Jet Airways 9W275 from Dhaka to Mumbai (DAC-BOM)

Jet Airways is the 19th airline that I have used during my backpacker journey. This yellow-blue airline is India’s second largest airline and part of its holdings are held by Etihad Airways from United Arab Emirates (UAE). And this Jet Airways’ flight was my second flight with it. My first flight with Jet Airways occurred when I was flying from Kathmandu to New Delhi on January 4, 2018.

This Jet Airways 9W275 was a regular flight on Wednesday, January 2, 2019. I issued my ticket 7 months before flight, precisely on May 26, 2018.

MUMBAI has attractiveness that anesthetized me to be willing to stop by before heading to Colombo, Sri Lanka. I have never believed in the “negative” news about India ….For me, this Mahabharata land has exotic views which I can’t forgotten. Exoticism that can be carved in my heart and contaminates my brain when I leave this country.

Back to Jet Airways flight….

After I finished my process in Shahjalal International Airport immigration counter, I just needed to pass a small hall where passengers waited before entering the gate.

towards gate 11

Before entering airport waiting room, I passed X-ray checking in front of gate :

long queue

This is the uniqueness about Jet Airways, after passing x-ray checking, every passenger’s cabin baggage have to be opened and checked again. It felt very strict. Reminded me when my cabin baggage checked in front of Jet Airways door. It happened when I left Kathmandu for New Delhi in January 2018… very funny.

That is inspection table of cabin baggage

after passing the cabin baggage inspection, all passengers could sat in waiting room of gate 11:

I think India and Bangladesh passanger have uniqueness

After 20 minutes of waiting, I finally started boarding.

Peek a front of plane…become my ritual before flying.

Boarding through aviobridge and looking for my seat number 37F … It was window seat.

This is interior appearance of Boeing 737-900 ER from Jet Airways

Wanted to see my face that hasn’t been bathed since 24 hours before flying.

This flight duration was 3 hours 25 minutes. During the flight, I was treated to a Non Vegetarian Meal. I was offered vegetarian or non vegetarian meal by a flight attendant on the plane because I forgot to choose food when I issued the ticket. After I opened, the contents was rice with Indian curry chicken.

The beautiful and handsome Indian flight attendants became a view that spiced up my flight.

are they beautiful?

At the beginning of my flight when leaving Dhaka, the outside view from plane’s window seemed ordinary. I chose to read JetWings, which is Jet Airways’ inflight magazine.

But starting into the 2.5 flight hours, I was presented with beautiful scenery that captivated my eyes

rocky mountains.…very close….scary but beautiful.

I don’t know, what river is that?….it is very long and beautiful

An hour later, the plane was above Mumbai city.

Mumbai city from above

Resident houses are very crowded

Finally after 3.5 hours, I landed at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai. Oh yess.…This airport is the main hub of Jet Airways, guys.…

Finally I set foot in India .…Do you want to see Mumbai, guys?….

Overnight at Shahjalal International Airport, Dhaka

Bangladesh is a dream come true. I visited it while many tourists skip this destination because it is considered unsafe to visit

This country is often chaotic when there is even a little political friction. So it was very certain when I visited it two days after election, it was very easy to meet a fully armed soldiers everywhere.

But I don’t want to discuss Dhaka tourism now. As usual, before entering an other country, I will introduce how about its gate. I deliberately made Shahjalal International Airport as one of my places to stay during the 17 days of my backpacking journey.

The airport is very small on size as a capital city airport. After finished process in immigration counter, I was immediately confronted with a not-so-large waiting room.

Fine …. “I will enjoy for 12 hours around it”.

Thirsty … Where is free water station? Yes, I found it on the left of immigration counter.

Want to praying?

Asking to an airport policewoman after couldn’t find the sign, finally I found the mosque on up stair (second floor).

How about the bed?

Relax guys, you can safely sleep here because you will be accompanied by airport police. The triple chair is comfortable enough to just sleep until tomorrow morning. Prepare a thick jacket because the airport air conditioner is very cold. … Shivering all night made me sleepy on next day.

Don’t shocked if mosquitoes greet you …. don’t be stingy to give a little blood so they also feel good … hihihi

Actually in the waiting room which is directly adjacent to the immigration counter there is a sign that it is forbidden to take photos … I just take some pictures for writing purposes.

Want to shopping?

Yes, You can … near the waiting room there are 4 duty free shops. Eiitt … It is forbidden for me, just saw it from a distance.

Want to exchange money?

