Bonus from Tanjung Intan Port, Cilacap, Indonesia

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Mr. Fatchul Rochman  (online transportation driver) finally picked me up at Pendem Fort courtyard after he strayed into its south courtyard.

I just ordered in GOJEK application to went to Tanjung Intan Port. When I got on his bike, he asked my origin. After he knew I was from Jakarta, he seemed enthusiastic, and without my consent he said that he would deliver me to some places before entering Tanjung Intan Port. He was sincerely because at the end of the trip he refused when I tried to gave additional tips.

He explained to me every place that we passed along the way to the Port. Starting from the history of KOPASSUS Headquarter building and several stories about Nusakambangan. Exciting………

He turned abruptly. When I asked where we were going, he said we were heading for the Coal Pier.

This is it guys …. Was given a bonus like this

Pelabuhan Sandar Batubara

Cilacap Coal Pier

Leaving the Coal Pier, he started to told about the hustle and bustle of Cilacap when there were dead executions of some famous prisoners. While told, he suddenly brought me here:

Penyeberangan ke LP

Left: PENGAYOMAN IV Ship that transported prisoners to Nusakambangan Jail.
Right Up and Down: Sailing post to Nusakambangan

This is the sailing point of prisoners toward Nusakambangan jail. So it was very tight. I said: “We don’t have to go there, Mr. Fatchul”, I thought we would be expelled by officers because we didn’t have any interests there. But he still assured me that he would successfully entered me to this place because he was Cilacap townspeople and surely could be given access by officers.

Yes….finally We were still refused. We were only allowed to saw the sailing process from Pandu Station.

Stasiun Pandu

Pandu Station is a guiding center of big ships that would dock in Cilacap to avoided for stranded or crashed corals.

Well, after being given three bonus venues we were finally arrived Tanjung Intan port. He said that the port was closed for tourism especially for me who would try to visited without specific purpose.

But he had a never give up gene. He told to security officers that he was taking a guest. And finally they gave us access … ..The incredible Mr. Fatchul ….

Finally I enter into this logistic port

Pelabuhan Tanjung Intan

riding a motorcycle behind a coal truck makes the clothes being black … hehehe

Well, when I arrived near the coal ship, I tried to captured the IVS KAWANA and PUTRI SEJATI coal ships.

But my action didn’t continue for long because there was security officer who came to me on his motorcycle and said that I should get out from there because I was considered to entered without the permission of internal security and I didn’t wear PPE (Personal Protection Equipment).

Finally I had to got out without long negotiation … .Anyway, this experience became a closing part of my trip in Cilacap that I always remembered.

Okay then there wasn’t other purpose than had to back to Whiz Hotel Sudirman and got ready to Jakarta.

Wait for my other acts while in Cilacap that I had not told yet … .thanks guys.

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Exoticism of Nusakambangan, Cilacap- Indonesia

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When my office event has finished at 13:00, I immediately headed to Whiz Hotel Sudirman to got ready for sailing to Nusakambangan. Actually I would go there tomorrow, because off curiousity, finally I  went there a day faster. 

Whiz Hotel Sudirman was 3.7 km from Teluk Penyu Beach which was starting point of sailing to Nusakambangan. There was simply way to went to Teluk Penyu Beach, just 12 minutes rode online taxi for IDR 10,000.

When I arrived at Teluk Penyu Beach, many fisherman offered boat services to Nusakambangan. “Rangga Ayu” boat which I chose offered IDR. 30,000 for return way. The scenario was boat owner would deliver me to Nusakambangan then he would back  to Teluk Penyu Beach again.

He gave me his phone number. “If you finish for Nusakambangan sightseeing, please call me sir, I’ll pick up you” “, he said.


Top Left: Teluk Penyu Beach.

Top Right: Crude Oil Tanker named BULL SULAWESI

Bottom Right: Cilacap Crude Island Berth belongs to PERTAMINA

Lower Left: Tourist dropping point

When got off the boat, my curiosity was began …. what are attractions inside the island?

The deeper journey into Nusakambangan was started …..

Pictures below were views that I found in the starting point of exploration.


Top Left: Multipurpose wooden building on the east coast of Nusakambangan.

Bottom Left: Beverage and food hawker

Middle: Site name board

Right: Phone number of boat service


Top Left: Entering Nusakambangan island, I walked through a small slippery rocky road. So my speed was very slow.

Top Right: small road with low cliff

Bottom Right: I also found a bamboo bridge over a small river

Lower Left: I also found tree branch that grew across the road

Forest preservation in the island was seen from many wildlifes that often found i.e monkeys and eagles. Didn’t fear, because along the way, I several times met tourists who headed back to starting point.

