This Is My Logo….How About Your Logo?

Everywhere, logo is identity. Its function is so important because it makes our brand stronger. Cool….millennial generation said.

Therefore, I decided to design a logo in hopes of making this “travel blog” became unique. This logo will certainly be the basis of all logo variants from every activities which are derivatives in the future. Who knows, I will have a travel agency someday….It’s my dream.

Actually, making a logo is not easy….4 months were filled with indecision by installing and removing logo components.

My concern don’t make a logo which looks good in people eyes, but rather to a design which illustrates my true conscience and character. It’s simple….but it makes logo maker confuses.

Thank you Giovanni who has patiently designed the logo. Are You curious about Gio?….Achhh, her photo is too pretty to display. If I put her photo here, You willn’t read my article but you will see Gio’s photo for a long time….Her boyfriend will jealous too….Hahaha.

Already, forget about Giovanni.

Then what is this logo meaning, Donny?….So complicated design….not really millennial taste.

I can explain for you, guys:

  1. A man with his backpack….yes, that’s me….everywhere, I carry it….entering toilet, I bring it….I hug it when sleep….even if I’m lonely, I will talk to it….Hahaha, crazy.
  2. Can you travel for 2 weeks with two trousers?….That’s why, my picture in the logo is wearing trousers….Hahaha.
  3. Why do I take photo using a camera with that way?….yeah right, I’m a solo traveler. Yes I usually take selfies photo….Hohoho.
  4. What landmark is that?….Yes, it’s “Burj Al Arab” in United Arab Emirates which symbolizes “the east”. On the left is “Eiffel Tower” which symbolizes “the western” world. Not about a political world but it’s about traveling world….Hmmmh. I’ll finish to exploring “the east” world as soon as possible…Oh Eiffel, I’ll come to you.
  5. The footrests on the mound indicate that I’m a strong walker. Walking 8 km in a day, can you?….surely you also can, maybe just for one or two days….Fine, How about 14 days?….Hahaha.
  6. Are there 4 stars in logo, right?… Shhhtttt, that’s a secret….It isn’t a good moment yet to share about it….Hihihi.
  7. Then why are many part in logo are wrapped in a compass circle. Let me tell you !. On 2013-2017 is a phase which I traveling without internet. My special tools are a map which contain about local destination and a small compass for USD 2 which I bought in Gra ** d * a.
  8. What the meaning of letters “S” and “E” in logo? Yes….I’m a backpacker from “South East Asia” (“SE“-Asia).
  9. Woow, there is plane….Yes, why am I always excited about that flying vehicle. So, I tried to use various airlines during my journey.
  10. All are based on the tagline “Learning Culture by Traveling”. Yes, it looks very idealistic. But indeed I always try to learn cultures in countries which I visited.

Yeeeaaaayyy….Finally, I have a logo.

I hope to persistence in writing.

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