Scoot Air TR 457 from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore (KUL-SIN)

SCOOT AIR….Low Cost Carrier (LCC) from Singapore, which its stocks are owned by Singapore Airlines.

Scoot Air TR457 flight path. Source from

Scoot is 22nd airlines which I have ever used. Through flight number TR 457 on regular route Kuala Lumpur (KUL) to Singapore (SIN), I firstly used Scoot Air service on March 31st, 2018. On that time, I boarded an Airbus A320 aircraft with 168 passengers in capacity.

Even though I ever used Tiger Mandala Airlines on November 26th, 2013 while heading to Bangkok and Tiger Air on January 11st, 2015 when I returned from Vietnam. Now the two airlines have merged into Scoot Air.

Look that ! Tiger Air identity in Scoot Air TR 457 plane.

Ambiguity of terminal where I would depart (whether from KLIA terminal 1 or KLIA terminal 2) made me a little nervous because departure list usually publishes 2 hours before flight. And of course, it takes time to move from KLIA2 to KLIA.

For international flights, I always start towards airport on 4 hours before flight time. So I left Westree Hotel on 05:30 and rushed to Skybus/Aerobus shelter which located in KL Sentral. Because distance from hotel to shelter is only 40 m, I only needed to walk for 3 minutes towards shelter.

Indian descent hotel security sharply watched me in inner door of lobby….Because I stood for a long time in middle of lobby door….I was seriously watching around….So quiet, I had to make sure that there wasn’t suspicious thing along road which I would pass towards KL Sentral.

Yesss….There aren’t any people on road….Fast walking. Like an racewalking athlete, I started to stay away from hotel. I arrived in shelter when bus was ready to leave.

With USD 3.1, I arrived at KLIA2 on 6:30. I immediately headed to information center to ask about terminal where TR457 would take off. On early morning, I disturbed information center officer with some questions because departure board didn’t display yet an information about TR457, so She had to pull keyboard and searching information for me….very kindly officer.

God… eyes glared while chewing Nasi Lemak (original food from Malaysia) with fried egg in corner of NZ Curry House….Look like a goat which was ruminating. It was a sign that I wasn’t ready to get early breakfast.

Yes, there wasn’t other choice, it was better to have breakfast in Indian restaurant with cheapest price before heading to 3rd floor for check-in, immigration and departure processes.

Departure Board in Departure Hall
Information Centre in Departure Hall
Departure Hall Area
Check-in counter no Z2-Z3 for Scoot Air TR457.
After passing immigration counter, I headed to waiting room at gate L3.

I entered waiting room on 08:05. In boredom of waiting, Vietnamese came to me and ask something:

Vietnamese: “Hi, Can you explain to me about my cigarette (while showing a pack of cigarettes which have been smoked two stumps). Can I bring it when entering Singapore?

Me : “Do you bring another one  or just this opened pack?. If you just bring it, you can savely entering Singapore.

Vietnamese: “No, I just bring it. So it’s savely. Thanks you.

Me: “You are welcome”.

Waiting room in front of gate L3.
After waiting for 20 minutes, finally boarding process begins.
Where was seat 14D?

Scoot Air is identical with yellow. The charm of young air crews was very fresh when their appeaybrance is clad in yeloow t-shirt and shallow.

Fly over Malacca Strait
The sky is really clear, very comfort to fly without turbulence.

After fllying about 1 hour and 15 minutes, I landed at Changi International Airport Terminal 2. Trying to leave Changi as soon as possible to go to Greendili Backpackers Hostel in Race Course Road and then ready to explore Singapore for 7th time.

Searching MRT map before entering Changi International Airport immigration counter.
Catch the MRT ! towards downtown.

Let’s go to Mustafa Center for lunch before exploring.

7 Hours Enjoy Beauty of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

It was sad If I met European tourists, because they had long leave schedule. When they asked to me about my leave duration…. yes, exactly just 12 days ….. I sad…. hahaha.

But I never give up …. with my little time I will be around the world.

Back to time matter …. Every I had short transit when abroad, I often spent time to short exploration to the city that I had transit.

This article also tells how I spent 7 hours in Kuala Lumpur down town between 10:00 – 17:00

1. Batu Caves.

The journey started from 10:30 am from KL Sentral. Using the combination of KTM 1 free bus and Sentul – Batu Caves commuter train.


