Trip to Pahawang Island, Lampung

PAHAWANG.…come from word “HAWANG” which is a name of a Chinese who came to this island in 18th century. And then HAWANG have a big family and they acculturated with other migrants from several Indonesian area to occupy and prosper PAHAWANG.

My arrival to Lampung is indeed because of Pahawang. It made my sleep never well before I really set foot there.

My legs were still fatigue after long trip in Ied Mubarak holiday from Solo (my hometown), even didn’t even 24 hours resting….I immediately filled my backpack and went to Lampung to immediately kill my curiosity about Pahawang.

Becaue my remaining budget was little, so I decided to visit Pahawang in just one day trip. Boat and hotel cost are relatively expensive in Pahawang Island, It was beating my ego to overnight in Pahawang.

And for save my money, the best way is joining into open trip. Since I have office friends from Lampung, finally I was connected by them into Aero Travelindo Utama which is one of many open trip organizers there.

The core of open trip is paying an expensive trip cost by sharing cost with other tourists.

Didn’t need to long thinking, I immediately transferred a down payment of one day trip cost. Oh yes, the overall cost is USD 13 include lunch per tourist.

Starting trip to Pahawang, I rode a rented motorbike towards determined meeting point, namely Dermaga 4 Ketapang (Ketapang’s Pier 4).

Based an information from taxi driver who I met a day before, the route which I had passed was indeed very crowded and many Indonesian Navy soldiers who used motorbike toward their office.

Their existence on my route when morning condition was still dark made me feel very comfortable. By slowly driving, I tried to enjoy Way Ratay road situation as main access to Dermaga 4 Ketapang.

The Sun slowly began to uncover morning darkness, my motorbike slowly drove in coastline to present sea noise on my left side.

I slowly passed each Ketapang pier gate from gate 1, until finally Pier 4 (Dermaga 4) gate was found.

Parking my motorbike on pier edge for USD 0,75 then I decide to eat “lontong sayur” as my breakfast menu. By paying USD 0,85, my stomach already felt ready to sail immediately.

Ringcall from open trip organizer guide me to their office around Pier 4 to pay off payment and take a life jacket a nd snorkel.

Couldn’t wait to hug Pahawang

On 9 am o’clock, my boat began its journey, slowly the beauty of coastal village was clearly displayed when I was away from pier. Settlements under hill with yellow glow of morning sun combined with some thin white smoke from resident activities were able to make me stunned sitting in end of ship’s back deck.

Hills became a view along sailing.
Race with speed boat to Pahawang.

Along sailing, I always curios because organizer never gave a briefing before trip began. What will be done firsty in this trip?.

Need waiting for 1 hour 15 minutes, I finally found out that snorkeling was opening activity in this trip. For easy finding a snorkeling location, tourism operator makes a floating house to leaning each boat which carrying tourists.

Docked soon.

I decided to jump straight from boat when other tourists queue up to go to floating house. Enjoy coral reef by under water viewing made me amazed by coral density below me. Slowly feeding fishes with dry biscuits in my hand to saw it closer and enjoy cute fishes there.

Little sad too, when I saw some tourists who didn’t understand how supposed to enjoy coral reef tourism.…They likely didn’t care, some of them step on coral reef to make them standing.…It was unfortunate.

“Welcome to Pahawang” from top of a floating house.

I had to immediately interrupted my excitement in enjoying coral reef, because a jellyfish greeted me with its painful sting. I was forced to back in boat to reduce poison spreading in my neck.

Waiting for others to finished.…

1.5 hours snorkeling made me know that next agenda was definitely having a lunch…. I was very hungry.

Slowly going away from snorkeling area, I headed to Pahawang Island. Passed arrival gate, I straightly went to under of coconut trees to eat grilled fishes and “Sayur Asam” vegetables which just came out from stove.

Arrived on Pahawang island.
Our menus.

I also didn’t waste my time. After lunch, I explored around island to enjoy beauty of Pahawang.

Maximizes 1.5 hours for Pahawang exploration.

Precisely on 1:30 pm, I left Pahawang island and sailed to Nemo Park for seeing clown fish activity.

