Visit Handerson Wave Bridge, Singapore

On 2015, I failed to visited this “phenomenal bridge”. Short layover times when heading to Cambodia made me had to waited for longer time to visited it.

On 2017, incidentally I visited Johor Bahru, Malaysia. That was the right time to visited “The Phenomenal” because its distance is near from Johor Bahru. And finally….the dream was came true.

After a half of day explored Sentosa Island by walking and also got a bonus for rode Sentosa Express Monorail, with high curiosity I immediately headed to shelter bus in front of Vivo City Mall.

Getting on bus in Singapore….Keep calm and don’t be confused because route and fare board at bus shelter can be learned quickly. Just find your destination then match it to bus number, see its distance number then match it to bus fare on board. Count ! How many shelters will be passed by bus to destination?

After bus comes, get on from front door, pay cash or tap your pass card, be aware about shelter because bus will not stop if bus doesn’t drop or pick up passengers, push button on pole to get off at next shelter !, then get off from back door and re-tap your pass card before leaving the bus.

Bus No. 145 arrived after 10 minutes waiting, by tapping two day pass (the price is about SGD 16), I got on it.


this picture isn’t the bus that I got in it.…

Even though I had explained how to got in a bus in detail, but I failed at that moment.… hahaha. I got off at a shelter before destination, which finally I had to walked to next shelter as far as 400m.

A few meters before reaching shelter, the 36 meters in high and 274 meters in length Handerson Wave Bridge was beautifully plastered above me. WOOWW, I stopped for a moment to enjoyed this British architecture.


It is very high….

What I know, Henderson Wave Bridge is the highest pedestrian in Singapore that was built to connected Mount Faber Hill and Telok Blangah Hill.

Having 7 up and down arches on one deck side makes it looks artistic. Each upward curve will forming a canopy whose space below can be made to just sitting, posing or reading like most young people do there.


look activities that citizen and tourists do on bridge

There are some warnings on the bridge. Among them are No crossing over the bridge when rain or we will be hit by storm. If you ride a bicycle, please get down and push it and also you can’t play skateboard.

Watch out….Storm !!! 

When you are on top and have phobia of heights, your adrenaline will be tested because the bridge will sway slightly in the wind.

Actually this bridge is very beautiful if you see it at night on 7:00 PM because the colorful lights will decorate it.

So don’t forget to stop by here, guys, if you go to Singapore.

Tuas Checkpoint Vs Woodlands Checkpoint, Singapore

My heart began to pounded when “Malay Woman” closed my passport. “Follow our staff to office”, yup I got random checking. My habit when entering Singapore immigration is always choosing queue line that is handled by Malay descendants. I just feel comfortable. But at that time, the facts are different … hehehe

Passed through the special lane, I was directed to 2nd floor of Woodlands Immigration. I had to stand outside because of full inspection inside until the Indian descent staff gave a sign for me to entered the room but still stood.

At that time I deliberately entered Johor Bahru through Tuas Immigration and left it through Woodlands Immigration. So I could know the difference of both.

Peta Tuas dan Woodlands

Actually I didn’t scared as I imagined because I’ve experienced more severe random checking at Busan Immigration. The female officer only asked me: my flight ticket to home, hotel booking, where did I work and who was my travelmate (for this case,  I deliberately prepared my business card and ID Card). After that I was asked to waited and then I was investigated by another younger officer. He only asked how much money that I brought. And last I must headed to another officer for fingerprinting and passport stamps.

My passport was placed on a small passport rack, 5 minutes later a young policeman arrived and only took 10 passports from it and called every name of passport holders, I was one of them. I was taken with 9 other tourists to elevator. Actually elevator was only enough for 10 people, I just realized why the young policeman just called 10 names.

After getting off the elevator I immediately waited for Causeway link 2 (CW2) bus to entering Singapore. CW2 bus that took me to Woodlands Immigration from Johor Baru have departed because it might not wait for me to be investigated. But I didn’t worry because I could catch other CW2 with my pass ticket to went to final destination on Queen Street, Bugis.


“Zanky” was very happy when entering Singapore

Observing two borders, it can be seen that Tuas border is slightly easier and didn’t crowded. When I crossed out to Johor Bahru on a day before, it was clear that many people quickly entered Singapore without queuing. Also according to a JPO2 bus driver (route  bus for Mall of Medini to Johor Premium Outlet), if you want to easily and quickly enter Singapore it is recommended through Tuas Checkpoint.

suasana tuas checkpoint

Tuas Checkpoint Situation

For You who intend to try the two checkpoints, be prepare to enrich your traveling experience and just enjoy every process that will occur. If you get random checking, then facing calmly and of course you will be mastery on facing many problems when you are going abroad.