Stranded in Wan Chai District, Stuck in Lockhart Road.

Leaving Bank of China Tower in a slightly drizzling condition, I had to little bit run towards ‘Murray Road’ Tram Stop. I was getting ready to ride legendary transportation in Hong Kong i.e Ding Ding Tram. Trams which often appear in Hong Kong movies.

‘Murray Road’ Tram Stop.

Queensway Road situation which very busy because many private cars and a half-part of road was taken to parking many “asphalt finisher vehicles” didn’t reduce my enthusiasm to waiting for this tram.

5 minutes waiting, a blue tram arrived. I jumped into tram from back door and went straight to tram’s upper deck so I could freely enjoy street situation.

My destination was Victoria Park. Do you know Victoria Park, right? It is the biggest park on Hong Kong Island which is a usual gathering point for Indonesian migrant workers in Hong Kong.

I arrived in 35 minutes. After tapping my Octopus Card at fare machine located near driver, I immediately got off from front door. Tram rate is very cheap, only USD 0,30.

Got off at ‘Victoria Park’ Tram Stop located on Causeway Road.

Victoria Park was very close in front.

But on shortly time after got off from tram, it heavily rained again. I quickly ran to find shelter in front of shops in Causeway Road.

Looked like I had to cancel my visitation plan at Victoria Park. It was very heavy raining, I thought the park was definitely quiet too. I had to find other alternatives to using my time so that it wasn’t wasted in heavy rain.

I tried to find a direction sign which could direct me to the nearest MTR station. At underground station was definitely warmer and drier.

Yes, I saw a MTR logo which then directed me to Tin Hau MTR Station entrance gate. I decided to go to Hong Kong’s famous retail area i.e Causeway Bay area and would certainly stop at Causeway Bay Station. Rates around USD 0,6 with 6 minutes travel time.

Tin Hau MTR Station.

A clock showed 15:30 hours when I arrived at Causeway Bay. I decided to look for a diner while waiting for rain to stop. Sifting through many food stalls to avoid pork until I finally chose in a small stall in Jaffe Road.

Rice plus tofu-toge and chicken for USD 3,5.
That is a famous fast food stall in Causeway Bay area i.e Ying Heong Yuen.


I headed to SOGO Mall….What were you doing, Donny?….Just for sightseeing. Walking around more than 30 minutes in a mall just to see expensive items. Well, This mall was similar with many malls in Jakarta.

SOGO Mall in Hennessy Road.

Out from mall, I stopped for a long time at one side of a large crossroad to observe Hong Kong residents activities who were super crowded.

Busy crossroad on Hennessy Road near Causeway Bay MTR Station.


From Causeway Bay area then I moved to centre of Wan Chai District using tram. Going up from ‘Paterson Street’ Tram Stop and got off at ‘Swatow Street’ Tram Station. It only took 15 minutes and fare for about USD 0,30.

Towards Wan Chai District.

Got off at ‘Swatow Street’ Tram Station, I immediately realized whereabouts of a football stadium….Quite busy. Was there a football match?.

The stadium name is Southorn Playground and is located on Luard Road.

I approached and ventured to ask to security staff at stadium gate….and finally, I could enter into it….Free ticket also.

Hurry in and took a seat at benchs. It was a stadium which used to play soccer for local residents. But it was quite crowded too. Joining with local people activities and I didn’t feel like a tourist. I was also unclearly screaming during match….Hahaha….Crazy.

Southorn Playground flanked by Luard Road and Johnston Road.

Only watched a half time because I wanted to see Wan Chai nightlife.

Do You know Wan Chai District, right?

Wan Chai is centre of nightlife throughout Hong Kong. Besides being known as an area for backpackers to staying, there are several areas in Wan Chai which are known as red districts. So besides offering cheap accommodations, you will easily find bars and clubs here.

I tried to explore bars and clubs along Lockhart Road. And it is true, sexy women in minimal clothing passing by in and out of bars and clubs. Some of them brought by foreigners for money.

Ah, I worried to couldn’t control myself….Finally I headed to a junction in middle of Lockhart Road and stopped by in a street food stall which sold a variety of sea food satay which was grilled on the spot. Enough with USD 0,75, you could get delicious grilled food in Hong Kong’s cold night air.

Here it is the stall….”Ada Snack” is located at O’brien Road.

Started to eat a satay, several sexy women came and ate foods in same stall….Waow, nervous….Finally, I prefered to left away from there.

Fearing that I would miss an important performance, I decided to head for Victoria Harbor. I had to get there before 20:00 hours. Because it is the regular time for Symphony of Light to start. Took MTR from Wan Chai Station to Central Station. Fare is about USD 0,60 with 8 minutes travel time.

