Hi, Macao!….Welcome to Outer Harbor Ferry Terminal!

Finally I set foot also in “City of Asian Sin”….Yes, so known indeed. Considering Macau is a gambling paradise in Asia. Casinos are everywhere and even for easy access, these casinos are integrated with shopping centers and hotels …. Are you curious?

That morning, 8:55 a.m., TurboJet ferry which I was traveling on slowed down when it passed under a giant bridge which was an inter-island access in Macao, i.e Macao-Taipa Bridge.

I watched closely rows of car which passed Macao-Taipa Bridge.

Within minutes, that “red fast ferry” was anchored. Impatient to set foot in Macao, I rushed out of the ferry towards immigration counter immediately.

First time know that bottom of ferry is hollow.

Approaching immigration counter, I closely watched immigration officers, majority of them used white gloves. It was similar when I was entering Hong Kong, very fast and easy. They only gave me a piece of immigration paper to entering Macau. So I never got a collection of immigration stamps from the Macao Special Administrative Region.

The coldness of ferry cabin which I rode for 55 minutes made my bladder was unable to compromise. Slightly held back a piss until toilet became a only thing in my mind as soon as I passed immigration counter.

Urinoir at Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal.
Smoking is fined for about USD 74.
Baby changing station from California.

Carrying a Indonesian passport made me be easily observed by tourist hunters….Yess, I was targeted by a salesman of transportation service provider for tourists.

He: “Hi Sir, are you from Indonesia? (speak in Indonesian language)”. Beuh, he could speak Indonesian language….He kept sticking to my left side.

Me: (it is usual scale question for offering something), “Yes sir“.

He: “Upss….your accent is javanese english….Which java are you come from sir? (speaking in Javanese language)”

After that, we was both speaking in Javanese language. This is our conversation.

Me: (Wow, Macao is cool, there is Javanese language here), “I am from Sragen (a small city in Central Java), Sir“.

He: “Oh Central Java, Sir. Where are you going, Sir?….Do you want rent a car? “.

Me: (Damn it, I could smile when I heard Javanese language in Macao), “Wow, sir, I am backpacker….My money isn’t enough….I will use bus…. I’m sorry sir“.

He: “Oooh….Where do you stay in Macao?”

Me: “Villa Ka Meng Hotel, sir. Which bus can I use? Where must I stop?

He: “Are you sure, you don’t want rent my car, sir?”.

Me: “Yes, sure

He: “Oh, okay….You can use bus number 10A….Stop in Ponte Cais No. 16“. (Ponte 16 is a casino at Rua do Visconde Paco D’Arcos Street)

Me: “Oh, thank you, sir. Have you stay in Java, Sir?. Your Javanese language is fluent“.

He: “Oh, Never sir….But, many of my friend are from Java“.

He was looking for other prospective customers because he couldn’t catch me.

To make my exploration easier then as usual, I hunted for brochures and other Macao tourism information.

Hunting for tourism information via digital platforms at ferry terminal.
The easiest way is approaching tourist information centre which is usually awaited by beautiful staffs.

I grasped a map of Macao city bus. Make me more confident when leaving ferry terminal.

A few steps when leaving main building of Outer Harbor Ferry Terminal.
Another part of Outer Harbor Ferry Terminal.

Macao makes its visitor to get easy journey. This can be seen from existence of free minibuses which provided by several leading hotels in Macao.

Here it is free bus platforms.

Backpackers don’t need to worry because that bus can also carry you even if you don’t stay at hotel which is a bus owner. You just need to tell the driver that you will play gambling in its hotel. Surely you will be given a seat on bus. Arriving at hotel, you just need to enter in casino for a while and then go out again and then looking for a dormitory which is you have booked. So if you go to Macao, booked a dormitory near famous hotels !…Hahaha.

But I don’t get on this bus, guys?

I better use an city bus by paying USD 0.40 because my hotel is near Senado Square which is quite far from hotel that have that free buses.

