Bus from Singapore to Johor Bahru

Squirrel which cleverly jumped finally also can fall too“…. Oh, Donny is that squirrel.

Yesss….that night, I was kicked out of Changi International Airport terminal 2…Niceeee….My passport was marked by Aviation Securitty….God.

Since 2014, playing cat and mouse role with Singapore airport police. Now, the cat was caught when sleeping behind a waiting chair in terminal 2 of Changi International Airport … Embarrassing.

4 hours before incident.…

The “gray with orange star” airline with flight number 3K206 landed me in Terminal 1-Changi International Airport on 12:30 hours.

Because Changi Airport MRT station is in Terminal 2 and will operate on 5:30am, I decided to move to Terminal 2.

I finally prayed and then rest in prayer room until 02:00am. But coldness of air conditioner forced me to move to a row of waiting seat in front of passenger lounge. My assumption that airport police had finished patrol in this area was wrong.

Amid my dream, airport security who guarded by two young armed policeman and soldier woke me up. Ahhhh….I was understood….I finally caught after 4 years always avoid them.

Airport security: “Helo Sir, Can me see your passport and ticket?

Me: (while handing in a passport)  “Good night Sir, I’m sorry before. I am waiting for first train to downtown. I just arrived 3 hours ago.

Airport security: “Sorry, How long do you will stay in Singapore?”.

Me: “3 Days 2 Night, Sir”.

Airport security: “This hall is only for transit passengers. You can’t wait the train here. Let me take you to immigration counter”….(Click….Oh, my passport was captured with his camera. It was sent to their boss via whatsapp…. Hmmh, I’ve been tagged at Changi …. If I was caught once again, it will be a serious problem….hahaha.).

Because I came into immigration counter with armed soldier, Indian descent immigration officer became bitchy and angry to me when she stamped my passport ….Oh God, more angry then her face became more sexy like “Kajol” (beautiful Indian artist)….Hihihi.

2 hours can’t sleep….Yes, floor after immigration counter isn’t carpeted. How could I sleep while sitting on hard bench like that?.

In midst of sleepiness (it was because on noon, I worked full time in Bandung. And in afternoon, I directly went to Soekarno Hatta International Airport….cool yes, my home in Jakarta, working in Bandung on noon, and in night I was in Singapore….Hahaha), I decided to eat halal-certified noodles in this restaurant:

Located near exit gate after immigration counter of terminal 2 .
Cheap …. Only USD 3,5.

Waow….Please focus to the theme, Donny!


Let’s focus on the theme.…

That time, The final destination of my 7th visit to Singapore was Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Why did I go from “Lion Country”?…yes of course, the cost will be cheaper.

After eating noodles in the morning, I hurried to MRT platform in Changi Station. By buying a ticket for USD 1,9 on an automatic machine, I headed for Jurong East Station with 70 minutes travel time.

Why must be Jurong East Station?….Because this is a place where CW3/CW4 bus shelter which will go to Johor Bahru via Tuas Checkpoint which is the land border of Singapore and Malaysia.

I forced myself to hold pee because of toilet smell behind Jurong East Station crowd. Understandably, this station is integrated with bus terminal to various regions in Singapore and even out of Singapore.

After buying a bus ticket at counter, I immediately entered a queue and waited for bus to arrive. And finally, I got a CW3 bus which came 5 minutes later.

CW3 bus ticket costs USD 1,9.
Orderly waiting in line according to the path.

I chose a back seat so I could freely take photos during trip.

Bus’ air conditioner was great.

Bus continued to move towards Tuas Checkpoint via AYE Toll Road. Singapore’s streets smoothness made bus arrived at Tuas Checkpoint in just 30 minutes.

I deliberately chose queue line which guarded by Malay descent female officers for easy immigration checks (because I am Malay descent too). As a result, the immigration process at the border became very smooth.

Queueing at Tuas Checkpoint.

After passing the immigration counter, I immediately headed to the bus waiting area that will take me to the Sultan Abu Bakar Tanjung Kupang CIQ (Customs Immigration Quarantine) which is a Malaysian immigration building.

I didn’t need to find bus which I boarded before because as long as a ticket was still saved, I could continue my journey with another CW bus with similar destination.

Sea view along Second Link Expressway which connects Singapore and Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

The next journey begins. Second Link Expressway condition from Johor Bahru to Tuas Checkpoint was severely jammed during work hours at that time. On other side, the road from Tuas Checkpoint to CIQ Sultan Abu Bakar Tanjung Kupang was fluent.

very fluent in my side vs jammed in other side.

And in 15 minutes, I arrived at CIQ Sultan Abu Bakar Tanjung Kupang. There weren’t serious checking during immigration process and finally I was able to get through it quickly.

After stamping my passport, it means that the continued journey using CW3 bus has finished.

Immigration stamp when entering Malaysia via CIQ Sultan Abu Bakar Tanjung Kupang Immigration offfice and immigration stamp when exit from Malaysia via Sultan Iskandar Immigration Building.

I tried to find a bus with a route from CIQ Sultan Abu Bakar Tanjung Kupang to Legoland. Luckily, there were a lot of Indian descent bus driver asking to me about my destination. After talk with them, I was shown CW7 bus which passes through Legoland on its official route.

Playing lego in Legoland ????….Like me.

I finally arrived in Legoland.

Easy to get a bus ticket from Singapore to Johor Bahru or vice versa. Just try to ordering via travel e-commerce in 12Go or https://12go.asia/?z=3283832

Bus from KLIA2 to Penang

A connecting flight ticket to Dhaka required me to transit in Kuala Lumpur. Oh….Really, I had to set foot in Kuala Lumpur for 12th time.

You are great, Donny….

No, It’s not about how great I am, but about I am who very bored

I had to quickly rack my brain to make this trip became memorable.

Fine….Finally I decided to leave Kuala Lumpur and chose to visit Penang by extending my transit time.

Until 2017, I never visit Penang. Because my travel distance is far from Southeast Asia now. So I forced myself to stop by to Penang before starting South Asia trips.

Then….How to reach Penang from KLIA2 (Kuala Lumpur International Airport Terminal 2)?

I’ll give you some choices,

Alternative 1. Using ETS (Electric Train Service)

Cost which be spent if you use ETS:

  1. Aerobus from KLIA2 to KL Sentral = USD 3
  2. ETS from KL Sentral station to Butterworth station = USD 21
  3. Ferry from Sultan Abdul Halim Ferry Terminal @ Penang Sentral to Raja Tun Uda Ferry Terminal @ Penang island = USD 0,3

Overall fares = USD 24,3

Alternatif 2. Using Bus

Cost which be spent if you use bus:

  1. Direct bus from KLIA2 to Penang Sentral = USD 14,1
  2. Ferry from Sultan Abdul Halim Ferry Terminal @ Penang Sentral to Raja Tun Uda Ferry Terminal @ Penang island = USD 0,3

Overall fares = USD 14,4

I think you know what kind of transportation which I choose?…..