After walking for 15 minutes, finally I found a sign that directed me to Karang Bolong Fort and Karang Pandan Beach


benteng karang bolong

Top Left: The fort was strong looking when was viewed from front gate. It was unfortunate that gate roof was overgrown by pioneer plants that threaten fort durability

Left Bawas: The inner fort gate. The top wall of inner fort was also overgrown by small trees and moss.

Middle: The inner fort wall was very thick.

Right: The underground rooms was impossible to reached because the rooms had narrow aisle that very dark and humid. I canceled to entering it.


Continuing my step straight ahead,  Finally I found the beautiful white sand beach in eastern island. Beach was visited by young people either friend groups or in love couples.

Pantai Karang Pandan

Enjoying God’s creation by cross-legged sit, listened sounds when waves hit rocks, saw ships activities that threw anchors and grasped soft white sands. Calming my heart and soul.

Something that rarely found in capital city.

Because time was getting dark, I decided to went back toward Whiz Hotel Sudirman immediately.

Back to the pick-up (starting) point, while waited for the boat, I did relaxation by drank hot tea and mendoan (Cilacap’s traditional food) in food stall. Also watched sunset before the night came.

My adventure ended beautifully and was closed by fascinating sunset……

Pantai Nusakambangan

I Love Indonesia………..

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Benteng Pendem….Wujud Arsiteksur Belanda di Cilacap, Indonesia

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Hari terakhir extend, Gw manfaatkan untuk berkunjung ke Benteng Pendem. Karena kecapean berkeliling malam di pusat kota Cilacap, akhirnya Gw bersiap rada telat. Niat Gw hanya akan mengunjungi Benteng Pendem dan Pelabuhan Tanjung Intan sebelum bertolak ke Jakarta jam 14:30 menggunakan kereta Purwojaya.

Keluar dari lobby utama Whiz Sudirman Hotel perut mulai keroncongan. Sudahlah pergi keseberang jalan untuk mencari sarapan pagi. Nah mampirlah Gw di warung bubur ayam yang lumayan ramai orang keluar masuk. Nih gaes, rekomen banget nih bubur ayam


Sarapan kali ini menunya unik, baru kali ini makan bubur ayam berkuah opor.

Selesai sarapan….Bergegaslah kemudian menggunakan jasa GOJEK seharga Rp. 5.000 dan Gw diantar oleh driver wanita menuju Benteng Pendem.

Begitu berdiri di depan gerbang, kesan pertama adalah terawatnya Benteng yang sudah berusia 157 tahun ini. Tapi kan Gw perlu lihat kedalam untuk membuktikan persepsi Gw itu.

Gerbang depan

Kiri: Gerbang Benteng Pendem tampak depan

Kanan Atas: Loket karcis yang dijual seharga Rp. 5.000. Jam operasional Benteng Pendem adalah 08:00 – 18:00 dan dibuka dari Senin-Minggu.

Kanan Bawah: Gerbang Benteng Pendem tampak dalam.

Benar apa adanya, banyak petugas kebersihan tampak sedang bekerja sehingga memang bagian dalam benteng terlihat bersih terawat.

Benteng yang dibangun pada Abad ke 19 ini memerlukan waktu 8 tahun sebagai masa pembangunannya. Sebelum ditemukan, benteng ini sempat tertimbun tanah pesisir.

Benteng terdiri dari beberapa ruangan yang memiliki fungsi masing-masing. Berikut beberapa ruangan benteng yang teridentifikasi fungsinya:

Ruangan bentengKiri Atas : Ruang barak

Kanan Atas : Ruang klinik

Kanan Bawah : Ruang akomodasi

Kiri Bawah : Gudang Senjata

Benteng ini memiliki luas sekitar 6,5 ha. Selain beberapa ruangan penting, landmark banteng ini diperindah dengan adanya kanal dengan air yang cukup bersih dan halaman benteng yang cukup luas.


Kiri Atas : Kanal dibagian depan benteng

Kanan Atas : Kanal di bagian belakang benteng

Kanan Bawah : Ruang lapang yang dikelilingi oleh beberapa ruang benteng

Kiri Bawah : Sudut lain kanal di bagian depan benteng

Selain berfungsi untuk desitinasi wisata, benteng ini juga digunakan sebagai tempat aktivitas pendidikan seperti kegiatan outbond sekolah atau kegiatan pramuka seperti gambar yang Gw dapatkan dibawah ini:


Kiri : Oubond salah satu sekolah di Cirebon

Kanan : Kegiatan pramuka

Kurang lebih satu jam Gw menelusuri semua sisi benteng ini. Salut untuk kabupaten Cilacap yang menjaga dengan baik kondisi benteng ini.

Nah gaes, kalau ke kamu Cilacap sempatkan waktu untuk mengunjungi tempat yang penuh sejarah ini ya….

