Bird Apartments in Katara Cultural Village

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Around 14:00 hours, in hot Qatar weather I started to step out of Katara Station. Looked like it will be the last destination on my second day exploration in a country which was once nicknamed “Catara” before the XVIII Century. It would be a long exploration because I would surround a cultural center area in Doha which has an area of ​​no less than 35 hectares. This area is the creation of the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage, Qatar.

Heading east after exiting the station, a iconic building which I encountered was a giant red gift combined with a round green room like a giant pipe in a children’s game. That’s the Katara Cultural Village Children’s Mall which is located right at the start of Katara Plaza.

This gift-shaped building is an icon of Katara Cultural Village Children’s Mall.

Then, I was getting ready to enter the main area of plaza with a wide expanse of andesite ground and surrounded by classic buildings similar to medieval architecture. At several points in the plaza, a coffee shop area is placed, exactly in front of Katara Hall. Some of the stands appear to be owned by Craves, Talabat, Vulcan, EXIT55 and Scary Burger.

Katara Plaza.
Katara Plaza.

Katara Cultural Village has a triangular-shaped area overlooking the beach. Located on the East coast of Qatar, bordered by Shakespeare Street to the north, Al Moasses Street to the South, Lusail Expressway to the West and Katara Beach to the East. While the center of this area is located in an open amphiheater overlooking Al Yazwa Public Beach or public better known as Katara Beach.

Amphitheater as Katara Multi Purpose Hall.
Al Yazwa Public Beach.

Before heading to the center of area, I followed the southern part of amphitheater. Then entering a block titled Virtual Art Center which its top is protected by eight stretches of cloth which effectively dampen the heat of city’s air. Contemporary art can also be seen on display in several spots on this block.

Visual Art Center yard.
Contemporary artwork.
A replica of the caftan commonly worn by Sultan Suleyman Kanuni of Ottoman Empire.
Each work of art on display is provided with an explanation of it.

In this yard is provided a Katara Club Car (boogie car) which is a free service for visitors to Katara Cultural Village. Because I wanted to really enjoy the situation so I decided to just keep walking.

Then I arrived at the southernmost building of this cultural area, namely Katara Mosque, people call it as Friday Mosque. A beautiful blue dominant mosque with a minaret on a side. I took time to pray Asr in this mosque before I went further to explore. It appears that some non-Muslim tourists are allowed to entering it but are still required to wear long pants for men and headscarves for women.

Katara Mosque.
The interior of Katara Mosque.

While next to mosque there are a pair of tower which functioned as a residence for pigeons in the area. This is the most iconic spot that is often hunted by tourists because every time they search for Katara in search engine, a picture of this building appears. Great….. Doves also have apartments.

Me in Bird Towers.

Then I passed several spots such as Youth Hobbies Center, Katara Art Studios until I reached the beach side after passing Saffron Lounge Indian Restaurant with an exterior in the form of a large black key placed in the courtyard right in the middle of the restaurant’s dining table and chairs.

Saffron Lounge.

At the end of my visit, I took time to sit in the amphitheater which was being rehearsed for The 4th Cultural Diversity Festival which according to information would be attended by 14 participating countries.

The outside of amphitheater.

That’s a flashback of my visit at Katara Cultural Village. Time to went back to hotel and rest for preparing third day exploration on the next day.

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