Left: Free bus KTM1 (KL Sentral-Sentul Station)

Right: Commuter train (Sentul Station – Batu Caves Station)
on 12:06 I arrived at Batu Caves. It was second time I visited it. Nothing had changed since 4 years ago, there were only some renovations in some parts of temples.

Batu Caves

Top Left: Hanuman Statue

Top Right: I didn’t know what is the temple name…. it was precisely behind Hanuman statue

Bottom Right: Venkatachalapathi Temple

Lower Left: Murugan Statue

My trip in Batu Caves Gw was closed by lunch time at Dhivya’s Café – an Indian food stall on the front yard of Batu Caves -. I ate fried rice for 4 Ringgit.Dhivya's cafe

2. Petronas Twin Tower

At 14:42 I arrived at KL Sentral, I was using the same lane and mode of transportation when I was heading for Batu Caves. From KL Sentral I moved with LRT Kelana Jaya Line for 2.4 Ringgit and finally I arrived at KLCC (Kuala Lumpur City Centre). I was out through Ampang Street KLCC Exit Gate. And finally I found Petronas Twin Tower.

The stinging heat of sun required me to took some photos of twin building when clouds were blocking the sun. When clouds have moved avoid the sun then I took shelter under the trees in front yard of twin building. Many tourists saw my oddity…. hahaha


Suria KLCC

Top Left: KLCC Exit gate to Ampang Street

Top Right: Ampang Street

Bottom Right: Suria KLCC mall is adjacent to Petronas Twin Tower

Bottom Left: Petronas Twin Tower.

After took some photos of Twin Tower and surrounding landmarks, I immediately moved to Pavillion in Bukit Bintang using GOKL City Bus.

3. Pavillion Bukit Bintang

Using the free GOKL bus, I had opportunity to revisited Pavillion, Bukit Bintang at 16:18. Easter theme made decorations in Pavilion courtyard was very eye-catching.


Top Left: Fountain in front of Pavillion

Lower Left: Sephora Mall …. Cosmestic and skincare centre at Bukit Bintang

Central: Five star hotel JW Marriot Bukit Bintang

Right: Easter theme in the front of Pavilion

I was only 20 minutes in Pavilion and I wanted to went to Petaling Street at Pasar Seni soon. 

4. Petaling Street

Going to Petaling Street, Pasar Seni, I used again GOKL free bus. On 16:53 I arrived at Pasar Seni terminal.

I just asked to local people around Pasar Seni to showed Petaling Street directions. A middle-aged nicely man pointed to me the way to got there. By walking towards Petaling Street, My eyes swept Pasar Seni situation that had changed better than 2014. In 7 minutes I reached Petaling Street.

petaling street

Top Left: Pasar Seni MRT Station

Top Right: Petaling Street front gate

Bottom Right: Petaling Street inside

Bottom Left: Street situation in front of Petaling Street gate

Petaling Street didn’t crowded yet because I came there around 5 pm, traders were getting ready with their wares. I just bought keychains here.

And Petaling Street became last destination on this trip. Because I must prepare to flied to Singapore.









Saving Budget for 5,6 Ringgit with GOKL City Bus, Malaysia

As a backpacker, I always try to minimize budget in every trip. For transportation budget, I will more walk or use the cheapest mode of transportation,  if possible I use free public transportation.

Like in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, I used tram for free or ….. in Kuala Lumpur, there are free buses that I can use to got around to city. it’s name is GOKL City Bus.

Well what I want to tell here is GOKL City Bus, guys….

GOKL City Bus has the following routes:



Consist of 4 line, there are GO Relax (Red), GO Work (Blue), GO Sightsee (Purple), and GO Shopping (Green)

GOKL City Bus itself was launched by SPAD (Suruhanjaya Pengangkutan Awam Darat) on August 31, 2012 as a part of Malaysia’s Government Transportation Program to reduced congestion in Kuala Lumpur’s Central Business District (CBD) with user targets were private car users, users of public transport and tourists .

The operating hours of GOKL City Bus are 6 am-11pm for working day and 7 am-11pm for weekends and holidays. For working day, this bus will operate during peak hours (7 am-10am and 4 pm-8pm) every 5 minutes. And for  another day,  it will operate every 10 minutes.

I ever tried GOKL City Bus in 2014 when I visited Kuala Lumpur for first time. And the same traveling I did on March 2018.

Petronas Twin Tower – Pavillion Bukit Bintang

After satisfied to took some photos at twin building, I immediately moved to GOKL City Bus shelter in front of Petronas Twin Tower. Yes ….. this bus would take me to Bukit Bintang – a famous shopping center in Kuala Lumpur-.