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Eksotisme Nusakambangan, Cilacap, Indonesia

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Begitu acara kantor selesai jam 13:00, Gw segera menuju ke Whiz Hotel Sudirman untuk bersiap diri menyeberang ke Nusakambangan. Rencananya Gw akan kesana esok hari tapi karena sangat penasaran, akhirnya Gw sehari lebih cepat ingin menginjak Nusakambangan.

Whiz Hotel Sudirman sendiri berjarak 3,7 km dari Pantai Teluk Penyu yang merupakan titik tolak penyeberangan ke Nusakambangan. Untuk menuju ke Pantai Teluk Penyu tidak repot kok, cukup 12 menit naik GO-CAR seharga Rp. 10.000.

Begitu sampai di Pantai Teluk Penyu, banyak tukang perahu menawarkan jasa penyeberangan ke Nusakambangan. Perahu “Rangga Ayu” yang Gw pilih dengan harga Rp. 30.000 untuk pulang pergi. Skenarionya adalah pemilik perahu akan mengantarkan penumpang ke Nusakambangan lalu dia akan kembali ke Pantai Teluk Penyu lagi.

Dia memberikan no handphone. “Kalau sudah puas jalan-jalan Nusakambangan, silahkan telpon saya ya mas, nanti saya jemput””, ujarnya.


Kiri Atas: Pantai Teluk Penyu.

Kanan Atas: Crude Oil Tanker bernama BULL SULAWESI

Kanan Bawah: Crude Island Berth Cilacap milik Pertamina

Kiri Bawah: Titik dropping wisatawan

Begitu turun dari perahu rasa penasaran mulai menyelimuti hati….ada apa didalam pulau ini?

Perjalanan masuk lebih dalam ke Nusakambangan pun di mulai…..

Berikut ini adalah pemandangan yang Gw jumpai di titik awal penjelajahan.


Kiri Atas: Rumah panggung kayu serbaguna pantai Nusakambangan timur.

Kiri Bawah: Penjaja minuman dan makanan

Tengah: Papan nama wisata

Kanan: No handphone jasa perahu penyeberangan.


Kiri AtasMemasuki pulau Nusakambangan, Gw harus melewati jalan kecil licin berbatu sehingga kecepatan jalan pun sangat pelan.

Kanan Atas: Jalanan bertebing

Kanan BawahGw juga menemukan jembatan bambu diatas sungai kecil yang surut

Kiri BawahGw juga menemukan batang pohon yang tumbuh melintang di badan  jalan

Terpeliharanya hutan di pulau ini terlihat dari banyaknya satwa liar yang masih terlihat seperti monyet hitam dan burung elang. Tidak perlu takut karena sepanjang perjalanan Gw  beberapa kali berpapasan dengan wisatawan yang menuju pulang.

Setelah berjalan 15 menit akhitnya Gw menemukan tanda yang mengarahkan Gw ke Benteng Karang Bolong dan Pantai Karang Pandan


benteng karang bolong

Kiri Atas: Benteng ini sangat terlihat kegagahannya ketika dilihat dari gerbang depan. Hanya saja bagian atas gerbang sudah banyak ditumbuhi tumbuhan perintis yang bisa mengancam keawetan bangunan.

Kiri Bawas: Pintu banteng bagian dalam. Tembok atas benteng bagian dalam ini juga ditumbuhi oleh pohon dan lumut.

Tengah: Dinding benteng bagian dalam sangat tebal.

Kanan: Bagian ruangan bawah tanah adalah sesuatu yang tidak memungkinkan di jangkau karena gelap dan lembab berlorong sempit. Gw mengurungkan masuk ke ruangan bawah.


Melanjutkan perjalanan lurus ke depan mengantarkan Gw untuk menginjak indahnya pasir putih di bagian timur pulau ini. Pantai yang dipenuhi muda-mudi baik sekelompok teman main sampai pasangan yang sedang kasmaran.

Pantai Karang Pandan

Menikmati ciptaan Tuhan dengan duduk bersila, mendengarkan riuh rendah suara ombak menghantam batuan pantai, melihat aktivitas kapal-kapal besar yang sedang membuang jangkar dan menggenggam butiran lembut pasir putih. Menenangkan hati dan jiwa.

Sesuatu yang jarang Gw temukan di Ibu Kota.

Karena waktu sudah semakin sore dan menuju gelap , Gw putuskan untuk segera menepi dan kembali lagi ke Whiz Hotel Sudirman.

Kembali ke titik penjemputan, sambil menunggu perahu datang, Gw sempatkan relaksasi dengan minum teh hangat dan mendoan di warung. Sembari mengamati sang surya tenggelam meninggalkan malam.

Petualangan berakhir indah dan ditutup dengan sunset yang mempesona mata…..

Pantai Nusakambangan

I Love Indonesia………..

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