Sianok Canyon, Perfect Natural Fracture

Bet with rain, I left Kinantan Zoo. I think it would be very disadvantage to just let go of Bukittinggi’s natural fracture charm. Going through same path as I entered Fort de Kock, Limpapeh Bridge and TMSBK, now I was standing again at front gate of that square fort.

A young age man came with a smile approaching me. He was an online motorcycle taxi that I was waiting to take me for next destination. On fast journey, he said “Brother, your signal will be bad at valley , if you want to be picked up after finishing your visitation, I’m ready to take“. Because my habit that doesn’t want to be rushed in enjoy something, especially about the beauty of nature, I refuse it subtle.

Dr. Abdul Rivai Street had finished to be passed until the end. That is the road name to remember a “Bumiputera (local people)” who had fought against Dutch colonialism through journalism realm. Next, the road started to sharply swoop when I turned to the right.

One kilometer swoop down trip presented a breathtaking view of valleys on either side of Binuang Street. Janjang Koto Gadang like a Great Wall of China miniature looked in a flash of eyes. I didn’t have time to visit it because I had to bet with travel services schedule to Padang.

Welcome to Kenagarian Sianok Anam Suku“, written at top of a gate which is located precisely in middle of bridge which connecting two valley sides which is cut off by Batang Sianok River. On right pillar told that I was in Sub-Districts IV Koto, while the left one told that I was in Agam Districts.

The shallow Batang Sianok River.

The twenty meter wide river never seemed to be angry with spilling flood. My estimation is very reasonable with existence of semi-permanent and even permanent buildings in river banks. And somehow, sandy soil deposits in the middle of river were delivered from some where by river currents.

The other side of Batang Sianok River.

I can’t imagine how two sides of cliff that were originally fused then shifted in opposite direction to form a perfectly perpendicular fracture and created an elongated valley which was then invaded by water to form a natural river.

And…. Heavy rain was really falling…..

Made me to escape from canyon and looked for a shelter. “Gulai Itiak Lado Mudo Ngarai” restaurant terrace became a comfortable place to shelter even though I was closely watched by its owner. Finally I dared myself to ask permission for temporarily took shelter .

It was true, I really didn’t get a phone signal to call a online motorcycle taxi when it started to rain. I tried to find a higher place and then get two signal cell bars. I struggled to order an online motorcycle taxi that was repeatedly rejected. Until finally, on fifth call I was picked up by a middle-aged woman with her scooter matic and delivered me to my last destination in Bukittinggi.

Sianok canyon was captured from Panorama Park.
Sianok Canyon view with Singgalang Mountain background… Isn’t it beautiful?

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    • Belum nih…..Pengen sebetulnya, ada teman disana yg siap menyambut. Tapi kalau pandemi ini belum selesai dan Desember batal go abroad, pengen banget ke Bengkulu, Palembang, Jambi…….Bengkulu bagus ya, Yun? Ada apa aja disana?

    • Indah kan ya…..aku juga ga sadar punya gambar secantik itu…..pas bongkar bongkar file, kaget juga lihat foto itu…..Hahaha.
      Btw Timur Tengah bikin kangen nih, Wulan…..Kapan-kapan pengen transit lagi lah…..
      Btw, Februari lalu udah sempat issued Turkish Airline, niatnya mau Ke Moskwa dan negara Asia Tengah……pandemi datang, aku cancel semua…..sedihnya…..jangan jangan aku hanya akan keliling Maluku atau NTT tahun ini jika tak keburu membaik…..😁😁

      • Timur Tengah biarpun panase pol, tetap ngangenin ya. Hehehe.
        Kamu pasti sering transit ke sana kalo pake Emirates, Etihad apa Qatar Airways.

        Duuuh sayang banget. Tahun depan moga-moga udah bisa ya. Aku mau ke Rusiaaaa.
        “Hanya” akan ke Maluku dan NTT itu bukan hanya.. hesjan. Hahaha. Itu effort jugak! Ditunggu tulisan lainnya.

      • Wah parah emang Timur Tengah….bikin kangen, kangen ditangkep polisi di Dubai, kangen di gelandang paksa ke Airport Hotel di Kuwait, kangen di usir dari tempat wisata di Oman, kangen ngobrol sama para aparat di taman kota Bahrain…..Beuh…..
        Vaksin mana vaksin…..😭😭😭

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