KLM Flight-KL 0809 from Kuala Lumpur to Jakarta

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March 18th, 2018-This flight was my first time to used service of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. And KLM became the 19th airline I had ever rode during my traveling. Every traveling I always tried to found different airlines to felt their difference services, but my priority was still the cheapest one.

I issued this ticket on September 18th, 2017, exactly 6 months before flight.

Harga KLM

Ticket price was 224.10 Ringgit or Rp. 768,748, very affordable for European airlines

Airport Coach drops me to KLIA at 14:00. I went straight to check-in counter.


I was the first check-in yet passenger…. lonely at counter

Based on my ticket, I must go to gate C3. Views of KLIA when I moved from check-in counter to Gate C3 didn’t tell here, guys. I would tell later when that I came by Malaysia Airlines after this trip.

Oh yes, this was my first time visited Kuala Lumpur International Airport Terminal 1 (KLIA), because I often visited this neighbor country and always landed at KLIA 2 (it was Air Asia base). Seeing the building, KLIA terminal 1 looked like old building …. similarly like Soekarno Hatta International Airport Terminal 1 and 2 at Jakarta

C3 room

Gate C1 was Saudia Airlines boarding gate

view gate 3

Gate 3 view was building for POS Aviation – Malaysia’s Ground Service.

Waiting for 1.5 hours finally my plane came.

KLM Plane

(Left): Saudia Airlines aircraft was adjacent to (Right): KLM aircraft

KLM flight from KLIA to Soekarno Hatta International Airport (SHIA) was operated by Air France. Some KLM flights from KLIA-SHIA was even operated by Garuda Indonesia. Actually this flight was a transfer flight from Amsterdam to Jakarta that transited in Kuala Lumpur. While waiting for loading process, there was a bonus for passangers:

Liliana Natsir

Several minutes before boarding …. Liliyana Natsir came …. She was Indonesia’s mix double badminton world champion.

Okay …. didn’t wait for long, finally I boarded to European class airplane.

interior klm

Plane interior was common…. just very happy for rode Air France’s plane.

Along flight, I got a warm wet tissue for face cleaner, vegetarian pie which was enough to replaced my dinner menu (saved my budget) and a glass of apple juice.

And along flight I saw “Dunkirk”…. I didn’t know why I like this movie. I had watched it three times before. Even on my previous trips, I also watched it in Thai Airways when flied to Kathmandu, Nepal.

view flight

It was the coolest view on this flight.

Pretty enough flight. I would tell you my another flight in different article.

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