ngeri-ngeri sedap, tapi buatku ini adalah pengalaman mental yang luar biasa.

Si sopir mengantarkanku tepat di seberang kantor bus INTRA di bilangan jalan Sisingamangaraja. Satu armada INTRA yang sedang terparkir untuk menaikkan penumpang memudahkanku untuk memastikan bahwa Aku tak salah tujuan.

nih kantor INTRA

Bergegaslah kaki menuju loket penjualan tiket untuk membayar pesanan tanpa notifikasi lewat telpon sehari sebelumnya. Khawatir pesananku tak tercatat dan bisa-bisa Aku melewatkan Pekanbaru di keesokan harinya.

Belilah tiket disini….lebih baik pesan minimal sehari sebelumya

Bersyukur namaku ada disana dan kuserahkan Rp. 235.000 untuk bertukar dengan selembar tiket menuju Pekanbaru…..Yes, welcome Pekanbaru.

Duduk di ruang tunggu, tatapku terus tertuju pada jam tangan dan halaman kantor bus INTRA….Tak pernah melihat kapan Dia tiba, dari ujung halaman sebelah kanan Dia berteriak memanggilku. Senangnya hati, bertemu teman lama.

Namanya Andy Erwin, Kita bertemu diatas bus Hop On Hop Off di Kuala Lumpur pada 2013 lalu. Semenjak itu Kita berteman dan tak kusangka Aku bisa mampir ke rumahnya kali ini….kejutan kesekian dalam perjalananku.

Ruang tunggu di kantor bus INTRA Parluasan

Menunggu empat jam bukanlah hal yang menyenangkan, alangkah baiknya Aku berkeliling kota. Kebetulan ada Bang Erwin yang dengan motornya siap mengantarkanku berkeliling. Aku tak akan membahas apa yang kudapatkan selama 4 jam di kota itu, lebih baik kuceritakan di artikel lain saja.

Sekembali berpetualang di kota yang terkenal dengan “bentor veteran perang”nya ini, Aku kembali ke pool bus INTRA untuk segera berangkat menuju Pekanbaru. Thanks bang Erwin atas 4 jam waktunya mengantarkanku mengenal sejenak Pematang Siantar.

Perlahan aku mulai menaiki Bus INTRA. Sudah tertanam di mindsetku bahwa Aku harus bersiap naik roller coaster darat ini semalaman. Banyak info yang kudapatkan di dunia maya bahwa kotak berjalan ini akan melaju kencang membelah jalanan menuju Riau. Memang begitu adanya para sopir di Sumatera sangat terkenal dengan adrenalinnya yang tinggi dalam mengemudikan kendaraan. Nanti juga akan kuceritakan bagaimana ketika Aku tak bisa tidur ketika menaiki travel ANNANTA dari Pekanbaru ke Bukittinggi yang sama gilanya dalam hal kecepatan.

Kursi empuk itulah yang akan kududuki selama 14 jam untuk menempuh jarak sejauh 600 km menuju Pekanbaru.

Kubilang Bus ini sangat nyaman, senyaman bus-bus Jakarta-Solo yang sering kunaiki ketika mudik ke kampung halaman…..Nah Kamu baru tahu kan asalku dari Solo…..Solo coret…melipir dikit….SRAGENtina.

Akan menjadi perfect apabila stop kontak yang ada dibawah kakiku itu berfungsi karena Aku bisa saja menulis atau sekedar mencharge kameraku yang sudah sekarat baterainya. Ternyata stop kontak di semua bangku memang tidaklah berfungsi.

Tentu Aku tak bisa menikmati pemandangan malam di luar sana karena kondisi benar-benar gulita. Aku hanya bisa menikmati kecepatan bus melahap setiap kendaraan didepannya untuk didahului. Luar biasa si Sopir ini.

Keesokan harinya baru Aku bisa melihat gambaran sesungguhnya dari potret pinggiran Lintas Sumetera.

Kebun-kebun milik warga

Atau geliat ekonomi yang terlihat dari penampakan ruko-ruko ini.

