Kanaya Bus from Yogyakarta to Jakarta: Going Home….

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On ten o’clock in the evening, I left Brievenbus van Djokdja. Along the shoulder of Panembahan Senopati section towards Malioboro bus parking area. The fleet was ready, of course, slowing down its engine while loading its passangers.

I ran a little because there were no more colleagues back there, worried about being left behind on the way to the capital.

I boarded the fleet when its seats were full.

Where have you been, Donny, you’ve been waiting for?“, A female committee member lightly joked. I was just saying that I was interrupted for a moment by a small but important business …. the event was short farewell, one of admins in my sales team.

I immediately immersed myself in middle seat, preparing physically for long journey to Jakarta. The fleet slowly advanced, leaving the bustle of Panembahan Senopati section, leaving Malioboro which still partying.

Meanwhile, two consumption committee members distributed travel snacks. But I was still focused to watching an atmosphere outside from windowpane. A reflection continued to stalk in the memory of my head.

A memory which reminded me of last night’s party. The party which kept me busy guiding it by taking on the role of being one of  trio Master of Ceremonies. But it wasn’t about the role which I reflected on, but on my achievement as one of the nominees for Best Leader in my company and also 7 Loyalty Years award. It turned out that I had been ordained to be a senior at my company. Where was I going to make the next decision?

The bus fleet was now on Yogyakarta outskirts, heading north and would pass northern toll road on Java Island. That evening, the flow was quite smooth, so that within a span of two hours, the fleet reached Salatiga City and allowed all its passengers to enjoy dinner before being involved in marathon journey again.

Taking dinner for a while and praying before I finally got really involved in fleet’s fast running. Kanaya Bus which was rented this time was still relatively new, so it was very comfortable to run with.

All passengers have no more energy left to carry out arrogance in the front cabin for karaokeing. They prefered to fall asleep in their dreams. The marathon trip was really tiring, but it was the most lavish Year End Party celebration in my company’s history.

Before this trip was realized, usually my company would hold the same party by choosing a routine area such as Puncak area, Bogor City or at the most distant Bandung City. But this time the party was taken to Education City, i.e Yogyakarta.

For me, this trip might be a normal thing, but for other participants who rarely traveled in long distances ,it was certainly a happy luxury item.

In the midst of cabin’s quiet atmosphere with dim lights, I decided to immediately close my eyes to recover my energy by resting like other passengers. All committee colleagues have also fallen asleep before, now the journey leaves behind the driver and conductor to escort the safe journey to destination.

I didn’t need to worry about anything, the new trip would reach the capital city tomorrow, so I decided to just sleep that night.

Thank you Yogyakarta.

Welcome back to Jakarta.


Borobudur Temple: the Third

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Big party last night was over. Successfully delivered the party as the MC role with my two work-colleagues. After midnight, I felt asleep in Sahid Jaya Hotel & Convention room. In the morning, I just realized that since last night I embraced two awards as a result of my work in the company for a previous year. Even though, I didn’t really win it, I became one of five Best Leader nominees in my company. The award was closely hugged by me along with a symbolically of five gram gold as a door prize which I got last night.

This morning, committee allowed Year End Party participants to enjoy hotel facilities until noon. Because of that, I took time to go to swimming pool, relax my muscles along with several other participants who had been descending into water since morning.

I also enjoyed my breakfast at hotel restaurant for a long time, the most comfortable moment after yesterday’s rushed breakfast. Even more relaxed, I still had time to enjoy my hot coffee on the porch of room with the best view.

—- **** —-

After closing and praying together session in ballroom, all participants flocked to leave the hotel, boarding their respective buses according to the manifest. I sat on my seat. Still on Kanaya Bus number 2 as before since leaving Jakarta. Buses pushed north, the harmonious acceleration of throttle, brakes and clutch shown by the driver made almost all passengers fall asleep. Accelerated by the impact of post-lunch drowsiness before event closing session.

Meanwhile, I prefer to be busy surfing using the world’s leading search engines. Looking for all literatures which can explain a little about the masterpiece of Samaratungga. A masterpiece which was composed by a series of stories starting from Karmawibhangga as a consequences explanation of good and bad deeds, then Lalitawistara which tells the story of the Buddha’s birth, continues to Jataka/Awadana which explains the story of the Buddha before becoming the consecrated as Prince Siddharta and closes with Gandawyuha which explains Mahayana Buddha.

I continued to trace the stories behind the splendor of this ninth century architecture. The Buddhist version of a classic cosmology depiction which involving three realms, namely Kamadhatu (world realm), Rupadhatu (transitional realm) and Arupadhatu (the highest realm of Buddhists).