A little sea anemone colony where clown fishes live in was seen in this sea park. Clown fishes that live here are majority still small in size. It looks like that this park is being developed to become a habitat for clown fishes in the future.

In end section….

Trip was closed by visiting Kelagian Island on 3:30 pm. Most tourists prayed in a mosque, layed down in a row of rented gazebo, played soccer on soft white sand or enjoyed coconut directly from its shell in this island.

Kelagian Island which is managed by Indonesian Navy.
Beauty of soft white sand.

Exactly at 16:00, Pahawang one day trip was truly over. Return to Dermaga 4 and then I was back to hotel and prepared to relaxing in “Teropong Kota Bukit Sindy” (city night viewing from a hill) that I set up as my next night destination in Bandar Lampung.

Trip was ended.

Traveling to Way Kambas National Park, Lampung by Motorbike….Is It Savely?

WAY KAMBAS….Taken from the name of river which flows inside National Park’s area itself. This 125 thousand hectare National Park is home of a conservation program for some rare animals such as elephants, rhinos and Sumatran tigers.

However when I asked to an officer at Elephant Training Center (PLG)Way Kambas, Sumatran Tiger and Rhino Conservation Center haven’t been opened yet for public.

A few hours before my arrival at Way Kambas National Park (TNWK)….

That day is my second day in Lampung exploration. A night before, I was busy looking for information about the safety of using a motorbike towards Way Kambas by asking four of my friend who originally from Lampung. And Finally, three of them assured me that everything would be fine while one of them is more doubtful if I rode motorbike to Way Kambas because I wasn’t originally Lampung resident….Fear was the point….as if my brain has been contaminated by media who often preach about it….About Lampung and motorbike robbers.

Finally, it was simple….because of their opinion was three compared to one, So I decided to go to Way Kambas on next day using a rented motorbike.

Journey started,

Departing from Redoorz @ Jalan Pangeran Diponegoro in Teluk Betung area, Bandar Lampung exactly on 7:25 a.m. Riding along several streets in Bandar Lampung for 35 minutes finally I actually left the city through its last gate:

Bandar Lampung Exit Gate on Lintas Barat Sumatera Road.

I began to ride my motorbike through street which became a route of many intercity buses and logistic trucks. This fast lane required me to pull on my motorbike throttle, so that it won’t be horn constantly from behind.

In 40th minute, I arrived at local people crowd. I searched around some address boards, I finally just knew that it was Natar market.

Natar Market.…economy growth between Bandar Lampung and Metro.

Continuing my journey, in 55th minute, I arrived in front of Radin Inten International Airport.

This airport precisely located in edge of Lintas Barat Sumatra Road.

I was stunned for a moment and sat on m otorbike which turning off, I briefly watched activities around airport. I deliberately took time, because I had never used this airport at all. Unfortunately my arrival in Sumatra’s southernmost province used land routes combined with Merak-Bakauheni sea lane.

My trip along Lintas Barat Sumatra Road raced with small bus.

Come on Mr. Diver. We race.

Actually I could get in this bus to Metro then change again with another bus to Way Jepara (the closest area from Way Kambas which is accessable by public transportation). From Way Jepara it can continue with a taxibike to Way Kambas.

Or I could also use DAMRI Bus, which according to latest info which I got, only departing once every day from Rajabasa Terminal in Bandar Lampung on 8 am and stop precisely in Elephant Training Center, Way Kambas.

But I prefer to use a rented motorbike for USD 11,10 per day because after returning from Way Kambas, I could freely explore Metro City. Besides it, I could cccurately detect all paths which will be passed by me towards Way Kambas.

65th minute, I arrived in a big T-junction which both of its branches towards Metro.

Punduk Monument (Punduk is designation for Lampung traditional weapon)….Choose straight or right?

I prefer to use alternative path to right. According to google maps, this route is faster and will not jammed.

It’s right.…didn’t jammed…. swear

but very quiet.…Metro City Road spurred my heartbeat … started a bit afraid.

After passing through a stretch of rubber plantation, I always followed curves of road and canal in its right side.

Right side canal of Metro City Road.

I was glad when can through that quiet road. Finally I arrived in welcome gate of Metro City

90th minute, Welcome to Metro City.

Find again a hustle, I decided to fill my fuel tank before I was trapped in loneliness again.