Hanya 1 atau 2 kemacetan yang kutemui sepanjang perjalanan karena sedang ada renovasi jalan, jadi kendaraan harus bergantian dengan sisi yang lain untuk melewati separuh badan jalan.

Memasuki Kota Pekanbaru, Bus mulai melambat karena lalu lintas perkotaan tentu akan lebih padat.

Bukan sebuah terminal seperti yang Aku bayangkan dimana Aku akan diturunkan. Melainkan hanya sebuah bangunan non-permanen inilah yang menjadi tujuan akhir si INTRA:

Sebuah rumah makan dengan sederet toilet bersih.

Selesai bersih-bersih dan keluar bangunan itu, Aku diserbu para pengojek atau taxi-er untuk menuju ke pusat kota. Tapi untuk menghindari mahalnya harga, Aku lebih memilih menggunakan jasa transpotasi online untuk menuju ke Hotel.

Kutaruh backpack-ku dan mulai kueksplore “Kota Madani” itu.

Menikmati 6 Tempat Kuliner di Belitung

Kebiasaan ngelayap murahku terkadang sering mengorbankan satu hal penting. Sesuatu yang sering menjadi concern para traveler ketika berkunjung ke daerah baru. Yaitu mencicipi kekayaan kuliner daerah tersebut.

Tapi kali ini berbeda. Ini adalah business trip yang mengizinkanku untuk menjelajahi cita rasa Belitung dari tempat-tempat kuliner ternama. Sejenak Aku bisa meninggalkan kuliner jalanan yang biasa menjadi santapanku sehari-hari ketika kelayapan.

Jadi begini intinya….selama 3 hari 2 malam di Belitung, Aku mengunjungi tempat-tempat kuliner ini. Tempat yang tentu bisa Kamu kunjungi juga ketika berwisata disana.

1.Mie Khas Belitung

Mie Atep Belitung

Kehadiranku di Belitung disambut dengan sajian mie khas Belitung. Mie kuning plus taoge tersiram kuah udang dikombinasikan dengan emping dan bakwan udang membuat kunjungan kali begitu berkesan.

Jangan lupa juga cobain kepiting isi di kedai “Mie Atep” ini. Kamu ga perlu repot-repot membongkar daging kepiting, karena seluruh dagingnya sudah dipisahkan dan dimasukkan kembali ke dalam cangkang kepalanya dengan balutan tipis kuning telur. Beuhhhhh……ga bisa diungkapin rasanya.

Dipadukan dengan es jeruk kunci khas Belitung akan membantu mendinginkan badan dari teriknya udara Belitung.

2. Seafood Pulau Kepayang

Njirrr….muka guwe….gosong.

Biasanya wisatawan yang kelaparan setelah snorkling dan sightseeing di perairan sekitar pulau Lengkuas akan mengunjungi rumah makan ini.

Rumah makan dengan mayoritas menu seafood ini terletak di Pulau Kepayang.

Jangan tanya cita rasanya…..Gimana sih rasanya ketika Kamu kelaparan di perairan lalu menyantap ikan bakar segar di sebuah pulau nan eksotik….hmmm. Aku aja masih kebayang nikmatnya saat menuliskannya dalam arikel ini.

3. Dapoer Belitung

Terletak di tepi jalan Sudirman dan memiliki sajian seafood dengan kombinasi rempah yang membuat lidah ketagihan. Dipadu dengan berbagai varian jus buah, membuat malam itu terasa sangat spesial di Belitung.

4. Kedai Kelapa

Tempat yang tepat untuk melepas lelah di malam hari setelah sesiangan berwisata laut adalah di cafe. Cafe yang menjadi pilihan kita malam itu adalah Kedai Kelapa.

Cobalah es kopi susu nya !….saking luar biasa nikmatnya, Aku menghabiskan 2 gelas hingga larut malam.

Tempat yang sangat identik dengan anak muda. Dapat dilihat dari seni tiga dimensi di interiornya. Membuatku serasa berada di cafe modern layaknya cafe-cafe di ibukota.

