Bus from KLIA2 to Malacca, Malaysia

This was my latest traveling, exactly 1,5 months ago. For departuring, I entrusted to Malaysia Air Asia AK 383 with Airbus A320. Thankfulness was I would taste Departure Hall Terminal 3-Ultimate (3U) Soekarno Hatta International Airport for first time.

Finally, I had arrived at Terminal 3U on 11 pm after 1 hour trip by DAMRI bus from Kampung Rambutan Bus Terminal, East Jakarta. Because of web check-in yet, then I directly went to Gate 6. This Gate before used by AK 383 at 00:50, was used for China Southern Airlines boarding to Shenzen, China since an hour earlier.

Plane looked old aircraft. But I believed to AirAsia maintenance. After flied 2 hours, I landed again at KLIA 2 for seventh time. Indeed KLIA 2 succeed to captured passengers for transited or visited there.

Before I departed to Malacca, I had breakfast at NZ Curry House in 1st floor. MYR 9 was enough for paid fried rice and Malaysian O tea

After Subuh prayer and toilet activities, I immediately looked for Transnasional bus tickets on 1st floor:

Konter Bus KLIA2

Long queue….

ticket Bus KL Melaka

Not a Transnasional bus that I got ….. but Star Mart Express with price about MYR 24.3.

You needs to know that gates for waiting a bus in KLIA2 consists 3 doors i.e Door 1, Door 2 and Door 3. And after exit from door, you will find some shelters i.e A01, A02, A03 etc … B01, B02, B03 and so on. And for my trip to Malacca, I needed to waited on Door 1 Shelter A01.

Bus Star Mart

Bus came at 07:45 (late for 15 minutes) and bus departed at 7:55 to Malacca.

Bus Star Mart interior

Before entering into bus, bus staff would tear tickets one by one.

Bus interior are very convenient. consist of 3 chairs per row.

Along the way, amount of passanger would be checked by timer staff in certain area wasn’t far from KLIA2.

Traffic was arguably very fluent. Trip about 135 km was covered within 2 hours.

Then where will you be dropped?

Yup , you would dropped in Melaka Sentral, exactly passengers will be dropped here:

Melaka Sentral

Then just walked to nearest door, then you automatically got into Melaka Sentral building.

This is one of Melaka Sentral corner:

Melaka Sentral2

Iconic view inside Melaka Sentral

Then looked for waiting room of City Bus Terminal . This is city bus lounge in Melaka Sentral i.e Panorama bus:
Melaka Sentral3

Quiet but comfortable, air conditioned and clean rooms

And Panorama bus that leads to center of Malacca is panorama bus no. 17. If you rush to Bangunan Merah, I suggest to takes immediately a bus that already standby. Because I was preoccupied taked some photos here, I let Panorama bus no 17 went away, and finally I must wait next arrival bus for long time, almost 30 minutes. You should wait it near this number sign:

Melaka Sentral4

And you have to pay MYR 2 only for a trip from Melaka Sentral to Bangunan Merah (Malacca’s Clock Tower).

ticket Bus KL Melaka2
Then how is excitement in Malacca? 5 hours of very memorable adventures.

I would write in next article…… thanks, guys.
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