5 Facts of Staying at Kaohsiung International Airport, Taiwan

December 28, 2016 – After Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (KLIA2), Changi International Airport, Nội Bài International Airport and Ninoy Aquino International Airport, finally I could try one more airport in East Asia for sleeping. That was Kaohsiung International Airport. Even afterwards I also had time to enjoy beautiful night also at Kansai International Airport, Osaka, Japan.

But this session is about impression that I got overnight staying at Kaohsiung International Airport, Taiwan.

Kaohsiung is Taiwan’s second largest city. I felt lucky to visit it for 3 days 2 nights before went to next city …. Tokyo, Japan.
I practiced habit of reducing my lodging budget by sleeping in Kaohsiung International Airport on second night.
First night in Kaohsiung, I chose my option of staying at Paper Plane Hostel for TWD 450 (IDR 180K). For me, it could use for 4 until 5x eat budget. So what I did could save my budget if on 2nd night I slept for free at airport.

At 22:30, I arrived at airport.
 Being the 2nd largest airport in Taiwan ….the airport is nice.

irst step that I did, of course, got around in airport to found best place to slept. But the 1st floor of Departure Hall airport was very small, so I tried up to level 2 using lift. When got down from lift, I directly faced to check-in counter and the room has been turned off the lights. I met an airport employee and I asked could I sleep on the 2nd floor?. She said that I could stay but just on  level 1 only. 

So I decided to went on level 1.
Finally free staying action was started ….

And These were 5 experiences and impressions that I got during staying at Kaohsiung International Airport.

1. Sign up for staying

Before staying, I must register to security that I would stay at the airport. I wrote my name, passport number, country of origin, destination city after leaving Kaohsiung and the last was my signature. The airport security checked my passport and matched what I wrote in the airport’s staying register booker. After matched, then I could stay.

In the queue during registration, I had talked to the Japanese tourists who queued behind me. He was smiling to me, he thought what happened was funny and it also been his first registering before staying at the airport. He was staying because he would to go to Vietnam tomorrow morning.

2. All shops / stores in the airport hall were closed at 12pm.

I knew about it after bought tea in the Family Mart Airport. I asked Family Mart employees whether minimarket was open for 24 hours. He said that they would open until 24:00 only and closed afterwards.

So I must prepare some foods/drinks if didn’t want to thirsty or hungry. I only bought 600 ml of tea and didn’t buy any food because before went to the airport, I already ate at Kaisyuan Night Market.

3. The lights would be off at 12 pm.

When I talking some interesting topic with a Indonesian. Suddenly, the main light was turned off. But it seems more interesting, I could sleep soundly …. many people snoring here. I heard that because I didn’t sleep and involved in interesting chatting until 3 am ……

So if you stayed in Kaohsiung International Airport just needed to carefully on keeping your bag or luggage because of the dark hall. I still had tips to secured the backpack …. .I made my backpack as a pillow for my head.

4. Place to staying only one room ie Departure Hall on the 1st floor.
This was the Departure Hall :
Lobby bandara3

Hurry up!….looking for a bench  to slept rather than sleeping without carpet

5. Three sets of benches for sleeping

Every three stools have arms, so I couldn’t sleep normally.
Didn’t need to scrambled benches ….. people who staying could count by fingers.

One more addition, the toilet at the airport was guaranteed clean so didn’t worry about staying here.

At 4:30 am the airport activity could felt. I was still sleepy because of sleeping lately, after brushing teeth and washing I went up to 2nd floor for check-in process.

Konter check in2Sometime I will tell to you about my experience on Vanilla Air flight

After check-in process, let’s see how the situation of Kaohsiung International Airport to Departure Gate:

Koridor ke Gate2Towards Gate 30

Gate 302

get ready to fly to Tokyo

My adventures at Kaohsiung International Airport for 8.5 hours ended at this gate. Hopefully you can landing at this tiny and impressive airport sometime.


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