A Must – Visit Saloka Theme Park in Your Visit to Indonesia

A guest post by a travel blogger, Emma Parker

Whenever you make plans for vacation, one of the major problems that you face is that you may not have appropriate places to visit with your kids. But if your next vacation destination is Indonesia, you do not have to worry about such a thing. The country is perfect for travelers and tourists of all age groups and tastes. Whether you are someone who wishes to enjoy adventure activities or you wish to explore fun, Indonesia is a perfect destination.

Also, the country is a great spot for traveling with your family and kids. One of the major attractions that you can visit with your kids in Indonesia is the Saloka Theme Park. This theme park happens to offer a wide range of surprises and exciting activities to visitors. It is known as one of the best theme park options in the Asian region.

A Must-Visit Saloka Theme Park in Your Visit to Indonesia

Whether you are going along with your friends or you are accompanying your family that consists of kids, this theme park in Indonesia is a perfect place to spend some quality time. The park offers fun and fiesta and you can surely consider it to be one of the best tourist attraction points while planning your travel list for Indonesia.

Explore the Zones

The theme park is divided into five different zones that offer you a taste and feel of different locations. These five zones are:

  • Pesisir
  • Balalantara
  • Kamayani
  • Ararya
  • Segara Prada

As you leave one zone to enter the other, you will get to feel a different vibe. All 5 zones are designed in such a way that the interest and excitement of the visitors continue throughout the park.

Rides to Go For

Apart from exploring different zones, the theme park offers a wide number of rides for children as well as for youngsters. Choose the rides that you think are suitable for you and you can enjoy the fun at the park. Some of the famous and worth trying rides here at the park are:

  • Cakrawala
  • Semprot-Semprot
  • Lumbung Ilmu Galileo

Also, there are many more rides to explore and enjoy while you are here at the theme park.

A Haunted Experience

If you are an adventure lover, you may find all the rides in the park to be extremely enjoyable. But if you are still looking for an adrenaline rush that is extreme, then you should try out visiting Adu Nyali.

It is mainly a haunted house concept that has been designed to offer you the best scary moments. If you wish to challenge your patience and courage, this haunted house option is an experience that you should definitely look out to.

Enter the house that is named Adu Nyali and spend a couple of minutes amidst a haunted setup created by the theme park. There are many people who actually enjoy the thrilling experience, while there are also some others who may get extremely scared. Hence, you should try it out only when you are sure that you are not weak at heart.

Treat Yourself

While you are enjoying yourself at the theme park, the authorities have also taken care of your refreshments. Hence, you will find a number of culinary options available within the park so that you can take a break and can refill your energy.

If you are someone who has come up from some other country, you can enjoy local treats available here.

Facilities for the Visitors

You do not have to worry much when you are here at the theme park with your family and kids. The park authorities offer a wide number of facilities for the visitors apart from refreshments. Some of the other facilities that you can check out at the park are:

  • Wifi so that you stay connected with your loved ones over the internet.
  • A decent parking area so that you do not have to worry much about your vehicle.
  • Toilets and changing room
  • Nursery and breastfeeding room
  • Praying room
  • Wheelchair
  • ATM

All these facilities are there to make your trip to the theme park even more comfortable and enjoyable.

Operating Timings

You should know the operating timings of the theme park so that you can enter on time and can enjoy all the activities and options at their best.

Monday to Friday – On weekdays, the park is operational from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Saturdays and Sundays – On weekends, the park remains open for an extra hour. This means you can be at the park from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Thus, plan your trip to the theme park accordingly to make the most of your time. 

Ticket Bookings

In order to avail yourself of entry to the park and enjoy all the elements available here, you need to make an online booking of the tickets. In order to get the tickets, you need to know that there are different tickets for weekdays and weekends. Even on public holidays, you will be charged the ticket price as that of the weekends.

While you are booking your tickets for the theme park, there are a few features and guidelines that you should know to avail the maximum benefits.

  • You can book your tickets one day in advance and can get faster confirmation of your books.
  • In case of cancellation, you will get your refund quite conveniently.
  • Also, if you are not sure of the scheduled date, you can even avail the facility of rescheduling your booked date.
  • On special days, the park also offers a special price of tickets from time to time.

Usually, it takes about 3-4 hours to take a round of the entire park and enjoy all the rides and activities here. Of course, it depends upon you how much time you wish to spend here along with your friends and family. It is only that you need to make your bookings online and select the right dates for your trip. Apart from the convenience of flexible ticket bookings, check online to get deals and discounts that are ongoing so that you can get the tickets at a much-discounted rate.

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