Star Ferry towards The Hong Kong Observation Wheel

Dark clouds and fog which never thinned in that morning made the air wasn’t quickly warm. Be fidgety of coming rain which could flush Hong Kong any time and of course could cancel my crazy plans on second day.

The last shot at Garden of Stars before leaving it.

Walk through along Salisbury Road which is full of skyscraper building projects.

like streets in Jakarta….

Continuing to saw compass needle direction in right hand and a map in left hand, I continued to find Star Ferry Pier which I knew iw was in left side of my steps.

There are so many double deckers in Hong Kong. In Jakarta at that time there were only 10 units.

Yess, I saw a orange clock tower. That is Hong Kong Clock Tower which is a marker for existence of Star Ferry Pier. I immediately turned left away from busy Salisbury Road.

It was cool…. look like some clock towers in Europe.

Star Ferry Pier gate was visible in front.

Yes, that was…..

Let’s go to that building! Wow, beautiful scenery awaits behind him.

That green-white ship is Star Ferry which is referred to in this article.

You just needed to tap your Octopus Card for entering waiting room in Star Ferry Pier. Ferry fare is USD 0,4 and it would take me to Central Ferry Pier on other side with a distance about 1 km and within 12 minutes.

I was entering ferry waiting room.

No need to long waiting, a ferry came and entered me into it.

“Star Cruises” cruise ship….When do you board into a cruise ship?

12 minutes later, I arrived at Central Ferry Pier on Hong Kong Island.

Central Ferry Pier yard.

The Hong Kong Observation Wheel is a destination outside of my itinerary. The shape is interesting, like Singapore Flyer or London Eye (Ups….hahaha) which makes me reluctant to miss it.

The fare is USD 2,9.

Meanwhile, AIA Vitality Park below it was very crowded by Hong Kong residents on that Friday. Maybe, because they were getting ready to welcome a coming weekend. Young families with their “young children were very happy in playing in a park which was turned into a game and some drinks and food stalls around it.

Oh, beauty of Hong Kong.

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