Datanglah ke Jalan Nuri dan habiskan malam di cafe ini….Kujamin tidak akan rugi.

5.Kupi Kuli

Pengen menyeruput kopi asli Belitung yang aromanya terkenal itu?

Pesanlah secangkir Kupi Kuli di ruang belakang Museum Kata Andrea Hirata.

Kamu dapat menikmati kopi yang biasa diseduh untuk kaum buruh pertambangan  timah dengan harga 5 ribu Rupiah saja. Kopi yang dididihkan dengan kayu bakar dan diminum dalam suasana kedai khas Belitung tempoe doeloe.

Kamu mungkin bisa mencobanya?….eh bukan mungkin, dink…..HARUSSSSSS !!!

6. Restoran Fega

Menikmati santap siang di tepi pantai Serdang adalah penutup yang indah bagi petualanganku di Belitung. Resto yang terkoneksi langsung dengan dermaga, menjadikan tempat ini begitu ramai karena didatangi banyak wisatawan.

Bangunan utama 2 lantai yang dibentuk seperti layaknya kapal memberikan ciri khas bahwa rumah makan ini adalah jagonya penyaji makanan laut.

Terletak di Belitung bagian timur dan berdiri tepat di tepi danau air payau, resto ini terasa tenang dan cocok untuk dijadikan kombinasi wisata kuliner sekaligus sebagai tempat relaksasi setelah Kamu lelah berkeliling Belitung.

Udah ah nulisnya…..Mau pulang dulu……

Melongok 8 Destinasi Wisata Belitung

Ngetrip ke Belitung yukks!….tar deh, high session….#masihsenewen

Tiket murah nih, Don…..tiket mana tiket?….#moodstandard

Don, gratisan nih…..Appaaahhhh?….#berpalingdarilaptop

Akomodasi juga free nih….melotot mulut nganga…..#lemparlaptop

Gile brur….Aku langsung packing.

Ga nyadar kalau hari itu Aku mencapai target penjualan yang ditetapkan kantor dan dihadiahi trip ke Belitung. Padahal pakdhe Jokowi baru beberapa bulan sebelumnya menetapkan Belitung sebagai 1 dari 10 destinasi unggulan pariwisata Indonesia

Beruntungnya Aku….

Hari yang ditentukan tiba dan maskapai hijau itu mendaratkanku di Tanjung Pandan.

Karena ini free trip, Aku ga perlu ngeteng kesana kemari. Cukup duduk manis, Aku dijemput bus pariwisata warna biru ukuran tigaperempat. Tur ini dihandle oleh Belitung Tour Nusantara.

Itinerary pun ga perlu bikin sendiri karena sudah dibuatkan oleh kantorku…..wah enak ini. Kali ini Aku bukan seorang backpacker….Kini, Aku Donny si Piknik-er.

Bus langsung menuju ke Pelabuhan Tanjung Kelayang 30 km di utara Bandara H.A.S Hanandjoeddin. Sepertinya Aku akan langsung menuju ke wisata laut melalui pelabuhan ini. Menggunakan life jacket, Aku segera berlayar menuju ke destinasi utama di Belitung.

Ini dia:

1.Pulau Batu Berlayar

Indah banget…..Batuan granit menjulang tinggi di atas pulau pasir yang lembut. Dipadukan dengan biru jernihnya air laut, menjadikan pulau ini menjadi pembuka trip yang boleh kubilang sangat perfect.

Hanya perlu waktu 15 menit dari dermaga Tanjung Kelayang. Menaiki batu granitnya menjadi hal yang harus kulakukan untuk menandai bahwa Aku pernah kesini. Sangat mudah menemukan bintang laut dan kepompong laut kecil yang menyelinap diantara bebatuan granit besar.