Wow, that band sang a cool song….But I didn’t understand Chinese language.

Cool buskers in a corridor which connecting Central MTR Station and Central Ferry Pier.

I ran to see them sang some songs and after that I headed to pier to cross to Victoria Harbor. Paying about USD 0,30, I arrived at Victoria Harbor in 12 minutes.

Taking a comfortable sitting position, then I waited for Symphony of Lights to began.

Very beautiful view.

“The Dashing” Bank of China Tower and “The Face Savior” Starbucks

“Bitter coffee suddenly became sweet….You was beautiful”.

Setelah 1,5 jam menikmati The Hong Kong Observation Wheel dan AIA Vitality Park di sekitar Central Ferry Pier, akhirnya Aku mulai menyeberangi Connaught Road Central menuju Bank of China Tower (BOC Tower).

Connaught Road Central which fluently.

It wasn’t difficult to find that famous tower. Because from a distance, the building with a distinctive triangle frame was visible. The fourth tallest building in Hong Kong.

Let’s go to entering BOC Tower.

Whattt….All men/women who entering and out of the building looked handsome, beautiful, fashionable in a tie and metrosexual style….I momentarily stopped hesitating and watched its main door from a distance. OMG….No one looked like backpacker or tourist who entering it.

Doubt…. Embarrassed….Nervous.

Going in or not?????

I would enter it…Step forward.

Ups, I canceled my steps…. stopped and turning back.

I must brave to entering it….Started to stepping again

Waited….Stop stepping….Bowed to thinking …. Scratching my head #lookeddramatic.

You are timid, Donny….Come from far away, when arrive in destination then you run away….You must embarrassed with your jargon, Donny“, the heart whispered to the brain.

Embarrassed, bro….Crumpled t-shirt, dirty trousers don’t be change for 4 days, cheap shoes from sidewalk store, and my bag shoulder strap is torn….I think, it will be many tourists there….Apparently it isn’t“, my brain defended.

Yes, Donny…Can we directly go to Victoria Park? … Many Indonesians gather there” the heart confirmed.

Well, right, what did I say….Come on go to Victoria Park while it isn’t late….” the brain began to ally with heart.


“I am salesmen, it should not have shame in my face”, my mouth began to kick out my heart and brain.

executive man in tie and some blond haired expats strangely saw me when they entered building’s door. I smile as sweet as possible, hoping someone was interested in my exotic black skin….Hahaha.

Test….Test….Practiced smile before entering. The door is on my right.


A few steps entering building, I stopped and stared at whole room…. Confidence…I looked for front desk location.

Yes….That, in the middle of room.

Me: “Can me ask?“….Oh, wrong question “Excuse me Miss, Can I get information about observation deck on 43th floor?

She: Ouch, smiling sweetly, “Hi sir, our observation deck was closed

Me: “Since when, Ms?“, My bad english, the important was she understood.

She : “It closed since May 2015, Sir”.

Me : “Oh Okay, Thanks you Ms”.

She : “You are welcome Sir. Happy journey in Hong Kong. Where are you come from?“.

Me : “I’m from Indonesia. Again, thank you for your kindness”……”Can me know where do you stay in Hong Kong?, I want to meet your parent”. #fictionquestion

Failed in got destination but feeling contented in overcoming my own fears, I turned to leave the building.



Rain….Whatttt….What must I did?.

All office employee went back into lobby. Imagine!, one backpacker style in the middle of a lot of tie and suits….God.


Okay….Okay….I looked around again.

Ahhhhaaaaa….That, Starbucks at left of room. With my confidence, I stepped to Starbucks. #rememberwallet

You aren’t the only man who has money?” I arrogantly muttered…..Hahaha, I was sorry (tonight, I didn’t eat because of starbucks).

There was a voice behind me….

Beautiful blonde: “Hello, do you queueing?“.

Me : “Oh No, I just seeing the menu. You can queue first”, God…..I too long thought to find the cheapest coffee prices in front of cashier.

Beautiful blonde : “Oh thank you, handsome”.

Me : “You are welcome, sweety”.

Finally ordered a long black coffee for USD 2.

Very Bitter….Just swallow it…… because of lots of style.

Just sat in a row of empty chairs so that other people weren’t uncomfortable with my existence.

Chairs was getting full because other people also drank coffee and waiting for the rain to stop. And my luck came.

Bitter coffee suddenly became sweet….looked like sprinkled with 5 spoons of sugar. Because of she sat in front of me….

Slow down drinking, Donny“, Satan began to whisper.

