Saving Budget in Casper Hotel, Qatar

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The further west, the reality is more higher cost in backpacking. The price of hotels and airline tickets cannot be denied. Need foresight in hunting cheap tickets and hotels.

This is what then made me succumb to staying in an inn far from downtown, in order to get a price which fits the budget. Of course, even if I stay in a suburban inn, connectivity matters must still be considered.

Well, for my exploration in Qatar this time, I chose Casper Hotel to be my basecamp for four nights. I ordered it two months before departure through a famous lodging provider e-commerce at a price of 50 Riyal. I could say, this was the cheapest hotel with good transportation access from many lodgings which I have explored in various lodging provider e-commerce.

Front gate of Casper Hotel which is a residential area.

The similarity of houses in this cluster made me strayed to Q Hotel. Its receptionist was a bit bitchy when he showed me Casper Hotel location which is next to this inn. Maybe, because I prefered to choose their competitor.

Hotel without signage.

I was received by a tall receptionist from Islamabad and asked to wait about half an hour for the room to be ready.

Simple front desk.
The dorm which I stayed in (center).

I was put in a room with Pakistani professional who working in ship wrecking companies, Indian tourist and Pakistani youth who was eager to find work in South America.

I deliberately chose this hotel because they provide a shared pantry. The cost of living in Qatar is notoriously expensive, my best option was to buy groceries and cooked it myself.

My place to cooking.
Hotel management staff (two standing) and roommate (sitting).


Although far from downtown, this hotel had good transportation access. This certainly helped me to save my budget. Casper Hotel had access to Free Doha Metrolink Shuttle Service to Oqba Ibn Nafie station. In addition, Karwa Bus No. 12 had a shelter near hotel gate to Al Ghanim Bus Station.

The bus shelter on Al Nadi Street, I always used when I went back to hotel.
Karwa Bus No. 12, an afternoon headed to hotel from Al Ghanim Bus Station.

Shopping Area.

Three hundred meters at south of hotel, there was Nuija Al Hilal Zone Center, a shopping complex which provided minimarket (i.e Abdulla Ali Bumatar minimarket), coffee shop and shopping center. This was the place where I shopped for basic necessities during my staying in Qatar.

A Tea Center where I drink Karak (pull tea).

Worship Place

One hundred meters east of Nuija AL Hilal Zone Center there was a small prayer room which was a worship place for residents around the complex. This prayer room became my worship place while in Doha.

Maghrib prayer.

Sports Center

For those of you who want to regularly exercise during your trip in Doha, this hotel is very close to Hamad bin Khalifa Stadium which can be visited to watch Al Ahli SC in the Qatar Stars League or just mingle with resident activities who exercise in it.

Shares the coop with Al Sailiya SC.

Come on, let’s head to downtown Doha!.

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