Helmsman Service at Sam Poo Kong Temple

Semarang deserves to thank to Helmsman Ong Keng Hong for gotting a serious illness. Because of his illness, he had to anchor and chose to be left by expedition group at Simongan Hill. Admiral Zheng He was still generous in sending several soldiers to accompany and care for his Helmsman in Semarang. Then at one time, around the XV century, Ong Keng Hong was the figure who spread Islam and founded Gedung Batu Cave which was the forerunner to establishment of Sam Poo Kong Temple in the modern era….Oh yes, it was said that Ong Keng Hong controlled a giant ship along 130 m in wide and 55 m in wide with 9 masts. Accompanied by 299 other ships on a grand expedition.

That afternoon, clock showed 3:30 p.m., a sign that my duty to guard the training was complete. After packing every essential equipment for re-used on second day training tomorrow, I didn’t directly go to hotel, but intended to explore Bongsari area.

The training closing moment….Couldn’t wait to get started the exploration.

Because tonight I had to entertain important colleagues for dinner together, the training host was kind enough to take Mr. Muchlis and me to the destination which I meant. Soon, I arrived at Sam Poo Kong Temple. Sitting for a moment in parking lot at temple north gate, my heart kept pounding, what history was inside?

Redeemed a ticket of USD 2, I started to enter it.

Temple north gate.

It seemed that this pagoda was indeed very ready to become a tourist attraction, various directional signs were very complete and placed in several strategic positions, some of the best points for taking photos had also been marked in detail.

Donny, I’m sitting here, yes. I want to drink ice and smoked. I’m very tired. You can go around by yourself, yes!”, Said Mr. Muchlis, grimacing while massaging his calf. He was more interested in orange juice and sitting in rest area.

Rest Area.

I combed from north side, past a joglo (typical roof shape is Central Java) pavilion where its space part was used by traders to trade souvenirs, while right in front of it is a health post with a yellow wall. Meanwhile, in very large temple courtyard, there were two statues of a golden lion which carrying a globe and a lion cub as well as two white statues of Yin and Yang guardians.

Joglo pavilion.
Health post.
Yin (moon) and Yang (sun) guardians.

I started to walking into temple parts one by one. I entered a temple with thirty-six pillars and two stacks of roof. At its front was guarded by two golden lions and eight deities. This is worship temple of Thao Tee Kong (God of Earth) to asking for blessings and life safety.

Earth God Temple.

Next to the south side, lied the Helmsman Temple. Of course, this temple was dedicated to Ong Keng Hong, the helmsman who spread Islam in Semarang. Smaller in size, this temple was built with sixteen pillars, two of which were brown, with dragon carve and located right at the entrance. Guarded by a green lion statue and two gods in the courtyard.

Helmsman Temple.

I arrived at the main building in a prayer complex for the Tridharma (Taoism, Buddhism, and Confucianism). It was Sam Poo Kong Temple which firmly stood with ninety pillars and had a three-tiered roof.

I managed to enter this temple. But I made a big mistake by photographing worship area which was forbidden. Temple staff scolded me. I was sorry, Sir, I didn’t see a camera image with red cross near the center pole.

Behind this main temple were ten reliefs which tell important events during Admiral Zheng He’s expedition, or we was more familiar to called him as Admiral Cheng Ho. Some people call him as San Poo Tay Djien.

Among the stories, Admiral Zheng He was rewarded with several giraffes by King Hulumosi from Iran, crushing Iskandar’s rebellion in Samudra Pasai Kingdom, one hundred and seventy of his soldiers died in overcoming a civil war between Wikramawardhana (King of West Java) and Wirabumi (King of East Java), crushing five thousands of pirates who led by Chen Zhu Yi in Palembang, overcoming the conflict between Malacca (Malaysia) and Siam (Thailand), early departure story of expedition which he led from Liu Jia Gang, escorting Princess Han Li Bao to be married to Malaysia King (Sultan Mansyur Syah), until save the missing China ambassador in Indonesia… Wow, those were cool of this Admiral’s story.

Reliefs behind the main temple. The stories were told in three languages, i.e. English, Indonesian and Chinese.
12 meters tall bronze statue of Admiral Zheng He and Sam Poo Kong Temple.
South gate behind the Admiral Zheng He statue.

It was getting darker, colorful lights began to be lit. I have arrived at the end of this temple exploration. I took the time to sit in a building which served as a performance venue, where in rows of steps stood soldier statues who Admiral Zheng He brought.

Stage for show.
Admiral Cheng Ho’s warrior statues.

For visitors who wanted to take pictures with wearing costumes which using in Admiral Zheng He era, they could rent it at costume photo rental shop.

Costume Photo.