Dinamakan demikian karena dari kejauhan mirip layar perahu

2. Pulau Lengkuas

Di awal perjalanan, Aku tak mengerti kenapa sopir bus itu membeli begitu banyak kue kering sebelum sampai di pelabuhan Tanjung Kelayang. Aku berfikirnya itu buat cemilan si sopir (tapi masih curiga….kok banyak banget….apa sekalian buat makan siang….hahaha)

Ternyata disini kutemukan jawabnya. Roti kering itu digunakan untuk wisata memberi makan ikan laut di sekitar pulau Lengkuas.

Kamu harus kesini juga guys……merasakan snorkling seperti yang kurasakan….#kudo’aindeh

Snorkling dan memberi makan ikan…….wadauw.

Kamu juga harus mengunjungi Mercusuar buatan Belanda tahun 1882 di Pulau Lengkuas. Mercusuar 18 lantai setinggi 62 meter ini boleh dinaiki wisatawan (dengar kabar sekarang tak boleh dinaiki karena edaran resmi perihal larangan naik mercusuar oleh Kementrian Perhubungan).

Melepas alas kaki dan memastikan kaki benar-benar kering menjadi keharusan sebelum menaiki mercusuar. Berbahan besi-besi yang kokoh dengan cat yang relatif tebal menunjukkan perawatan yang sempurna dari mercusuar.

Rasa capek menaiki mercusuar akan terbayar dengan top view lautan yang indah, bak syurga yang jarang kutemukan dengan mata telanjang.

3. Pulau Kepayang

Dari Pulau Lengkuas, trip berlanjut ke Pulau Babi (panggilan lain dari pulau Kepayang). Pulau yang dilindungi dengan batu-batu granit raksasa. Terkenal dengan kegiatan konservasi penyu-nya di Belitung menjadikan pulau Kepayang memiliki peran penting.

Kamu bisa mandi air tawar dengan kamar mandi umum yang sangat bersih. Kamar mandi yang dikelola oleh sebuah rumah makan. Rumah makan ini pula yang menjadi tempat para wisatawan menyantap makan siangnya sehabis snorling di pulau Lengkuas.

4. Pantai Tanjung Tinggi

Diapit oleh tanjung Kelayang dan Tanjung Pendam  menjadikan pantai ini sangat tenang. Air laut nan biru yang tak banyak beriak, menjadikannya sangat cocok untuk menenangkan diri. Hamparan batu granit yang lebih masif dari dua tiga pulau sebelumya yang kukunjungi, menjadikan pantai Tanjung Tinggi memiliki pemandangan juara.

Dikenal juga dengan pantai Laskar Pelangi oleh khalayak umum karena pernah digunakan sebagai salah satu lokasi pengambilan adegan dalam film fenomenal karya Riri Riza….Laskar Pelangi.

5. Danau Kaolin

Kamu tahu Kaolin kan?….itu tuh tanah liat bermineral untuk bahan baku kosmestik dan pasta gigi.

Danau Kaolin yang ini adalah danau yang dibentuk tanpa sengaja guys…..Bermula dari sisa penambangan Kaolin yang meninggalkan lubang-lubang besar. Dan akhirnya setelah tidak aktif, lubang-lubang tersebut terisi oleh air hujan. Makanya terbentuk danau Kaolin.

Karena warna tanahnya putih dan air dalam danau memantulkan warna biru kehijauan menjadikan hamparan danau Kaolin menjadi indah.

Danau ini juga menjadi salah satu spot dalam adegan film Laskar Pelangi.

Keren ya…..

6. SD Muhammadiyah Kota Gantung

Pernah melihat keseharian “Ikal” (Peran utama Laskar Pelangi) belajar di sekolah.

Aku mengunjungi replika SD Muhammadiyah itu. Berdasar informasi yang kudengar bahwa bangunan SD yang sesungguhnya sudahlah runtuh. Maka untuk keperluan syuting, dibangunlah replika SD tersebut. Dan replikanya masih berdiri hingga saat ini.

Kereyotan bangunan SD ini memang dibuat dengan sengaja untuk menggambarkan kondisi yang sesungguhnya.

Inspiratif banget ya……

7. Museum Kata Andrea Hirata.

Tahu kan siapa dia?