Kesan pertama ketika tiba di Macau….Hebat lah Macau.

Ferry from Hong Kong to Macao

My 48 hours adventure in Hong Kong must end.

Early morning, I packed my things. After filling my drinking bottle in hotel’s water dispenser, I had to fight with fully effort to wake the receptionist up who was snoring behind room curtain. Don’t you imagine how luxury of its reception desk….Because a hotel reception is only a small room with a hole interaction between guests and hotel receptionist with 1 square meter in size.

And his snoring was swallowed when he woke up because of the bell disturbance from me. I didn’t know if he was angrily muttering or maybe he was just shocked because of his Chinese idiom which I didn’t understand. While muttering, he tried to find an envelope filled with money in desk drawer to returning a room deposit money to me. Not bad, 100 Hong Kong Dollars.

Exiting Chungking Mansions in a still dark street, I walked fast enough to immediately enter Tsim Sha Tsui underground station which is located 100 meters from Chungking Mansions exit.

With Tsuen Wan Line MTR, I headed for Central Station then continued with Island Line MTR and stopped at Sheung Wan Station which is integrated with Hong Kong-Macau Ferry Terminal.

Hong Kong-Macau Ferry Terminal is a regular ferry port with route from Hong Kong-Macao Ferry Terminal in Hong Kong to Outer Harbor Ferry Terminal in Macao.

Within 16 minutes and a fare about USD 0.75, I arrived at Sheung Wan Station. I immediately headed to ticket counter to withdraw my Octopus Card deposit for about USD 6.50 stored in it. “The Octopus” duty to accompany me was completed because I was at ferry gate to leave Hong Kong.

Ferry departure schedule.
First time to ride a fast boat.

After buying a ferry ticket to Macao, the price was about USD 21.30, I immediately approached a money changer to exchange Hong Kong Dollar for Macao Dollar.

TurboJet ticket.

Not a long waiting, on exactly 08:00 hours, I began boarding to red speed boat. And a moment later, TurboJet ferry sailed towards Macao.

Ferry interior.
She was beautiful….Hahaha.

Sailing in middle of a light drizzle and continuing to swing across waves made me amazed watching waters of South China Sea. There wasn’t compliment of any food in this short cruise for 55 minutes. I just kept facing window to see amazing view outside ferry.

I was freezing.
Cool yes….

Giant pillars which supporting Macau-Taipa Bridge are a sign that ferry is moving closer to Outer Harbor Ferry Terminal. Macao has a very famous road upper the sea. And I could enjoy its beauty from other side. Even though in the end, I would pass that street later when I went to a famous Macao hotel and casino, The Venetian.

That is the bridge….
Anchoring at Outer Harbor Ferry Terminal, Macao.

Let’s find your ferry tickets on 12Go at the following link: https://12go.asia/?z=3283832

Hai, Macau!….Selamat Datang di Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal!

Akhirnya aku menginjakkan kaki juga di “Kota Dosa Asia”….Ya, dikenal demikian memang. Mengingat Macau adalah surganya judi di Asia. Casino berteberan dimana-mana bahkan untuk memudahkan aksesnya, casino-casino ini diintegrasikan dengan pusat perbelanjaan dan hotel….Penasaran kan?.

Pagi itu, 08:55, TurboJet ferry yang kutumpangi melambatkan lajunya ketika melintas dibawah jembatan raksasa yang merupakan akses antar pulau di Macau, yaitu Macau-Taipa Bridge.

Kuperhatikan lekat-lekat deretan kendaraan yang melewati Macau-Taipa Bridge itu.

Dalam hitungan menit, ferry cepat berwarna merah itu pun berlabuh. Tak sabar menginjakkan kaki di Macau, aku sedikit bergegas keluar dari ferry itu untuk segera menuju konter imigrasi.

Baru tahu bagian bawah ferry itu berongga.

