Passing a Morning and Getting a Sunrise in Sarangkot, Nepal

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SARANGKOT …. is name of a village with an altitude of 1,400 meters above sea level in Kaski District, Gandaki Zone. Located in Pokhara which is a centre of tourism in Nepal, it makes Sarangkot as one of favorite destinations. Why ?….Because Sarangkot is the best viewpoint for observing Himalayan Mountains.

Eight Himalayan peaks which can be seen from this village pushed me to put this village name in my itinerary.

First day in 2018….Happy New Year, Donny!

Sarangkot as if close in my eyelids. I ordered a daily rental taxi for USD 10,1 at Pokhara Lodge Hotel where I was staying. The good news was I would pay it jointly with 3 other tourists.

It was still dark when Mr. Raj -the hotel staff- woke me up, “the driver is ready at downstairs,” He said. Brushing my teeth and washing my face only, I immediately descended hotel stairs to meet the driver.

Driver’s hospitality was implied from every smile which was thrown in front of me. His amazing English accent shows that he is also a good guide for every guests. According to him, ability to speak English is a must because tourism is heart of Nepal’s economy.

On early morning I started my trip to Sarangkot. A trip as far as 12 km, its large portion of route would pass through Pokhara-Baglung road.

I became a lucky person because the sky was clear since yesterday night. It means that I will see beauty of Himalayas without cloud obstructions.

Entering Sarangkot gate, Bus was stopped and I paid for USD 0,5 to buy a entrance ticket. It only took 30 minutes to arrive in Sarangkot parking lot.

Entrance ticket

Climbing dozens of stair, I was aware that I was at a height. But it was very early morning, making it hard for me to saw the view below me.

A moment later, I arrived in spacious courtyard. This is the viewpoint which I mean. There were already a lot of tourist who sitting on edge of hill and waiting for sunrise. Some professional photographers look busy in preparing cameras and other equipments.

Temperature was 4o Celsius. It was defeated by a shadow of Himalayan charms which filled my imaginative realm.

Time was seem to be going on for a long when we were waiting for a thing which is loved.…Sun in Sarangkot also….as if tease me by delaying its appearance to warm the Himalayas.

The sun was came….

It began to shows its bright ray.

Just choose!.…the nose of the sun or the nose of that charming girl.…
That villagers must be happy, seeing beauty of Himalayas every day.
Look at that Machhapuchhare peak…!

When the sun’s rays hit ice glazes at Himalayas top, golden color would shine and it made my eyes hard to blink. Fear if that luxury view just vanished….Oh my Goddess

The dawn was ended, I could see a real view of that courtyard. This is it:

A courtyard to enjoying beauty of Himalayas.
If you are still unsatisfied and want to see in more height….You can go up to roof in left of courtyard.
Or at top roof in right of courtyard.

Immediately moving to other side of courtyard !. You will see a closing view, namely Phewa Lake which is geographically located in south of Sarangkot village.

Don’t look at the person !….just look at the lake !….focus!….focus!

After staying above for 2.5 hours. I decided to go down. The village view which wasn’t visible when I departed, finally seen clearly and beautifully when I slowly left Sarangkot peak.

Citizens’ housing from above.
Downing dozens of stairs.

Actually, if you don’t want to bother going there in very early morning from Pokhara, you can stay around Sarangkot and come in a day before. There are several inns which provide rooms for tourists who will enjoy Himalayas in Sarangkot.

One of inns there.
Many restaurants too

After downing hill for 15 minutes, I finally arrived back in parking lot..

Visitor’s cars in parking lot.

After met again with our taxi driver, then I visited Purana Bazaar to see trading activities in that Pokhara’s famous market.

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