Putra asli Belitung yang melahirkan novel Laskar Pelangi yang kemudian bertransformasi dalam tiga sekuel di layar televisi.

Museum ini menjadi museum sastra dan satu-satunya di Indonesia. Tak perlu merogoh kocek untuk mengunjunginya. Sesuai dengan novelnya yang terkenal, nama ruangan dalam museum pun dinamakan sesuai dengan nama-nama tokoh dalam film Laskar Pelangi yaitu Ruang Ikal, Ruang Lintang dan Ruang Mahar.

Datanglah kesini maka Kamu akan terkesima dengan kata-kata yang dilahirkan oleh Andrea Hirata.

8. Kampung Ahok

Kalau figur ini, semua orang se-Indonesia pasti tahu. Siapa yang ga kenal AHOK sang Gubernur Fenomenal itu. Sempatkan mengunjungi rumahnya jika berwisata ke Belitung. Walau tidak bisa memasuki rumahnya setidaknya Kamu bisa membayangkan bagaimana masa kecil Ahok tinggal di kampungnya.

Jika ke Kampung Ahok sempatkan juga mampir di Galeri Daun Simpor. Kamu bisa membeli kain batik khas Belitung Timur yang diproduksi langsung oleh galeri tersebut.

Galeri Daun Simpor

Bersyukur sekali bisa mengunjungi Belitung. Satu hal yang tak terduga, bisa ngetrip gratis ke salah satu bucket list ku ini.

Tourist Attraction in Samosir, North Sumatra

Adjusting your motorbike speed and snaking to avoid gravels on the Samosir’s roads is a lesson that must be mastered quickly. If it doesn’t pass, surely the gravel will throw you on the street.

Two car bumps incidents happened during my trip there. My focus wasn’t on the incident, but on their humorous when they quarreled in the middle of street which made a long traffic jam because they weren’t going to put the car aside immadiately.

What more did I got.…?

Many buffaloes suddenly crossed on the street, Big black pigs (bigger than a goat) were passing by or dogs that made the asphalt as its bed. All of that are precious views that isn’t exactly find in the capital city.

Combined with the school building which located under Toba hills, it made me endless thinking, why haven’t I enjoyed this beauty since I started to loved my traveling.…I must explore my beautiful country in my next trips.

“I love this island”, She muttered.…She piggybacked behind, so She could see everywherw compared to me who had focused to rode motorbike. Her sport camera always on to documenting Samosir Island and bring it to Aussie … but it was OK, I still had enough memory in the brain to store many beauty spot there.

Road widening project made some lanes become slow lanes and wet soil spills made it slippery. And there were the large number of small insects that can hit your unprotect eye, so always weared glasses or helmet glass if you traveling by motorbike there.

Never looked for gas station there, I failed to find it. It was better to filled gas at the retail gas stall as soon as you saw it, before you entered hilly areas with rare gas stalls.

Two liters gas trip was started to visited “The Efrata”, a small waterfall in Harian District. Getting out of the main road through the rocky village road made me the first visitor there, ticket seller hadn’t arrived yet. I was lucky…It was be my free attraction that day. I hid my rented motorbike behind the managerial office, because I would leave it for few moments to enjoyed the waterfall behind the small hill.

Leaving “Efrata”, I immediately headed to the closest waterfall, “Naisogop”. Heading north I spurred my motorbike fastly because the road was so nice even though it swung sharply up and down the hill. As far as the eye can see you will be amazed by the beauty of Toba Lake from above.

This “Naisogop” waterfall is located above the hill. Motorbike drivers must be a bit adept when climbing the road. The motorbike must be stopped far from the location, so please use a double lock for security.

Leaving the “Naisogop”, the one I always remember was the friendliness of all residents who lived under the waterfall area. Every time we passed them, they always offered coffee for rest a moment.

I spurred my rented motorbike towards Aek Rangat, the famous hot spring in Samosir island, the smell of sulfur began to stab my nose when my motorbike approached the area. Passing the Aek Rangat signboard, I never met the hot water source, instead I was missed its location because of the unclear information about the hot water source location.

