Catching a Pig at Ruins St. Paul.

Preparing to left Senado Square.

Not satisfied yet in enjoying classic charm of Senado Square, I slowly moved away. It wasn’t difficult to find direction to ruins of church and college which located about 600 meters north of the square.

Green direction sgins will help you to find it.

My steps continued through several souvenir shops, majority of them sold variety of food. While sun was highy rising, my stomach was getting hungry. But I didn’t rush to look for lunch, instead I did another madness.

Do you want to know?….

You need to know, each stores provides food samples which offered by their employees who stand in front of store area. If there are more than 30 stores there, then do you know what I mean?… let’s don’t think too long.

Look at their totality when sold foods. Their costumes were cool.

Yes, you should know. My madness was taking and tasting almost all types of food samples which offered to tourists for trying the taste.

30 small pieces of cake are certainly more than a portion of lunch for me. So….Free lunch….That’s the point.

And my luck arrived. In the midst of busy chewing a kind of cake, suddenly, I could taste extraordinary savory taste. I continued to chew it until my eyes sharply glared and forced me to turned back to sales promotion girl who offered me the cake.

Me : “What is it?”.

She : “Cake, Sir”.

Me : “No no no, the ingredient?”. Beef or chicken?

She: “No, It’s pork, Sir”.

Me: “Oh nice taste, Ms”. With fast movement, I vomited the cake in a trash can.

She: “Are you OK, Sir?

Me: “Yeaaa, I’m Okay, thanks Ms….But, sorry. I can’t eat pork. I’m moslem”.

That was first time, I tasted a nice pork even though it was only a few chews in my mouth.

Ruins of churches and colleges which better known as Ruins of St. Paul was finally right in my eyelids and only separated by a few dozens of stair which I was ready to climb.

Preparing for entering Ruins St Paul.

Many tourists made everyone were very difficult to captures themselves in front of Ruins of St. Paul gate without any interference from someone behind them.

Oh God, gate of Ruins of St. Paul which I always saw in the world weather forecasts on a cable TV channel, was finally in front of me and I could see it with my naked eyes ….


This is a ruined site of a church and college….

As a good explorer, you shouldn’t be complacent just by taking a photo of front gate. You must enter to back of gate to imagine how big the church and college were in its heyday.

Let’s entering it!….

Entering the gate, you will see that the wall behind the gate is supported by a very large and thick iron plate. Yes, of course this is to prevent collapse of the gate of Ruins of St. Paul.

Back gate was guarded by security.

Next you will find holes which are covered by a thick layer of glass. So I can only peek it. Then what is that hole?

Estimated as former main pillar (column) of St. Paul church.

Can you imagine how big original pillars of St. Paul church?.
Look closely.
Original form of St. Paul church in cross shape. Cool.

In addition to these square holes, you will also find a subset of space which has been conserved. This is Museum of Sacred Art and Crypt.

This is the room.
Other part of room.

So….that’s gaes, the shape of Ruins of St. Paul.

Let’s Visit !….Senado Square

My trip by city bus No. 10A ended when passing Kam Pex Community Center Bus Stop Avenue de Almeida Riberio. Luckily, bus driver allowed me to get off at a T-junction which nice view of Ponte Cais 16 Hotel in its center.

Kam Pex Community Centre bus stop.

That receptionist seemed to be son of hotel owner. Every question which I threw to him, He always answered easily, “Wait sir, I firtly ask to my mom”. Gosh, very luckily kid who will get a legacy a hotel later….Hahaha

Checking-in finished after I gave USD 16 to get Villa Ka Meng Hotel’s room key.

As easy as clicking my fingers, suddenly my eyes saw big “halal” logo in front of a restaurant. And the surprise was, a Chinese was the owner of restaurant. Loulan Islam is that restaurant name.

With a big smile, he asked what did I want to eat and offered a menu with such effort. His index finger danced around to writing various Chinese alpabhets in the air. My irresistible laughing made whole restaurant visitor happily laugh. Burying my sleepiness which affect me since early morning.

I paid a little more than standard street food prices which I ussually hunt. At least, I got a Halal dish reference in Macao.