On 22:05 hours, Air Asia QZ 206 landed me on KLIA2. The meaning is clear, right….Sleeping again in airport….Hahaha.

After stamping my passport in immigration counter, I immediately headed to Transportation Hub on 1st floor of Gateway @ klia2 mall. And then I sat at NZ Curry House corner to eat “Nasi lemak” (Malaysian originally food) and “teh O” (tea without sugar) for USD 1,7 as my dinner menu….dinner in midnight.

Eating it in my midnight.
I repeated a similar menu in the morning before going to Penang.

And to secure a ticket to Penang. In midnight, I bought a StarMart Express bus ticket with its last destination i.e Penang Sentral for USD 14,1.

In midnight, that counter was very busy…. Beware if tickets sold out!…Just try to buy it on 12Go
The final destination is still listed Butterworth terminal. Before Penang Sentral was completed built, the bus stopped at that terminal.




It made me can sleep very well in airport mosque at 3rd floor Departure Hall of KLIA2.


And my journey to Penang began. That morning on 6am, I boarded into StarMart Express in Door 1-platform A01 according to the ticket.

StarMart Express was arrived in platform.
I sat in seat number 22.

Because it was a long journey, I bought a bottle of mineral water and a light snack for USD 1,2.

Going along North-South Expressway road, Starmart Express went slowly. And 3 hours 45 minutes later, I arrived at Amanjaya Terminal, Ipoh City. Ipoh itself is the capital of Perak State.

The bus dropped and took a number of passengers at Amanjaya Terminal.
Road situation when leaving Ipoh City.

On 11:00, Bus arrived in Taiping road and finally stopped at Kuala Kangsar Terminal. Passengers do toilet break for 10 minutes.

Kuala Kangsar Terminal is located right on Persiaran Bendahara street, Bandar Baru city, Kuala Kangsar District, Perak State.

On 11:55, bus stopped at StarMart Express Taiping office on Jalan Kampung Dew, Simpang area. This is the final destination of StarMart Express Bus from KLIA 2. And to continued a journey to Penang, passengers will be moved to another StarMart Express bus or other bus which in cooperation with StarMart Express.

StarMart Express @ Taiping Headquarter which is located in Laut, Matang dan Selama Districts, Perak State.

And this time, I was transferred to Eagle Bus which in collaboration with StarMart Express.

This “Green” bus is owned by Eagle Coach SDN.BHD company.

No problem for me to be transferred to another bus. The important was arrived in destination. But I didn’t know about other passengers, are they also still comfort or maybe are they annoyed … hahaha.

OK, let’s continue my story….

On 12:30 hours, bus arrived in Kamunting Raya Express Bus Terminal for 10 minutes toilet break again.

This terminal is located in Kamunting City, District of Laut, Matang dan Selama, Perak State.

10 minutes later, bus slowly left Kamunting City and showed beauty view through winding roads which splitting hills.

Perak State which is very beauty.

Soundly sleeping because of lacking sleep on last night at KLIA2. Finally, I didn’t feel that bus started to entering Penang Sentral platform on 13:54 hours.

High curiosity made me didn’t feel tired after got in bus for 7 hours 54 minutes to reach my dream destination….”Penang”

I was dropped off at this platform when I arrived in Penang Sentral.

So guys,….Who doesn’t want to see Old Town of George Town which is a UNESCO Cultural Heritage Site?….I think everyone want to visit it

Come on, visit it !….Just travel like me, I guarantee that it is cheap.

You can also get KLIA2-Penang bus ticket on 12Go travel e-commerce.

Wallpaper and Reality

HAHAHAHA ….Actually, my cartoon version is like that…. Look at the spittle, That is very amazing.

A waiting room at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport which was Mumbai tourist gate, was deliberately chosen to be the background in this wallpaper.

Why Chhatrapati Shivaji?

My fascination to this modern airport made me fall in love and continue to admire it. Isn’t Kansai International Airport modern one too?….How about Narita International Airport?.…Then what do you consider about Incheon International Airport, Donny?.

Yup, That three airports are very nice…but, That are owned by countries with super-developed economies. It’s normal …

I ask back. How does it feel when you find a modern airport in midst of crowded city in a country which its economy isn’t as good as Japan and South Korea ?.

Indescribable admiration.…

Then, why do I choose airport as wallpaper background?

It’s simple …. International airport has a function as country face. It interpreted cultural diversity and civilization level of a country.

Back to the wallpaper …

Here’s philosophy of the wallpaper above:

Map and Compass….Like a policeman who wields a gun in his waist, so I also have a similar weapon which I always carry when traveling i.e maps and compass. The ability to use these two traveling devices will significantly increase your confidence when traveling in a foreign country and will certainly make you more unique than other traveler.

Drink Bottle….Drink bottle is important item in saving budget. Filling it at airport’s water station….in public places….at hotels….or moving restaurant’s pitcher water into it is a crazy habit which I consistently do.

So when You was traveling with me….don’t be negative thinking, I’m not seeing that beautiful girls, but….I am looking for a free water station to save my budget.

Camera….That “black mirrorles” is Canon EOS M10 which I bought in 2018. So all photos which I published in 2011-2017 were result of handphone camera shots, I make sure that articles with experience sources before 2018 will display perfunctory resolution photos….It’s okay, the important thing is it can give you information before starting your trip.

Sleeping….Sleeping at airport is the best and safest way to minimize your budget. At least, it will save your cost for 1 night. I’m crazy….I have slept in 10 airports in Asia.

Itinerary Sheet….I am very detail in itinerary. In addition to being detail in arrangement, I’m also discipline in bringing it during traveling. Being a satire and laughter from many people when passing them by carrying a folder which containing itinerary sheets, print out of flight tickets, hotel booking confirmation sheets and public transportation maps. For others, this seems complicated. But it make me more comfortable when solo traveling. Complete document preparation is identical to self confidence.

Backpack….Yes, that’s my condition in airport. Backpack is never separated from me. Because all my supplies are in it. And surely no more backpack. Therefore, as far as I go, I have never bought a additional checked baggage.

Soooo….Hopefully, this wallpaper can describe my behavior during traveling…..

Which airport will I visit in next journey? How about Sultan Mahmud International Airport? Looks like good…. Do you want to go with me?

This Is My Logo….How About Your Logo?

Everywhere, logo is identity. Its function is so important because it makes our brand stronger. Cool….millennial generation said.

