Enjoying Sunrise at Pangandaran East Coast

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With the e- “Nyiur Resort Hotel” Reservation at my hand, I felt relieved and even more enthusiastic about enjoying a sunrise which would be coming in an hour. I decided to close my eyes for a moment after eight hours earlier struggled to drive “The Silver” from the Capital City. I purposely set my smartphone alarm to avoid falling asleep too much and worrying about losing the earth show which was about to come.

The alarm literally woke up me who were about to miss. I immediately headed for shoreline and headed to bamboo pier bridge which jutting out towards sea. Then sat down in the shade of hut at the end of pier bridge. Meanwhile view at the east began to appear a red tinge ready to open the dawn show.

The show at Pangandaran East Coast began…..

A dazzling dawn was displayed on a natural screen on eastern horizon. Visitors began to busy arranging their respective cameras. Tripods began to acquire every corner of hut. Cameras with various brands started to light up to capture that beautiful moment. Meanwhile I only entrusted my naked eyes to capture that special moment.

As usual, special show of sunrise is a brief moment and requires serenity to enjoy its beauty. The orange tinge vanished as I walked towards the west side of beach to enjoying morning activities of local fishermen who started landing outrigger boats which loaded with fish from the sea last night. That was the modesty of local fishermen who earn a fortune in the ocean with perseverance and patience.

When the sun moved higher, Pangandaran West Coast was more desolate, the air starts to raise its temperature, my gaze which was fixed far to the horizon stopped. I jumped off an empty outrigger ship which I sit on, grabbing the rudder of “The Silver” again. “Can’t check-in yet …“, I lightly muttered when I reopened a Pangandaran tourism map. “As long as it’s still morning, I will be better to take a far destination….“, I began to measure map scale and my finger pointed at a destination. “Yes, Citumang River ….“, I lightly thought. I came to Pangandaran Beach without a plan. This was an incidental journey in my adventure history.

Now “The Silver” was advancing to Parigi area on north side of Pangandaran Beach. Getting farther on, “The Silver” started crossing green rice fields with young rices. The road wasn’t wide but more than enough to cars for passing each other, a village road was also comfort enough for four wheels to pass.

Driving for about 25 kilometers, in 30 minutes I arrived at a special parking lot for Citumang River tourism spot. A tour officer came to me and started handing me tour ticket and parking ticket after I confirmed that enjoying the beauty of Citumang River was the purpose of my arrival.

A tour guide as well as a life guard also came over. He offered assistance services to navigate Citumang River from upstream to downstream. But I decided to just do it by myself. Enjoying nature alone was the best way to absorb all its beauty values.

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