One sipping…..glancing……sipping again….then glancing again.

Instead of just being stunned, It was better if I asked.

Me : “Hi, Ms….Do you know WiFi password here?”

She : “I’m sorry, I’m using my own Wifi”, while smiling.

Me : “The hard hit” to me as free WiFi hunter….Hahaha.”Oh Ok, Thank you Ms”.

No longer glancing and no longer asking. Pretending to enjoy coffee which is actually very bitter…. #whilewhistling.

My silly adventure in the BOC Tower ended with quite a number of hooks and uppercuts….Sad.

Rain had stopped….It was time to headed for Victoria Park. I exited the building and lunging at soft drizzle which exposed my face.

Come on, using Ding Ding Tram!

Terdampar di Wan Chai District, Tersangkut di Lockhart Road.

Meninggalkan Bank of China Tower dalam kondisi sedikit gerimis, Aku harus berlari kecil menuju ke ‘Murray Road’ Tram Stop. Aku bersiap naik trasportasi legendaris di Hong Kong yaitu Ding Ding Tram. Tram yang dulu sering muncul di film-film layar lebar Hong Kong.

‘Murray Road’ Tram Stop.

Suasana sibuk Queensway Road yang padat akan kendaraan pribadi dan sebagian bahu jalan yang diambil untuk parkir kendaraan berat pengaspal jalan tak mengurangi rasa antusiasku menunggu tram ini.

5 menit menunggu, tram warna biru pun tiba. Aku melompat ke dalam tram dari pintu belakang dan langsung menuju deck atas tram sehingga bisa menikmati suasana jalanan dengan lebih leluasa.

Tujuanku adalah Victoria Park. Kamu tahu kan Victoria Park? Itu lho taman terbesar di Hong Kong Island yang menjadi tempat berkumpulnya para TKI di Hong Kong.

Aku tiba dalam 35 menit. Setelah men-swipe Octopus Card di fare machine yang terletak di dekat sopir maka Aku segera turun dari pintu depan. Tarif tram murah kok, hanya Rp. 4.500.

Turun di ‘Victoria Park’ Tram Stop yang terletak di Causeway Road.

Victoria Park sudah sangat dekat di depan.

Tapi tak lama setelah turun dari tram, hujan kembali turun dengan deras. Dengan cepat Aku berlari mencari tempat berteduh di depan pertokoan di tepi Causeway Road.

Sepertinya Aku harus membatalkan bermain di Victoria Park. Hujan besar, taman juga pasti sepi. Aku harus mencari alternatif lain untuk memanfaatkan waktu supaya tak terbuang percuma di tengah hujan deras.

Aku berusaha mencari tanda yang bisa mengarahkanku ke Stasiun MTR terdekat. Di stasiun bawah tanah pasti lebih hangat dan kering.

Yes, Aku melihat logo MTR yang kemudian mengarahkanku ke entrance gate Tin Hau MTR Station. Aku memutuskan menuju area retail terkenal Hong Kong yaitu area Causeway Bay dan tentu akan berhenti di Causeway Bay Station. Tarif sekitar Rp. 8.000 dengan waktu tempuh 6 menit.

Tin Hau MTR Station.

Jam menunjukkan pukul 15:30 ketika tiba di Causeway Bay. Kuputuskan mencari kedai makan sembari menunggu hujan reda. Memilah-milah kedai menghindari pork hingga akhirnya hinggap di sebuah kedai kecil di bilangan Jaffe Road.

Nasi plus ayam-tahu-toge seharga Rp. 48.000.
Kalau ini kedai fast food terkenal di area Causeway Bay, yaitu Ying Heong Yuen.


Aku menuju SOGO Mall….Ngapain Don?….Ngemall lah, kek orang susah aja. Keliling lebih dari setengah jam di dalam mall hanya untuk melihat barang-barang mahal. Yah seperti mall-mall di Jakarta lah.

SOGO Mall di Hennessy Road.

Keluar dari mall, Aku lama berhenti di salah satu sisi perempatan besar untuk mengamati aktifitas warga Hong Kong yang super ramai.

Perempatan sibuk di Hennessy Road dekat Stasiun MTR Causeway Bay.


Dari area Causeway Bay, Aku kemudian berpindah ke pusat Wan Chai District menggunakan tram. Naik dari ‘Paterson Street’ Tram Stop dan turun di ‘Swatow Street’ Tram Station. Hanya butuh waktu 15 menit dan tarif sebesar Rp. 4.500.

Menuju pusat Wan Chai District.

