Peeking Sultan Mahmud Airport, Kuala Terengganu

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In online searching before leaving for Kuala Terengganu, I never found the word “International” attached to its name. I just kept guessing that the airport I was going to was only a domestic airport which only served domestic flights.

Turned out I was only slightly right, but still horribly wrong in the end. Because this airport also provided international flights, although only for Hajj and Umrah purposes, i.e direct flights to King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah.

Now I was hovering over Kuala Nerus District. Terengganu River was seemed when Malaysia Airlines MH 1326 slowly lowered all its flaps on its two iron wings. That iron sheets slowly pushed the plane down towards the sole runway belonging to Sultan Mahmud Airport.

Gliding on the runway, I was presented with a view of a small yellowish building gracefully standing and showing off its distinctive style. The beautiful carvings at its wooden ornaments along airport’s wall seemed to take me to the gates of old sultanate era. Meanwhile, terraced roofs in airport corners add to its authority and classic impression.

Arrival Hall

The plane had done its job and came to a gentle stop in an apron which made from solid-uncoated concrete. The aerobridge line welcomed and provided a way for me and other passengers to enjoying the beauty of airport inside.

Malaysia Airlines 1326 in the apron.
Corridor leading to arrival hall.

Yellow….became the color of Malay majesty which was consistently exhibited. The waist-high wooden planks lining its walls made me feel like I wasn’t far from home. While the motive of three-color tile patterns made the atmosphere along arrival hall more lively.

Stepping into Domestic Arrival Council, the feel of Malaysian tourism was evident in advertisement wall throughout the room. Pictures which were familiar to my mind, beautifully displayed, the legendary Mining Boat which had been sailing for 90 years, Batu Burok Beach with its beautiful white sand and Traditional Trishaw which offered the beauty of a city tour made me impatient to be closer to downtown.

Malaysia’s tourism jargon also created an euphoria which always grew my longing for Malaysia. “Leave Malaysia” was a jargon for domestic tourism, “Malaysia Truly Asia” which was the marketing campaign of Ministry of Tourism and “Beautiful Terengganu” which was the last tourism slogan belonging to the State of Terengganu, seemed crowded to fill the arrival halls.

I arrived at Domestic Arrival Council after descending the escalator, in downstairs I found an unguarded tourism counter which allowed me to freely pick up Kuala Terengganu tourism brochures.

Like airports in general, of course this Arrival Hall was dominated by car rental counters, taxi ticket counters, souvenir shops and restaurants. There was also an ATM Area and Ticketing Counter on this floor. There were ticket counters belonging to Malaysia Airlines, Air Asia and Firefly.

While the public seating area utilized an empty space around airport poles with the presence of seats without a backrest.

Arrival Hall.
Vehicle lane in front of the arrival hall.
Sultan Mahmud Airport was so beautiful.

My intention to exploring the airport, whose its name was taken from the name of the 16th Sultan of Terengganu, made me in no hurry to leave. Now I had stepped out of the airport building to see beautiful facade of airport which was built to replace the old airport building thirteen years ago.

Crossing a lane lined with airport taxis, I began walking down a corridor with a typical Terengganu roof splitting a large parking lot. Finally at the end of corridor I could freely enjoy the beauty of this airport.

Departure Hall

To complete visitation, I stepped into Departure Hall upstairs. After all, the day after tomorrow I wouldn’t visit this airport again to go back to Kuala Lumpur. I prefered to take an interstate bus which of course offered cheaper ticket. I would buy it right away when I got to downtown later.

Using escalator, I arrived at top floor. Of course I just found a row of impenetrable check-in counters and screening-gates. I prefered to walk out of Departure Hall and enjoyed airport’s atmosphere from Drop-off Zone upstairs. Arriving outside, I found ancient cannons which were neatly arranged to decorate Departure Hall’s face.

This top floor drop-off zone was where I would wait for almost 45 minutes just to be able to enjoy airport bus service to downtown.

Parking lot seen from Departure Hall.
 Vehicle lane in front of Departure Hall.

The adventure at Sultan Mahmud Airport was completed.

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Malaysia Airlines MH 1326 from Kuala Lumpur (KUL) to Kuala Terengganu (TGG)

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Malaysia Airlines flight path MH 1326 (source:
Sleep in the waiting room in gate A5.