Passing at left side of the road….I headed to Senado Square which was very near. But before actually achieving it, I stopped at a money changer to exchange my US Dollars for Macao Dollars.

Exchange only a little of USD Dollars !….Don’t forget to little preparing in Shenzhen !.

Finally I set foot in Senado Square, second destination in Macao that I visited.

The uniqueness of Senado Square is its floor motif which seems to be bumpy and identical to white and black color. The square which was full of tourists really showed that this place is a UNESCO historical heritage. It wasn’t a big surprise about its visitors who very crowd.

Classic buildings which adorn every sides of square were be easy targets for tourist’s camera.

St. Dominic’s Church.
Historical museum which ever functioned as an orphanage and health clinic.
Macao city hall which very classic.

Main Square’s wide limited my ability to explore all of it. And then, I sat at its side to hide from sun which very hot.

Chinese tourists: “Malaysian?” A middle-aged man greeted me under a tree which effectively reduced heat of the sun.

Me : “Me?….Oh, I’m Indonesian”.

Chinese Tourist: “Waaa…Indonesian. Nice country”.

Me : “Ever go to Indonesia?”.

Chinese Tourist: “Yes….Bali, Medan and Batam”.

Me : “Great….How about Indonesia?”.

Chinese Tourist: “I Like….I eat Nasi Padang there. Nice”.

Me : “Hahaha….Ya ya ya. The most delicious food in the world”.

Chinese Tourist: “Ever go to China?

Me : “Absolutely….I will go to Shenzen after my journey in Macao”.

Chinese Tourist: “Ohhoo….Good good. Welcome to my country”.

Me : “Thanks Sir

Our conversation ended when a woman who I suspected as his wife approached and invited him to continue their seightseeing at Senado Square.

Some spots at Senado Square:

“Taxi zone” map.
Taxi which was waiting for passengers.
Damn….Why did I capture that trash can.
A city bus which passes Senado Square.

So….If you go there when in Macau….Just enjoy it.

5 Macao’s Tourist Attractions in 24 hours

Macao is 10th country that I visited. Starting from getting for Cebu Pacific Airlines’ promo ticket worth USD 38 which accidentally drove me to Manila. And instead of buying return ticket from Manila which was very expensive, it was better to go home from Shenzhen (China) because Tiger Air offered cheaper return ticket.

In Manila to Shenzhen trip, I was stranded in Hong Kong and Macau. Fortunately didn’t for long time….Only 48 hours in Hong Kong and 24 hours in Macau.

After writing 48 hours story in Hong Kong. So now, I will tell about what did I visited for 24 hours in Macao.

1. Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal

That moment arrived when I chose to use TurboJet Ferry to leaving Hong Kong. On exactly 8:55 hours and in distance about 70 km from Hong Kong, I arrived at ferry terminal located in east of Macao island.

At outside building, this port has a name in Portuguese, namely Terminal Maritimo de Passageiros do Porto Exterior. Portuguese scripts are very commonly seen throughout Macao. This was happen because for 4 centuries, China rented Macao to Portuguese to be used as a trading port.

If on Google maps, there are terms i.e Macao Maritime Ferry Terminal, Macao Ferry Terminal or Hong Kong Macao Ferry Pier then thar are different names for a same place, i.e Outer Harbor Ferry Terminal.

So if you are docked at this ferry terminal then just enjoy being there.

2. Senado Square

I deliberately chose a dormitory near Ruins of St. Paul complex. Because in this complex, there are two leading tourist destinations namely Ruins of St. Paul and Senado Square. So that, I could freely explore both of them by walking.

Immediately putting my backpack in Villa Ka Meng Hotel after getting down bus on Avenue de Almeida Ribeiro street closed to Ponte Cais No. 16. And after enjoying breakfast at Loulan Islam restaurant, I rushed to Senado Square

Senado Square itself is a square which was built since 1918. It is shopping tourism for branded goods hunters to street food ones. Being one of UNESCO’s heritage, Senado Square offers great views of classic buildings which were built from Chinese and Portuguese culture aculturation along its sides.