Turun di ‘Swatow Street’ Tram Station, Aku segera menyadari keberadaan stadion sepak bola….Kok ramai amat. Ada pertandingan kali yee?.

Ternyata nama stadionnya Southorn Playground dan terletak di Luard Road.

Aku mendekat dan memberanikan diri bertanya kepada security di gerbang stadion….dan ternyata boleh masuk….geratisssssss pulak.

Buru-buru masuk dan ambil tempat duduk di tribun. Oalah ternyata itu adalah stadion yang digunakan untuk bermain sepak bola bagi masyarakat setempat. Tapi lumayan rame juga. Ikut merasakan aktivitas warga dan tak terasa seperti turis. Aku ikut teriak-teriak ga jelas, asal rame aje….Hahaha….Gelo.

Southorn Playground yang diapit Luard Road dan Johnston Road.

Hanya menonton setengah babak karena Aku ingin melihat nightlifenya Wan Chai.

Kamu tahu Distrik Wan Chai kan?

Yang jelas Wan Chai adalah pusat kehidupan malan di seantero Hong Kong. Selain dikenal sebagai area para backpacker menginap, ada beberapa area di Wan Chai yang terkenal sebagai red district alias tempat prostitusi. Jadi selain penginapan murah, Kamu akan mudah menemukan bar and club disini.

Aku mencoba menelurusi bar and club tersebut di sepanjang Lockhart Road. Dan benar adanya, wanita-wanita seksi berpakaian minim berlalu lalang keluar masuk bar and club. Beberapa diantaranya sudah nggelendotin para bule berduit….Mau donk Aa digelendotin, Neng!.

Ah, daripada mupeng….Akhirnya Aku menuju ke pengkolan di pertengahan Lockhart Road dan singgah kedai food street yang menjual beragam sate sea food yang dibakar ditempat. Cukup dengan Rp. 10.000, Kamu sudah bisa mendapatkan gorengan yang enak disantap di tengah dinginnya udara malam Hong Kong.

Ini dia kedainya….Ada Snack yang terletak di bilangan O’brien Road.

Baru juga mengunyah, wanita-wanita seksi itu datang dan jajan di tempat yang sama….Alamak, tegang….Mengalah saja, akhirnya Aku kabur dari situ.

Khawatir akan ketinggalan pertunjukan penting maka Kuputuskan untuk menuju Victoria Harbour. Aku harus sampai disana sebelum jam 20:00. Karena itu adalah waktu reguler dimulainya Symphony of Light. Menggunakan MTR dari Wan Chai Station menuju Central Station. Tarif sekitar Rp. 8.000 dengan waktu tempuh 8 menit.

Wah itu band keren amat lagunya…..kek ngerti aja lo bahasa mandarin Don.

Para pengamen keren di koridor penghubung Central MTR Station dan Central Ferry Pier.

Aku berlari untuk melihatnya menyanyi beberapa lagu dan setelahnya Aku menuju ke dermaga untuk menyeberang menuju Victoria Harbour. Dengan Rp. 4.500, Aku tiba di Victoria Harbour dalam 12 menit.

Mengambil posisi duduk yang nyaman, maka Aku menunggu Symphony of Lights dimulai.


Bank of China Tower yang Gagah dan Starbucks Si Penyelamat Muka

“Kopi pahit tiba-tiba menjadi manis….Duh, indahnya”.

Setelah 1,5 jam menikmati The Hong Kong Observation Wheel dan AIA Vitality Park di sekitar Central Ferry Pier, akhirnya Aku mulai menyeberangi Connaught Road Central menuju Bank of China Tower (BOC Tower).

Lancarnya Connaught Road Central.

Tak sulit menemukan tower kenamaan tersebut karena dari jauh pun gedung dengan frame segitiga yang khas itu sudah kelihatan. Kan bangunan tertinggi ke-empat di Hong Kong.

Yuk Kita masuk ke BOC Tower.

Walah….Kok yang keluar masuk bangunan itu berparas tampan, cantik, modis dengan jas berdasi dan bergaya metrosexual….Aku sejenak berhenti ragu dan mengamati pintu utama gedung dari kejauhan. Buseettt….kagak ada satupun tampang backpacker atau turis yang masuk kedalamnya.


Masuk gak ya?….

Masuk ah….Melangkah maju.

Eh ga jadi dink….stop balik badan.

Pergi ah….Mulai melangkah untuk menjauh.

Eh ntar….Berhenti melangkah….Nunduk mikir….Garuk-garuk pala #terkesandramatis.

Yah cemen banget Lo, Don….Jauh-jauh kemari, nyampai tujuan malah kabur….Malu tuh ama jargon”, hati berbisik ke otak.