Mendekat konter imigrasi, aku mengamati dengan seksama para petugas imigrasi yang mayoritas menggunakan sarung tangan berwarna putih. Sama ketika masuk ke Hong Kong, sangat cepat dan mudah. Mereka hanya memberiku selembar kertas imigrasi untuk memasuki Macau. Jadi aku tak pernah mendapatkan koleksi stempel imigrasi dari Wilayah Administrasi Khusus Macau.

Dinginnya kabin ferry yang kunaiki selama 55 menit membuat kemih tak bisa kompromi. Sedikit menahan rasa pipis hingga toilet menjadi satu-satunya yang ada dalam pikiranku begitu lolos dari konter imigrasi.

Urinoir di Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal.
Ketangkap merokok didenda 1 juta.
Baby changing station produk asli California.

Menenteng passport “hijau” membuatku mudah diamati oleh para pemburu turis…yess, gue diincar oleh seorang penyedia jasa transportasi untuk turis.

Dia : “Mas dari Indonesia ya?”. Beuh bisa Bahasa Indonesia….Doi terus menempelku disisi kiri.

Aku: (pertanyaan skala biasa buat PDKT), “Iya pak”.

Dia: “Loh suaranya medok….Jawane ngendi mas?

Aku: (Wah keren nih Macau, ada Bahasa Jawa disonoh, njirrr), “Sragen, mas”.

Dia: “Oh Jawa Tengah yo mas. Meh nang endi, mas?….Opo makai mobilku ae?”.

Aku: (Geblek, Gua bisa senyum nyengir terus nih saking denger bahasa Jawa di Macau), “Walah pak, iki bekpekeran eee….Pas-pasan duitku….Meh numpak bis ae lah pak….Sepurane ae yo pak.

Dia: “Oooo…..Hotelmu nang endi mas?

Aku: “Villa Ka Meng Hotel, pak. Numpak bis nomer piro yo mas? Mudun ngendi?”.

Dia: “Tenanan ki ra nyilih mobilku ae mas?”.

Aku: “Sumprit ora pak”.

Dia: “Yowes mas….numpak bis no 10A ae yo….mudun Ponte Cais No. 16”. (Ponte 16 adalah casino di jalan Rua do Visconde Paco D’Arcos)

Aku: “Oh matur suwun yo pak. Pernah urip ning Jowo to pak?”.

Dia: “Ora pernah ee mas….cuman kancaku wong Jowo akeh”.

Dia pun mencari calon customernya yang lain karena tak berhasil menangkapku.

Untuk memudahkan menjelajah maka seperti biasa, aku berburu brosur dan informasi pariwisata Macau lainnya.

Berburu informasi pariwisata via digital platform di ferry terminal.
Paling mudah dan menyenangkan adalah menghampiri tourist information yang biasanya ditunggu wajah-wajah cantik.

Tergenggam sudah peta bus kota Macau. Membuatku semakin percaya diri meninggalkan pelabuhan.

Beberapa langkah ketika meninggalkan bangunan utama Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal.
Bagian lain dari Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal.

Macau memang memanjakan para pengunjungnya. Hal itu terlihat dari keberadaan minibus-minibus gratis penjemput yang disediakan oleh beberapa hotel terkemuka di dataran Macau.

Ini dia platform bus gratis itu.

Para tampang backpacker tak perlu risau karena bus itu bisa juga mengangkutmu walau kamu tidak menginap di hotel asal bus tersebut. Kamu hanya perlu berani bilang ke sopirnya bahwa kamu akan bermain judi di hotel asal bus. Pasti kamu akan diberikan bangku di bus tersebut. Sampai hotel, kamu tinggal memasuki casino sebentar lalu keluar lagi dan carilah dormitory yang kamu inapi. Makanya kalau ke Macau cari dormitory di dekat hotel-hotel ternama ya….hahaha.

Tapi gue ga naik bus ini ya gaes….