3. Ruins St. Paul

Leaving Senado Square, the next closest destination which I visited was ruins of a cathedral called Ruins of St Paul. If you go to Macao and haven’t take a picture in front of Ruins St. Paul, then your trip would feel like it isn’t “legal”. Therefore this place was the busiest destination which visited by tourists during my journey to Macao.

Ruis St. Paul was originally a Portuguese cathedral which built in 16th century. It is also a UNESCO’s world heritage site when it became a historical conservation after a great fire in 1959. The iconic part which is often be a photo object by tourists is remaining front gate of cathedral.

4. Macao Tower

Ruis St. Paul to Macao Tower was a route which made me stucked for some time in Avenue Da Praia Grande street. Focus and fast understanding of complex and massive Macao bus route, I finally found a bus stop which passed by city bus no. 9A towards Macao Tower.

“A 338 meters in high” tower offers observation deck tours, restaurants, theaters, malls and bungee jumping activities. While in tower park, there is a plaza and a pool for sport activities or just for spending time in afternoon for Macao residents.

5. The Venetian

Perception of The Venetian’s grandeur made my visitation in Macao Tower wasn’t focus. I seemed to be in a hurry to immediately enjoy The Venetian. Curiosity to entering the biggest casino in Macao and even one of the biggest in the world, made me to want to immediately go there. Besides casino, one thing which I always remembered about The Venetian is gondola rides which would take us to the tourism nuances in Venice, Italy.

It is an integration of two functions, namely luxury hotel and casino. This 39-storey building is located on reclaimed island of Cotai and is affiliated with The Venetian Las Vegas.

And then….I completely visited those five destinations within 14 hours of exploration in Macao. I spent remaining time to took a rest and sleeping in a hotel to recover my body condition after a few days before exploring Manila and Hong Kong.

It is very crazy….

Hi, Macao!….Welcome to Outer Harbor Ferry Terminal!

Finally I set foot also in “City of Asian Sin”….Yes, so known indeed. Considering Macau is a gambling paradise in Asia. Casinos are everywhere and even for easy access, these casinos are integrated with shopping centers and hotels …. Are you curious?

That morning, 8:55 a.m., TurboJet ferry which I was traveling on slowed down when it passed under a giant bridge which was an inter-island access in Macao, i.e Macao-Taipa Bridge.

I watched closely rows of car which passed Macao-Taipa Bridge.

Within minutes, that “red fast ferry” was anchored. Impatient to set foot in Macao, I rushed out of the ferry towards immigration counter immediately.

First time know that bottom of ferry is hollow.

Approaching immigration counter, I closely watched immigration officers, majority of them used white gloves. It was similar when I was entering Hong Kong, very fast and easy. They only gave me a piece of immigration paper to entering Macau. So I never got a collection of immigration stamps from the Macao Special Administrative Region.

The coldness of ferry cabin which I rode for 55 minutes made my bladder was unable to compromise. Slightly held back a piss until toilet became a only thing in my mind as soon as I passed immigration counter.

Urinoir at Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal.
Smoking is fined for about USD 74.
Baby changing station from California.

Carrying a Indonesian passport made me be easily observed by tourist hunters….Yess, I was targeted by a salesman of transportation service provider for tourists.

He: “Hi Sir, are you from Indonesia? (speak in Indonesian language)”. Beuh, he could speak Indonesian language….He kept sticking to my left side.

Me: (it is usual scale question for offering something), “Yes sir“.

He: “Upss….your accent is javanese english….Which java are you come from sir? (speaking in Javanese language)”

After that, we was both speaking in Javanese language. This is our conversation.

Me: (Wow, Macao is cool, there is Javanese language here), “I am from Sragen (a small city in Central Java), Sir“.

He: “Oh Central Java, Sir. Where are you going, Sir?….Do you want rent a car? “.

Me: (Damn it, I could smile when I heard Javanese language in Macao), “Wow, sir, I am backpacker….My money isn’t enough….I will use bus…. I’m sorry sir“.

He: “Oooh….Where do you stay in Macao?”

Me: “Villa Ka Meng Hotel, sir. Which bus can I use? Where must I stop?

He: “Are you sure, you don’t want rent my car, sir?”.