Left: GOKL City Bus (GO Shooping / Green Line) was waiting for passengers at Shelter

Top Right: GOKL City Bus interior

Bottom Right: Petrosains shelter, GOKL will wait for passengers near this shelter.

Bus waited about 10 minutes until space was full of passengers. It took 15 minutes until the bus reached Pavillion, Bukit Bintang. I tried to remembered landmarks in Pavilion to decided where I would stopped. I remembered and saw Pavillion parking gate, so I immediately got off  from bus.

Pavillion Bukit Bintang – Pasar Seni

I was only 20 minutes in Pavilion and I wanted to went to Petaling Street at Pasar Seni soon. Actually I would use Monorail combined LRT to Pasar Seni. But when break sitting in front of Pavilion, I saw GOKL bus with a destination board to Pasar Seni. I immediately ran to the bus that was taking some passengers. Exactly, I could got in and bus departed to Pasar Seni.

About 12 minutes, GOKL City Bus arrived at Pasar Seni terminal. Pasar Seni terminal was very different if compared to 2014-the time when I firstly came to Kuala Lumpur-. I saw MRT Pasar Seni station there. As far as in 2014, the MRT station was still under construction.GOKL Pasar Seni

GOKL City Bus at Pasar Seni

Using GOKL City Bus for moved to 2 venues could save budget about 5.6 Ringgit. Actually
It was a little money but it could use for my dinner……hihihi  


New Route to Batu Caves, Malaysia

In 2014, I had visited Batu Caves. At that moment I went from KL Sentral to Batu Caves used Seremban Line Commuter Train with ticket fare 2 Ringgit.

March 30th, 2018, I visited Kuala Lumpur and I wanted to visited Batu Caves again. But when I bought ticket at KL Sentral commuter ticket counter, the commuter train to Batu Caves currently unserved passengers from KL Sentral. I knew it because I notice a tourist who talk to ticket counter staff. Finally I decided to got out from queue before actually reached in front of ticket counter staff.

I finally headed to KL Sentral information counter to ask how to reached Batu Caves. According to information staff, to reached Batu Caves, I must use KTM 1 free bus from KL Sentral to Sentul Station. Well from Sentul Station then continued using commuter train to Batu Caves. I ask where did the free bus located, actually KTM 1 bus shelter was in front of Airport Coach / Sky Bus Shelter in KL Sentral.

KTM1 path

Top Left: Direction board was in front of Skybus shelter that directed tourists to KTM 1 bus to Sentul Station

Right: Direction on the floor directed me towards KTM Bus 1 shelter.

Bottom Left: KTM 1 Bus parked at Sentul Station.

Free bus KTM would go if passengers was full, I didn’t wait to got a seat. When bus had available space then I immediately got in. The journey from KL Sentral to Sentul Station took approximately 25 minutes on the fluently road.

Once arrived at Sentul Station, I immediately headed into station to bought commuter train tickets. I immediately bought a round-trip ticket because it was cheaper 1 Ringgit than one-way ticket. Once I paid 5 Ringgit then I got a ticket pass to got in the train line. This card would bring me back to Sentul Station again after finishing Batu Cave visitation.

 Sentul Station


Top Left: Sentul Station inside

Top Right: Sentul Station ticket counter

Bottom Right: Ticket pass (Sentul station to Batu Caves station round trip)

Lower Left: Commuter Train that carried passengers from Sentul Station to Batu Caves station


Once got in to train line,  a commuter train was waiting. This Chinese-made train stopped long enough to waited for passengers until all seats were full.

It was clear that KL Sentral point still exist on the route map above the train door, it indicated that initially this train passed KL Sentral when it ran towards Batu Caves, but the line had been changed and shortened into Sentul Station-Batu Caves Station.

I noticed that the flow of passengers up and down along the way to Batu Caves was very quiet, it also seen from some station buildings along trip that poorly maintained in cleanliness so the building seen dull and some escalator didn’t work. The line was arguably quiet.

After 20 minutes finally I arrived at Batu Caves.
Some interesting views in Batu Caves that I got:

Batu Caves2

Top Left: The corridor that was used to sold souvenirs after exit from Batu Caves Station

Top Right: The Murugan Statue that became the icon of Batu Caves tourism.