Therefore, I decided to design a logo in hopes of making this “travel blog” became unique. This logo will certainly be the basis of all logo variants from every activities which are travelingpersecond.com derivatives in the future. Who knows, I will have a travel agency someday….It’s my dream.

Actually, making a logo is not easy….4 months were filled with indecision by installing and removing logo components.

My concern don’t make a logo which looks good in people eyes, but rather to a design which illustrates my true conscience and character. It’s simple….but it makes logo maker confuses.

Thank you Giovanni who has patiently designed the travelingpersecond.com logo. Are You curious about Gio?….Achhh, her photo is too pretty to display. If I put her photo here, You willn’t read my article but you will see Gio’s photo for a long time….Her boyfriend will jealous too….Hahaha.

Already, forget about Giovanni.

Then what is this logo meaning, Donny?….So complicated design….not really millennial taste.

I can explain for you, guys:

  1. A man with his backpack….yes, that’s me….everywhere, I carry it….entering toilet, I bring it….I hug it when sleep….even if I’m lonely, I will talk to it….Hahaha, crazy.
  2. Can you travel for 2 weeks with two trousers?….That’s why, my picture in the logo is wearing trousers….Hahaha.
  3. Why do I take photo using a camera with that way?….yeah right, I’m a solo traveler. Yes I usually take selfies photo….Hohoho.
  4. What landmark is that?….Yes, it’s “Burj Al Arab” in United Arab Emirates which symbolizes “the east”. On the left is “Eiffel Tower” which symbolizes “the western” world. Not about a political world but it’s about traveling world….Hmmmh. I’ll finish to exploring “the east” world as soon as possible…Oh Eiffel, I’ll come to you.
  5. The footrests on the mound indicate that I’m a strong walker. Walking 8 km in a day, can you?….surely you also can, maybe just for one or two days….Fine, How about 14 days?….Hahaha.
  6. Are there 4 stars in logo, right?… Shhhtttt, that’s a secret….It isn’t a good moment yet to share about it….Hihihi.
  7. Then why are many part in logo are wrapped in a compass circle. Let me tell you !. On 2013-2017 is a phase which I traveling without internet. My special tools are a map which contain about local destination and a small compass for USD 2 which I bought in Gra ** d * a.
  8. What the meaning of letters “S” and “E” in logo? Yes….I’m a backpacker from “South East Asia” (“SE“-Asia).
  9. Woow, there is plane….Yes, why am I always excited about that flying vehicle. So, I tried to use various airlines during my journey.
  10. All are based on the tagline “Learning Culture by Traveling”. Yes, it looks very idealistic. But indeed I always try to learn cultures in countries which I visited.

Yeeeaaaayyy….Finally, I have a logo.

I hope to persistence in writing.

Bank of China Tower yang Gagah dan Starbucks Si Penyelamat Muka

“Kopi pahit tiba-tiba menjadi manis….Duh, indahnya”.

Setelah 1,5 jam menikmati The Hong Kong Observation Wheel dan AIA Vitality Park di sekitar Central Ferry Pier, akhirnya Aku mulai menyeberangi Connaught Road Central menuju Bank of China Tower (BOC Tower).

Lancarnya Connaught Road Central.

Tak sulit menemukan tower kenamaan tersebut karena dari jauh pun gedung dengan frame segitiga yang khas itu sudah kelihatan. Kan bangunan tertinggi ke-empat di Hong Kong.

Yuk Kita masuk ke BOC Tower.

Walah….Kok yang keluar masuk bangunan itu berparas tampan, cantik, modis dengan jas berdasi dan bergaya metrosexual….Aku sejenak berhenti ragu dan mengamati pintu utama gedung dari kejauhan. Buseettt….kagak ada satupun tampang backpacker atau turis yang masuk kedalamnya.


Masuk gak ya?….

Masuk ah….Melangkah maju.

Eh ga jadi dink….stop balik badan.

Pergi ah….Mulai melangkah untuk menjauh.

Eh ntar….Berhenti melangkah….Nunduk mikir….Garuk-garuk pala #terkesandramatis.

Yah cemen banget Lo, Don….Jauh-jauh kemari, nyampai tujuan malah kabur….Malu tuh ama jargon”, hati berbisik ke otak.

Malu bro….Kaos kucel, celana dekil gak ganti 4 hari, sepatu murahan ala trotoar Cijantung, mana pangkal shoulder strap tasku sobek lagi….Kirain akan banyak turis disitu….Ternyata kagak”, otakku membela.

Iye sih Don….Apa kita langsung ke Victoria Park aja?….Kan banyak tetangga kita ngumpul disana”, hati confirm mengalah.

Nah bener kan, apa guwe bilang….Yuk lah ke Victoria Park, mumpung belum sore….Nggak usah ngoyo gitu”, otak mulai bersekutu dengan hati.


Guwe kan salesman, masak iya kemaluan masih dibawa-bawa”, mulutku mulai menyingkirkan hati dan otakku.

Orang-orang sipit berdasi dan beberapa ekspatriat berambut pirang menatapku aneh ketika memasuki pintu gedung. Senyum semanis mungkin, berharap ada yang tertarik dengan kulit hitam eksotisku….Hahaha.

Tes….Tes….Latihan senyum sebelum masuk. Pintu disebelah kananku.


Beberapa langkah memasuki gedung, Aku berhenti dan menatap seisi ruangan….Sok PeDe….Aku mencari letak front desk.

Yes…Itu, di bagian tengah ruangan.

Aku : “Mbak boleh nanya ngga?”….Eh, salah “Excuse me Ms, Can I get information about observation deck on 43th floor?”.

Si Mbak : Aduh tersenyum manis beud, “Hai Sir, our observation deck had closed

Aku : “Since when, Ms?”, english ngawur yang penting doi ngerti deh.

Si Mbak : “It closed since May 2015, Sir”.

Aku : “Oh Okay, Thanks you Ms”.

Si Mbak : “You are welcome Sir. Happy journey in Hong Kong. Where are you come from?“.

Aku : “I’m from Indonesia. Again, thank you for your kindness”……”Can me know where do you stay in Hong Kong?, I want to meet your parent”. #fiksibeud

Gagal tapi merasa puas mengalahkan ketakutan diri, Aku berbalik badan untuk keluar gedung.


Jegeeeerrrrrrrrrr……..keclaaappp keclaaaappppp……..jedaaarrrr (Jessica Iskandar).

Hujan euy……duhhhh…..kudu kumaha?.

Pegawai kantoran itu pada masuk kembali ke dalam lobby. Banyangin, satu setelan pakaian backpacker di tengah banyaknya setelan jas berdasi….Dasar gembel.