Not restful….

Throughout my sleep, occasionally my eyes warily narrowed at digital clock on the blue screen of Flight Information Display System. The plane to Kuala Terengganu would be flown on 07:25 am which made my sleep not perfect.

Two hours before dawn, in order to stop the anxiety, I decided to get up. While tidying my tired face, I had decided to go to gate A5. “Time to go to the destination point”, I muttered to myself.

Half unsteadily I descended an escalator leaving the International Concourse in 4th floor, then followed all signs to reach the gate. Because the previous night I got off an international flight, that morning I had to get through the immigration counter and hunted an arrival stamp in my passport to be able to go to Kuala Terengganu.

Not finding any other passengers, I now had to face an immigration officer at Kuala Lumpur International Airport alone. The immigration counter in front was guarded by a female staff who with a cold face stared at my presence.

“Good morning”, as usual I ventured to say hello. But as I predicted, my greeting went unanswered.

I slided my passport and ticket in front of her and she started to examine it carefully while frowning.

“Why do you go to Terengganu?”, was the first question from her in a low and heavy voice.

“Tourism”, a moment of silence…….“Travel”, I reiterated.

“How many days?”, the second question from her followed.

“Three days, Mam”, I confidently answered.

“Where will you spend your nights?”

“Near downtown”


“Oh, wait a minute, I don’t remember its name, Mam,” I was a little nervous looking for files on my smartphone. After a while of searching I finally found it, “The Space Inn”.


Smoothly completing the process of taking fingerprints and facial photo, made me step happily towards the gate in front of me.

Now I was in gate A5, exactly 2 hours before boarding time. Silence still engulfed that cold waiting room, there was no one in sight… Therefore, I decided to go in and continue sleeping. Maybe I could do Fajr Pray in the plane.


Some time later,

The sounds of passengers’ trolley bags woke me up, who actually could sleep better than sleeping in upstairs last night. Now I was awake, waiting for boarding time which would arrive in less than half an hour.

On time….

The boarding call finally sounded. The small number of passengers made me very fast to verify passport data and boarding passes before being allowed to enter plane’s cabin via aerobridge.

I sat in a window seat number 24F and no one else sat in the two columns closest to me, making me feel more relieved and comfortable. I immediately went for tayammum and performed the Fajr prayer while cabin crew were busy preparing for the flight.

The plane was waiting on the apron.
The cabin of MH 1326 was empty of passengers.
Take-off at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport runway.
The beauty of Putrajaya from above.

A few moments later everything was ready. The weather was very sunny and cloudy when the plane departed its main hub, i.e Kuala Lumpur International Airport at seven in the morning.

Malaysian Airlines MH 1326 itself is a flight with an air distance of 333 km with a travel time of 57 minutes from the capital Kuala Lumpur to Kuala Terengganu in the north. This flight is taken using a Boeing 737-800 twin jet with an average speed of 363 km per hour and in the middle of the flight it can reach a maximum speed of 764 km per hour.

I was ready to explore to an altitude of 25,000 feet or about 7,620 meters.

A flight that was actually ordinary but felt very special, considering it was a flight to a new place, a place I had never been to, a place which for the past three years had only inhabited my dream….But now a dream had come true, MH 1326 was taking me there. Thank you, God……

The special visit which was delivered by the 49-year-old flag carrier, the pride of my neighboring country, made the moment still linger to this day.

Although this time I took a premium flight, but because of its short distance, the airline didn’t provide in-flight meal. But that was okay, I still had a piece of burger form Mr. Younes which gave to me last night. I also relaxed to eat it during the flight because I was very impressed by the view of morning sky which was really enchanting. Every now and then the inflight magazine “Going Places” managed to interrupt my eyes which were engrossed in that special sight.

Under clouds just before cruising.
Cruising above clouds to Kuala Terengganu.

Yup, I didn’t feel it, I’d been in the air for almost an hour…..

Now the plane was starting to lower its altitude, cabin crew swiftly checked the readiness of passengers to landing, slowly, the appearance of Kuala Terengganu city was visible from a height….Wouuuwww, my heart was immediately pounding wanting to track it. “Patience Donny, in a moment you will be there”, I soothingly thought.