Pos Polisi Monument was first landmark which I passed when entering Metro City downtown.

115 minutes.…good bye hustle….

I left Metro City in Abdul Haris Nasution Street
“Welcome to East Lampung districts” gate adjoin with “Outer Gate” Metro City.

Being stucked in a long traffic jam, I was curious, what was wrong? Trying to push forward with my rented “Honda Beat” (a merk of Honda motorbike), I broke through outer of asphalt, finally I found the answer….A large passenger bus was running out of fuel in middle of road, trying to be pushed by many passengers with observation by traffic police.

120th minute. Welcome Pekalongan Market!.…surely there are many Javanese descent here… because “Pekalongan” is a districts name in Java Island.

Pekalongan Market on Abdul Haris Nasution Road

130th minute, I was faced again with two choices of street.

Turned right to Batanghari Nuban road
Maskot Park is in middle of T-junction.
A situation of Batanghari Nuban road.

Smooth asphalt on this road will continue until Sukadana road.…but yeah, It was very quiet.

On 150th minutes, I arrived at this intersection:

The intersection of Soekarno-Hatta Road and Lintas Timur Sumatra Road

The end of these road are actually same:

Turn right to Way Jepara and you will explore Lintas Timur Sumatera Road.

Or You can also go straight, to Way Jepara too.…but You will pass through township and will find Lintas Timur Sumatera Road also.

Surely I chose to turn right, so I could see Sukadana residents activities.

I reached Sukadana Shopping Center in 160th minute

Not long after, you will pass this landmark:

Sukadana City monument as a sub-district which is became a capital city of East Lampung districts.

This Sukadana city monument presents a figure of freedom fighter from Sukadana Districts. His name is Colonel Arifin.

From this monument, go straight until you meet a intersection near Sukadana Sub District office, then immediately turn left.

Towards Minak Rio Ujung road after turning left

In 170th minute, I entered Lintas Timur Sumatera Road after passing this landmark:

Banding Park displays a statue of national hero i.e Kiai Haji Ahmad Hanafiah

I can say that asphalt of Lintas Timur Sumatera road in East Lampung is very smooth.

Lintas Timur Sumatera Road like asphalt of MotoGP circuit.…hahaha
Sukadana’s Outer Gate which I passed in 175th minute

I entered into Way Jepara District. And I arrived in a market which I was waiting for….yes, I wanted to see how are Tridatu market activities. A market that is well known in internet because it’s often referred to by travelers when heading to Way Kambas.

Tridatu market in 180th minute.

I didn’t will turn left from this market to go to Way Kambas. I prefered to choose straight to adding my reference and share it to you.

Yes.…I prefered to go to Gunung Terang Market (unfortunately I forgot to capture a photo for you) which is 5 minutes driving by motorbike from Tridatu Market and then I turned left.

A turn after Gunung Terang Market, I entered in welcome gate of Labuhan Ratu VI Village

Getting closer to Way Kambas’s Elephant Training Center, I entered Labuhan Ratu VI village

Road along Labuhan Ratu VI Village
Labuhan Ratu Rest Area at end of village

This rest area is widely used by tourists who will be heading or even over from Way Kambas’s Elephant Training Center.

Because this rest area is precisely in T-junction on edge of Way Kambas National Park, then I followed a direction board by turn right.

See to the arrow.…turn right along road which divides Way Kambas National Park
Road along Way Kambas National Park

Along a way of Way Kambas National Park, I occasionally found cars of tourist stopping to just feed a herd of wild monkeys which often cross the street.

Finally I arrived.…on 205 th MINUTE, I arrived at gate of Elephant Training Center, Way Kambas National Park.

Very happy to arrived at Way Kambas’s Elephant Training Center Gate.

Was my trip savely?….I can conclude, it is very safe and there isn’t crime atmosphere when go there. Just a suggestion from my friends who are originally Lampung resident.…Don’t go back to home beyond on 6pm.

Even I leaving Way Kambas National Park on exactly 2 pm.

So have you ever seen a wild elephant?

Or see elephants bathing?…#ups it’s porn

Or see elephants playing football? … or playing holahops?

That’s why, Let’s travel to Way Kambas.