There are 3 money changers on the left side of immigration counter. Exchange your money enough ! because my last local money about 300 Taka can’t be exchanged again in the money changer … Finally I used it for bought some food for lunch on the plane later when I was flying to Mumbai.

Want to eating?

There is only one restaurant at this airport. It is in front of the money changer. The fried rice price is 470 Taka or around USD 6,30 made me not interested to ate in it … sorry, I couldn’t get a restaurant picture….hihihi.

I also found a flight transfer desk in a separate room behind the money changer, this counter was managed by Biman Bangladesh Airlines. So flights with any airlines, the transfers will be processed of by them.


The toilet design is simple but quite clean in my opinion. If you want to be comfortable … You better use it in early morning when the toilet is still fragrant …. hihihi … because I always do like that every stay in airport.

About them?

I interacted with a man who wanted to work in Malaysia as a security. Also a man who landed from working in Kuwait, or just helped illiterate young man to show where was his gate to fly

Their hospitality left an impression, unforgettable and touching my heart. I want to come back to their warmth someday.

And finally my stay was ended when Jet Airways called me to fly to Mumbai:

Thanks Shahjalal….Nice Dhaka….Beauty Bangladesh.

Jet Airways 9W275 dari Dhaka ke Mumbai (DAC-BOM)

Jet Airways adalah airlines ke-19 yang pernah kunaiki selama menjadi backpacker. Maskapai biru kuning ini adalah maskapai terbesar kedua India dan sebagian kepemilikannya dipegang oleh Etihad Airways dari Uni Emirates Arab (UEA). Dan penerbangan Jet Airways ini adalah kali kedua Aku menggunakannya. Penerbangan perdanaku bersama Jet Airways adalah saat terbang dari Kathmandu, Nepal ke New Delhi, India pada 4 Januari 2018.

Jet Airways 9W275 ini adalah penerbangan terjadwal Rabu, 2 Januari 2019. Ticket Kuissued 7 bulan sebelumnya, tepatnya pada 26 Mei 2018. 

MUMBAI….adalah daya tarik yang membiusku untuk rela menyinggahinya sebelum menuju Colombo, Sri Lanka. Aku selama ini tak pernah percaya akan berita “miring” tentang India….Buatku, tanah Mahabharata ini memiliki sisi eksotisme tersendiri yang selalu tak terlupa. Eksotisme yang bisa diukir di hati dan mencemar otak ketika meninggalkan negeri ini.

Kembali ke penerbangan Jet Airways,

Setelah melewati konter imigrasi Shahjalal International Airport, Dhaka-Bangladesh, Aku hanya perlu melewati sebuah hall kecil tempat para penumpang menunggu sebelum masuk ke Gate.

menuju gate 11

Sebelum masuk ruang tunggu, Aku dihadang oleh X-ray checking di depan gate:


Nah ini uniknya Jet Airways, setelah melewati x-ray checking, cabin baggage penumpang masih harus dibuka dan diperiksa kembali. Terasa sangat ketat. Mengingatkanku akan pemeriksaan cabin baggage di depan pintu pesawat Jet Airways saat meninggalkan Kathmandu menuju New Delhi pada Januari 2018 silam…..lucu ajah….hihihi

ituh tuh….meja pemeriksaan cabin baggage

setelah lolos pemeriksaan cabin baggage maka penumpang baru bisa duduk manis di ruang tunggu gate 11:

Unik banget kelakuan para penumpang India dan Bangladesh…

Setelah 20 menit menunggu, akhirnya Aku mulai boarding.

Ngintip bagian depan pesawat….menjadi ritualku sebelum terbang.

Boarding melalui aviobridge dan mencari tempat dudukku di bangku nomor 37F….mayan deket jendela.

inilah penampakan interior Jet Airways Boeing 737-900 ER

Mau lihat penampakanku yang tak mandi sejak 24 jam sebelum terbang. Nih…hahahaha bau:

Penerbangan ini berlangsung selama 3 jam 25 menit. Selama penerbangan, Aku disuguhi Non Vegetarian Meal. Aku ditawari pramugara veg or non veg di pesawat karena lupa memilih makanan saat issued tiket.  Setelah kubuka isinya nasi beserta ayam kari khas India….maknyus.

Paras pramugari pramugara muda nan elok khas India menjadi pemandangan yang membumbui penerbanganku kali ini.

cantik ga?

Di awal penerbangan meninggalkan Dhaka, pemandangan diluar jendela pesawat terkesan biasa.  Aku hanya khusyu’ membaca JetWings yang merupakan inflight magazinenya Jet Airways.