Now, the plane had lowered the flap to hold it in place and then smoothly landed in the runway of Sultan Mahmud Airport, a tiny airport which is the gateway to Kuala Terengganu tourism.

Kuala Terengganu from above.
It was a nice airport.

Welcome to Kuala Terengganu.

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Hot Burger in Kuala Lumpur International Airport

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Arrived at International Concourse.

The time marker showed half past eleven when Malaysia Airlines MH 724 landed at Kuala Lumpur International Airport. I took a deep breath when the plane was perfectly parked in the apron, it was because the connecting flight Malaysia Airlines MH 1326 would only fly to Kuala Terengganu on 07:25 hours next day. That means, for the next nine hours I had to spend all night at KLIA.

Overnight at KLIA2….Have you ever?….Yes, I was twelve times already, I tasted the “hard mattress” of KLIA Terminal 2

 Overnight at KLIA?….Have you ever?….Nup, this was my first time staying at KLIA Terminal 1.

While walking in arrival hall, I took a boarding pass which I got from Soetta airport’s check-in desk. After I looked at it, the boarding pass I was holding didn’t show the gate number. Therefore, I tried to find flight status information in Flight Information Display System (FIDS) located at arrival hall….Finally, I got the gate number….Yupz,A5.

So that was…. There was already a gate status.

So that tomorrow morning I won’t have to find the gate, I also intend to rehearse to find a way to the gate in question. From the International Concourse at level 4, I went down one level to Domestic Concourse. Please note that domestic flights at KLIA are flown from gate A and gate B, while international flights are flown from gate C, gate G and gate H.

My rehearsal was forced to end in front of the immigration counter, but at least I understood how I had to go to the gate tomorrow morning.

Domestic Concourse atmosphere.

From in front of the immigration counter, I was forced to climb back up to International Concourse to find a place to close my eyes.

Meanwhile, a few minutes into the middle of night, I was sitting on one of International Concourse’s seats when a couple of middle-aged tourists approached and took the empty seat to my left.

“Helloo, Sir, where are you come from?”, I ventured to say hello.

“Hi, I’m from Algeria”.

“Oh I know, it’s a country in north of Africa”, I tried to make the conversation warmer.

“Ohhhh….yeaaa….yeaaaa, you know that. I will go home tomorrow and will transit in Doha”, he started to tell about their travel plans.

“Oh, Doha will be the last destination in my traveling this time”, I started to relate my trip to their trip so that the conversation would be more intense.

“Oh, good. What is your traveling for?….Business?”

“Oh, no. it’s just for tourism. I’m Donny from Indonesia and Oh yeaaa, what is your name, sir?”

“Oh, I’m Younes and she is my wife”

“Hi, Donny, nice to meet you”, Mr. Younes’ wife also greeted me

“Hi, Madam. Nice to meet you too”

“Donny, let’s we have dinner together!” Mr. Younes took out four burgers from a paper bag that his wife had brought with him.

“Thank you, Sir. I had dinner since from Jakarta”, I gently refused.

“No No No…. It’s different, It’s to accompany us while talking about our traveling”, he forced me to accept a piece of burger that was still warm.

As a result the three of us were talking to each other while enjoying a burger together. And when we finished eating the simple dish, they said goodbye to go to the gate.

But…..Before the two of them left their seats, Mr. Younes’s wife handed me one last burger.

“It’s for you, Donny. Just take it, we are moslems, we are family”

“It’s really, I think you need it more in your journey, Mam”, I subtly declined.

“No, Donny, It’s for you”, she came closer sticking the burger in front of me

“Thank you, Mam. Allah is always with you”, finally I couldn’t resist it.

“Amen, Good night, Donny, Assalamu’alaikum”.


Very pleasant meeting in the early hours of that morning. I put the warm burger in my backpack. I’d better save it for breakfast tomorrow.

After the meeting, I decided to change places to find a row of empty seats to sleep while straightening my body so I could close my eyes comfortably.

Come on….Found a place to sleep.

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Sejenak Mengintip Bandar Udara Sultan Mahmud, Kuala Terengganu

<—-Kisah Sebelumnya

Dalam pencarian di dunia maya sebelum keberangkatan ke Kuala Terengganu, aku tak pernah menemukan sematan kata International pada namanya. Aku hanya terus menduga bahwa bandara yang akan kutuju ini hanyalah bandara domestik yang hanya melayani penerbangan dalam negeri.