Okay…Okay……Aku kembali mengamati sekitar.

Ahhhhaaaaa…….Itu, Starbucks di ujung kiri ruangan. Dengan pedenya Aku masuk ke starbucks. #ingatdompeteuy

Emang lo aje yang punya duit”, Gumamku angkuh. (tar malam ga makan dunk guwe).

Ada suara di belakangku….

Bule Cantik: “Hello, do you queueing?”.

Aku : “Oh No, I just seeing the menu. You can queue first”, Busettt…..Guwe kelamaan mikir cari harga kopi termurah di depan kasir.

Bule Cantik: “Oh thank you, handsome”.

Aku : “You are welcome, sweety”.

Akhirnya pesan long black coffee seharga Rp. 26.000.

Pait ih….Telen sonoh……Gaya sih.

Duduk di deretan bangku kosong aja supaya orang lain ga risih dengan keberadaanku.

Kursi semakin penuh karena orang lain pun akhirnya pada ngopi menunggu hujan berhenti. Dan rezeqi itu pun datang.

Kopi pahit tiba-tiba menjadi manis…kek ditabur gula 5 sendok. Lah iya ada Dia didepanku…….

Seruput pelan-pelan aja Don”, Setan mulai berbisik.

Satu seruput…..ngelirik……sruput lagi….ngelirik lagi.

Daripada hanya terpana mending guwe nanya deh

Aku : “Hi, Ms….Do you know WiFi password here?”

Si Cantik: “I’m sorry, I’m using my own Wifi”, sambil tersenyum.

Aku : Pukulan telak si tampang gratisan….”Oh Ok, Thank you Ms”.

Tak lagi ngelirik dan tak lagi bertanya. Pura-pura menikmati kopi yang sebetulnya pait warbiasah….#sambilsiul.

Petualangan konyolku di BOC Tower berakhir dengan beberapa hook dan uppercut yang cukup telak….Menyedihkan.

Hujan telah reda….Saatnya menuju Victoria Park. Aku keluar gedung menerjang gerimis lembut yang memapar muka.

Yuk, naik Ding Ding Tram !.

Scoot Air TR 457 from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore (KUL-SIN)

SCOOT AIR….Low Cost Carrier (LCC) from Singapore, which its stocks are owned by Singapore Airlines.

Scoot Air TR457 flight path. Source from https://flightaware.com

Scoot is 22nd airlines which I have ever used. Through flight number TR 457 on regular route Kuala Lumpur (KUL) to Singapore (SIN), I firstly used Scoot Air service on March 31st, 2018. On that time, I boarded an Airbus A320 aircraft with 168 passengers in capacity.

Even though I ever used Tiger Mandala Airlines on November 26th, 2013 while heading to Bangkok and Tiger Air on January 11st, 2015 when I returned from Vietnam. Now the two airlines have merged into Scoot Air.

Look that ! Tiger Air identity in Scoot Air TR 457 plane.

Ambiguity of terminal where I would depart (whether from KLIA terminal 1 or KLIA terminal 2) made me a little nervous because departure list usually publishes 2 hours before flight. And of course, it takes time to move from KLIA2 to KLIA.

For international flights, I always start towards airport on 4 hours before flight time. So I left Westree Hotel on 05:30 and rushed to Skybus/Aerobus shelter which located in KL Sentral. Because distance from hotel to shelter is only 40 m, I only needed to walk for 3 minutes towards shelter.

Indian descent hotel security sharply watched me in inner door of lobby….Because I stood for a long time in middle of lobby door….I was seriously watching around….So quiet, I had to make sure that there wasn’t suspicious thing along road which I would pass towards KL Sentral.

Yesss….There aren’t any people on road….Fast walking. Like an racewalking athlete, I started to stay away from hotel. I arrived in shelter when bus was ready to leave.

With USD 3.1, I arrived at KLIA2 on 6:30. I immediately headed to information center to ask about terminal where TR457 would take off. On early morning, I disturbed information center officer with some questions because departure board didn’t display yet an information about TR457, so She had to pull keyboard and searching information for me….very kindly officer.

God…..my eyes glared while chewing Nasi Lemak (original food from Malaysia) with fried egg in corner of NZ Curry House….Look like a goat which was ruminating. It was a sign that I wasn’t ready to get early breakfast.

Yes, there wasn’t other choice, it was better to have breakfast in Indian restaurant with cheapest price before heading to 3rd floor for check-in, immigration and departure processes.

Departure Board in Departure Hall
Information Centre in Departure Hall
Departure Hall Area
Check-in counter no Z2-Z3 for Scoot Air TR457.
After passing immigration counter, I headed to waiting room at gate L3.

I entered waiting room on 08:05. In boredom of waiting, Vietnamese came to me and ask something:

Vietnamese: “Hi, Can you explain to me about my cigarette (while showing a pack of cigarettes which have been smoked two stumps). Can I bring it when entering Singapore?

Me : “Do you bring another one  or just this opened pack?. If you just bring it, you can savely entering Singapore.

Vietnamese: “No, I just bring it. So it’s savely. Thanks you.

Me: “You are welcome”.

Waiting room in front of gate L3.
After waiting for 20 minutes, finally boarding process begins.
Where was seat 14D?

Scoot Air is identical with yellow. The charm of young air crews was very fresh when their appeaybrance is clad in yeloow t-shirt and shallow.

Fly over Malacca Strait
The sky is really clear, very comfort to fly without turbulence.

After fllying about 1 hour and 15 minutes, I landed at Changi International Airport Terminal 2. Trying to leave Changi as soon as possible to go to Greendili Backpackers Hostel in Race Course Road and then ready to explore Singapore for 7th time.

Searching MRT map before entering Changi International Airport immigration counter.
Catch the MRT ! towards downtown.

Let’s go to Mustafa Center for lunch before exploring.

Traveling….When Hobby Turns into Passion

Changing paradigm

Workaholic has become an inseparable character from my personality all this time. In the beginning, “home-office-home” was activity formula which I always did every day. The formula was very effective to bring me into confort zone with ownership of house, car and some investment assets.

Increasingly inevitable, finally boredom struck. For several years, I felt that something was lacking in my achievement. Certainly not about money, but I was never able to ignite my eternal fire in passion bottom.

Then a new thing arrived …

Singapore became the first igniter of passion fire in my life. Starting from a trip was towards there with 18 colleagues six years ago, I finally brought home an impression. It wasn’t an impression about modernity of Singapore, but an impression about feshness of mind and changes in perspective about income allocation. It is actually that investment is not always about goods, but an experience investment must get an equally important in portion.

Singapore changes paradigm.

