Purwojaya Train Jakarta-Cilacap, Indonesia

Starting from this 46th article, I will insert articles about the beauty of my beloved country, Indonesia. 

This trip was a duty trip from my office that was given by me a added value by traveling to Cilacap in the south of Java Island.

My trip was traveled by Purwojaya executive train. I issued its ticket through Traveloka web. Ticket price was Rp. 260,000 for departing and Rp. 315.000 for returning …. paid by my office….pretty nice.


The journey started from home at 19:00 using GO-CAR (online taxi) and arrived at Gambir Station at 20:30. After printed ticket at automatic ticketing machine, I waited in the south gate waiting room. PT. Kereta Api Indonesia (Indonesia’s railway corporation) applies rule that passengers could enter into platform on one hour before departure.

After purchasing a packet of sunflower seeds for accompanied me to wrote articles in my website. Finally at 21:30 I entered into platform by showing KTP and ticket to gate officer. I directly boarded into train because the train was waiting for passengers.

Purwojaya Exterior

Left: Gambir Station

Right: Purwojaya train was waiting for passengers

Seeing the coach space, It looks like an old coach, but it well-maintained coach. Salute for PT. Kereta Api Indonesia who continue to increase professionalism.

After the train ran about 30 minutes the caoch temperature began to cool …. very cold …. I purposely didn’t bring a jacket to minimize my backpack because I also had to carried 20 kg luggage and a roll up banner for the office event….very crowded.

Fortunately the on duty officer told to passengers that they would be given a blanket.….

Purwajaya Interior

Left: Interior of Purwojaya train

Right: Blanket for each passenger

I acquainted with lady at my leftside, she comes from Cilacap. So I asked about Cilacap tourism to her. He patiently answered and even showed his photographs at several tourist spots in Cilacap.

After she was sleeped, I began to wrote a article for my site….but it wasn’t this article, guys…. I write it when I travel to Jakarta from Bandung using LINTAS Travel.

Purwojaya train would stop at several major stations such as Bekasi, Cirebon, Purwokerto, Kroya, Maos and ended in Cirebon.

Around 05:00 the train arrived in Cilacap. Although Whiz Hotel Sudirman staff always called me because he waited to picked up me at Ssation parking slot, I spent 7 minutes to took some pictures of Cilacap Station in the morning.

Stasiun Cilacap pagi

Cilacap Station Inside

And I forgot to captured Cilacap Station frontside because I rushed to the pickup car. But don’t worry gaes …. I captured it when returned to Jakarta 3 days later.
This is it ……

Stasiun Cilacap Siang

Cilacap Station which was originally built by Dutch Colonial in 1879 to transported crops of cultivation system. This station is located in the southern of Java Island. The original station building had been damaged during Japanese colonial and the present building is rebuilding after the destruction.

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