Bottom Right: Took off the shoes before entering Venkatachalapathi temple

Bottom Left:  Food stalls around Batu Caves.

And before moved to Petronas Twin Tower, I decided to lunch at a food stall around Batu Caves. Most of food stalls were managed by Malaysian Indians because Batu Caves was their worship place

Cheap Hotel Nearest to KL Sentral, Malaysia

When Airport Coach arrived in KL Sentral at 10:03. My first destination was Batu Caves. But to lighten my backpack, I would leave my bacpak at hotel although it wasn’t time to checked in and I would only bring folding bags that I filled with drinking bottle, wallet, passport, mobile phone and camera.

The hotel that I chose was Westree Hotel on Jalan Tun Sambanthan precisely at south-east of KL Sentral.

I chose it because it was very close to Airport Coach and Skybus Shelter in KL Sentral because on tommorow I had to fly to Singapore by Scoot Airlines. So on tomorrow I must go to KLIA2 around 4:30 am.

I booked it 9 days before by Agoda with price about Rp. 331.772 / night (very cheap to be occupied by 2 adults and 1 child). The price includes tourism tax 10 Ringgit (since September 1, 2017, Malaysia imposed tourist stay tax of 10 Ringgit per night).

Peta Hotel Westree

Very close….. Just 3 minutes walking to Airport Coach and Skybus Shelter

Jl Tumsanbhatan


Left: As soon as Airport Coach arrived in KL Sentral, I just needed to got out from a corridor to Tun Sambanthan Street

Right: Tun Sambanthan Street was dedicated to Malaysian Indian leader who be one of Malaysia’s founding fathers. Hotel Westree is precisely located on the edge of this street.

Westree Inside

Top Left: Westree Hotel’s front door which precisely on the edge of Tun Sambanthan Street and just opposite from the street is Airport Coach and Skybus shelters.

Top Right: Lobby Hotel Westree

Bottom Right: When checked-in, hotel receptionist ask about 40 Ringgit for a deposit and can be taken back when checking out

Bottom Left: Hotel cleanliness is usually reflected in the cleanliness of toilet. Westree Hotel’s toilet is very clean.

The majority of Westree Hotel’s employees of are Malaysian Indian because the hotel is located in Brickfields area that was known as Kuala Lumpur’s Little India. Several time ago the area around this hotel are brick producer.

The staffs was generally helpful and friendly. Receptionint staff gave me Kuala Lumpur Tourism Map.

I checked-in to hotel at 5:00 pm after I satisfied got around Kuala Lumpur then checked-out on next day at 04:15 to went to KLIA2.











Bus from KLIA to KL Sentral, Malaysia

This is continuation of article:

“Malaysia Airlines Flight MH 0726 from Jakarta to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia”


Malaysia Airlines that I rode landed at KLIA on 7:31 pm Kuala Lumpur time.

Towards KLIA Exit Door
After the plane smoothly landed, I dropped off at KLIA arrival hall at 3rd floor. When I
got off from plane, usually I would look for drinking water station to filled my drink
bottle but I couldn’t find it until I was out from airport.

Menuji Exit Gate KLIA

Top Left: I walked along arrival hall H towards immigration counter

Top Right: Passport checking process at immigration counter

Bottom Right: Passed baggage conveyor belt …. but I didn’t carry luggage, so I continued

towards exit door.

Bottom Left: I reached at airport exit door

Towards Airport Coach Shelter

Once out of airport exit door, of course, One thing that I looked for was location of Airport Coach that would departed to KL Sentral. Well, I found these direction in KLIA:

sign KLIABecause I was still on 3rd floor, it means I should go down to 2nd floor to got Airport Coach that will took me to KL Sentral (Kuala Lumpur).

Towards Bus Shelter KLIA

Top Left: Then I walked down the escalator to 2nd floor of KLIA

Top Right: And I always followed that sign to Airport Coach shelter

Bottom Right: A moment later I passed a corridor above a driveway.

Bottom Left: I reached the end of corridor adjacent to car park area, Turned to left was escalator to Airport Coach shelter and to right was lift to the same shelter. Actually Airport Coach shelter wasn’t located on 2nd floor but on 1st floor.

escalator n liftTop Left: KLIA car park area at 2nd floor

Top Right: Toilet at the end of corridor before exit to  car park area, very clean and I had
used it for a few moments here.
Bottom Right: At first I wanted to get down to Airport Coach shelter through this
escalator but it was under construction,
Bottom Left: Finally I must use this lift to Airport Coach shelter. At the end of the
corridor near the lift is direction to famous transit hotel in KLIA (Hotel Sama-Sama).

bus shelter

Top Left: Once got off from lift, I was immediately seen Airport Coach ticket counter to KL Sentral

Top Right: I ultimately rode the Airpot Coach with ticket price 10 Ringgit for adults and 6 Ringgit for children.