Regular Trip

The paradigm shift made me have a new behavior amid busy activities in capital city. I began to allocate travel budget as a type of investment. Every 10-15% of income, I use to travel both domestically and abroad.

At every beginning of year, I always set a traveling agenda in one calendar year. The density of work makes me have to be smart in managing leave, using national holidays, and deciding a right time to travel.

In conclusion, traveling experiences which I have done for six years makes me have three traveling categories with a very tight schedule, namely:

  1. Long traveling in 14-16 days duration on year-end holidays.
  2. Short traveling in 3-4 days duration on long weekend holidays.
  3. Fast traveling in 1-2 days duration on extend vacation.
  4. Bonus traveling. This is a bonus if my job reaches a certain achievement.
Visiting Toba lake during year-end holiday.
Marina Beach in Semarang during long weekend holiday.
“Singapore of Java Cruise” in Cilacap when extend vacation.
Bonus traveling to Belitung.

The tight traveling schedule also has a big role in changing my basic character to be more extrovert and easy going. I am aware that whether there are or aren’t travelmate in journeys, I must continue to carry out my every travel plan. Therefore, I need two characters above to always be consistent in carrying out each of my plans.

Managing Trip

What will you do as an employee when your work time is as tight as your travel plans?

In early phase of my journey with a mediocre income, for budget saving, I took an initiative to arrange all my own travel plans. Limited time requires me to be proficient in digital mastery.

How do I do it?

Like this, guys….

If buses, trains and ferries are transportation types with ticket fares which tend to be stable, then planes are transportation types with abundant promo tickets. No doubt, I am a cyber surfer who is persistent in hunting for cheap tickets. And of course, I memorized all Low Cost Carrier (LCC) airlines throughout Asia. To ensure the best ticket prices, I always prepare tickets on a year before departure date. Visiting many LCC airline website and monitoring every promo on several domestic and foreign Online Travel Agents (OTA) became my habit on every weekends. It only needs a tool so I can quickly execute every available cheap ticket opportunity. The tool is a credit card. No need to worry about having a credit card as long as you are obedient in managing your income. Through this ticket search process, I finally had tasted 24 airlines throughout my travels.

Using Citilink airline when traveling to Solo.
Air Asia was very instrumental in helping my adventure around Asia.
Nok Air airline from Thailand while on vacation to Phuket.
Jet Airways even took me to India.

Then what about lodging?

Now I have reached a certain level in membership of the world’s largest travel e-commerce. At this level, I always get the best deals when looking for lodging by online. Besides being cheap, I also always pay attention about flexibility in order canceling process on a few days before D-day, this is important to open opportunities to get the best hotel until D-day of arrival. For information that 80% of my choice are dormitories. Besides in cheap price, dormitory gave me opportunities to expand my networking among fellow tourists from various regions in Indonesia and even the world.

Sleep & Sleep Guesthouse’s dormitory in Semarang has cost about USD 3 per night.

It’s time for me to talks about itinerary. Beside in purchasing ticket and hotel, budget saving can be did by making itinerary independently. If you are a fresh graduate and entering early days of work, persistence in making an itinerary can save your budget when you are a travel addict. I independently always set agenda which I will do when traveling, costing in each agenda and how to reach destination where the agenda will be run. To be able to compile a good itinerary, of course I often browse about destination where I want to go. I will usually read other tourist’s travel stories or look for info in the official travel destination website or in related tourism institutions (both government or private).

Example of itinerary fragment which I made independently.

But along with tourism development, there are several tourist destinations where would be even more cheaper if it is visited through “open trip” tourism type. This tourism type is essentially visiting tourist attractions together in a group so it can reduce cost rather than it’s did alone. I was experienced many times in using “open trip” services to visit several destinations where I targeted.

Taking an open trip when traveling to Pahawang Island in Lampung.

Adventure Atmosphere

Preparation period and waiting period for each of travel agendas which I made will continuously create an adventure atmosphere in my life. And it was really fun and has a positive effect. I became a figure who is diligent in saving money for my travel needs. I am also a person who is always eager to work to guarantee my income.

Of course a lot of scorn when I started travel program. Many people consider that my trips wasted money because they think that refreshing doesn’t need to travel far and spend a lot of money.

Indeed for them who don’t understand how to arrange a trip, traveling is something expensive. But not with me, a consistency of running a traveling program during past 6 years has led me to set foot in 20 countries in Asia and 10 provinces in Indonesia.

After hearing my story, are you interested in traveling?

Hobby Turns into Passion

Success in visiting tourist destinations and impression which I gained during journey made me always excited in making trips on the following year. This routine seems to be addictive to me. There is a thing which feels lack when I didn’t travel within three months.

Then this traveling addiction has another impact. This impact became a very serious thing for me, because later on, I became a someone who was “ambitious” in traveling. Yeah right, I’m already in level which I’m habitual to setting total target of tourist destinations where I will visit it in a certain period of time.

Success in achieving numbers of personal target which I set each year finally creates passion. And finally I have decided traveling as a passion in my life.

Passion Creates Caring

There was a time when I was deadlocked at a tourist spot. This deadlock happened because of lacking informations which I got through browsing in internet. The example of a deadlock which I meant was like when I didn’t have enough information about what transportation which I should use towards Ipoh downtown from Amanjaya terminal in Malaysia.

T30a bus which I finally found in the midst of confusion when was heading to Ipoh downtown.

Then moment like that which made me inisiatively creates travel stories to be shared with other fellow tourists. Finally I decided to make a blog which contains my travel experiences. I hope through this blog, I can complement some missing information in traveling world so other tourists will be helped about pre-travel information when traveling to a destination where I’ve ever visited.

Blogging will be my next routine activity to documenting travel experiences and sharing interesting stories for other young people who have same passion as me.

Finally, be a young person who is rich in experience and brave to explore!

Come on traveling, friends!

Dibalik Penerbangan Air Asia QZ 206 Jakarta-Kuala Lumpur

Baru juga pulang dari ekspedisi ke Garut-Tasikmalaya-Sumedang , lelahnya berkelana seminggu di tiga kabupaten itu tak lantas membuat tubuh lelah. Boro-boro istirahat, Aku lebih memilih menuntaskan misiku menyelesaikan eksplorasi Asia Selatan dengan mengunjungi tiga negara tersisa….Bangladesh, Sri Lanka dan Maldives.

Tiket Air Asia yang kubeli seharga Rp 349.000 sejak 7 April 2018 mampu menjaga asaku dan dompetku untuk terus berkeliling dunia. Yes, Aku harus menjemput Malindo Air rute Kuala Lumpur-Dhaka di KLIA.