The explanation of a post guard finally led me. I began to be suspicious when I saw the bare white hill didn’t have activity. Sure enough when approaching, the large pool was dry and there were only a stretch of tangled PVC pipes. Apparently since 2 years ago, the hot water had been flowed into resident’s pools to made it as their home business.

My intention to took a bath in a natural public pool was vanished and no longer intend to took a bath with hot water in the residents’ pool even though it only payed USD 0,7. According to the pool owner, in fact his main business wasn’t on the hot pool but on their restaurant. Guests ate at restaurants then continued bathing in hot pool.

Intending to went back to homestay, in the middle of journey my heart was curious with “Parbaba White Sand Beach”. “Do you want to see Parbaba Beach, Eloise?” She was confused when there was a beach on the lake … this was what I saw:

I tried to enjoy the beach even though it was a little jealous because She was busy doing photos with many local young people….She absolutely like artist…White girl standed around the Indonesian brown skin.… hahaha.

Finally, the time separated us, that afternoon I had to catch “INTRA” Bus at Pematang Siantar which I booked a day before by phone and would depart at 7 pm. Returned to homestay and left her there….She must continued her trip to other place too.

Bye Bye Samosir, Bye Bye Toba

Bagus Bay Homestay, Toba Lake

I jumped into homestay room through the window after a receptionist was unable to opened the door. I successfully entered into room and just by “one-clicked”, the door opened.

Choosing a hotel is about style. But for me, a dormitory is still as first priority. Keeping the budget for continuing a dream…. is traveling… #bigdreamer

After stayed in a same dormitory in Medan, I met Eloise again in Toba Lake. I showed my dance with Si Gale-Gale doll to her. She laughed when saw my dance as amateur. She told a lot about her trip to Toba Lake from Medan, He felt uncomfortable when seeing many men smoked on the bus while there were children in it.

Fatigue made me fell asleep until 8pm. Luckily, the homestay had hot water in the shared bathroom. Towards the lobby & restaurant, I enjoyed the night by seeing a live accoustic and drank a bottle of coca cola.

I looked at Eloise in the corner and talked to the staff while pointing at the map. I thought she was preparing for her trip tomorrow. I saw a long-haired American who always added his beer bottle. I never thought he would be my room mate at a dormitory in Bukittinggi 2 days later. In Bukittinggi, I knew him well as Noah, a Californian mining engineer.

Knowing my presence, Eloise approached and sat in front of me, asking for my plan tomorrow and how to executed it. I explained in as much detail as possible and it seemed like She was interested and at the end of the conversation he decided to joined with me to rented a motorbike and explored Samosir Island together.

A vegan and doesn’t consume an alcohol. Naturally he slept faster that night.

The homestay staff suggestion drove me to a house that located at opposite the homestay to rented a motorbike for USD 4 for my trip tomorrow. I was served with hot tea and talked with the owner for several minutes after she knew that my house location in Jakarta was very near with her daughter house. Evidently her daughter lived in Jakarta too.

Morning Samosir……                                                                                               

All guests haven’t woken up, I’ve been sight seeing the morning busyness in Toba Lake. Students joked on their trip to school, many people jogged in the morning, some residents feed their pets and young people cleaned up the bars after last night parties.

I found the highest street in Tuk Tuk area to seeing the sunrise freely. Majority edges of lake which had became hotel areas required me to enjoyed the sunrise in my own way.

I also took the time to using the homestay facilities. circling the volleyball field and sat in the garden.

Just ate dried onde-onde (Indonesian originl food) that I bought yesterday made a free breakfast that morning.

Precisely at 7 o’clock, I took a rented motorbike. The new motorbike without license plate made me a little worried if met police there. Motorbike owner assured me, “if you were checked by police, just said that the motorbike belonged to your homestay, the police would know that you was a tourist, and moreover you was riding a motorcycle together with Australian girl” …. So I didn’t need worry.

Let’s go explored Samosir.