Free Attractions Around Intramuros

2 January 2016.

Jalur Keliling Intramuros (Eng)

8:17am, I finished to check-in at Where2Next Hostel. Initially I would to go by LRT, but finally I decided to walk. A whole day I would visit venues in Intramuros. Distance from hostel to Intramuros is about 3.5 km and  I can reach by walk in 45 minutes…. but I stopped at several places, so it would be a long trip and would finish until afternoon.

The first impression of seeing the Philippine streets is…. “Jakarta is better” … .No far yet I walked along Adriatico Street, I found a child was still sleep on a bed of cardboard at sidewalk.

But I still could enjoy, because my traveling goal is to find the behaviors of the city … .. so I don’t look for something that always beautiful and nice.

I also found Arabic Kitchen Restaurant on this avenue …… just through….not for eat there….hahaha.

Rizal Monument.

After walking about 1,8 km to the northwest of Where2Next Hostel, I arrived at Rizal Park. But the tourist spot wasn’t the park, but the spot was Rizal Monument, because there was soldiers guarding this monument, so it becames a attraction for tourists.


And a adding view for me was the Philippines giant flag on this monument. Yes, that’s my habit when traveling … .. looking for a giant flag of the country to photograph spot.

National Museum

After satisfied in Rizal Monument, I walked again about 1 km along Padre Burgos Avenue towards the National Museum. Before arriving at the National Museum, actually I through the Planetarium, because of wasn’t my destination, yesss I passed it.


Free entrance for the National Museum. So I would be satisfied here. It is supposed to do …. The mandatory venue that must be visited in every country is their national museum. Because you can know the their history.

Dodger…. hahaha …..besides looking for giant flags, my habit is visiting free tourist spots… … if you ask to me why I do that … .. I will answer, my money is for trip tickets next year … ..hahaha.

Manila City Hall

I continued to walk about 500m to north along Taft Avenue to Manila City Hall. Oh yes, the Mayor of Manila works in this building. No long time sightseeing there, just taked some pictures around it because I’ve been impatient to come in the area of Intramuros.


Intramuros Wall

After leaving Manila City Hall, I started to enter the gate of Intramuros. Clearly, the fort wall surrounds the old area of Intramuros. Amazing, in the fortress of Intramuros old town which more than 400 years old was used for government activities and people’s daily life.

This is one of many entrance Intramuros gates and it is nearest from Manila City Hall. About 300m walk along Victoria Street on west side of Manila City Hall. In Intramuros gate, I attached by Pedicab (Philippines tricycle rickshaw). Because of intend to walk, I rejected their offering. I let the driver give up for following me.


San Agustin Church and Museum

I just admire the European style around the church, I didn’t come in to the museum, because tourists have to pay to see the museum.


After satisfied, I had a lunch to 7-Eleven near the church. Spent enough for 42 pesos (Rp 12,600), I got lunch for the first day in Philippines. Here’s the details: 13 pesos (Rp 3,900) to pay 500ml mineral water and 29 pesos (Rp 8,700) for a lunch package of rice and tuna omlet was produced by Manila 7-Eleven. I noticed that in every 7-Eleven I visited in Manila, there was a mobile charging station, but the electricity was sold for 5 Pesos (Rp 1,500) and there was also a small machine labeled CLiQQ. I don’t know how to use it but every visitor who comes always come first to this machine. Some point are gived to loyal customers from it.

Palacio Del Gobernador Building

Located on General Luna Street in Southwest Plaza De Rome. This building is used for some offices. Two of them are the Philippines Election Commission Office and the administrative office of the Intramuros region.


Cathedral of Manila

If you are at Plaza De Rome and facing the Palacio del Gobernador then this cathedral is on the left of you. Yesss, It is Manila’s cathedral……….. classic certainly.


Bureau of Treasury Building

The building is facing the Palacio Del Gobernador each other and separated by Plaza De Rome in the middle. This elongated white building is the Philippines tax and financial office. So …. Palacio Del Gobernador Building, the Cathedral of Manila and the Bureau of Treasury Buliding surround a park called Plaza De Rome.


Fort Santiago

From Plaza De Rome, I walked to Fort Santiago about 300 meters from it. Yes, the name is Fort … surely this is a old building of Manila city defense that was built when the Spanish colonial govern. When I went there, Fort Santiago had a celebration event, because of crowded, I just joined in. I’ve made itinerary to spend 80 pesos (Rp 24,000) for ticket, but I din’t spend out money for sightseeing around the Fort. I walked along Plaza Moriones for about 200m before reach Fort Santiago gate.


Due to the late afternoon and drizzling, I decided to go to hostel by a 10 peso fare jeepney (Rp 3,000) to Central Terminal. I was dropped by driver across the Taft Avenue and must walked down to underground crossing Taft Avenue to reach Central Terminal. Crossing the tunnel  under Taft Avenue was actually terrible because of dull wall and quiet, but I felt comfortable because a security was assigned to guard the tunnel. He was provided a small table and chair for sit. Funny….a tunnel with a security…. hihihi.

From Central Terminal, I ride LRT Line 1 (yellow Line) and get off at Quirino Ave Terminal, just paid 12 pesos (Rp 3,600). Then continued by pedicab for 80 pesos (Rp 24.000) to go to Where2Next Hostel.

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