Sepanjang masa tunggu keberangkatan, banyak pertanyaan muncul dari teman-teman sekantor atau teman-teman lain diluar pekerjaan.

“Yeeee, jalan-jalan kok ke Bangladesh. Ga elit bingit”

“Lo mau liat apa sih Don di Bangladesh?”

“Tar lo pulang sakit loh, Don”

“Kurang kerjaan….mending ke Ancol guwe daripada ke Bangladesh”.

“Kenapa sih Don harus ke Bangladesh?”

Jawabku: “Ya suka-suka guwelah….duit-duit guwe…kaki juga kaki guwe”.

Eh gak gitu dink….kasar beud.

Hahaha….”Ya gimana pren, duitnya hanya mampu buat jalan dimari”….wkwkwk….Itu jawaban guwe ke mereka yeee.

Kan orang lain ga tau sih isi kepala guwe about traveling…..makin gila makin aseeeekkk…..makan aneh makin nagih…..hihihi.


Biasaaa….Nyegat DAMRI di Terminal Kampung Rambutan aja yang murah. Selain murah juga deket rumah bingit. Kupersiapkan Rp. 40.000 untuk membayar tarifnya dengan jam keberangkatan pukul 15:00. Perjalanan 1 jam 15 menit itu mengantarkanku tepat di Terminal 2F.

Melalui gate 5, Aku mulai memasuki pemeriksaan X-ray tahap pertama. Tak begitu mulus, backpack yang menjadi temanku satu-satunya terlihat dibolak-balik petugas AVSEC, dioles-oles menggunakan tissue basah lalu mengamatinya dengan seksama. Tak perlu khawatir….yang penting tak ada narkoba didadalamnya….hahaha. Kalaupun di tolak masuk, tenang brur….ini masih di kota sendiri. Tinggal balik lagi naik DAMRI….ya toh.

“Mbak, window seat donk !”, seruan memelasku kepada petugas check-in di konter Air Asia. Aduh, udah cantik baik pula, murah senyum…..eh emang tugasnye begonoh dink. “Ini mas”, sahutnya…..2D, yes gagal…..hahaha.

Yuk ngecap passport….geblek, padahal itu kan e-passport, tapi kebiasaannku mengecap passport menjadi tak peduli dengan adanya konter autogate.

Petugas Imigrasi  :  “Kemana?”

Aku                           : Sebutin aja detail satu-satu, supaya ga curiga kek waktu itu, “Penang, Dhaka, Colombo, Maldives pak. Transit Mumbai dan Singapore”. Njir perjalanan macam apa ituh….gile

Petugas Imigrasi  : “Backpacker?”

Aku                           : “Yoi pak”….eh salah, bukan begitu….”Betul pak”.

Petugas Imigrasi  : Lihat muka guwe, bolak-balik passport baru dan bekas guwe. Then….cekrek “hati-hati mas sendirian”.

Aku                           : “makasih pak….tentu saya akan hati-hati”.

Petugas                  : “Hebat nih si Mas”.

Cieeee….Guwe dipuji laki-laki….Alhamdulillah…..hahahaha. Pasti mikir guwe yang engga-engga….GUWE NORMAL KOK.

Kusempatkan shalat di ujung koridor sebelum masuk ke gate. Setelahnya, Aku memasuki pemeriksaan X-ray tahap kedua di depan gate D5….yesss, mulus.

Sedang asyik-asyiknya duduk membaca di sebelah charging station, datang sepasang perawakan Korea. Mengoprak-oprek lubang stop kontak yang sepertinya rusak.

Aku     :  “Hi, Sir. That’s broken. I had tried many times and failed”.

Dia       : “Oh yea….Why put it here if broken” pura-pura menendang pelan charging station sembari tersenyum.

Aku     : “Do you want go to South Korea?”.

Dia       : “Oh, Nup….I’m from California and will fly from KL”.

Aku     :  “Oh Nice”.

Dia       : “What are you doing here? “.

Aku     :  “My profession, your mean?”.

Dia       :  “yeaaa”

Aku     :  “Sales”.

Dia       :  “Good money?”

Aku     :  “If not good, I willn’t here to fly with you”.

Dia       :  “yea…yea…yea”, manggut-manggut sambil tersenyum menatapku.

Sepertinya pacarnya seorang travel vlogger. Ngoceh melulu dengan pedenya….hebat. Aku mana bisa kayak gitu. Lebih baik menulis daripada ngoceh terus macam Dia.

QZ 206 akhirnya merapat ke gate. Beuh….petualangan segera dimulai. Kehabisan air membuatku lari keluar untuk membeli mineral water. Dan sedikit mendapat peringatan dari petugas untuk segera kembali ke gate. Ok dah pak, daripada beli didalam pesawat, kan mahal.

Airbus A320-200 berkapasitas 186 penumpang.

Tepat jam 19:17, Aku mulai boarding.

Dibelakang cewek korean-american itu.

Penerbangan malam yang penuh turbulensi mengingat saat itu akhir Desember. Terlihat bapak setengah baya di sebelahku begitu tegang dan berpegangan erat pada armrest chair sepanjang perjalanan sementara Aku dan seorang perempuan muda yang mengapitnya hanya tersenyum kecut sambil menyembunyikan rasa was-was.


Karena pengetahuan terkiniku mengenai Ipoh dan Penang begitu minim, kuputuskan untuk menjelajah inflight magazine Travel360. Berharap menemukan informasi berharga mengenai pariwisata Ipoh dan Penang. Dan….yesss….Aku sungguh mendapatkannya.

Ipoh di inflight magazine Travel360.
Informasi mendasar tentang Penang.

QZ 206 bersiap mendarat. Tak bisa tidur selama perjalanan karena keasyikan membaca inflight magazine untuk mencari informasi. Kali ini petualangan transitku selama 5 hari di Malaysia bak bonek. Ngelayap tanpa bekal informasi yang cukup.

Bersiap-siap mendarat.

Itu bagasi buat apa ya? Perlengkapan keselamatan pernerbangan kali ya.

Begitu tiba di KLIA2 tentu fikiran yang langsung terbesit di benakku adalah cari free water station, makan malam, sembahyang, tiket bus ke Penang dan kemudian molorrrrrr.

Kamu harus menuju ke Transportation Hub di lantai 1 untuk mencari tempat makan murah. Oh ya…konter penjualan tiket bus juga ada disana

Yuks….siap-siap menuju Penang esok hari.

Mengenal Penang Sentral

Semakin banyaknya direct flight dari Jakarta menuju Penang, membuat para traveler lebih memilih untuk turun di Penang International Airport daripada harus bersusah payah melintasi daratan negeri jiran selama 6-8 jam dari ibukotanya.