Me: “Yes, sure

He: “Oh, okay….You can use bus number 10A….Stop in Ponte Cais No. 16“. (Ponte 16 is a casino at Rua do Visconde Paco D’Arcos Street)

Me: “Oh, thank you, sir. Have you stay in Java, Sir?. Your Javanese language is fluent“.

He: “Oh, Never sir….But, many of my friend are from Java“.

He was looking for other prospective customers because he couldn’t catch me.

To make my exploration easier then as usual, I hunted for brochures and other Macao tourism information.

Hunting for tourism information via digital platforms at ferry terminal.
The easiest way is approaching tourist information centre which is usually awaited by beautiful staffs.

I grasped a map of Macao city bus. Make me more confident when leaving ferry terminal.

A few steps when leaving main building of Outer Harbor Ferry Terminal.
Another part of Outer Harbor Ferry Terminal.

Macao makes its visitor to get easy journey. This can be seen from existence of free minibuses which provided by several leading hotels in Macao.

Here it is free bus platforms.

Backpackers don’t need to worry because that bus can also carry you even if you don’t stay at hotel which is a bus owner. You just need to tell the driver that you will play gambling in its hotel. Surely you will be given a seat on bus. Arriving at hotel, you just need to enter in casino for a while and then go out again and then looking for a dormitory which is you have booked. So if you go to Macao, booked a dormitory near famous hotels !…Hahaha.

But I don’t get on this bus, guys?

I better use an city bus by paying USD 0.40 because my hotel is near Senado Square which is quite far from hotel that have that free buses.

Kesan pertama ketika tiba di Macau….Hebat lah Macau.

Menangkap Babi di Ruins St. Paul.

Bersiap meninggalkan Senado Square.

Belumlah puas menikmati pesona klasik Senado Square, Aku pun perlahan menjauh. Tak susah menemukan petunjuk arah menuju situs reruntuhan gereja dan college yang terletak 600 meter di utara alun-alun itu.

Petunjuk arah berwarna hijau akan membantumu menemukannya.

Langkahku berlanjut dengan menelusuri sederetan toko oleh-oleh yang mayoritas menjual makanan. Sementara dengan semakin memuncaknya matahari, perutku semakin lapar. Namun aku tak bergegas mencari makan siang, justru aku melakukan sebuah kegilaan lain.

Mau tahu?….

Perlu kamu ketahui, setiap toko tersebut menyediakan sampel makanan yang ditawarkan para pegawainya yang berdiri di depan area toko. Jika toko disana berjumlah lebih dari 30 buah, maka sudahkah kamu tahu apa maksudku?….yuk, jangan kelamaan mikir.

Lihatlah totalitas mereka menjual makanan. Kostumnya keren kan.

Ya, harusnya kamu tahu. Kegilaanku adalah mengambil dan menyicipi hampir semua jenis sampel makanan yang ditawarkan kepada para turis untuk dicoba rasanya.

30 potongan kecil kue tentu lebih dari seporsi makan siangku. So….Makan siang gratis….Itu intinya.

Dan keberuntunganku itu tiba. Di tengah keasyikanku mengunyah sejenis kue, tiba-tiba ada terselip rasa gurih yang luar biasa. Aku terus mengunyahnya hingga akhirnya mataku melotot tajam dan memaksaku berbalik kepada SPG yang menawariku kue itu.

Aku: “What is it?”.

Doi: “Cake, Sir”.

Aku: “No no no, the ingredient?”. Beef or chicken?

Doi: “No, It’s pork, Sir”.

Aku: “Oh nice taste, Ms”. Dengan gerakan secepat kilat, aku melepehkan kue itu di sebuah selokan kecil.

Doi: “Are you OK, Sir?

Aku: “Yeaaa, I’m Okay, thanks Ms….But, sorry. I can’t eat pork. I’m moslem”.

Itulah pertama kalinya Aku merasakan nikmatnya daging babi walau hanya sekedar beberapa kunyahan di rongga mulutku….Alhamdulillah, akhirnya…..eitttt….Astaghfirullah.

Reruntuhan gereja dan college yang lebih dikenal dengan Ruins St. Paul itu akhirnya tepat berada di pelupuk mata dan hanya terpisah oleh beberapa puluhan anak tangga yang siap untuk kutanjaki.

Bersiap sebelum menanjak.

Banyaknya turis membuat setiap orang susah sekali mengabadikan diri dengan gerbang Ruins St. Paul tanpa ada gangguan seseorang di belakangnya.

Oh Tuhan, Gerbang Ruins St. Paul yang selalu kulihat di prakiraan cuaca dunia di sebuah channel TV kabel akhirnya berada di depanku dan bisa kulihat dengan mata telanjang….Sepuasnya.


Ini kan situs reruntuhan sebuah gereja dan college….

Sebagai penjelajah yang baik, seharusnya kamu tidak boleh berpuas diri hanya dengan mengambil foto bagian depan saja. Kamu musti masuk ke bagian belakang gerbang untuk membayangkan bagaimana besarnya gereja dan college ini di masa jaya berdirinya.

Yuks, Kita masuk!….

Memasuki gerbang, maka kamu akan melihat bahwa dinding di belakang gerbang disangga oleh plat besi yang sangat besar dan tebal. Ya, tentu ini untuk menanggulangi robohnya gerbang Ruins St. Paul.

Gerbang bagian belakang dijaga oleh security.

Berikutnya kamu akan menemukan lubang-lubang yang ditutup oleh lapisan kaca tebal. Jadi aku hanya bisa mengintipnya. Lalu itu lubang apa?

Diperkirakan sebagai bekas tiang utama (kolom) dari Church of St. Paul.

Bisa kamu bayangkan seberapa besar tiang asli Church of St. Paul?.
Lihatlah lebih dekat.
Bentuk asli Church of St. Paul berbentuk salib ya. Keren.

Selain lubang-lubang persegi tersebut, kamu juga akan menemukan subuah ruangan tersisa yang sudah dikonservasi. Ini adalah ruangan Museum of Sacred Art and Crypt.

Ini ruangannya.
Bagian ruangan yang lain.

So…itulah gaes, wujud dari Ruins St. Paul.

Yuk Tengok….Senado Square

Perjalananku bersama bus kota No 10A berakhir dengan terlewatnya Halte Bus Kam Pex Community Centre di bilangan Jalan Avenue de Almeida Riberio. Beruntung si pengemudi bus masih mau menurunkanku di sebuah pertigaan dengan pemandangan Hotel Ponte Cais 16 tepat di pusatnya.

Halte Bus Kam Pex Community Centre.

Resepsionis itu sepertinya anak si empunya hotel. Setiap pertanyaan yang kulempar selalu dijawabnya mudah, “Wait sir, I firtly ask to my mom”. Duh, enaknya tuh bocah dapat warisan hotel kelak….Hahaha

Check in pun selesai setelah kuberikan Rp 220.000 untuk mendapatkan kunci kamar Hotel Villa Ka Meng.

Semudah menjetikkan jari, tiba-tiba mataku melihat tulisan halal sebegitu besarnya di depan sebuah rumah makan. Dan terkejutnya, orang Tionghoa adalah si pemilik rumah makan itu. Rumah makan Loulan Islam namanya.

Dengan senyum lebarnya, dia bertanya mau makan apa dan menawarkan menu dengan usaha sebegitu kerasnya. Telunjuk jarinya menari-nari menuliskan berbagai aksara China di udara. Gelak tawaku yang tak tertahan membuat seisi rumah makan tertawa riang. Memendam kantuk yang dari pagi tadi menggelayutiku.

Aku membayarnya sedikit mahal dari standar harga street food yang biasa kuburu. Setidaknya mendapatkan referensi sajian halal di Macau.

Melewati sisi kiri jalan….aku menuju Senado Square yang tinggal selemparan batu. Tapi sebelum benar-benar mencapainya, aku berhenti di sebuah money changer untuk menukarkan Dolar Amerika ke Dolar Macau.

Tukarkan sedikit saja….Sisakan untuk mengeksplore Shenzen.

Akhirnya aku menginjakkan kaki di Senado Square, destinasi kedua di Macau yang kukunjungi.

Keunikan Senado Square adalah motif lantainya yang seolah bergelombang dan identik dengan warna putih hitam. Alun-alun yang penuh dengan turis ini benar-benar menunjukkan bahwa tempat ini merupakan warisan sejarah UNESCO. Tidaklah mengherankan atas keramaian itu.

