5 Hours Visiting Malacca, Malaysia

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5 hours opportunity was very precious time for me to enjoying beauty of Malacca, Malaysia.

Because didn’t want to lost this moment, then I well prepared itinerary from Jakarta.

After struggled to got a bus from KLIA2 to Malacca and after successfully swept some landscapes around Malacca Dutch Square, then I would continue my adventure to visited other places in Malacca downtown by walk.

Departed from Melaka 0 Mile point, I spent little time to saw lines of Portuguese Wall at t-junction after Melaka 0 Mile. These ruins were well hedged for site maintenance. Malaysia government is seriously working on their tourism that ably contributes revenue about 18 billion dollars per year.

Jajaran Tembok Portugis Melaka

Malacca city wall is Malacca defence wall in the 16th century

Oh yes …. My main visit aim at the moment were St. Paul Church, A Famosa Fort, Malacca River Cruise and Jonker Street.

Okay, I will tell one by one.

Towards St. Paul Church

To found this church, I found direction sign that made me easily where to took a direction. This direction sign is at t-junction south of Melaka 0 Miles.

tanda ke bukit st paul

Walking in Malacca must skillful to find a sign like this. This can make tourists easily to explore Malacca.

Walk about 100 meters, I found Muzium Senibina Malaysia (Malaysia Architecture Museum).Muzium Senibina Malaysia

Established by Dutch Colonial in the 18th century, this building was used as office of Malacca Water Board. 

Walked straight through this museum about 50 m, I finally found a sign to St. Paul Church that directing me to turned left through a small open door on edge of Kota Street.

Tangga ke Bukit St Paul

This row of stairs is one of several accesses to the church

A number of stairs were high enough waiting in front of  my eyes. There wasn’t other way except climbed stairs one by one ….. Just did it, hahaha …. Many tourists who exhausted and rest at edge of stairs.

As soon as I reached to upper stair, I was amazed to a view of ocean and white neat rows of houses and stores.

Pemandangan Laut Lepas

If you want to see beauty of Malacca from above … just need to ride that Malacca’s Menara Taming Sari ….

Finally I reached top of St. Paul hill and started to entering courtyard outside St. Paul Church. Intentionally I didn’t directly get inside of church to enjoyed beauty of this building from outside.

Gereja St Paul Outside

Left: St. Paul’s Church front view  ;  Right: St. Paul’s Church back view

After satisfy enjoyed outside of building, I started to got inside. Here’s inside of St. Paul Church.

interior st paul

Above: Inner wall of church
Below: Gravestones were laid against church wall

After explored inside of church for 20 minutes, I decided to got down soon because I realized that my times wasn’t much. I got down stairs to got back to Kota Street.

Towards A Famosa Fort

Continued trip along Kota Street which had been interrupted by visiting St. Paul Church. After walked about 15m, I passed Muzium Islam Melaka (Malacca Islamic Museum).

Muzium Islam Melaka

Originally the building was office of Malacca Islamic Council.

Walked again about 75m, I found some following museums:

Muzium UMNO

UMNO Museum (United Malays National Organization), Malaysia’s largest political party that dominated power since Malaysia’s independence

muzium setem malaysia

Malaysian stamp museum

Muzium Dunia Islam

This museum explains spread of Islam in the world, important Muslim figures and some important Islamic buildings.

It didn’t take longtime to reached the A Famosa Fort. It was only about 300m from St Paul’s Church entrance.

Here is the beauty of A Famosa Fort: A Famosa 1

A Famosa Fort left front view

A Famosa 2

Fort A Famosa Fort front view

Entering fort inside, tourists are welcomed by singer with live western songs. His performances was quite entertaining in middle of sun heat.

I talked to Mr. Yusuf, he was a local tourist from Sabah who was on work duty to Malacca and he took a time to picnic.

The natural peeling fort wall shows how it is sturdy as 507-year-old building.

Some informative parts make me amazed for a moment

A. Famosa 3

Actually this fort was built by Alfonso D’Alboquerque who originally came to Malacca just for free captives.

D’Alboquerque itself is very famous in Maluku, Indonesia because once sent a troops to found spices there.

It was already 12:10, it was time for me to left A Famosa Fort for Melaka River Cruise.

Towards Malacca River Cruise and Jonker Street

Moving from Fort A Famosa, I just realized that this fort was opposite a mall

dataran pahlawan

Dataran Pahlawan Mall is a popular place for shopping at Bandar Hilir, Malacca

Walking along Kota Street that was built from pavling block arrangement in daylight required me to drank lots of mineral water to keep my body from dehydration.

Walking along 200 m, I found Taman Kenderaan Sejarah Melaka. 

taman kereta

I think it’s a paid playing park for children in Malacca.

After walking for 10 minutes, I reached the edge of Malacca River. Before enjoying the beauty of Malacca River, I took time to visit Bastion Middleburg.

benteng dekat river

Built by British colonials, this building had function as trading supervision centre in Malacca at the time

And at next to this building is Malacca River.

melaka river

This river is an important trade route in the 15th century

After seeing Melaka River Cruise activity, my stomach began to rumbled and it was time to had a lunch and ended my adventure in Malacca.

Intentionally I would search lunch menu on Jonker Street. After crossing the bridge that connects between both Malacca river side, I passed this point

jonker street

In Dutch period, Jonker Street was settlement of Dutch officials. But after Dutch didn’t govern, Jonker Street became settlement of merchants and wealthy businessman.

I began to focus on finding halal food. It was hard to found halal food on Jonker Street but that didn’t mean it didn’t exist.

After 2 blocks I found a food stall owned by a Malaysian Moslem and plastered halal logo. Finally I got inside to ate and closed my trip in Malacca.

lunch melaka

Lunch for 10 Malaysian Ringgit

Well, my 5 hours trip in Malacca was over…. It was time to return to the capital of Malaysia i.e Kuala Lumpur for continued  my exploration of Malaysia.

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