8 Venues Around Malacca Dutch Square, Malaysia

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Here are sights that can be found in Dutch Square, Malacca, Malaysia.

Venue Sekitar Clock Tower

This map is a 360 degree spot where you can see several venues directly without moving

1. Bus Dropping Point

March 17th, 2018. My travel reached Malacca Dutch Square already told in article “Bus from KLIA 2 to Malacca, Malaysia”.

Panorama Bus No 17 from Melaka Sentral drop me here:

Drop from the Bus

Tourism buses and city buses drop off passengers here.

Because this point is a crowdest point, so many police standby here to make sure cars or buses don’t stop too long here.

Resident names this area as Bangunan Merah. So you just say to bus driver “drop me at Bangunan Merah “. All colours are red, from building wall until brick road.

2. Malacca Clock Tower.

After getting off the bus, first stands out is the tall red tower. This tower is known as Malacca Clock Tower. It has three tiers of building with big clock on all four sides. The tower was built by a Chinese Malaysian millionaire.

Clock Tower

132 years old, this building still looks sturdy

3. “I Love Melaka” Spot

I Love Melaka

Queue for long time here …. the queue was always snatched by  impatient tourists…. 

It is located below of Malacca Clock Tower and it’s always be a tourists target for picture hunting. Taking picture in this spot, can prove that you are in Malacca.

4. Queen Victoria Fountain

This fountain was built to commemorated the 60 years of Queen Victoria holding the throne of British Kingdom. The construction was done 4 years after 60 years of Queen Victoria became king i.e in 1901.

Victoria Regina fountain2

Arguably this is a original trace of British Colonial in Malacca.

5. History and Ethnography Museum

This building is a Dutch Colonial relic. Was built in mid-17th century, this building was once used for Dutch government buildings in Malacca. The original name of this building is Stadthuys and it’s a mark of Portuguese conquest by the Dutch in Malacca.


6. Malacca Christ Church

Goverment strategically, Christ Church was built to commemorate centenary of Malacca conquest from Portuguese Colonial by Dutch one. But functionally, Christ Church was built because the active church was very old at that time. That’s St. Paul Church on St. Paul hill.

Christ Church

Numer 1753 above church building shows the year of construction

7. Balai Seni Lukis Melaka (Malacca Art Gallery).

This two-tiers building is used for 2 different museums. The first floor is used for Muzium Belia Malaysia (Malaysia Youth Museum), while the upper floor is used for Balai Seni Lukis Melaka (Malacca Art Gallery). 

Balai Seni Lukis Melaka

AD 1931 …. In that year the building was originally an Anglo-Chinese school building.

8. Malacca Dutch Square Windmill

Windmills has size less than 1/10 of normal size. It was also built as a mark of Portuguese conquest by the Dutch. Such as the historical function of Stadthuys.


9. Melaka 0 Mile

It is the center of Malacca. So all distance in Malacca city is measured from this point.

Melaka 0Km

Okay …. other spots in Malacca city, I will tell in next article ….

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