Blogger Recognition Award

In this 103th article, I am grateful for getting my third award in writing, namely the Blogger Recognition Award.

Thank you to Willy and Junny, a traveler couple from Bali, Indonesia who love traveling and exploration.

Find their interesting stories in exploring eastern Indonesia and south east asia countries on their blog:

The Blogger Recognition Award has the following rules of nomination:

  1. Write a post to publicize the nomination.
  2. Express our gratitude to the blog that nominates us and links our post to your website.
  3. Write about how our blog started.
  4. Give advice to new bloggers.
  5. Nominate 15 blogs of which we are followers and to which we want to grant this recognition. We can not include the blog that nominated us.
  6. Comment on each nominated blog that you have named and provided the link to the post you have created.

I started for wrote a blog on February 5th, 2017 after an amazing trip to Nepal and India. I am a travel addict and love to find new places in a cheap way. And I began to thought about writing,  so my sories can help others who want to do the same trip. By writing,  every my step in traveling can be stored in articles that I can open in future.

Reading by 1,291 folower, for 1 year 2 month I always write for my valued blog readers.

Here’s what I recommend when you want to write a blog:

1. Start immediately. Don’t think about cost and how hard to write. There are many options for starting with a free blog and you can start write in your free time such as weekends, when on leave from work or take 30 minutes every day to write your ideas.

2. Write your experiences, just think easily in writing your  ideas.

3. Find other bloggers around the world by blog walking. So you will have a community that will give you some supports and inspirations.

4. Choose interesting images in your posts to help your reader get the same feel like what you are writing.

5. The most important of all is consistency. Consistency in writing will increase your readers who visiting your blog.

I would like to nominate the following 15 bloggers for the Blogger Recognition Award who deserves this award:


Thank you and keep writing.

35 thoughts on “Blogger Recognition Award

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