Bottom Right: Yoyo Express Bus which also took passengers in KLIA and KLIA2. The bus had destination to several cities outside of Kuala Lumpur such as Johor Bahru, Ipoh and Taiping

Lower Left: Finally I boarded Airport Coach to KL Sentral. Distance which would covered about 60 km with travel time about 1 hour journey.
Try an easy way to get a ticket to KL Sentral, you can buy the ticket at 12go Asia with following link:

Hotel Murah Terdekat dengan KL Sentral, Malaysia

Begitu Airport Coach yang Gw naiki tiba di KL Sentral pukul 10:03. Tujuan pertama Gw adalah Batu Caves. Tetapi untuk meringankan beban, Gw akan menitipkan bacpak di hotel walaupun belum waktunya untuk check-in dan Gw hanya akan bawa tas lipat yang diisi dengan air minum, dompet, passport, handphone dan kamera.

Hotel yang Gw pilih adalah Westree Hotel di Jalan Tun Sambanthan tepat di sebelah tenggara KL Sentral.

Gw memilih hotel ini karena sangat dekat dengan Airport Coach dan Skybus Shelter di KL Sentral karena keesokan harinya Gw harus terbang menuju Singapura menggunakan pesawat Scoot Airlines. Jadi keesokan harinya Gw harus berangkat menuju KLIA2 sekitar jam 04:30 pagi.

Gw memesan hotel ini 9 hari sebelumnya menggunakan Agoda dengan harga Rp. 331.772/malam (sangat murah untuk ditempati oleh 2 dewasa dan 1 anak). Harga ini sudah termasuk tourism tax 10 Ringgit (sejak 1 September 2017, Malaysia menerapkan pajak menginap untuk turis sebesar 10 Ringgit per malam).

Peta Hotel Westree


Sangat dekat sekali…..Hanya perlu berjalan 3 menit menuju Airport Coach dan Skybus Shelter

Jl Tumsanbhatan

Kiri : Begitu Airport Coach tiba di KL Sentral, Gw hanya perlu keluar dari sebuah lorong menuju Jl. Tun Sambanthan

Kanan : Jl Tun Sambanthan yang didedikasikan untuk tokoh Malaysia keturunan India yang merupakan salah satu founding father Malaysia. Hotel Westree terletak tepat di pinggir jalan ini.

Westree Inside

Kiri Atas: Pintu depan Hotel Westree yang tepat di tepi Jalan Tun Sambanthan dan tepat diseberang jalan adalah shelter Airport Coach dan Skybus.

Kanan Atas: Lobby Hotel Westree

Kanan Bawah: Ketika check-in pihak hotel meminta deposit sebesar 40 Ringgit dan bisa diambil kembali ketika check-out

Kiri Bawah: Kebersihan hotel biasa tercermin dari kebersihan toilet kamarnya. Toilet Hotel Westree sangatlah bersih.

Mayoritas karyawan hotel ini adalah warga Malaysia keturunan India karena memang hotel ini terletak di daerah Brickfields yang merupakan Little Indianya Kuala Lumpur. Dahulu daerah sekitar hotel ini adalah penghasil batu bata.

Secara umum staff nya cukup membantu dan ramah. Staff receptionint dengan baik memberikan Peta Pariwisata Kuala Lumpur ke Gw.

Gw check-in ke hotel jam 17:00 setelah puas keliling Kuala Lumpur dan check-out keesokan harinya pukul 04:15 untuk menuju KLIA2.











Bus dari KLIA ke KL Sentral, Malaysia

Ini adalah kelanjutan dari artikel:

“Penerbangan Malaysia Airlines MH 0726 dari Jakarta ke Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia” (

Malaysia Airlines yang Gw naiki mendarat di KLIA tepat pukul 7:31 waktu Kuala Lumpur.

Menuju Pintu Keluar KLIA

Setelah pesawat mendarat mulus, Gw diturunkan di Arrival Hall H KLIA lantai 3. Biasanya begitu turun dari pesawat yang Gw cari adalah drinking water station untuk mengisi botol minuman tetapi Gw tidak bisa menemukannya hingga keluar bandara sekalipun.

