Traveling to Many Countries, Why Not?

Donny, I wonder, How do you travel so much?? Working in office makes me travel less since I have to ask for permission. How about you?

The question which arose in my WordPress App when I stuck in traffic jam on highway.…yesss.…Wulan “the cute” was a little curious why I can travel to many countries (yess….on January 2020, I has visited 25 countries).

Solo-traveling like marijuana.…but that’s for me, I don’t know how about you guys?.… If in three months I don’t travel, it will definitely make me “fall in depression (hahaha)”.… if depressed, I will usually stuck at corner of my desk.

Then definitely I will open my laptop and look for LCC (Low Cost Carrier) webs from various countries for cheap ticket.… that is a impact of my other strange habit….i.e I usually collect many airline tickets …. yes, I have tried 28 airlines during traveling as a backpacker.

Southeast Asia, East Asia and South Asia have been visited, next destination is Middle East….”You must go to Mecca” my mom said … “calm down,mom. I have a hajj ticket which is countdown in 9 years.… I hope I can “umrah” while waiting for Haj”, I answered.

Uppsss….Sorry, Wulan … I didn’t yet answer your question.

So these are why I can go to many countries:

  1. I have big intention to explore 100 countries.

Intention is like fuel. No intention means no action. If there is no action, I will be stuck forever in Jakarta.

My intention is visiting 100 countries in my life. It is meaning that I will set my foot in 60% from all country on earth.

Do Anyone want to join with me?

2. Just being a crazy backpacker.

Even my friends called me “Crazy Backpacker”.…look it:


I’m crazy….I always buy my ticket without thinking.…the important thing is cheap and headed for a new destination.

I’m crazy …. Every time I meet friends, I’m always provoking them to join in my trip.

Putri, Anggi and Dini (they are friends in my office) always refuse if I invited them to traveling.

I’m crazy.…I often dream about traveling.

I’m crazy…. Every I receive my salary.…I murmured, “Which destination will I visit?”

I’m crazy….When entering Korea, I almost deported because only bring USD 100 without a credit card in exploring Busan and Seoul for 6 days.

I’m crazy.…I almost got freezed to die in India because I was at station and get train with open windows at 4 Celcius degrees for 12 hours because my train which its cheap ticket about USD 2,3 from Agra to New Delhi was delayed

The point is employee with minimum income like me must be a little “crazy” to travel around the world. If your salary is good, you can stay in 5 stars hotels when traveling.

It’s easy concept……

3. No day without itinerary

Even I have made cheapest itinerary for my next 2 years trip.…crazy.

it isn’t easy to make an itinerary for the next 2 years

Good planning will help you to make cheapest trips.

4. Mark your time! You will know when you can travel

Make long weeked holiday list and note your leave time from a previous year. Flipping through a desk calendar has become my bad habit. Even though all long weekend holidays have been marked, I afraid if miss some holiday in calender

5. Visiting countries in similar region at a time.

The ideal way in planning a trip is visiting several countries in similar region at a same time. Why? Yes, because they are close together, they can be visited in one trip. For example, last year I visited Dhaka (Bangladesh), Mumbai (India), Colombo (Sri Lanka) and Maldives.

6. Connecting flight can save my money

If I booked many connection flight…It’s mean I don’t have a lot of money. Connection flight in this article mean travel through a lot of countries before reaching the main destination.

Direct flight are usually expensive … because of it….finally I also known as “connecting backpacker” by all of my friends.

For example: Next.…before arriving in Dubai, I will visit first to Kuala Trengganu and Kuantan (Malaysia) then to Kochi (India).…tired, but challenging.

Do you want to join?….hahaha

Do you ever go to Kochi, India?

7. Surely, saving your money….

I can save USD 300 in a year from my daily meals budget. This just one of many way that I do:

well.…start from bring self lunch menu and eat it in city park when I work

And this USD 300 can pay for cost of meals, hotels and venues for travel twice. Just imagine !, except tickets, I only spent USD 200 to visit to Penang, Ipoh, Dhaka, Mumbai, Colombo and Maldives for 15 days… how can I do?

Watch out, don’t follow it … you can get sick….hahaha

8. Traveling every second which you have.…this is the concept of

I usually use every bit of time for exploration. after meet my clients and before back to office, I usually take 30 minutes to visit a museum. So all my office-friends called me “The King of Museum”. How come, all museums in Jakarta have been visited by me, until I was confused about which next destination can be visit.

This is a example …. after meet customer, I can stop by at “Tebing Keraton”, Bandung

9. Extending my time when get duty in other town.

Getting duty to other city on Friday until Saturday are fun because I can extend on Sunday.

extend to Nusa Kambangan while on assignment to Cilacap
going to the “Watugong Pagoda” when extending after on assignments to Semarang.…and get bonus to meet ex-college friend

10. Traveling during office events, of course

When Marketing Conference event or Year End Party one in my company agendas can be changed to be semi-traveling by me.

visit “Borobudur temple” in third time because of Year End Party event
“Triwindu Market” in Marketing Conference to Solo

11. Pursue a bonus trip from my company

The marketing division in several companies provides bonus trips …

Well, I will work hard to get it….No say to failed.…

The important thing is I can travel for free and don’t reduce my leave. My leave can be took for other trip.

“Lengkuas Island Lighthouse” when got bonus trip to Belitung

8th Singapore trip because of achieving the target
Big Buddha in Phuket … Free again

Lots of other tips that aren’t enough to mention here guys … be patient, yess…

Hopefully I will finish my first book soon……

So, those are all of my behavior in traveling

Let’s traveling, guys.…traveling don’t have to be expensive … yes, right.