Padang Beach or Padang Taplau?

His name is Asep. It is certainly not a local name, nor is it a native…He is Bandung’s origin and married to a Padang woman, making Aa (designation for brother in Bandung) Asep settled in Padang and now he was taking me to Padang Beach using his online motorcycle taxi.

The road was deserted because thick black cloud which has acquired Padang sky. The wind signaled by sending low-temperature air…. Soon, rain would be fall from sky. I just hope to enjoy Padang Beach for a while without rain to just get rid of curiosity.

I began to want to come to this beach since its form adorned television screen for days when there was a big earthquake in 2009 whose center was off the coast. Therefore, I forced myself to insert time even though it was only for four hours to stopby in Padang

Excitement of my heart when Aa Asep dropped me right under IORA Monument. IORA is an abbreviation of Indian Ocean Rim Association, an association of countries which were located in Indian Ocean Region.

Once in a while drizzle began to fall, but never mind, I could still stand on rock embankment which was built jutting toward sea. I really enjoyed my short time to feel the beauty of Padang. While some visitors began to leave plastic benches which were provided by pensi (clam) and young coconut traders.

I still felt sad, how panic of Padang people when facing a tsunami threat when earthquake occurred in 2009 even though the tsunami itself never happened.

The beach which is located along Samudera Street, has long been main tourist destination in Padang City. In addition to offering low-cost tourism, this beach is also a place which is easily accessible by anyone because it has become part of downtown and only thirty minutes from Padang’s tourist gate, i.e Minangkabau International Airport.

IORA monument.

Local residents often call Padang Beach as Padang Taplau. Taplau itself is an abbreviation of Tapi Lauik or the edge of sea.

Byuuurrrr….I ran and then took shelter on Velocity Burger & Coffee terrace located on the edge of Samudera Street. The rain was so heavy, it made water splash slowly wet my clothes and backpack. While I was still busy exploring my gadget to determine next tourist destination which was still possible to visit. It seemed like I won’t waste my time in Padang even if only briefly.

In the afternoon, most museums and several official tourist attractions have been closed. But I’ve already decided where to go next. I thought quickly, I benefited because I still had an umbrella which I bought while visiting Toba Lake few days ago. The rain didn’t dampen my steps to continue exploring. I ordered a online taxi to get there.

Where did I go to?

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