Ternyata aku hanyalah sedikit benar, tetapi tetap saja salah besar pada ujungnya. Karena bandara ini juga menyediakan penerbangan internasional, walaupun hanya untuk keperluan haji dan umrah, yaitu penerbangan langsung menuju King Abdulaziz International Airport di Jeddah.

Kini aku melayang di atas Distrik Kuala Nerus. Sungai Terengganu nampak lamat ketika Malaysia Airlines MH 1326 perlahan menurunkan segenap flap di kedua sayap besinya. Lembaran-lembaran besi itu perlahan mendorong pesawat ke bawah menuju landas pacu tunggal milik Sultan Mahmud Airport.

Meluncur di atas landas pacu, aku disuguhkan pemandangan bangunan mungil berwarna kekuningan berdiri anggun memamerkan corak khas. Ukiran-ukiran indah pada lisplang dan ornamen kayu di sepanjang dinding bandara seakan membawaku ke pintu gerbang era kesultanan tempoe doeloe. Sedangkan atap-atap bertingkat pada pojok-pojok bandara menambah kewibawaan dan kesan klasik.

Arrival Hall

Pesawat paripurna sudah menyelesaikan tugasnya dan berhenti lembut di atas apron beralaskan beton kokoh tak berpelapis. Juluran aerobridge menyambut dan memberikan jalan untukku dan penumpang lain untuk menikmati keindahan bagian dalam bandara.

Malaysia Airlines 1326 di apron.
Koridor menuju arrival hall.

Kuning….menjadi warna keagungan Melayu yang konsisten dipamerkan. Papan kayu setinggi pinggang yang melapisi dinding membuatku serasa tak jauh dari rumah. Sementara permainan pola ubin tiga warna membuat suasana sepanjang lorong kedatangan lebih hidup.

Melangkah menuju Dewan Ketibaan Domestik, nuansa pariwisata Malaysia tampak nyata dalam iklan-iklan dinding di seantero ruangan. Gambar-gambar yang sudah familiar dibenakku, diperlihatkan dengan indahnya, Bot Penambang legendaris yang telah berlayar selama 90 tahun, Batu Burok Beach dengan keindahan pasir putihnya serta Traditional Trishaw yang menawarkan kindahan tur kota semakin membuatku tak sabaran saja berada untuk merapat ke tengah kota.

Jargon-jargon pariwisata Malaysia pun menimbulkan euforia yang selalu menumbuhkan rinduku pada Malaysia. “Cuti-Cuti Malaysia” menjadi jargon wisata domestik, “Malaysia Truly Asia” yang menjadi marketing campaign Kementrian Pariwisata dan “Beautiful Terengganu” yang menjadi slogan pariwisata terakhir milik Negara Bagian Terengganu, tampak ramai memenuhi lorong-lorong kedatangan.

Aku tiba di Dewan Ketibaan Domestik usai menuruni escalator, di lantai bawah aku menemukan konter pariwisata tak berpenjaga yang membuatku leluasa mengambil brosur-brosur pariwisata Kuala Terengganu.

Seperti bandara pada umumnya, tentu Balai Ketibaan ini di dominasi oleh konter-konter persewaan mobil, konter tiket taksi, toko souvenir dan restoran. Di lantai ini juga disediakan Area ATM dan Ticketing Counter. Tampak konter tiket milik Malaysia Airlines, Air Asia dan Firefly berada di sana.

Sementara area tempat duduk umum memanfaatkan ruang kosong di sekeliling tiang-tiang bandara dengan keberadaan tempat duduk tanpa sandaran.

Arrival Hall.
Jalur kendaraan di depan arrival hall.
Sultan Mahmud Airport yang begitu indah.

Naitku untuk mengeksplorasi bandara yang namanya diambil dari nama Sultan Terengganu ke-16 ini membuatku tak terburu-buru untuk meninggalkannya. Kini aku telah melangkah keluar dari bangunan bandara untuk melihat keindahan muka bandara yang dibangun untuk menggantikan bangunan bandara lama tiga belas tahun silam.

Menyeberangi  jalur yang dipenuhi taksi bandara, aku mulai menelusuri koridor dengan atap khas Terengganu membelah lahan parkir yang luas. Akhirnya di ujung koridor aku bisa leluasa menikmati keindahan bandara ini.

