Designing a Teaser at Manahan Stadium

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Ir. Soekarno statue in Manahan Stadium gate.

If Jakarta chooses Gelora Bung Karno as proud sport area of capital city, Solo has a well-known sport area, namely Manahan Stadium. And this time, I had an opportunity to directly survey it for Marketing Conference purpose which will held in two months after this survey.

My arrival at Manahan Stadium started when I finished in enjoying dinner at GALABO (Gladag Langen Bogan), which was in Kedung Lumbu area. After making sure that my stomach was full with a portion of Soto Kwali and continued by warming my body with a portion of Wedang Ronde, I left GALABO which was heading for its peak of crowd. I enjoyed my last song at that place while waiting for an online taxi which I ordered.

For some reason, songs which had been so beat in firstly, but towards the end of my visiting in GALABO, turned melancholy. A song “Sewu Kutho” belonging to the late Didi Kempot accompanied my steps in leaving GALABO until its rhythm became silent when I entered an online taxi.

Manahan Stadium, Sir”.

The main road to get there is being renovated, Sir. There is an flyover construction project. Can I take another route, Sir. A little longer to reach the destination

It’s okay. I’m not in a rush either. Just relax, Sir“.

Ok, Sir. Thank you”.

I didn’t understand about a route which wa took by this middle-aged driver. I just enjoyed every step on gas pedal through night streets of Solo City. City atmosphere was still lively even though it was past eight in evening

I arrived at destination 10 minutes later than scheduled time. I was dropped off on south side of stadium, right in front of the Ir. Soekarno statue. This bronze statue of the first president of Republic of Indonesia was seen sitting and reading a book. Meanwhile at ase of statue, LED lights played a role in producing color gradations which captivate visitors. And in the splash of colored lights, fountains took turns to beautify an oval pool area.

Manahan Dancing Fountain

Can I go inside, Sir?”, I asked a security guard at stadium gate.

Sorry, Sir. It’s closed from four o’clock in the afternoon. So we aren’t longer able to accept incoming visitors“.

Oh Okay, Sir. What time is it open, sir in every day? ”.

It’s open on eight o’clock in the morning, Sir. So I suggest you to coming here again tomorrow”.

Oh Okay, Sir”.

I turned around and sat on the edge of Manahan Dancing Fountain.

Kriiingggg….. Kriiingggg. I got a call.

Hello Donny. How about Solo City? Is it nice?. Oh yes, Donny, you have to publish the first teaser for Marketing Conference today, because today is exactly two months before event!”, my CEO called me.

Yes, Ma’am”.

So that night, I was busy to designing Marketing Conference’s first teaser. I immediately contacted a staff of company’s Design Division in Jakarta, Tommi is his name. Then I told him about a concept which I wanted. I continued to guide him about concept detais and he was so quick to execute several revisions in teaser design until he could finish it in an hour. Because of busy agenda, I practically couldn’t see some of other corners in Manahan Stadium outside.

After I finished in sending information to each prospective Marketing Conference participant, I immediately rushed out of Manahan Stadium. Time was getting late and I have to keep moving ……

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