Gue lebih baik menggunakan bus kota biasa dengan membayar Rp. 5.500 karena hotelku berada di dekat Senado Square yang lumayan jauh dari hotel-hotel pemilik bus gratis itu.

Kesan pertama ketika tiba di Macau….Hebat lah Macau.

Ferry dari Hong Kong Ke Macau.

Petualanganku selama 48 jam di Hong Kong harus berakhir.

Pagi sekali, Aku sudah mengepak barang-barangku. Setelah mengisi botol minumku di water dispenser milik hotel, Aku harus berjuang sekuat tenaga untuk membangunkan sang resepsionis yang mendengkur di balik tirai ruangan. Jangan kaubayangkan mewahnya reception desk ya….Karena reception hotel hanya berupa ruangan bersekat kecil dengan lubang interaksi tamu dan empunya hotel seukuran 1 meter persegi.

Dan dengkuran itu pun tertelan ketika dia terbangun karena gangguan bel dariku. Entahlah dia bergumam marah atau mungkin hanya terkejut karena selorohan bahasa Chinanya yang tak kumengerti. Sambil terus bergumam, dia berusaha mencari amplop berisi uang di laci meja untuk mengembalikan uang deposit kamar kepadaku. Lumayan kan 100 Dolar Hong Kong.

Keluar Chungking Mansions dalam kondisi jalanan yang masih cukup gelap, Aku berjalan cukup cepat untuk sesegera mungkin memasuki stasiun bawah tanah Tsim Sha Tsui yang terletak 100 meter dari pintu keluar Chungking Mansions.

Dengan MRT Tsuen Wan Line, Aku menuju Central Station lalu berlanjut dengan MRT Island Line dan berhenti di Sheung Wan Station yang terintegrasi dengan Hong Kong-Macau Ferry Terminal.

Hong Kong-Macau Ferry Terminal adalah pelabuhan ferry reguler dengan rute Hong Kong-Macau Ferry Terminal yang berada di Hong Kong dan Outer Harbor Ferry Terminal yang berada di Macau.

Dalam 16 menit dan tariff Rp. 10.500, Aku tiba di Sheung Wan Station. Aku segera menuju ke konter tiket untuk mencairkan deposit Octopus Cardku sebesar 50 Dolar Hong Kong yang tersimpan didalamnya. Tugas Si Octopus untuk menemaniku sudah selesai seiring keberadaanku yang berada tepat di gerbang ferry untuk meninggalkan Hong Kong.

Jadwal keberangkatan ferry.
Pertama kali naik kapal cepat.

Setelah membeli tiket Ferry menuju Macao dengan harga Rp. 288.000, Aku segera menghampiri money changer untuk menukar Hong Kong Dollar menjadi Macau Dollar.


Tak menungg lama, tepat pukul 08:00, Aku mulai boarding ke kapal cepat berwarna merah itu. Dan sekejap kemudian kapal merangsek menuju Macau.

Interior ferry.
Canteeeexxxxx kannnn….

Berlayar di tengah gerimis ringan dan terus berayun membelah ombak membuatku kagum mengamati perairan Laut China Selatan. Tak ada compliment makanan apapun dalam pelayaran singkat selama 55 menit ini. Aku hanya terus menghadap jendela untuk melihat pemandangan menakjubkan di luar kapal.

Kedinginan tauk.
Keren yaa….

Tiang-tiang raksasa penyangga Macau-Taipa Bridge itu menjadi pertanda bahwa kapal segera merapat ke Outer Harbor Ferry Terminal. Macau memang memiliki jalan diatas laut yang sangat terkenal itu. Dan Aku bisa menikmati keindahannya dari sisi lain. Walaupun pada akhirnya, Aku akan melewati jalanan itu nanti ketika menuju ke hotel sekaligus casino ternama di Macau yaitu Venetian.

Ntuh jembatannya….
Barlabuh di Outer Harbor Ferry Terminal, Macau.

Yuk….cari tiket ferrymu di 12Go di link berikut: https://12go.asia/?z=3283832