Wallpaper and Reality

HAHAHAHA ….Actually, my cartoon version is like that…. Look at the spittle, That is very amazing.

A waiting room at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport which was Mumbai tourist gate, was deliberately chosen to be the background in this wallpaper.

Why Chhatrapati Shivaji?

My fascination to this modern airport made me fall in love and continue to admire it. Isn’t Kansai International Airport modern one too?….How about Narita International Airport?.…Then what do you consider about Incheon International Airport, Donny?.

Yup, That three airports are very nice…but, That are owned by countries with super-developed economies. It’s normal …

I ask back. How does it feel when you find a modern airport in midst of crowded city in a country which its economy isn’t as good as Japan and South Korea ?.

Indescribable admiration.…

Then, why do I choose airport as wallpaper background?

It’s simple …. International airport has a function as country face. It interpreted cultural diversity and civilization level of a country.

Back to the wallpaper …

Here’s philosophy of the wallpaper above:

Map and Compass….Like a policeman who wields a gun in his waist, so I also have a similar weapon which I always carry when traveling i.e maps and compass. The ability to use these two traveling devices will significantly increase your confidence when traveling in a foreign country and will certainly make you more unique than other traveler.

Drink Bottle….Drink bottle is important item in saving budget. Filling it at airport’s water station….in public places….at hotels….or moving restaurant’s pitcher water into it is a crazy habit which I consistently do.

So when You was traveling with me….don’t be negative thinking, I’m not seeing that beautiful girls, but….I am looking for a free water station to save my budget.

Camera….That “black mirrorles” is Canon EOS M10 which I bought in 2018. So all photos which I published in 2011-2017 were result of handphone camera shots, I make sure that articles with experience sources before 2018 will display perfunctory resolution photos….It’s okay, the important thing is it can give you information before starting your trip.

Sleeping….Sleeping at airport is the best and safest way to minimize your budget. At least, it will save your cost for 1 night. I’m crazy….I have slept in 10 airports in Asia.

Itinerary Sheet….I am very detail in itinerary. In addition to being detail in arrangement, I’m also discipline in bringing it during traveling. Being a satire and laughter from many people when passing them by carrying a folder which containing itinerary sheets, print out of flight tickets, hotel booking confirmation sheets and public transportation maps. For others, this seems complicated. But it make me more comfortable when solo traveling. Complete document preparation is identical to self confidence.

Backpack….Yes, that’s my condition in airport. Backpack is never separated from me. Because all my supplies are in it. And surely no more backpack. Therefore, as far as I go, I have never bought a additional checked baggage.

Soooo….Hopefully, this wallpaper can describe my behavior during traveling…..

Which airport will I visit in next journey? How about Sultan Mahmud International Airport? Looks like good…. Do you want to go with me?

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