Spending Last Night and Morning In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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After 3 hours journey from Melaka Sentral to Hotel Pudu 88, finally I could take a break in hotel room while arranged next possible destination venue for tonight and tomorrow morning, because tomorrow at 12:30 was my last time for adventured before returned to KLIA.

After checked-in and took a bath, at 7:30 pm I ate at a street stall on Pudu Street. With 9 Ringgit I could get a plate of rice, long beans and mackerel fish plus a glass of Tea Tarik.

After leisurely ate while watched local activity and vehicles traffic for an hour, I decided to spent night at Petronas Twin Tower. Indeed in 2014 and 2016 I ever visited it but was at day. I would see Petronas Twin Tower at night now. Just curious.

Jl Ampang

To got there from Pudu Street, I rode Sri Petaling LRT Line from Plaza Rakyat Station and got off at Masjid Jamek Station. From this station I just needed to changed on Kelana Jaya LRT Line towards KLCC Station. The ticket price was 2.2 Ringgit only.

Got off at KLCC Station, I went to KLLC Mall exit on Ampang Street that beautifully lamp decorated

From Ampang Road, already seen the left side of Petronas Twin Tower, so I stayed closer and crossed the road toward it.

petronas twin tower

It’s true what people say, lit up beautifully at night.

Taman Twin Tower

The fountain in front of Petronas Twin Tower courtyard was beautifully lighted. 

For 20 minutes I mingled with crowd of tourists to enjoyed beauty of Petronas Twin Tower, finally I must return immediately to Hotel Pudu 88 before last train operated at 23:00.

Back through departure route. I arrived at Hotel Pudu 88 around 22:15. It was time for rest break for preparation to spent last morning journey tomorrow.

On next day, I went out from hotel at 9:30 while checked out. Well, I actually tired because a day before I explored Malacca until afternoon.

This morning my purpose just went to Batu Caves and after that I would go to KLIA.

Towards Batu Caves, I departed from Plaza Rakyat Station to Bandaraya Station on Sri Petaling Line for 1.3 Ringgit. Get off at Bandaraya Station, I went to exit gate towards Seremban Commuter Line, precisely at Bank Negara Station.

But…. I was strayed, I didn’t see a bridge aisle at right side after Bandaraya Station exit gate. I’ve asked local people who was waiting bus but they didn’t know where was commuter line. I also ask to Indian couple but they were tourist also…. hahaha.

Jalan Raja Laut

Trascended while walked along Raja Laut Street towards Dataran Merdeka

I was already at end of Raja Laut Street, I must save my energy because my backpack was attached on my back, I didn’t decided to returned again towards Bandaraya Station but I would make the end of Raja Laut Street become my tourim venue.

Panggung Bandaraya

Located in Merdeka Square, this art theater performance building sturdy stand since 1904

I didn’t know why street in front of Panggung Bandaraya towards Dataran Merdeka was closed. I didn’t go to Dataran Merdeka which has been seen in front because I had visited it in 2014.

So my next aim was walking to Masjid Jamek where was precisely located under Masjid Jamek Station. I went to this mosque with my intention to repeated my effort towards Batu Caves from Masjid Jamek Jamek Station as starting point.

Masjid Jamek

Top left: Masjid Jamek Station
Lower left: Jamek Mosque see from entrance gate (free entrance absolutely….)
Top right: Clothes that must be used into Jamek Mosque if visitors didn’t wear muslim clothes
Lower right: Jamek Mosque was viewed from inner courtyard.

When finished my Jamek Mosque visitation, I immediately climbed into Masjid Jamek Station. I would leave to Bandaraya Station (repeated again to found Bank Negara Commuter Station to went to Batu Caves).

While waiting for LRT,  local man asked to me where was direction toward PWTC station, he wanted to visited travel fare to found tickets to Bali.-Indonesia. It was funny for me when local man asked the destination direction to me…. hahahaha (Malaysia is like my country).

I rode train soon when it came and got off at Bandaraya Station. Well, I didn’t want to strayed twice now. When went out from Bandaraya Station,  I immediately looked for connection bridge to Bank Negara Commuter Station. Finally I found it too.

Jembatan Bandaraya bank negara

Turn right at Bandaraya Station exit gate, walk within 100m then turn right then you will find connection bridge to Bank Negara commuter station.

I bought ticket at automatic ticket machine in Bank Negara Commuter Station, but I couldn’t find Batu Caves destination in screen list. I asked to station staff, She said direct commuter route from KL Sentral to Batu Caves Station wasn’t operating again. Commuter train to Batu Caves was currently departing from Sentul Station. So I must go to there if wanted to Batu Caves. (If I departed from KL Sentral, there was a free bus from KL Sentral to Sentul Station then continued with commuter train from Sentul Station to Batu Caves station ….. this session will tell by me in next article).

Because it was already on 11:30 and my flight to Jakarta was at 16:30, then I decided to canceled my trip to Batu Caves. I would go to KL Sentral then continued to KLIA from there.

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