Padahal jika Kamu mau saja bersabar untuk melakukan perjalanan darat tersebut maka memorimu akan terisi dengan pengalaman yang menarik dan disertai dengan pemandangan yang mempesona di sepanjang negara bagian Selangor dan Perak.

Lalu….Buat Kamu yang melakukan perjalanan darat menggunakan bus maka mayoritas bus akan berhenti di Penang Sentral yang merupakan gerbang darat wisata Pulau Penang.

Oleh karenanya….supaya Kamu tidak bingung dan bisa mendapatkan gambaran mengenai bentuk dan seluk beluk Penang Sentral, maka Kuhadirkan tulisan ini untuk Kalian.

Yessss….itulah penampakan Penang Sentral.

PENANG SENTRAL….Dibangun pada tahun 2018 sebagai main transportation hub milik Negara Bagian Penang. Penang Sentral secara strategis menggantikan peran Butterworth Bus Terminal dengan sistem integrasi yang luar biasa. Bisa Kamu bayangkan, bangunan besar itu mengintegrasikan terminal bus, stasiun kereta dan pelabuhan ferry dalam satu lokasi. Bangunan terintegrasi ketiga yang kukagumi di Malaysia setelah KL Sentral dan Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS).

Butterworth Bus Terminal sebelum Penang Sentral selesai dibangun.
Sumber: Travel-Penang-Malaysia.com
Pulau Penang dilihat dari Penang Sentral.


Inilah kisahku membedah Penang Sentral….

Jam 13:54, Aku sampai di Penang Sentral….ya iyalah, tentunya diturunkan di Drop Bay lantai 1.

Dan demi menghadirkan tulisan ini, Aku relakan diri menunda sejenak menuju ferry terminal yang bisa melabuhkanku di George Town si ibukota Negara Bagian Penang.

Selama 1 jam 20 menit, Aku akan mengeksplore Penang Sentral.


Bermula dari hall ini:

Kamu akan diturunkan di Drop Bay Area ketika tiba di Penang Sentral.

Secara umum lantai 1 ini digunakan untuk menurunkan dan menaikkan penumpang.

Ini adalah platform intercity/express bus area saat Aku meninggalkan Penang Sentral.


Yuk, Kita naik ke lantai 2. Ada apakah gerangan?

Begitu naik escalator, Kamu akan melihat sekilas luasnya lantai 2.

So….Apa yang kamu cari?

  1. Bus Ticketing Counter.

Konter penjualan tiket bus berada tepat dihadapanku setelah selesai menaiki escalator. Yang kulakukan saat itu adalah langsung membeli tiket bus untuk meninggalkan Penang dengan jadwal dua hari setelah kedatanganku di Penang. Keberadaan Self Ticketing KiosK yang menempel di salah satu pilar membuatku mengurungkan diri untuk bergegas ke konter. Lebih baik aku mengeksplore harga tiket bus termurah via mesin itu, karena banyak armada dengan tarif bervariasi menyediakan rute menuju Ipoh.

Akhirnya kugenggam lembaran tiket bus Perak Transit setelah memasukkan uang senilai Rp 70.000….Tiket bus di tangan, hati pun tenang.

Itu Departure Board Penang Sentral…. Self Ticketing Kiosk ada di pilar itu. Lihat ga?

2. Information Centre

Standar pertama ketika tiba di tempat asing adalah mengunjungi Information Centre untuk mendapatkan informasi sebanyak-banyaknya sebelum mengeksplorenya lebih dalam. Begitu pun Aku, menanyakan perihal pariwisata Penang, meminta brosur, mencari cara bagaimana meninggalkan kota dengan cara terbaik dan banyak hal lain yang kutanyakan ke petugas information centre.

Mudah kok menemukannya….tepat di depan Bus Ticketing Counter.

3. Ferry Terminal.

Berjalanlah membelakangi Bus Ticketing Counter maka setelah beberapa saat  Kamu akan menemukan linkway menuju Ferry Terminal. Terletak di sebelah kiri arah jalanmu maka akan terlihat dengan jelas direction sign menuju ke Ferry Terminal.

Linkway menuju Ferry Terminal.

Berjalanlah lurus maka dalam belasan langkah maka kamu akan menemukan Customer Service Centre yang menjual tiket ferry menuju George Town. Nama ferry terminalnya adalah Pangkalan Sultan Abdul Halim.

Murah kok….harga tiketnya Cuma Rp. 4.000. Satu tiket untuk pulang pergi

4. Shopping Counter.

Sebetulnya Shopping Counter lebih banyak berada di lantai 3. Aku tak sempat mengunjunginya karena sudah kesorean dan jika tak segera meninggalkan Penang Sentral maka eksplorasiku di Pulau Penang pasti akan terganggu.

Shopping Counter yang kutunjukkan ini hanya yang berada di lantai 2.

5. Eatery

Kedai penjual makanan ada di dekat linkway menuju Ferry Terminal. Sudah pasti dijamin kehalalannya dan harganya yang tergolong murah.

Iqbal’s Restaurant menjadi tempat makanku saat masuk dan keluar Penang
Cobain cuminya deh….maknyus

6. Stasiun Butterworth.

Satu moda transportasi lagi yang terintegrasi di Penang Sentral adalah kereta. Nah, stasiun keretanya bernama Stasiun Butterworth. Hanya saja bangunannya terletak terpisah dari bangunan utama Penang Sentral.

Untuk menemukan stasiun ini. Berjalanlah lurus melewati Bus Ticketing Counter di lantai 2, maka Kamu akan menemukan lift di ujung lantai. Kemudian turunlah ke lantai 1 melalui lift itu.

Lift diujung ruangan lantai 2.

Tak terlalu jauh setelah keluar dari lift di lantai 1 maka Kamu akan menemukan sebuah lorong dengan tanda KTM (Keretapi Tanah Melayu) sebagai petunjuk menuju Stasiun Butterworth.

Penampakan depan lorong.

Setelah beberapa puluh meter menyusuri lorong maka Kamu akan menemukan bangunan berwarna putih yang tak lain adalah Stasiun Butterworth.

Maksud hati berburu tiket ETS (Electric Train Service) tapi ternyata sold out….ealah.

OKE…Cukup sekian ya. Aku sudah menjelaskan semua hasil eksplorasiku di Penang Sentral.

Jadi, akhirnya Kamu mau ke Penang lewat darat atau lewat udara nih?…….

Bus dari Singapura ke Johor Bahru

Sepandai-pandai tupai melompat akhirnya jatuh juga….Dasar Donny si tupai.

Yesss….malam itu guwe di usir dari terminal 2 Changi International Airport….Aseeeeekkkkkkkk….pasport ditandai….yuhuuuu.

