Dhow Boat and Doha Corniche

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Damn…. I haven’t showered since yesterday morning.

Visiting The Pearl Monument made me happy beyond measure, in addition to exploring Qatar history, my eyes were spoiled by beautiful view of Doha Corniche. A seven-kilometer long promenade reveals the arch of Doha Bay which be crammed with skyscrapers at its end. Meanwhile, distribution of traditional tourist dhow boats which were quietly anchored along the bay became a natural interior which made charming situation.

The sun was starting to fade, the sea breeze added to the coolness along promenade. The pedestrian path on the shores of Doha Bay looked neat and beautiful. The shoreline was bordered by smooth and flat concrete at the height of an adult’s hip following the curve of beach. While the promenade was lined with good quality paving blocks and bordered with Al Corniche Street, there was an elongated garden with green grass and colorful flowers which brought to life by hydroponic techniques. So, if you visit the Middle East region, the view of hydroponic hoses planted on the ground to grow beautiful flowers is common.

Right in front of The Pearl Monument beach, there was an artificial land outcrop which was used to lean by hundreds of Dhow Boats. therefore this place was known as Dhow Harbor. The port, which juts out into the sea for half a kilometer, had a main port area of ​​four hectares.

The main surface of this port was still in the form of white sandy soil, while on all four sides there were paved paths which allowed vehicles to entering port area. This sandy part was used for docking several boats for repairs.

Seen along the rocky embankment of the port, residents used it to channel their fishing hobby. Meanwhile, I just sat on embankment and stared at beautiful West Bay area from a distance.

On other hand, I was being followed by a South Asian face, in a white robe and red turban. His funny behavior and continuously imitating my activities, made me not feel scared but rather amused. I decided to approach him and talk. His name is Safwan and he had only left Dhaka for three months to work in Doha. He didn’t seem to know that I was a tourist, so he felt like he had a friend who worked in Doha….Hahaha, so what did you think? What profession did he think about my job in Doha?….Wkwkwk.

Our conversation ended with each other taking photos with background view of West Bay Area….See you later, Safwan.

On the right side of Dhow Harbor, I could see an iconic building which made as if it floated on the surface of water. This building was known as the Museum of Islamic Art. Needed to spend for about 50 Riyal to entering this beautiful building and got to know about the history of Islam in Qatar in the past.

Still on the right side precisely at the edge of harbor, I could enjoy in detail about the beauty of Dhow Boat which was neatly parked in calm waters without waves. A brown wooden boat with a terraced deck which was usually used as a tourist boat to navigating the beautiful beaches of Doha.

So make sure that you visit the Doha Corniche when in Qatar.

It’s a really cool place…

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