Tetapi memulai masuk ke 2,5 jam penerbangan, Aku disuguhkan pemandangan indah nan memikat mata

pegunungan berbatu …dekeeet bingit….seram tapi indah.

         entah itu sungai apa….mengular dan mengkilat indah

Satu jam kemudian pesawat sudah berada di atas kota Mumbai.

Kota Mumbai dari atas

rumah penduduk yang berjubel

Ahirnya setelah 3,5 jam Aku mendarat di Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai. Oh iya…Bandara ini adalah main hubnya Jet Airways gaes….

Akhirnya Aku menginjakkan kaki di India…..Mau lihat Mumbai ga gaes?….

Menginap di Shahjalal International Airport, Dhaka

Bangladesh adalah mimpi menjadi nyata. Aku menginjakkan kaki disana ditengah realita bahwa banyak turis melewatkan destinasi ini karena dianggap tak aman untuk dikunjungi.

Negara ini memang sering chaos ketika ada sedikit gesekan politik sekalipun, tak hayal ketika Aku mengunjunginya dua hari setelah election, sangat mudah kutemui aparat bersenjata lengkap dimana-mana.

Tapi Aku belum mau membahas wisata Dhaka. Seperti biasa, Sebelum masuk rumah orang maka Aku akan perkenalkan bagaimana gerbangnya. Aku sengaja menjadikan Shahjalal International Airport sebagai salah satu tempat menginapku sepanjang 17 hari pengembaraanku mencari kitab suci….#keksungokong

Bandara ini sangat sederhana untuk ukuran bandara ibu kota. Begitu masuk konter imigrasi, Aku langsung dihadapkan pada ruang tunggu yang tak begitu luas.

Fine….Guweh akan berwisata selama 12 jam di sekitaran situ.

Haus…Free water station mana? Yes, Aku menemukannya di kiri konter imigrasi.

Mau Shalat?

Berbekal nanya ke polisi bandara setelah tak kunjung menemukan tanda, Aku menemukan mushalla setelah naik satu lantai.

Bagaimana dengan tempat tidurnya?

Tenang gaes, Kamu akan aman tidur disini karena akan ditemani para polisi bandara. Kursi triple cukup  nyaman untuk sekedar merebah hingga esok pagi. Siapkan jaket tebal karena AC airportnya muantab.…Menggigil semalaman membuatku ngantuk berat di keesokan harinya.

Jangan baper jika sedikit mosquito menyapa kalian….jangan pelit kasih sedikit darah supaya mereka juga nyenyak….hihihi

Sebetulnya di ruang tunggu yang berbatasan langsung dengan konter imigrasi ini ada tanda dilarang mengambil foto….Aku hanya mengabadikan seperlunya untuk keperluan tulisan ini…..buandelll

Mau Belanja?

Boleh…tepat di sebelah ruang tunggu terdapat 4 duty free shop. Eiitt….verboden baut guweh, cukup liat dari kejauhan aja.

Mau tuker uang ?

Ada 3 money changer di sebelah kiri konter imigrasi. Tukarlah uang secukupnya karena ketika uangku sisa 300 Taka tak bisa di tukar lagi….Kubelikan saja makanan untuk lunch di pesawat nanti saat terbang ke Mumbai.

Mau Makan?

Hanya ada satu restoran di bandara ini tepat di seberang depan kanan money changer. Harga nasi gorengnya 470 Taka atau sekitar Rp. 85.000 membuatku takkan pernah bisa mengambil foto penampakan dalam restoran….maaf ya….hihihi.

Aku juga menemukan flight transfer desk di ruangan terpisah di belakang money changer, konter ini dikelola oleh Biman Bangladesh Airlines. Jadi penerbangan dengan airlines apapun, transfernya akan diurusin oleh mereka.


Desain toilet sederhana tapi cukup bersih menurutku. Kalau mau nyaman….ya nongkronglah di pagi subuh saat toilet masih wangi….hihihi….karena guweh juga selalu begitu.

Tentang Mereka?

Aku berinteraksi dengan seorang Bapak yang hendak bekerja ke Malaysia untuk sekedar menjadi security. Juga seorang Bapak yang baru pulang kerja dari Kuwait, atau sekedar membantu anak muda buta huruf untuk menunjukkan dimana gatenya untuk terbang

Keramahan mereka meninggalkan kesan, tak terlupakan dan menyentuh hati. Ingin rasanya kembali lagi ke kehangatan mereka suatu saat.

Dan akhirnya masa inapku berakhir saat Jet Airways memanggiku untuk terbang ke Mumbai:

Thanks Shahjalal….Nice Dhaka….Beauty Bangladesh.