Cheap Route to Big Buddha (Tian Tan Buddha) and Disneyland, Hong Kong

4th January 4, 2016

5:40 am. After spending my night at Ninoy Aquino International Airport, finally Cebu Pacific 5J108 taked off towards Hong Kong International Airport.
07:40. I landed smoothly in Hong Kong. Cumpled because i couldn’t take a shower for last 24 hours …. hahaha.

The next good news is for 12 hours later I wouldn’t find a shower again because I decided to go directly to Big Buddha and Disneyland instead of go towards hotel at Kowloon area. Oh yess, I would stay at Hong Kong Taiwan Hotel.
In order to save budget. I may not go to Kowloon area first then back to Lantau Island where Airport, Big Buddha and Disneyland are located.

This strategy can save HKD 38-100 (IDR 66K-175K) depending on the type of selected transportation and can save time about 2 hours.

So this is a cheapest route that I take:

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I had a favorable condition because I brought backpack 5.5 kg only. I always concern about weight of backpack. That’s why during traveling I never buy luggage in the hull plane and my backpack always lightly take everywhere.

Route 1. Hong Kong International Airport to Big Buddha.

Don’t be nervous at Hong Kong immigration. Very quickly, the officer will scan your passport and then print automatically small paper like this:

Visa Hong Kong

So your passport will not have a Hong Kong immigration stamp. Don’t be omitted the paper…. just in case if immigration officer ask you when you depart from Hong Kong.

Okay … step, you need to find octopus ….. a card to pay all types of integrated transportation there. You just need to find this counter then buy octopus card here:


I paid HKD 150 (IDR 263K) include HKD 50 are held for deposit. I took the deposit at Sheung Wan station when I departed out Hong kong towards Macau by fast ferry-boat. The officer charged 9 dollars to me, so I just got 41 dollars from my deposit.

After got octopus, I could take a bus to Tung Chung Station (nearest MTR Station from Big Buddha). You can ride Airport Express train to Tung Chung station also but expensive. Choose it:
– HKD 3.5 dollar for bus (IDR 6.000)
– Airport Express combine MTR HKD 79.3 (IDR 140.000)

To find the bus, I only needed to show this picture to airport officer, she knew it immediately.

Airport Bus Map

I saved this picture in my mobile phone. The picture shows you several shuttle buses to several destinations in town.

I got double-decker S56 bus to Tung Chung Station and arrived after 30 minutes journey.

CitygateLeft: Tung Chung station with MTR logo

Right: Citygate mall

I was descended near Citygate mall that adjacent to Tung Chung MTR station. I needed breakfast before going on. My choice was Mc.D omlet burger package for HKD 15 (IDR 26.000).

After that … .I rushed to Tung Chung bus terminal for Big Buddha ..
This is comparison of transportation types:
– ride cable car HKD 96 return way

–  ride bus HKD 17 one way

Tiba di Big Buddha

Left: Bus no 23 to the Big Buddha in 30 minutes
 Top right: Big Buddha gate
       Bottom right: 268 steps to Big Buddha

On the top stair of Big Buddha, I didn’t ask to pay the ticket…..just went straight. If you want to see museums then must pay HKD 33 include vegetarian lunch.

I just spent about 1.5 hours around Big Buddha and back to Tung Chung Station for Disneyland.

Route 2. Big Buddha to Disneyland

Take Tung Chung line and stop at Sunny Bay Station (HKD 10.1) then connect to Disneyland Resort Line (HKD 6.7). This line is only for train to Disneyland. The train is unique because all interior is Disney characters.


Top: Disneyland resort station
Bottom left: Train interior to Disneyland
Bottom right: Disneyland gate.

Route 3. Disneyland to Hostel

I stayed at Hong Kong Taiwan Hotel for HKD 105 (IDR 180K) per night. Located at Kowloon area. The nearest station is Tsim Sha Tsui station. The fare from Sunny Bay station is HKD 14.3. And it takes 30 minutes journey.

I arrived in hotel at 16:00. Happily for saw water. Took a break and then continued to night walk.

So … see you to next article about the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong