Behind of Air Asia QZ 206 Flight from Jakarta to Kuala Lumpur

Just after returning from expedition to Garut-Tasikmalaya-Sumedang, my fatigue after a week traveling in that three districts didn’t make me tired. Didn’t take a break, I prefer to complete my mission for complete South Asia exploration by visiting the remaining three countries.…Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Maldives.

Air Asia ticket which I bought for USD 25,8 since April 7, 2018 was able to keep my mission and my wallet to continue to travel the world. Yes, I had to caught Malindo Air on Kuala Lumpur-Dhaka route in KLIA.

During waiting period of my departure, many questions arise from work colleagues or other friends outside of work.

“Yeeee, why are you traveling to Bangladesh?. It’s not elite”

“Donny, what do you want to see in Bangladesh?”

“You will go home and sick, Donny”

“Wasting time….Better you go to Ancol (a beach in Jakarta) than go to Bangladesh”.

“Donny, Why does have to go to Bangladesh?”

I answered: “Yes, up to me … it’s my money … It’s my steps“.

Ups, I didn’t answer like that….That’s impolite.

Hahaha …. “Yes, guys, my money is only enough to travel there“….Hahaha….That’s my answer to them.

Other people don’t know about my mind about traveling….more crazy, more better….more weird, more amazing…Hahaha.


As usual…Using DAMRI bus at Kampung Rambutan Terminal. Besides being cheap, it is also close from my home. I prepared USD 2,9 to pay the fare with departure time on 15:00 hours. 1 hour and 15 minutes trip drove me in Terminal 2F, Soekarno Hatta International Airport.

Through gate 5, I started entering first X-ray screening. Not so smooth, my backpack which became my only friend was seen flipped by AVSEC (Aviation Security) officer, smeared with wet tissue and then watched closely. No need to worry…. the important thing is no drugs in it….Hahaha. Even if denied entry, it’s calm…. this is still in my city. Just go back to home with DAMRI again….If I denied to boarding.

Hi Ms, can me get window seat, please!“, My seduction to check-in staff at Air Asia counter. God, She is very pretty and kind, always smile …Hahaha, It’s be her duty to smile to everyone. “Hello, It’s your boarding pass“, She said….I got seat 2D, yes I failed….Hahaha.

Let’s stamped a passport! …. Even though it’s an e-passport, but my habit of stamping a passport make me didn’t care about existace of autogate counter.

Immigration Officer: “Where do you go?

Me : Just mention in detail one by one of my destination, so he wasn’t be suspicious, “Penang, Dhaka, Colombo, Maldives, sir. Transit in Mumbai and Singapore“. What kind of trip trip is it? … crazy.

Immigration Officer : “Backpacker?”

Me                           : “Yes sir”

Immigration Officer : He saw my face, checking my new passport and old one. Then….He stamped it, “be careful, sir“.

Me                            : “thank you, sir….surely I will be careful”.

Immigration Officer : “You are great“.

Yuhuuu…..I’m great like he said

Then I prayed at end of corridor before entering gate. After that, I entered second X-ray screening in front gate D5….Yess, very smooth.

While I was sitting reading near charging station, came a couple of Korean. They tried very hard to use it too.

Me      :  “Hi, Sir. That’s broken. I had tried many times and failed”.

He       : “Oh yea….Why put it here if broken” ostensibly kicking charging station while smiling.

Me      : “Do you want go to South Korea?”.

He        : “Oh, Nup….I’m from California and will fly from KL”.

Me     :  “Oh Nice”.

He       : “What are you doing here? “.

Me     :  “My profession, your mean?”.

He       :  “yeaaa”

Me     :  “Sales”.

He       :  “Good money?”

Me      :  “If not good, I willn’t here to fly with you”.

He       :  “yea…yea…yea”, nodding while smiling at me.

Looked like his girlfriend was a travel vlogger. Always speak with her confidence….Great. I thought I could not be like that? It’s better to write than to talk like her.

QZ 206 finally leaned to gate. Yup ….my adventure started immediately. Thirsty made me out from gate to buy mineral water. And a little warning from gate officer to immediately back to gate. Ok, sir, instead of buying it on the plane, it’s expensive.

Airbus A320-200 with a capacity about 186 passengers.

Exactly on 19:17 hours, I started boarding.

Behind korean-american girl.

Turbulence night flights on end of December. Seen middle-aged man next to me was so tense and held tight to the armrest chair throughout flight while me and a young woman who flanked him only wryly smiled while hiding misgivings.


Because my latest knowledge about Ipoh and Penang was so minimal, I decided to explore Travel360 inflight magazine. Hoping to find valuable information about Ipoh and Penang tourism. And …. thanks …. I really got it.

Ipoh in Travel360 inflight magazine.
Basic information about Penang.

QZ 206 was preparing to landing. Could not sleep during the trip because focus in reading inflight magazine to find information. This time, my 5 days transit adventure in Malaysia was foolish. Traveling without enough information.

Getting ready to landing.
What is the baggage for? It maybe a flight safety equipment.

Once arrived at KLIA2, a thoughts which immediately occurred to me were looking for a free water station, dinner, prayer, bought bus ticket to Penang and then sleeping.

You have to go to Transportation Hub on 1st floor to find cheap food. Oh yeah….Bus ticket sales counter is also there.

Come on…Got ready to go to Penang tomorrow.

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20 Tourist Attractions in Male’ City

Premium Link Ferry slowly approached Male’ island after 18 minutes sailing from Hulhumale island. That day I intended to visit Hulhumale, Male ‘and Villingili.

Set foot on Male’ Ferry Terminal front yard, I tried to calm down and swept around the view. Finally a sign board seized my attention.

This direction taught me how to explore Male’ by walking. And finally my adventure started from here:

Situation of Boduthakurufaanu Magu Street

My steps slowly led to Medhuziyaarai Magu Street. There were many interesting photo spots on this road:

  1. People Majlis

People Majlis is the office of Maldives Parliament.

Then if You walk straight to west, You will find this building:

2. Medhu Ziyaaraiy Shrine

This is the tomb of Abdul Barakat Yoosuf Al Barbary from Morocco who had an important role in Islam spreading in Maldives.

Then, next to this tomb is the official residence of Maldives’ president. The name of this building is:

3. Mulee-aage Palace

This 100-year-old house was originally Maldives’ crown prince residence before the country turned into a republic.

4. Hukuru Miskiyy (Friday Mosque).

Precisely in front of Mulee-aage, you can visit Hukuru Miskiyy.

The oldest mosque in Maldives and has the most artistic value in this country. Being one of UNESCO’s world heritages, this mosque uses Maldives’s natural wealth as its building material, which is coral reef …. It’s cool.

I took the time to pray Dzhuha here and talked with a mosque staff.

5. Velaanaage

From Hukuru Miskiyy walk towards north coast, you will pass this modern building:

Get a title as the tallest building in Maldives. This building has a function as Maldives’ government administration office with a integrated service concept.

6. President’s Office.

Walking on north coast of Male’ towards west, the next spot to be found is the building where the President of Maldives works every day

7. Izzudheen Faalan

This is the presidential sea dock. Opened in 2015 and named after a hero who contributed to maintaining the independence of Maldives.

8. Jumhooree Maidhaan

People know it as Republic Square. A big square where Maldivian do their activities. In addition to seeing the giant Maldivian flag, you will also meet a herd of pigeons in the square … of course, you can feed it.

At one of square sides, You will find a large fountain that seems to be a beautiful show at night because it is combined with music.

9. Male’ Islamic Centre

From this square, moving towards south and visiting the Islamic development center in Maldives. The Islamic Center is marked by the majestic standing of Al-Sulthan Muhammad Thakurufaanu Al-Auzam mosque.

10. The November 3rd Memorial.

Walking to right of the mosque, I found a monument to commemorate the death of 19 people due to a terrorist attack on November 3, 1988. The nineteen victims consisted of 8 military and 11 civilians.

11. Sultan Park.

Precisely in front of The November 3rd Memorial is Sultan Park. It is the best park in Male’. Tourists must pay to enter it but it is free for Maldivians.

The park’s operating hours are Sunday (16: 00-23: 00), Monday-Thursday (09: 00-23: 00) and weekends or public holidays (06: 00-24: 00).

12. National Museum.

After sightseeing in Sultan Park, I decided to visit National Museum near this park. The Museum building is a gift from China Government to Maldives Government. During my journey in Maldives, I saw a lot of large projects in Maldives which were carried out by China Government.

13. Theemuge

Tired after walking around the museum, Resting under a large tree in front of National Museum was the best choice. I could enjoy to see Maldivian activitiesat the T-junction in front of the museum.

Leaving the museum, I headed to Orchid Magu street to find the Theemuge. Theemuge is office of the Maldives Supreme Court.

14. Local Market

Back towards the Male’s north coast in north of Theemuge, you can visit the Local Market. It’s nice to visit Local Market and see Maldivian’s trading activities.

15. STO Building

This is 8-storey building as headquarters of STO (State Trading Organization) which was built in Maafanu area. The company which 80% shares held by the Maldives government. The company is engaged in various business such as electronics, health and supermarkets

16. Rasfannu

At the westest of Male’ island, you will find to a artificial beach named Rasfannu. Beach where are often used by Maldivians (even tourists) to relax themselves after work in the afternoon.

17. Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH)

This is hospital that a gift from India Government for Maldive Government. So its status is certainly a state hospital.

18. Dhiraagu Building

Dhiraagu is the leading telecommunications provider in Maldives. I had bought 4GB internet quota from this provider for USD 15 during visiting in Maldives … Thanks Dhiraagu.

19. Tsunami Monument

This monument was erected to commemorate Tsunami disaster in 2004. A tsunami that occurred simultaneously with Aceh’s Tsunami in Indonesia

20. Sinamale Bridge

This China-Maldives friendship bridge connects Male’ island dan Hulhule island. Hulhule is an island where Velana International Airport is located. This 2 km bridge opened in 2018 and You must pay to pass it.

So guys, Let’s visit Male’ Island ‘… I guarantee that it will be interesting.