Malaysia Airlines Flight MH 0726 from Jakarta to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

30 March 2018- This was Malaysia Airlines flight from Soekarno Hatta International Airport (SHIA), Indonesia to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), Malaysia using Boeing 737-800 aircraft with capacity about 166 passengers. This 2 hours flight occurred from 04:25 Jakarta time to 7:25 pm Kuala Lumpur time.

I issued ticket on October 7th, 2017 or 5.5 months before departure on price about Rp. 605,000 without seat choosing. Seat choosing add-on would be charged seat fee about 11 Ringgit or Rp. 40.052 (yes …. I choosed a seat 3 weeks before departured).

tiket dan seat fee

Left: e-ticket was earned when issued   ;           Right: seat fee

At 00:30, I headed towards Soekarno Hatta International Airport (SHIA) by Grab Car service at cost about Rp. 136.000 and got off at Terminal 2D. Upon arrived at airport, I couldn’t go directly to check-in counter because I must wait screening gate was opened. Finally screening gate was opened at 02:00. Some foreigners were disappointed because of it. I also didn’t know why the gate didn’t open for 24 hours.

Screening my backpack was smoothly then I went to check-in counter. Apparently I still had to queue and waited for 10 minutes until counter was opened. Actually I already had a boarding pass through web check-in process that I did independently, but when I asked to check-in staff what I could go directly to immigration counter, he said it was better for me to re-printed my boarding pass using paper from check-in counter. Yes finally I must queued

boarding pass

Left: boarding pass from web check-in result.
Top right: boarding pass from Malaysia Airlines check-in counter
Bottom right: cabin baggage tag

Finished check-in, I must wait again for 30 minutes to went to immigration counter, I saw immigration officers wasn’t standby in their posts.

At 3:00 pm I finally went to immigration counter. It was smoothly without any meaningful constraints.
part in SHIA

Top Left: Departure gate 2 SHIA Terminal 2D SHIA
Top right: Check-in counter
Lower left: immigration counter
Bottom right: boarding gate D4 Terminal 2D SHIA

Going to gate D4, I directly could enter 15 minutes before boarding time.
At 3:55 pm finally I was boarding,


Since 2013 Malaysia Airlines had joined Oneworld, an airline alliance aimed to made alliance members be first choice of world travelers

Interior Plane

Top left: Business Class seats
Top right: Economy class seats
Bottom left: In-flight entertainment
Bottom right: Left plane winglets

For menus, during flight I got a glass of apple juice and Low Fat Meal as my request when issued ticket.

MH Meal

Mineral water, crackers, peanuts and low fat meal (potatoes, carrots, egg, broccoli all were boiled)

The steward asked to me “Would you like to ate now or later?” Because I replied that  I would eat later, then he gived me a plastic bag with Malaysia Airlines logo to brought my food when arrived at KLIA.

After 2 hours trip I landed smoothly at KLIA.
I had captured headquarters of Malaysia Airlines

MH Base

Malaysia Airlines base in KLIA

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