Wattay International Airport….A Small Gate of Lao Tourism

Visiting Vientiane was a special gift. How can?, a trip that had got cancellation on 2014 due to my leave letter was refused by my office. And finally I waited for 4 years  to made it really happen.

Air Asia flight AK 552 landed smoothly at Wattay International Airport on 09:14. Seeing airport area from plane that was taxing to airport parking lot reminded me to Adisumarmo airport (Solo) in last 2004 ….. very small.

Even Air Asia AK 552 became the one and only international flight that landed in that morning.

Pic 1

airport parking lot

Within 7 minutes after plane stopped perfectly, I got out through aviobridge. I took time to captured some pictures above.

From aviobridge I turned right into arrival corridor that looked elegant with carpeted floor and minimalist modern style.

Pic 2

arrival corridor

At the end of corridor I turned left to immigration processing hall. The toilet is on left of hall entrance access. There are 14 passport control service counters there. It only took 17 minutes from starting to queue until passport had stamped. Immigration officers spoke english less fluently but quite understandable.

Pic 3

passport control service counter

Out of immigration counter, I was immediately confronted to 2 units of conveyor belt in baggage claim room. Since I didn’t bring checked luggage then I rushed to exit gate into arrival hall.J

Pic 4

baggage claim area

But before I actually got out, I stopped in front of small room to right side of gate. There is an official money changer belonging to BCEL (Banque Pour Le Commerce Exterieur Lao). This made me easy to immediately exchanged USD to Lao Kip.

Pic 5

BCEL money changer

After that I really got out on arrival hall. There are only two counters in the hall, local SIM card sales counter and Taxi ticket counter. Although I saw an airport bus signage in counter, but airport bus tickets weren’t sold here. It will be paid directly to bus conductor.

Pic 6

arrival hall

Exit from arrival hall, by crossing street you will be directly faced on the car park area. The uniqueness of parking area can see on its roof in the form of solar cell sheets as electricity source for airport lighting. It was cooperation project of Japan and Lao government. I could easily find its cooperation inscription in parking area.

If you turn right from exit door about 25m, you will find airport bus shelter to downtown.

Pic 7

parking area and airport exit

So … When arriving in Laos, Don’t rush to leave the airport …. Make the airport as one of your destinations.

Congratulations for landing at “The Little Pretty” Wattay International Airport.

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