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10th May 2015

Back to hostel from Jame Asr Hassanil Bolkiah Mosque would covers 4km and took time about 1 hour.

Before I decided to walk, actually I had got a bus, when I asked to local people, it was heading towards BSB Bus Terminal. I was confidence to got into the bus in front of the mosque and sat behind the bus driver, I just more talked to him and actually he was from Surabaya, Indonesia ….OMG……. I asked to him “Is the bus true towards BSB Bus Terminal?” …..And  the answer was not. He said if I ride it, I would added away from BSB Bus Terminal and he suggested me to rode a taxi. Finally I was dropped at the shelter in front of a hospital.

I was trying to found a taxi …. but after waiting for 30 minutes, I can’t find a taxi. I asked to a man who sate in the parking lot of shopping complex. Actually he was from Brebes, Indonesia….Nice…. he said that taxis in Brunei must order by phone if time was past 17 o’clock…. ulala….I never bought a local SIM Card when travelling (I just rely to compass and a map… it’s free).

Finally I decided to walk …. got ready for stiff. I just walked to southeast. Erza actively asked to everyone who can be asked. Asked to security …. everyone on the way…. everyone were asked …. hahaha.

Streets at Brunei on 6pm were quiet but all were seemed secure …. according to the news that I heard, Sultan guaranteed security of everyone who visiting Brunei …. cool.

We got exhaustion and sat on sidewalk in front of Balai Bomba Bandar Seri Begawan (Bandar Seri Begawan’s Firefighters). Because we sat at t-juntion, so many drivers saw us strangely…. wkwkwk.

Just took a break for 15 minutes …. I continued walk. After walking for 1 hour, I was near from hostel …. at 19:30 a lot of shop have closed….but we found Mc. D that still opened. I came in there for a drink and got WiFi to sent some news to home.

Finally I reached to dormitory.

These were some photos of K. H Soon Resthouse:

KH Soon1

Erza was preparing to explore

KH Soon2

Corridor at K.H Soon Resthouse


I went to Pasar Tamu Kianggeh again because it was near dormitory. I think the food price will be cheap at every traditional market .

breakfast pasar tamu kianggeh

Exactly … 1.5 Brunei dollars was enough for this meal

Nurul Iman Palace

After breakfast, I went to BSB Bus Terminal to found bus no. 42 towards Nurul Iman Palace. Only paid 1 dollar Brunei and took time for 15 minutes to reached it.

Arriving at Nurul Iman Palace, I headed to guard post and dared to asked the guard. He said, we couldn’t get in and finally I asked permission to took some pictures in front of the palace gate. He politely invited.


Failed to Tasek Lama Recreational Park

I took some photo at Nurul Iman Palace for 30 minutes, after it, I intend to went to Tasek Lama Recreational Park …. For that, I must back to BSB bus terminal.

From BSB Bus Terminal, I took bus no 36.

During the trip, I was doubtedly …. between still went to Taman Tasek Lama or directly went to Airport. Considering about waiting time of  bus in Brunei was very long.  I thought after visiting Taman Tasek Lama, I didn’t certainly get bus quickly. Instead of I missed the plane to Jakarta, better I decided to canceled to Taman Tasek Lama and directly went to airport and would killed time there. My boarding time was very close…. at 3pm I must boarding.

I told to bus driver who could speak Javanese fluently to delivered me to airport. I must say it to him, because when firstly I got into bus, I asked him to delivered me at nearest street with Taman Tasek Lama.

Finally I arrived at airport:


Cooling down here……

masjid bandara

Dzuhur …. airport mosque is a separate building from the airport …. adjacent each other.

Towards check-in, Erza went back to dormitory because he has a day more in Brunei and would continue to Philippines.

Okay, the trip was near to the end.


Air Asia plane was full seat … apparently many tourists from Kuala Lumpur came to Brunei for two days, Saturday and Sunday …. maybe abaout distance of them were close.

The things must you needed to knew, checking weight and size of cabin baggages at airport was very strict. Cabin Baggages should be measured and weighed one by one. If any excess or size of baggages was too large for cabin regulation, you must ready for spent more cost to brought your bag in plane’s hull.

So ….. I was flying back to Jakarta and transit at Kuala Lumpur …. tomorrow Monday  must work again ..


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