Bangunan-bangunan klasik yang menghiasi kiri kanan alun-alun itu menjadi sasaran empuk para pemilik kamera untuk mengabadikannya.

St. Dominic’s Church.
Museum bersejarah yang pernah berfungsi sebagai panti asuhan dan klinik kesehatan
Balai kota Macau tempoe doeloe.

Luasnya alun-alun membatasi kemampuanku untuk mengitarinya sekali saja dan kemudian terduduk di salah satu ujungnya lalu berteduh dari sengatan surya yang mulai meninggi.

Turis China: “Malaysian?”. Seorang lelaki setengah baya menyapaku di bawah sebuah pohon yang mengurangi panasnya matahari.

Aku: “Me?….Oh, I’m Indonesian”.

Turis China: “Waaa…Indonesian. Nice country”.

Aku: “Ever go to Indonesia?”.

Turis China: “Yes….Bali, Medan and Batam”.

Aku: “Great….How about Indonesia?”.

Turis China: “I Like….I eat Nasi Padang there. Nice”.

Aku: “Hahaha….Ya ya ya. The most delicious food in the world”.

Turis China: “Ever go to China?

Aku: “Absolutely….I will go to Shenzen after my journey in Macau”.

Turis China: “Ohhoo….Good good. Welcome to my country”.

Aku: “Thanks Sir

Percakapan pun berakhir ketika seorang perempuan yang kuduga istrinya menghampiri dan mengajaknya melanjutkan eksplorasi Senado Square.

Beberapa spot di Senado Square:

Peta zona taxi.
Taxi yang sedang menunggu penumpang.
Geblek….Ngapain juga guwe motoin tuh tempat sampah.
Telepon umum.
Bus kota yang melewati Senado Square.

So….If you go there when in Macau….Just enjoy it.

5 Destinasi Wisata Macau dalam 24 jam

Macau adalah negara ke-10 yang kukunjungi. Berawal dari tersangkutnya hasrat pada tiket promo senilai Rp. 512.000 milik Cebu Pacific yang mengantarkanku secara tak sengaja di Manila. Dan daripada membeli tiket balik dari Manila yang sangat mahal maka lebih baik pulang dari Shenzen saja karena Tiger Air menawarkan tiket kelewat murah.

Dalam perjalanan Manila menuju Shenzen itulah, aku terdampar di Hong Kong dan Macau. Untungnya tak lama….Hanya 48 jam di Hong Kong dan 24 Jam di Macau.

Setelah menulis kisah 48 jam selama di Hong Kong maka kali ini Aku akan bercerita tentang apa saja yang kukunjungi selama 24 jam di Macau.

1. Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal

Momen itu tiba seiring pilihanku menggunakan TurboJet Ferry ketika meninggalkan Hong Kong. Tepat pukul 08:55 dengan jarak sekitar 70 km dari Hong Kong, aku tiba di terminal ferry  yang terletak di bagian timur pulau Macau itu.

Dibagian luar bangunan, pelabuhan ini berpapan nama dalam bahasa Portugis yaitu Terminal Maritimo de Passageiros do Porto Exterior. Tulisan berbahasa Portugis sangat biasa terlihat di seluruh Macau. Hal ini dikarenakan selama 4 abad, China menyewakan Macau kepada Portugis untuk digunakan sebagai pelabuhan perdagangan.

Jika di google maps ada istilah Macau Maritime Ferry Terminal, Macau Ferry Terminal atau Hong Kong Macau Ferry Pier maka itu adalah nama yang berbeda untuk satu tempat yang sama yaitu Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal.

Jadi jika kamu berlabuh di terminal ferry ini maka nikmati sajalah keberadaannya.

2. Senado Square

Aku sengaja memilih dormitory di dekat kompleks Ruins St. Paul. Karena di kompleks ini ada dua destinasi wisata terkemuka yaitu Ruins St. Paul itu sendiri dan Senado Square. Sehingga Aku bisa leluasa menjelajah keduanya dengan berjalan kaki.