One o’clock in the afternoon, my bus entered parking area, I immediately jumped, rushed to ticket booth, spent group’s ration money to enter this historic building.

Quite a long queue because of so many visitors, I got a ticket ten minutes after entering the queue. Now I step towards the gate and enjoy the beauty of this historical building from a distance.

Not the first, this was already the third….I have always admired Borobudur….The pride of my country.
The largest Buddhist temple in the world.
Founded by Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles.
With 2.672 reliefs.
Beautiful view.
72 stupas.
Abhaya mudra stupa.

That afternoon visitation was like a bonus, I was met by a tour guide who was explaining each side of Borobudur to ten foreign tourists. Like reading a novel, I followed the storyline about this temple starting from base level to the top of temple….

Because of my own busyness, for three hours I separated from the group. Like that myself, always troublesome the group by traveling at will….Bad habbit on me.

At exactly four in the afternoon, my smart phone rang, announcing that visiting time was over. It was time to gather back at parking lot because tour group would leave Borobudur soon….

Routine Event: Kanaya Bus Jakarta-Yogyakarta

Shubuh prayer which wasn’t focus, because itwas in a hurry to catch up the departure of chartered fleet, i.e Kanaya Tourism Bus. I had to arrive at my office where located in West Jakarta at half past six in the morning. Then, I rode on a motorbike through the morning streets of capital city which started from my residence in East Jakarta.

Now I have bent my body through the cold wind of street after a few minutes ago, grabbing my 45L backpack which I had prepared from last night. The quite streets made me arrive at office yard in just forty minutes.

Immediately reporting to event committee, I got a box of savory rice with egg  and mineral water for breakfast. Other employees began to arrive, took their food and then joked with others while enjoying it. While I prefered to immerse myself in second floor work desk to complete all equipments which I thought still lack.

Time seemed to flow fast, requiring me to followed committee whistle as a sign that praying together would begin and all employees would be dispatched to Yogyakarta. I hurriedly grabbed my drink bottle and drank it while quickly walking downstairs, standing in a prayer circle and after that I immediately headed for bus number 2 according to procedure which was sent by committee via email a day ago.

Finding my seat for the next ten hours.

After a committee member made attendance, then exactly according to schedule, bus quickly drove to outer ring highway and joy enveloped the atmosphere of the start of trip. I myself just sat on right side seat in enjoying the dawn show at eastern end of the city. I kept enjoying its beauty until the dawn completely disappeared leaving the morning.

Dawn in the city.

It was the first day of third week of December, something I thought really happened …. Traffic jam. Bus which was stuck in traffic began to creep slowly on Cikampek toll road, making situation changed to boring. Some of participants now prefer to close their eyes according to their sleeping habits, cover their faces with blankets, wear black glasses, put on headsets or lean their heads on their friend shoulders, or quite a few who sleep with looked up….open mouths.

Meanwhile, I, who couldn’t fall asleep, prefered to open a novel from a famous writer which I have prepared since yesterday. I read it until bus was able to escape from traffic jams on West Karawang toll road. The bus kept on going and was now entering a new section toll road… Cipali.

In smoothly flow road, a committee seemed to get up from his seat, ready to enliven the situation with a little game and I didn’t know why he pointed at me who was immersed in novel author’s drama. He asked me to come forward and play a word-guessing game with three clues which had to be thrown at other participants without a sound.

I nicely started the game, and in seveeral minutes, all passengers became involved in it. The game was flowing and I returned to my seat and continued reading.

Bus began to entering the end of toll road and exit at Palimanan toll gate, deciding to take in right direction towards southern route of Java Island. Meanwhile, a little game on bus had turned into a boredom-busting amateur karaoke stage.

When lunch time arrived,bus decided to stop at Candisari Restaurant in Kebumen area. I hurriedly got off the bus, quickly took my ablution water to perform Dzuhr and Ashr prayer in a time and then mingled with other participants enjoying buffet lunch.

Saving time on the trip, bus then continued its journey, still passing road congestion which were crowded by vehicles. It crossed Purworejo area, Kulonprogo area and arrived at its destination just before sunset.

I rushed to hotel’s receptionist and immediately entered the room to taking a bath and stretch my muscles to prepare myself to rehearsel for main agenda tomorrow night, because I would be the center of attention by becoming one of the designated three MC.

There was nothing wrong with enjoying for a moment the luxury of Sahid Jaya Hotel & Convention before other agendas woulld come so tightly.

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