Malu bro….Kaos kucel, celana dekil gak ganti 4 hari, sepatu murahan ala trotoar Cijantung, mana pangkal shoulder strap tasku sobek lagi….Kirain akan banyak turis disitu….Ternyata kagak”, otakku membela.

Iye sih Don….Apa kita langsung ke Victoria Park aja?….Kan banyak tetangga kita ngumpul disana”, hati confirm mengalah.

Nah bener kan, apa guwe bilang….Yuk lah ke Victoria Park, mumpung belum sore….Nggak usah ngoyo gitu”, otak mulai bersekutu dengan hati.


Guwe kan salesman, masak iya kemaluan masih dibawa-bawa”, mulutku mulai menyingkirkan hati dan otakku.

Orang-orang sipit berdasi dan beberapa ekspatriat berambut pirang menatapku aneh ketika memasuki pintu gedung. Senyum semanis mungkin, berharap ada yang tertarik dengan kulit hitam eksotisku….Hahaha.

Tes….Tes….Latihan senyum sebelum masuk. Pintu disebelah kananku.


Beberapa langkah memasuki gedung, Aku berhenti dan menatap seisi ruangan….Sok PeDe….Aku mencari letak front desk.

Yes…Itu, di bagian tengah ruangan.

Aku : “Mbak boleh nanya ngga?”….Eh, salah “Excuse me Ms, Can I get information about observation deck on 43th floor?”.

Si Mbak : Aduh tersenyum manis beud, “Hai Sir, our observation deck had closed

Aku : “Since when, Ms?”, english ngawur yang penting doi ngerti deh.

Si Mbak : “It closed since May 2015, Sir”.

Aku : “Oh Okay, Thanks you Ms”.

Si Mbak : “You are welcome Sir. Happy journey in Hong Kong. Where are you come from?“.

Aku : “I’m from Indonesia. Again, thank you for your kindness”……”Can me know where do you stay in Hong Kong?, I want to meet your parent”. #fiksibeud

Gagal tapi merasa puas mengalahkan ketakutan diri, Aku berbalik badan untuk keluar gedung.


Jegeeeerrrrrrrrrr……..keclaaappp keclaaaappppp……..jedaaarrrr (Jessica Iskandar).

Hujan euy……duhhhh…..kudu kumaha?.

Pegawai kantoran itu pada masuk kembali ke dalam lobby. Banyangin, satu setelan pakaian backpacker di tengah banyaknya setelan jas berdasi….Dasar gembel.


Okay…Okay……Aku kembali mengamati sekitar.

Ahhhhaaaaa…….Itu, Starbucks di ujung kiri ruangan. Dengan pedenya Aku masuk ke starbucks. #ingatdompeteuy

Emang lo aje yang punya duit”, Gumamku angkuh. (tar malam ga makan dunk guwe).

Ada suara di belakangku….

Bule Cantik: “Hello, do you queueing?”.

Aku : “Oh No, I just seeing the menu. You can queue first”, Busettt…..Guwe kelamaan mikir cari harga kopi termurah di depan kasir.

Bule Cantik: “Oh thank you, handsome”.

Aku : “You are welcome, sweety”.

Akhirnya pesan long black coffee seharga Rp. 26.000.

Pait ih….Telen sonoh……Gaya sih.

Duduk di deretan bangku kosong aja supaya orang lain ga risih dengan keberadaanku.

Kursi semakin penuh karena orang lain pun akhirnya pada ngopi menunggu hujan berhenti. Dan rezeqi itu pun datang.

Kopi pahit tiba-tiba menjadi manis…kek ditabur gula 5 sendok. Lah iya ada Dia didepanku…….

Seruput pelan-pelan aja Don”, Setan mulai berbisik.

Satu seruput…..ngelirik……sruput lagi….ngelirik lagi.

Daripada hanya terpana mending guwe nanya deh

Aku : “Hi, Ms….Do you know WiFi password here?”

Si Cantik: “I’m sorry, I’m using my own Wifi”, sambil tersenyum.

Aku : Pukulan telak si tampang gratisan….”Oh Ok, Thank you Ms”.

Tak lagi ngelirik dan tak lagi bertanya. Pura-pura menikmati kopi yang sebetulnya pait warbiasah….#sambilsiul.

Petualangan konyolku di BOC Tower berakhir dengan beberapa hook dan uppercut yang cukup telak….Menyedihkan.

Hujan telah reda….Saatnya menuju Victoria Park. Aku keluar gedung menerjang gerimis lembut yang memapar muka.

Yuk, naik Ding Ding Tram !.