Menuji Exit Gate KLIA

Kiri Atas : Gw berjalan sepanjang arrival hall H menuju konter imigrasi

Kanan Atas : Proses pengecekan passport di konter imigrasi

Kanan Bawah : Melewat baggage conveyor belt….tapi Gw kan ga bawa bagasi, ya jadi dilanjut ajahhh

Kiri Bawah: Sampai juga di pintu keluar bandara

Menuju Shelter Airport Coach

Begitu keluar dari pintu bandara tentu yang Gw cari adalah dimanakah letak Airport Coach menuju KL Sentral. Nah Gw melihat petunjuk ini di KLIA:

sign KLIAKarena Gw masih berada di lantai 3, berarti Gw harus turun menuju lantai 2 untuk mendapatkan Airport Coach yang akan mengantarkan Gw ke KL Sentral (Kuala Lumpur).

Towards Bus Shelter KLIA

Kiri Atas: Kemudian Gw berjalanan menuruni escalator menuju lantai 2 KLIA

Kanan Atas: Dan Gw selalu mengiIkuti tanda itu untuk menuju shelter Airport Coach

Kanan Bawah : Sesaat kemudian Gw melewati sebuah koridor yang berada tepat diatas jalan mobil.

Kiri Bawah: Gw sampai di ujung koridor yang berbatasan dengan area parkir mobil, belok ke sebelah kiri adalah escalator menuju shelter Airport Coach sedangkan ke sebelah kanan adalah lift menuju shelter yang sama. Ternyata shelter Airport Coach tidak terletak di lantai 2 tetapi di lantai 1.

escalator n liftKiri Atas : Area parkir mobil KLIA lantai 2

Kanan Atas : Toilet di ujung koridor sebelum keluar ke area parkir mobil, sangat bersih dan Gw sempat bersih-bersih beberapa saat disini.
Kanan bawah : Awalnya Gw mau turun ke shelter Airport Coach lewat escalator ini tapi ternyata sedang dalam perbaikan,
Kiri Bawah : Akhirnya Gw harus menggunakan lift ini menuju shelter Airport Coach. Di ujung koridor dekat lift adalah arah menuju hotel transit yang terkenal di KLIA (Hotel Sama-Sama) .

bus shelter

Kiri Atas : Begitu turun dari lift langsung terlihat konter tiket Airport Coach menuju KL Sentral

Kanan Atas : Airpot Coach yang akhirmya Gw naiki dengan harga tiket 10 Ringgit untuk dewasa dan 6 Ringgit untuk anak-anak.

Kanan Bawah : Yoyo Express Bus yang juga mengambil penumpang di KLIA dan KLIA2. Bus ini memiliki tujuan ke beberapa kota di luar Kuala Lumpur seperti Johor Bahru, Ipoh dan Taiping

Kiri Bawah : Akhirnya Gw menaiki Airport Coach menuju KL Sentral. Jarak yang akan ditempuh sekitar 60 km dengan waktu tempuh sekitar 1 jam perjalanan.

Mencoba cara mudah untuk mendapatkan tiket ke KL Sentral, Kamu bisa membeli tiketnya di 12go Asia dengan link sebagai berikut:

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH 0726 from Jakarta to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

30 March 2018- This was Malaysia Airlines flight from Soekarno Hatta International Airport (SHIA), Indonesia to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), Malaysia using Boeing 737-800 aircraft with capacity about 166 passengers. This 2 hours flight occurred from 04:25 Jakarta time to 7:25 pm Kuala Lumpur time.

I issued ticket on October 7th, 2017 or 5.5 months before departure on price about Rp. 605,000 without seat choosing. Seat choosing add-on would be charged seat fee about 11 Ringgit or Rp. 40.052 (yes …. I choosed a seat 3 weeks before departured).

tiket dan seat fee

Left: e-ticket was earned when issued   ;           Right: seat fee

At 00:30, I headed towards Soekarno Hatta International Airport (SHIA) by Grab Car service at cost about Rp. 136.000 and got off at Terminal 2D. Upon arrived at airport, I couldn’t go directly to check-in counter because I must wait screening gate was opened. Finally screening gate was opened at 02:00. Some foreigners were disappointed because of it. I also didn’t know why the gate didn’t open for 24 hours.