That was my visit story at Sam Poo Kong Temple, a full of history temple and telling about entire crew under Admiral Zheng He command.

Bus KLIA2 ke Melaka, Malaysia

Ini adalah traveling teranyar gw, tepatnya 5 hari lalu. Keberangkatan kali ini, Gw percayakan pada Air Asia milik Malaysia AK 383 dengan pesawat A320. Bersyukurnya adalah Gw akan mencicipi pertama kalinya Departure Hall nya Terminal 3-Ultimate (3U).

Singkat kisah, jam 23:00 Gw sudah menginjakkan kaki di Terminal 3U setelah perjalanan menggunakan bus DAMRI selama 1 jam dari terminal Kampung Rambutan. Karena sudah web check-in, maka Gw langsung menuju Gate 6. Gate ini sebelum dipakai AK 383 pada jam 00:50, sempat dipakai untuk boarding China Southern Airlines menuju Shenzen, China sejak sejam sebelumnya.

Pesawat yang Gw naikin terlihat pesawat berusia lama. Tapi Gw percaya sama perawatan pesawat Air Asia. Setelah mengudara 2 jam, Gw menginjakkan kaki kembali di KLIA 2 untuk ke tujuh kalinya. Memang KLIA 2 terlihat berhasil menjaring penumpang untuk transit atau memang untuk berkunjung ke negara jiran itu.

Sebelum Gw meluncur ke Melaka, Gw sempatkan mampir di tempat makan langganan Gw, NZ Curry House Lantai 1. Cukup dengan MYR 9 sudah bisa sarapan fried rice dan teh O (teh kosong)….nyammmm.

Setelah shalat subuh dan beres urusan toilet, Gw langsung cari tiket bus Transnasional di lantai 1:

Konter Bus KLIA2

Lumayan panjang juga ngantrinya….

ticket Bus KL Melaka

Bukan bus Transnasional yang Gw dapatkan…..tetapi Star Mart Express seharga MYR 24,3.

Yang perlu Kamu ketahui bahwa pintu tunggu bus di KLIA2 ada 3 yaitu Door 1, Door 2 dan Door 3. Dan setelah keluar Door makan akan ada shelter A01, A02, A03 dst…B01, B02, B03 dst. Kalau Gw musti nunggu di Door 1 Shelter A01.

Bus Star Mart

Bus datang jam 07:45 (telat 15 menit) dan bus berangkat jam 7:55.
Sebelum masuk ke bus, petugas bus akan menyobek tiket penumpang satu persatu.

Bus Star Mart interior

Interior bus sangat nyaman. terdiri dari 3 kursi per baris.

Di tengah perjalanan akan ada pengecekan penumpang oleh petugas bus yang bertugas sebagai timer di wilayah tertentu tidak jauh dari KLIA.

Lalu lintas boleh dibilang sangat lancar. Perjalanan sejauh 135 km ini ditempuh dalam waktu 2 jam saja.

Lalu dimanakah Kamu akan diturunkan?

Yup betul di Melaka Sentral, tepatnya disini penumpang akan di drop:

Melaka Sentral

Kemudian masuk saja ke pintu terdekat, maka Kamu otomatis sudah masuk ke dalam terminal Melaka Sentral.

Ini salah satu sudut Melaka Sentral:

Melaka Sentral2

Pemandangan ikonik di dalam Melaka Sentral

Kemudian carilah ruang tunggu ke Terminal Bus Dalam Negeri (dalam kota). Ini adalah ruang tunggu bus dalam kota Melaka yaitu bus Panorama:

Melaka Sentral3

Sepi tapi nyaman, ber AC dan ruangan bersih

Dan bus Panorama yang menuju ke pusat wisata Melaka adalah bus panorama no. 17. Kalau Kamu mau buru-buru ke Bangunan Merah saya sarankan segera naik bus yang sudah standby. Karena Gw keasyikan ngambil foto sana-sini, Gw membiarkan bus no 17 ini pergi begitu saja, ternyata lama nunggunya untuk kedatangan bus berikutnya, hampir 30 menitan. Kamu harus menunggunya di dekat nomor ini:

Melaka Sentral4

dan Kamu hanya perlu membayar MYR 2 untuk trip dari Melaka Sentral ke Bangunan Merah (Clock Towernya Melaka).

ticket Bus KL Melaka2

Lalu bagaimana keseruan di Melaka? 5 jam petualangan yang sangat berkesan.

Akan Gw bahas pada tulisan berikutnya ya……thanks, gaes.

Keliling Melaka dan Kuala Lumpur dengan tiket dari 12go Asia ?. Boleh dicoba, berikut link nya: https://12go.asia/?z=3283832

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