Departure Hall

Untuk menyempurnakan kunjungan, aku melangkah menuju Departure Hall di lantai atas. Toh, esok lusa aku tak akan mengunjungi bandara ini lagi demi menuju kembali ke Kuala Lumpur. Aku lebih memilih menaiki Bus Antar Negara Bagian yang tentu menawarkan tiket lebih murah. Aku akan langsung membelinya setiba di pusat kota nanti.

Menggunakan escalator, aku tiba di lantai atas. Tentu aku hanya menemukan sederetan konter check-in dan screening-gate yang tak mungkin ditembus. Aku lebih memilih berjalan keluar dari Departure Hall dan menikmati suasana bandara dari Drop-off Zone lantai atas. Setiba di luar, aku menemukan meriam-meriam kuno yang ditata apik menjadi penghias muka Departure Hall.

Drop-off zone lantai atas inilah yang nantinya menjadi tempatku menunggu selama hampir 45 menit untuk sekedar bisa menikmati jasa bus bandara menuju pusat kota.

Lapangan parkir dilihat dari Departure Hall.
Jalur kendaraan di depan Departure Hall.

Petualangan di Bandar Udara Sultan Mahmud pun rampung.

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Malaysia Airlines MH 1326 dari Kuala Lumpur (KUL) ke Kuala Terengganu (TGG)

<—-Kisah Sebelumnya

Jalur penerbangan Malaysia Airlines MH 1326 (sumber:
Tidur di ruang tunggu di gate A5.

Tak nyenyak….

Sepanjang tidur, sesekali mataku menyipit waspada menatap jam digital di layar biru Flight Information Display System. Pesawat menuju Kuala Terengganu akan diterbangkan pada pukul 07:25 pagi lah yang  membuat tidurku tak berlangsung sempurna.

Dua jam sebelum masuk waktu Subuh, demi menghentikan rasa was-was itu, aku memutuskan bangkit. Sembari merapikan muka yang kucel dan kusut, aku telah memutuskan untuk menuju gate A5. “Saatnya menuju titik tujuan”, aku bergumam dalam hati.

Setengah gontai aku menuruni escalator meninggalkan International Concourse di lantai 4, lalu mengikuti segenap markah untuk mencapai gate. Karena pada malam sebelumnya aku turun dari penerbangan international maka kali ini aku harus berhasil menembus konter imigrasi dan membawa arrival stamp dalam paspor untuk bisa menuju ke Kuala Terengganu.

Tak menemukan satupun penumpang lain, aku kini seorang diri harus menghadap ke petugas imigrasi Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Konter imigrasi dihadapan dijaga oleh staff wanita bertubuh tambun yang dengan wajah dingin menatap kehadiranku.

Selamat pagi ”, seperti biasa aku memberanikan diri untuk menyapa. Tapi seperti yang kuprediksi, sapaan itu tak berbalas.

Aku menggeser paspor dan tiketku ke hadapannya dan dia mulai memeriksa dengan seksama sambil mengernyitkan dahi.

Untuk apè pergi ke Terengganu?”, pertanyaan pertama darinya dengan suara bernada rendah nan berat.

Melawat”, sejenak suasana hening…….”lancong”, aku menegaskan ulang.

Berapa hari?”, pertanyaan kedua darinya menyusul.

Tiga hari, Cik”, aku menjawab dengan percaya diri.

Bermalam dimanè?

“Dekat Bandaraya”


“Oh, sebentar, saya tidak hafal namanya, Cik”, aku sedikit gugup mencari file di smartphone. Setelah beberapa saat mencari akhirnya aku menemukannya, “The Space Inn”.


Menyelesaikan proses pengambilan sidik jari dan foto wajah dengan lancar, membuatku melangkah dengan sumringah menuju gate di depan sana.

Kini aku sudah di gate A5 tepat 2 jam sebelum boarding time. Sunyi masih menghinggapi ruang tunggu yang dingin, tak tampak siapapun di dalamnya….Oleh karenanya, aku memutuskan masuk dan melanjutkan tidur. Mungkin aku baru bisa menunaikan Subuh di dalam pesawat.


