Suddenly Survey at Taman Pelangi

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After exploring Jongke Market, I stood for a moment on a bridge which was connecting the two sides of Dr. Rajiman Street which was separated by Solo River. I closely looked at a fifteen meter wide river, whose water seemed to dry and have brown colour.

It was almost five o’clock in the afternoon, from a bridge side, I was waiting for online taxi arrival which I ordered.

Soon, five minutes later, an online taxi arrived. I rushed into it in its front seat, next to driver.

GALABO yes, Sir!”, I confirmed my destination.

GALABO at this hour isn’t ready, Sir. All traders are still preparing their food which are going to sell”, that young driver gave me an important information.

Sir, I was actually surveying a tourist spot for an important event in my office. Sir, are there any recommendations for places which can visit by event’s participants? “.

What if I take you to Taman Pelangi (Pelangi Park)?”

Okay, Sir, rather than waiting for GALABO which hasn’t opened yet“.

Okay, we go there, Sir!”.

Not felt, the online taxi which I was riding had left Laweyan area. Slowly but surely it was advancing eastward through Abdul Rahman Saleh Street, continuing onto Monginsidi Street and running a little fast on Colonel Sutarto Street.

After struggling in traffic jams at Solo’s streets, I arrived at Taman Pelangi (Pelangi Park) on 06:41 p.m. Overall I had moved for ten kilometers in thirty minutes.

Taman Pelangi Jurug gate. People also called it Taman Satwa Taru Jurug.
Parking area.

Online taxi stopped at one of parking slots in large front yard. I immediately got down and headed to ticket counter.

Still open, Ma’am?”

Just opened at 17:00 hours, Sir. We close at 23:00 hours “.

How much is the entry ticket, Ma’am?

Twenty five thousand Rupiah (USD 1,8), Sir“.

Oh well. I buy one ticket, Ma’am”.


I immediately entered the park after having a ticket in hand. Entering park area, I immediately understood that this was a night tour which tempts every visitor with a light show on every side and corner of the park. This three year old park was full of light.

It was just that I arrived too early, at six o’clock in the afternoon at Solo City, not able yet to darken the sky. The beauty of this light show didn’t look perfect because the sky was still bright. According to ticket counter staff, the best time to visit this park was after eight o’çlock in evening.

But it all didn’t matter to me, because I came to this place only to survey a tourist locations for Marketing Conference destination candidates.

Parking area.
Be ready to entering Taman Pelangi Jurug.

Less than half an hour walking around the park, I started to walking out of it. Then I started thinking to make a conclusion. It looked like that I wouldn’t make Taman Pelangi as a destination for Marketing Conference participants because the type of tourism which was offered by this park didn’t match to the event concept. But at least, I enriched destination options which could be input for Marketing Conference committee.

I immediately ordered a online taxi again because at seven o’clock tonight, I should be in GALABO. GALABO was a night culinary tourism in Kedung Lumbu area.

I would enjoy dinner at that place.

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