Segera menitipkan backpack ke Villa Ka Meng Hotel begitu menuruni bus di jalanan Avenue de Almeida Ribeiro dekat dengan  Ponte Cais No 16. Dan setalah menikmati sarapan pagi di rumah makan Loulan Islam, aku bergegas menuju Senado Square

Senado Square sendiri merupakan alun-alun yang dibangun sejak 1918. Adalah shopping tourism untuk para pemburu barang ber merk hingga penikmat jajanan kaki lima. Menjadi salah satu warisan UNESCO, Senado Square menawarkan pemandangan bangunan-bangunan klasik perpaduan budaya Tiongkok dan Portugis si sepanjang sisinya.

3. Ruins St. Paul

Meninggalkan Senado Square maka destinasi terdekat yang kukunjungi berikutnya merupakan reruntuhan sebuah katedral yang bernama Ruins st Paul. Kalau Kamu ke Macau dan belum berfoto didepan Ruin St Paul, maka perjalananmu serasa tidak syah. Karenanya tempat ini menjadi tempat teramai yang dikunjungi turis selama kunjunganku ke Macau

Ruis St. Paul awalnya adalah katedral Portugis yang dibangun pada abd ke-16. Juga menjadi warisan sejarah dunia UNESCO setelah menjadi cagar sejarah pasca kebakaran hebat pada tahun 1959. Bagian ikonik yang sering dijadikan obyek foto para turis adalah bagian pintu depan katedral yang tersisa.

4. Macau Tower

Ruis St. Paul menuju Macau Tower adalah rute yang membuatku tersangkut selama beberapa waktu di jalanan Avenue Da Praia Grande. Mensiasati rute bus Macau yang begitu rumit dan masif, akhirnya aku berhasil menemukan halte bus yang disinggahi oleh bus kota no 9A menuju Macau Tower.

Menara setinggi 338 meter ini menawarkan wisata observation deck, restoran, teater, mall dan kegiatan bungee jumping. Sementara dibagian taman tersedia plaza dan kolam untuk kegiatan olahraga atau hanya sekedar menghabiskan waktu di sore hari bagi para warga Macau.

5. Venetian

Bayangan kemegahan Venetian membuat keberadaanku di Macau Tower tak begitu khusyuk. Aku seakan-akan terburu-buru untuk segera menikmati Venetian. Rasa penasaran untuk memasuki ruangan casino terbesar di Macau bahkan salah satu terbesar di dunia, membuatku ingin segera menuju kesana. Selain casino, satu hal yang selalu kuingat tentang Venetian adalah Gondola Rides yang akan membawa kita ke nuansa pariwisata Venice, Italia.

Merupakan integrasi dua fungsi yaitu hotel mewah dan casino. Bangunan 39 lantai ini terletak di pulau reklamasi Cotai dan berafiliasi dengan The Venetian Las Vegas.

Dannnnn….Kelima destinasi itu hanya kuselesaikan dalam 14 jam eksplorasi di Macau. Selebihnya waktu kugunakan untuk tidur di hotel untuk memulihkan kondisi tubuh pasca beberapa hari sebelumnya mengekplorasi Manila dan Hong Kong.

It is very crazy….

Hai, Macau!….Selamat Datang di Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal!

Akhirnya aku menginjakkan kaki juga di “Kota Dosa Asia”….Ya, dikenal demikian memang. Mengingat Macau adalah surganya judi di Asia. Casino berteberan dimana-mana bahkan untuk memudahkan aksesnya, casino-casino ini diintegrasikan dengan pusat perbelanjaan dan hotel….Penasaran kan?.

Pagi itu, 08:55, TurboJet ferry yang kutumpangi melambatkan lajunya ketika melintas dibawah jembatan raksasa yang merupakan akses antar pulau di Macau, yaitu Macau-Taipa Bridge.

Kuperhatikan lekat-lekat deretan kendaraan yang melewati Macau-Taipa Bridge itu.

Dalam hitungan menit, ferry cepat berwarna merah itu pun berlabuh. Tak sabar menginjakkan kaki di Macau, aku sedikit bergegas keluar dari ferry itu untuk segera menuju konter imigrasi.

Baru tahu bagian bawah ferry itu berongga.