Sejak 2014, selalu kucing-kucingan dengan polisi bandara Singapura. Kini si kucing ketangkep basah sedang tidur di balik sebuah kursi tunggu di terminal 2 Changi International Airport….Memalukan.

4 jam sebelum kejadian….

Maskapai “abu-abu bintang orange” dengan nomor penerbangan 3K206 mengantarkanku ke Terminal 1 Changi International Airport pada 00:30.

Karena stasiun MRT Changi Airport berada di Terminal 2 dan baru akan beroperasi pada jam 5:30, maka kuputuskan untuk berpindah ke Terminal 2.

Akhirnya bersembahyang dan sekaligus beristirahat di dalam prayer room hingga pukul 02:00. Tapi dinginnya AC memaksaku berpindah ke deretan kursi di depan ruang tunggu penumpang. Asumsiku bahwa polisi sudah selesai menyisir area itu ternyata salah besar.

Ditengah mimpi, airport security berpengawal dua polisi belia bersenjata laras panjang membangunkanku. Ahhhh….guwe faham….Njiirrr, ketangkep juga setelah 4 tahun kucing-kucingan perihal beginian .

Airport security: “Helo Sir, Can me see your passport and ticket?”

Guwe: (sambil menyerahkan passport)  “Good night Sir, I’m sorry before. I am waiting for first train to downtown. I just arrived 3 hours ago.”

Airport security: “Sorry, How long do you will stay in Singapore?”.

Guwe: “3 Days 2 Night, Sir”.

Airport security: “This hall is only for transit passengers. You can’t wait the train here. Let me take you to immigration counter”….(Cekrek….Syem, passportku difoto. Dikirim pula ke boss nya via wa….Hmmh, Aku sudah ditandai di Changi….ketengkep sekali lagi pasti masalah….hahaha).

Karena diantar tentara, petugas imigrasi wanita keturunan India itu pun menjadi judes dan marah-marah kepadaku ketika mengecap passport….semakin marah wajahnya makin seksi kek Kajol….hihihi.

2 jam ga bisa merem….lah iya, lantai setelah konter imigrasi kan tak berkarpet. Mana mungkin tidur sambil duduk di bangku keras kek gitu.

Di tengah kantuk yang sangat (itu karena siang hari sebelum berangkat, Aku kerja full di Bandung dan sorenya langsung ke Soekarno Hatta International Airport….gile ye, rumah di Jakarta, siang kerja di Bandung besoknya sudah ngelayap aja di Singapura….hahaha), kuputuskan untuk menyantap mie bersertifikat halal di kedai ini:

Terletak tepat di exit gate setelah konter imigrasi terminal 2.
Murah….Cuma Rp. 47.500.

Halah….malah nulis ga keruan.


Yuk ah fokus ke tema….

Tujuan akhir kedatanganku yang ke-7 di Singapura kali ini adalah Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Kenapa lewat “Negeri Singa”?….ya tentu akan lebih murah costnya.

Selepas menyantap mie pagi itu, Aku bergegas menuju platform MRT di Changi Station. Dengan membeli tiket seharga Rp. 26.000 di mesin otomatis, Aku menuju Stasiun Jurong East dengan waktu tempuh 70 menit.

Kenapa Stasiun Jurong East?….Karena disinilah letak shelter bus CW3/CW4 tujuan Johor Bahru via Tuas Checkpoint yang merupakan perbatasan darat di selatan Singapura dan Malaysia.

Terpaksa menahan pipis karena bau pesing toilet dibalik keramaian Stasiun Jurong East. Maklum stasiun ini terintegrasi dengan terminal bus menuju berbagai daerah di Singapura dan bahkan keluar Singapura.

Setelah membeli tiket bus di konter, Aku segera memasuki jalur antrian dan menunggu kedatangan bus. Dan akhirnya Aku kebagian bus CW3 yang datang 5 menit kemudian.

Tiket bus CW3 seharga Rp. 26.000.
Tertib mengantri sesuai jalur.

Aku memilih bangku paling belakang supaya leluasa mengambil foto selama perjalanan.

AC busnya mantab.

Bus terus bergerak menuju Tuas Checkpoint melalui AYE Toll Road. Lancarnya jalanan Singapura,  membuat bus tiba di Tuas Checkpoint hanya dalam waktu 30 menit.

Aku sengaja memilih jalur antrian yang dijaga petugas wanita keturunan Melayu untuk memudahkan pemeriksaan imigrasi. Alhasil proses perpindahan antar negara di perbatasan menjadi lancar.

Ngantri di Tuas Checkpoint.

Setelah melewati konter imigrasi, Aku segera menuju ke tempat menunggu bus yang akan mengantarkanku ke CIQ (Customs Immigration Quarantine) Sultan Abu Bakar Tanjung Kupang yang merupakan bangunan imigrasi milik Malaysia.

Aku tak perlu mencari bus yang kutumpangi sebelumnya karena selama tiket masih tersimpan, Aku bisa meneruskan perjalanan dengan bus CW yang lain dengan tujuan yang sama.

Pemandangan laut sepanjang Second Link Expressway yang merupakan penghubung Singapura dan Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

Perjalanan selanjutnya pun dimulai. Kondisi Second Link Expressway dari arah Johor Bahru menuju Tuas Checkpoint macet parah di jam berangkat kerja kala itu. Sebaliknya, jalanan yang meninggalkan Tuas Checkpoint menuju CIQ Sultan Abu Bakar Tanjung Kupang kosong melompong.

Kosong di jalurku vs penuh di jalur sebelah.

Dan hanya dalam 15 menit, Aku tiba di CIQ Sultan Abu Bakar Tanjung Kupang. Tak ada pemeriksaan serius selama proses imigrasi dan akhirnya Aku bisa dengan cepat melewatinya.

Selepas mengecap passport, berarti  perjalanan lanjutan menggunakan bus CW3 sudah selesai.

Stempel masuk Malaysia via Imigrasi CIQ Sultan Abu Bakar Tanjung Kupang dan stempel keluar Malaysia via Imigrasi Bangunan Sultan Iskandar.

Aku pun perlu mencari bus dari CIQ Sultan Abu Bakar Tanjung Kupang menuju Legoland. Beruntung banyak pengendara bus keturunan India yang menanyakan tujuanku. Sehingga Aku ditunjukkan bus CW7 yang melewati Legoland dalam rute resminya.

Main lego di Legoland????……kek guweh.

Sampai Legoland juga akhirnya.

Mudah mendapatkan tiket bus dari Singapura ke Johor Bahru atau sebaliknya?. Cobain aja pesan via e-commerce perjalanan 12Go atau https://12go.asia/?z=3283832