Beberapa waktu kemudian,

Geretan-geretan trolley bag para penumpang membangunkanku yang sebetulnya bisa tidur lebih lelap dbandingkan tidur di lantai atas semalam. Kini aku terjaga, menunggu boarding time yang akan tiba dalam waktu tak sampai setengah jam lagi.

Tepat waktu….

Panggilan boarding akhirnya terdengar. Sedikitnya jumlah penumpang membuatku tak terlalu lama memverifikasi data paspor dan boarding pass sebelum diizinkan masuk ke dalam pesawat melalui aerobridge.

Aku terduduk di window seat bernomor 24F dan tak ada seorang penumpang pun yang duduk di dua kolom bangku terdekatku, membuatku merasa lebih lega dan nyaman. Aku pun segera bertayamum dan menjalankan ibadah shalat Subuh ketika awak kabin sedang sibuk menyiapkan penerbangan.

Pesawat yang sudah menunggu di apron.
Kabin MH 1326 yang sepi penumpang.
Take-off di runway Kuala Lumpur International Airport.
Indahnya Putrajaya dari atas.

Beberapa saat kemudian semua telah siap. Cuaca sangat cerah berawan ketika pesawat beranjak terbang meninggalkan main hubnya, yaitu Kuala Lumpur International Airport pada jam tujuh pagi.

Malaysian Airlines MH 1326 sendiri merupakan penerbangan dengan jarak udara 333 km dengan waktu tempuh 57 menit dari Ibu Kota Kuala Lumpur menuju Kuala Terengganu di sebelah utara. Penerbangan ini ditempuh menggunakan pesawat Boeing 737-800 twin jet dengan rerata kecepatan 363 km per jam dan di tengah penerbangan bisa mencapai kecepatan maksimal 764 km per jam.

Aku pun bersiap menjelajah ke ketinggian 25.000 kaki atau sekitar 7.620 meter.

Penerbangan yang sebetulnya biasa-biasa saja tetapi serasa sangat istimewa, mengingat ini adalah penerbangan menuju ke tempat baru, tempat yang belum pernah kukunjungi sama sekali, tempat yang selama  tiga tahun terakhir hanya menghuni alam impianku….Tapi kini mimpi telah menjadi nyata, MH 1326 sedang mengantarkanku ke sana. Terimakasih ya Allah……

Kunjungan istimewa yang dihantarkan oleh flag carrier berusia 49 tahun kebanggan Negeri Jiran itu membuat momen itu masih membekas hingga kini.

Walaupun kali ini aku menaiki penerbangan premium tetapi karena jaraknya yang pendek maka maskapai tidak menyediakan inflight meal. Tapi tak apa, aku masih punya sepotong burger pemberian Tuan Younes semalam. Aku pun santai menyantapnya selama penerbangan karena aku sangat terpukau pada pemandangan langit pagi yang sungguh mempesona. Sesekali inflight magazine “Going Places” berhasil menginterupsi mata yang asyik dengan pemandangan istimewa itu.

Di bawah awan sesaat sebelum cruising.
Cruising di atas awan menuju Kuala Terengganu.

Yup, tak terasa, hampir satu jam sudah aku mengudara…..

Kini pesawat mulai menurunkan ketinggian, awak kabin dengan sigap memeriksa kesiapan penumpang untuk mendarat, perlahan penampakan kota Kuala Terengganu tampak dari ketinggian….Wouuuwww, hatiku berdebar segera ingin menjejaknya. “Sabar Donny, sebentar lagi”, batinku menenangkan.

Kini, pesawat telah menurunkan flap untuk menahan lajunya dan kemudian mendarat mulus di atas runway Lapangan Terbang Sultan Mahmud, bandara mungil yang menjadi gerbang pariwisata Kuala Terengganu.

Kuala Terengganu dari atas.
Kecil-kecil cabe rawit nih bandara.

Selamat Datang Kuala Terengganu.

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Burger Hangat di Kuala Lumpur International Airport

<—-Kisah Sebelumnya

Tiba di International Concourse.

Penanda waktu menunjukkan setengah sebelas malam ketika Malaysia Airlines MH 724 merapat di Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Aku menghela nafas panjang ketika pesawat telah terparkir sempurna di apron, itu karena connecting flight Malaysia Airlines MH 1326 baru akan mengudara menuju Kuala Terengganu pada pukul 07:25 esok hari. Artinya, selama sembilan jam ke depan aku harus bermalam di KLIA.