Mendekat konter imigrasi, aku mengamati dengan seksama para petugas imigrasi yang mayoritas menggunakan sarung tangan berwarna putih. Sama ketika masuk ke Hong Kong, sangat cepat dan mudah. Mereka hanya memberiku selembar kertas imigrasi untuk memasuki Macau. Jadi aku tak pernah mendapatkan koleksi stempel imigrasi dari Wilayah Administrasi Khusus Macau.

Dinginnya kabin ferry yang kunaiki selama 55 menit membuat kemih tak bisa kompromi. Sedikit menahan rasa pipis hingga toilet menjadi satu-satunya yang ada dalam pikiranku begitu lolos dari konter imigrasi.

Urinoir di Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal.
Ketangkap merokok didenda 1 juta.
Baby changing station produk asli California.

Menenteng passport “hijau” membuatku mudah diamati oleh para pemburu turis…yess, gue diincar oleh seorang penyedia jasa transportasi untuk turis.

Dia : “Mas dari Indonesia ya?”. Beuh bisa Bahasa Indonesia….Doi terus menempelku disisi kiri.

Aku: (pertanyaan skala biasa buat PDKT), “Iya pak”.

Dia: “Loh suaranya medok….Jawane ngendi mas?

Aku: (Wah keren nih Macau, ada Bahasa Jawa disonoh, njirrr), “Sragen, mas”.

Dia: “Oh Jawa Tengah yo mas. Meh nang endi, mas?….Opo makai mobilku ae?”.

Aku: (Geblek, Gua bisa senyum nyengir terus nih saking denger bahasa Jawa di Macau), “Walah pak, iki bekpekeran eee….Pas-pasan duitku….Meh numpak bis ae lah pak….Sepurane ae yo pak.

Dia: “Oooo…..Hotelmu nang endi mas?

Aku: “Villa Ka Meng Hotel, pak. Numpak bis nomer piro yo mas? Mudun ngendi?”.

Dia: “Tenanan ki ra nyilih mobilku ae mas?”.

Aku: “Sumprit ora pak”.

Dia: “Yowes mas….numpak bis no 10A ae yo….mudun Ponte Cais No. 16”. (Ponte 16 adalah casino di jalan Rua do Visconde Paco D’Arcos)

Aku: “Oh matur suwun yo pak. Pernah urip ning Jowo to pak?”.

Dia: “Ora pernah ee mas….cuman kancaku wong Jowo akeh”.

Dia pun mencari calon customernya yang lain karena tak berhasil menangkapku.

Untuk memudahkan menjelajah maka seperti biasa, aku berburu brosur dan informasi pariwisata Macau lainnya.

Berburu informasi pariwisata via digital platform di ferry terminal.
Paling mudah dan menyenangkan adalah menghampiri tourist information yang biasanya ditunggu wajah-wajah cantik.

Tergenggam sudah peta bus kota Macau. Membuatku semakin percaya diri meninggalkan pelabuhan.

Beberapa langkah ketika meninggalkan bangunan utama Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal.
Bagian lain dari Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal.

Macau memang memanjakan para pengunjungnya. Hal itu terlihat dari keberadaan minibus-minibus gratis penjemput yang disediakan oleh beberapa hotel terkemuka di dataran Macau.

Ini dia platform bus gratis itu.

Para tampang backpacker tak perlu risau karena bus itu bisa juga mengangkutmu walau kamu tidak menginap di hotel asal bus tersebut. Kamu hanya perlu berani bilang ke sopirnya bahwa kamu akan bermain judi di hotel asal bus. Pasti kamu akan diberikan bangku di bus tersebut. Sampai hotel, kamu tinggal memasuki casino sebentar lalu keluar lagi dan carilah dormitory yang kamu inapi. Makanya kalau ke Macau cari dormitory di dekat hotel-hotel ternama ya….hahaha.

Tapi gue ga naik bus ini ya gaes….

Gue lebih baik menggunakan bus kota biasa dengan membayar Rp. 5.500 karena hotelku berada di dekat Senado Square yang lumayan jauh dari hotel-hotel pemilik bus gratis itu.

Kesan pertama ketika tiba di Macau….Hebat lah Macau.