Screening my backpack was smoothly then I went to check-in counter. Apparently I still had to queue and waited for 10 minutes until counter was opened. Actually I already had a boarding pass through web check-in process that I did independently, but when I asked to check-in staff what I could go directly to immigration counter, he said it was better for me to re-printed my boarding pass using paper from check-in counter. Yes finally I must queued

boarding pass

Left: boarding pass from web check-in result.
Top right: boarding pass from Malaysia Airlines check-in counter
Bottom right: cabin baggage tag

Finished check-in, I must wait again for 30 minutes to went to immigration counter, I saw immigration officers wasn’t standby in their posts.

At 3:00 pm I finally went to immigration counter. It was smoothly without any meaningful constraints.

part in SHIA

Top Left: Departure gate 2 SHIA Terminal 2D SHIA
Top right: Check-in counter
Lower left: immigration counter
Bottom right: boarding gate D4 Terminal 2D SHIA

Going to gate D4, I directly could enter 15 minutes before boarding time.
At 3:55 pm finally I was boarding,


Since 2013 Malaysia Airlines had joined Oneworld, an airline alliance aimed to made alliance members be first choice of world travelers

Interior Plane

Top left: Business Class seats
Top right: Economy class seats
Bottom left: In-flight entertainment
Bottom right: Left plane winglets

For menus, during flight I got a glass of apple juice and Low Fat Meal as my request when issued ticket.

MH Meal

Mineral water, crackers, peanuts and low fat meal (potatoes, carrots, egg, broccoli all were boiled)

The steward asked to me “Would you like to ate now or later?” Because I replied that  I would eat later, then he gived me a plastic bag with Malaysia Airlines logo to brought my food when arrived at KLIA.

After 2 hours trip I landed smoothly at KLIA.
I had captured headquarters of Malaysia Airlines

MH Base

Malaysia Airlines base in KLIA

As an alternative, to get flight ticket from Jakarta to Kuala Lumpur, you can look for it at 12go Asia with following link:

KLM Flight-KL 0809 from Kuala Lumpur to Jakarta

March 18th, 2018-This flight was my first time to used service of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. And KLM became the 19th airline I had ever rode during my traveling. Every traveling I always tried to found different airlines to felt their difference services, but my priority was still the cheapest one.

I issued this ticket on September 18th, 2017, exactly 6 months before flight.

Harga KLM

Ticket price was 224.10 Ringgit or Rp. 768,748, very affordable for European airlines

Airport Coach drops me to KLIA at 14:00. I went straight to check-in counter.


I was the first check-in yet passenger…. lonely at counter

Based on my ticket, I must go to gate C3. Views of KLIA when I moved from check-in counter to Gate C3 didn’t tell here, guys. I would tell later when that I came by Malaysia Airlines after this trip.

Oh yes, this was my first time visited Kuala Lumpur International Airport Terminal 1 (KLIA), because I often visited this neighbor country and always landed at KLIA 2 (it was Air Asia base). Seeing the building, KLIA terminal 1 looked like old building …. similarly like Soekarno Hatta International Airport Terminal 1 and 2 at Jakarta

C3 room

Gate C1 was Saudia Airlines boarding gate

view gate 3

Gate 3 view was building for POS Aviation – Malaysia’s Ground Service.

Waiting for 1.5 hours finally my plane came.

KLM Plane

(Left): Saudia Airlines aircraft was adjacent to (Right): KLM aircraft

KLM flight from KLIA to Soekarno Hatta International Airport (SHIA) was operated by Air France. Some KLM flights from KLIA-SHIA was even operated by Garuda Indonesia. Actually this flight was a transfer flight from Amsterdam to Jakarta that transited in Kuala Lumpur. While waiting for loading process, there was a bonus for passangers:

Liliana Natsir

Several minutes before boarding …. Liliyana Natsir came …. She was Indonesia’s mix double badminton world champion.

Okay …. didn’t wait for long, finally I boarded to European class airplane.

interior klm

Plane interior was common…. just very happy for rode Air France’s plane.

Along flight, I got a warm wet tissue for face cleaner, vegetarian pie which was enough to replaced my dinner menu (saved my budget) and a glass of apple juice.

And along flight I saw “Dunkirk”…. I didn’t know why I like this movie. I had watched it three times before. Even on my previous trips, I also watched it in Thai Airways when flied to Kathmandu, Nepal.

view flight

It was the coolest view on this flight.

Pretty enough flight. I would tell you my another flight in different article.

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