Bermalam di KLIA2….Pernah kah?….Yes, dua belas kali sudah, aku mencicipi “kasur keras” KLIA Terminal 2

Bermalam di KLIA?….Pernah juga kah?….Nup, kali ini pertama kalinya aku menginap di KLIA Terminal 1.

Sembari berjalan di arrival hall, aku mengambil boarding pass yang sudah kudapat dari check-in desk Soetta. Setelah kuamati, boarding pass yang kupegang belum mencantumkan nomor gate. Oleh karenanya, aku berusaha mencari informasi status penerbangan di Flight Information Display System (FIDS) yang terletak di arrival hall….Akhirnya, aku mendapatkan nomor gate….Yupz,A5.

Nah itu….Sudah ada status gatenya.

Supaya esok pagi aku tak keteteran mencari gate, aku pun berniat melakukan rehearsel untuk mencari jalan menuju gate yang dimaksud. Dari International Concourse di level 4, aku turun satu level menuju Domestic Concourse.Perlu diketahui bahwa domestic flight di KLIA diterbangkan dari gate A dan gate B, sedangkan international flight diterbangkan dari gate C, gate G dan gate H.

RehearseI yang kulakukan pun terpaksa usai di depan gerbang konter imigrasi, tetapi setidaknya aku telah memahami bagaimana aku harus melangkah menuju gate esok pagi.

Suasana Domestic Concourse.

Dari depan konter imigrasi, aku terpaksa naik kembali ke International Concourse untuk mencari tempat demi memejamkan mata.

Sementara itu, beberapa menit lagi memasuki tengah malam, aku duduk di salah satu bangku International Concourse ketika sepasang turis setengah umur mendekat dan menduduki kursi kosong di sebelah kiriku.

Helloo, Sir, where are you come from?”, aku memberanikan menyapa.

Hi, I’m from Algeria”.

Oh I know, it’s a country in north of Afrika”, aku mencoba membuat percakapan lebih hangat.

Ohhhh….yeaaa….yeaaaa, you know that. I will go home tomorrow and will transit in Doha”, dia mulai bercerita tentang rencana perjalanannya.

Oh, Doha will be last destination in my traveling this time”, aku mulai mengaitkan perjalananku dengan perjalanannya supaya terjadi percakapan yang lebih intens.

Oh, good. What is your traveling for?….Business?

Oh, no. it’s just for tourism. I’m Donny from Indonesia and Oh yeaaa, what is your name, Sir?

Oh, I’m Younes and she is my wife

Hi, Donny, nice to meet you”, istri pak Younes turut menyapaku

Hi, mam. Nice to meet you too

Donny, let’s we dinner together!”, pak Younes mengeluarkan empat potong burger dari kantong kertas yang sedari tadi dibawa istrinya.

Thank you, Sir. I had have dinner since from Jakarta”, aku menolak lembut

No No No…. It’s different, It’s for accompany us while talk about our traveling”, dia memaksaku untuk menerima sodoran sepotong burger yang masih hangat.

Alhasil kami bertiga pun saling berbincang sambil menikmati burger bersama. Dan ketika kita usai menyantap hidangan sederhana itu, mereka pun berpamitan untuk menuju ke gate.

Tapiiii…..Sebelum mereka berdua meninggalkan kursi, tetiba istri pak Younes menyodorkan satu potong burger terakhir kepadaku.

It’s for you, Donny. Just take it, we are moslems, we are family

It’s really, I think you more need it in your journey, mam”, aku menolak halus.

No, Donny, It’s for you”, dia semakin dekat menjulurkan burger itu di depanku

Thank you, mam. Allah is always with you”, akhirnya aku tak kuasa menolaknya.

Amiin, Good night, Donny, Assalamu’alaikum”.


Pertemuan yang sangat menyenangkan di dini hari. Aku memasukkan burger hangat itu di dalam backpack. Lebih baik aku menyimpannya untuk sarapan esok hari.

Usai pertemuan itu, aku memutuskan berpindah tempat untuk mencari deret bangku kosong untuk tidur sembari meluruskan badan sehingga aku bisa memejamkan mata dengan nyaman.

Yukz….Cari tempat untuk tidur.

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