Visiting Phnom Penh, Cambodia (Part 1)

6th January 2015

Phnom Penh Route2

Cambodia, arguably this was my starting point to seriousness to be a backpacker. And this trip became my first parallel trip because before visiting Cambodia I transited at Singapore and after Cambodia I would visit Vietnam and transited once again by Tiger Air at Singapore before returning to Jakarta.

I still remembered, I must bought Jet Star ticket at official agent because I didn’t have a credit card …. very late to have a credit card.

After transited and got around Singapore on previous day, at 13:25 Jet Star flight 3K 593 took off leaving Changi International Airport from Terminal 1 and I landed smoothly at Phnom Penh International Airport, Cambodia.

konter imigrasi phnom penh

Cambodian immigration counter …. I was embarrassed …. I was being scolded by immigration officer for taking this photo …. I didn’t saw “No Camera” sign

For your information, In 2015, Cambodia had bus as public transportation for the first time. Cambodia government bought several used buses from Japan. And at every bus shelter were guarded by their soldiers. Before they had public bus, their public transportation were Tuk Tuk and Taxi.

And finally, I preferred to chose a Tuk Tuk, because my browsing conclusion before the trip said there was no bus route to the airport.


USD 10 …. fit for 5 peoples …. dusty road … 40 minutes for reached to city center.

I asked to Tuk Tuk driver to dropped us near National Museum, because route from National Museum to dormitory would pass through some interesting venues. This was special benefit…. so while I walked to dormitory, I would see them. Oh yes, for 2 hours I would walk as far as 2 km while enjoying afternoon view and took some interesting pictures. This is it….

National Museum

Walking at Phnom Penh started from this point …. National Museum

Kingdom Square

Walking for 350 metres  from National Museum to southeast, you would see Royal Palace Park. Their royal square


Well,  that was City Courthouse …. Their District Court …. 300 m at south of Royal Palace Park

From City Courthouse, I saw city park that was very wide. This park connects the Royal square and Independent Monument at south. The park name is Wat Botum Park

The Park along 500m was very crowded during afternoon. Many citizen came just  for hanged out, exercised, also some expatriates took his dog for walk or some people who enjoy street culinary.

Taman arah hotel

citizeb activities around Wat Botum Park

At end of the park I met Preah Suramarit Boulevard road then I turned right. Walking for 350 m, I found statue of King Norodom Sihanouk-Cambodia legendary leader-.


I sat at Father King Norodom Sihanouk statue

From this statue, I walked straight to west then I found Cambodia Independence Monument. This was like Monas at Jakarta.


Independence Monument

From Independence Monument, I  tried to remembered while expolored this area by google map at Jakarta. I should walk to west and turned left at second alley from Preah Sihanouk Boulevard road. And I found quickly …. this was it

Top banana2

Dormitory bed at Top Banana Guesthouse & Rooftop Bar for USD 6 / night without breakfast

When I booked it in, I was not so sure about guesthouse comfortable. But after arrived at destination, actually it very exceeded my expectation. It was really cool guesthouse. I was thirsty, very panting after walked for 2km with full backpack. Ms. receptionist was very kind for prepared cold drink …. very fresh….. and I treated in their bar room while checked in. And the bar was very crowded until morning.

In dormitory I met Sam-an Australian Moslem- and two tourists from Netherlands and France.

After took a bath, I started to looking for dinner. This was time to tasted thier traditional food …. this was it:


Amok …. is a kind of fish dish poured in coconut milk and poured in coconut shell.

The food was USD 4 and after dinner I decided to immediately slept, because I would walk early morning tomorrow and would move to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam on afternoon.

The 2nd day trip at Cambodia would continue in my next article ……

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