Macao and Shenzen Story Continued….

I saw Shekou Port Station’s gate at the front. It wasn’t clearly visible because it was directly heading to underground.

My Friend “The Fat” suddenly stopped my step to down the escalator after he called me to waited for him to bought something. Somehow the transaction happened, I only saw the Moslem trader gave code  an index finger and I saw “The Fat”  was carrying a hundred yuan. Ohhh … I thought he just buy a hundred Yuan.

OK … I just waited. Another trader came to helped him cutted the peanut and cashew nut cake then putted it on a small scales…. “a kilo”, I thought.

#patforehead …. “What is this, Don?”, “The Fat” felt sad and wanted me paid a half …. I asked him to paid all….it was no funny. “The Fat” often made unnecessary problems”.

Business Hotel 1

Apparently he must pay 400 Yuan for it….Crazy. Drama on Shekou Port toilet had continued to “the most expensive cake in the world” drama. A kilo of cake for IDR 800,000

OK….What was the next drama?

After the incident, I immediately rushed to the platform for going to Fumin Station. I would put my backpack in Shenzen FOMO Hostel.

business hotel2

Situation in Shenzhen Metro

Arriving at Fumin Station, I confidently walked along Jintian Road, I only needed to read a simple map. Turn right from exit gate, passed 2-junction then turn left at third-junction.

I couldn’t wait to checked-in in the tent room on rooftop Shenzen FOMO Hostel. Couldn’t wait for the night to enjoyed sky in Shenzhen by sleeping in a tent.

The final destination of a map that I brought was an apartment which was guarded by a fat security who only could speak Chinese language. I showed him the booking form … then he tried to explained as much as possible with sign language while speaking chinese language … yes, I still failed to understood … haha.

Then, a senior high school girl came, the security guard called her and told her to talked to me….Finally, he could speak english….”shutdown … shutdown”…. the security guard crossed his arms on his chest….owhh….the hotel was closed….closed because of bankrupt….OK, third drama had happened … the last one was really shocking.

I tried still relax before do next plan….finally, I stopped by at Mc Donald’s for lunch. Shelter bus was the best place to take a break whenever fatigued to brought a backpack on my back.


Statue of Philosopher Zhuangzi in front of MC Donald’s

After lunch, I decided to went to Dongmen “backpacker area in Shenzhen” to looked for impromptu cheap hotel hotel5Shopping complex situation in Dongmen

Arriving at Laojie Station “The Boss” looked for Local Sim Card. He wanted to called “Anggi” in Jakarta to booked a dormitory for us. While waiting for “The Boss”, I tried to sat on stairs in front of the shop. I approached a local girl who sat for waited someone.

“Do you know a hostel for backpackers near here?” … he took out his handphone from his bag….I thought she was understood.

But….evidently She gave me a English-Chinese translator application in her phone. Hahahahah ….So We finally talked via handphone. Every english question that I typed, she would read it in the Chinese column….so funny.

The conversation gave a conclusion for me to went to the end of a junction and there was a cheap hotel that had triple rooms.

Finally we stranded at Xin Chao Business Hotel. Only 300 Yuan for 3 person was required to enjoyed this business class hotel. It was OK for forgetting the sadness of 3 dramas all day in Shenzen.

business hotel3

Situation in front and in the room of Xin Chao Business Hotel

business hotel4

This is unique … Basement was marked with number -1 in elevator, a free snack was Sumedang (Indonesia) product….and unusual for me as Indonesian…hotel provided condoms in a desk….haha

At that night, I went to the fountain and light show on a cruise ship which was changed to a hotel and restaurant….and there was a fourth drama there.

Drama that always challenged me to travel anywhere …


Macao and Shenzen Story


“The Boss” hadn’t yet came from upstairs, even though we made appointment at 8 am to checked out and met at Villa Ka Meng lobby.

Huft… … evidently he didn’t wake up yet, my message didn’t read by him. I realized it because I bring him to enjoy Macao by walk all day a day before.

That means … my exploration time in Shenzhen would be reduced. I think Okay… how come later.
Too far….

I should focus on running text on dashboard. I was hesitant to pressed a button on bus pole as a signal for the driver to stopped the bus at Taipa Ferry Terminal.

I thought bus would stop at every shelter…. but it wasn’t. So…. I got off at the next stop and continued by walk to ferry terminal.

There wasn’t sign along avenue….I was sorry Sir & gentlemen, I stepped on new sidewalk that you made … it wasn’t ready to be stepped on.

Because of it….I understood when you shouted hard while lifting a shovel.

I just tried to apologized on my way … after leaving the area about 100 meters, I looked back … Curious if my steps before would make problem on pedestrian walk way.

Grateful, they seemed normal as a sign that it hadn’t significant problem.

I arrived at ferry terminal around 9:10 and this was the situation:

Macao Sekhou 1

Took a queue immediately and observed surrounding activities. It wasn’t busy yet as I imagined. Queuing behind Korean families who were busy their gadgets, I finally got a ferry ticket 19 minutes later.

Macao Sekhou 3

Queued for 20 minutes to got into ferry through that blue door. The officer gave me a name tag at that blue door and another officer would take back at the ferry entrance.

Macao Sekhou 2

During sail, a beautiful crew walked around to give a cup of mineral water. I tried to be patient to anchor in Shenzhen … Curious how is Shenzen ?

My attention was focused on three young women on front left. During sailing, they were busy to polished their face with cosmetics. And indeed after arrived, they liked artist who be cynosure.

Arriving at She Kou Ferry Terminal, I filled an arrival form in an open corridor between ferry and immigration counter.

9 degrees Celsius weather was pierced my bones … Ocean waves made me difficult to filled a form while sailing.

“Helooo … Do you have a visa?” a slim officer called me.

Oops … Just me who haven’t entered yet to immigration counter… the counter has empty…..better I ran to counter and complete a form in front of her.

Macao Sekhou 4

Finished … She was kind and helpfull… smiling when he asked to me.
Dying for a pee….

Looked around for a toilet at Immigration office. Finally I saw it at the corner.

A while after I entered in toilet … It has been changed to HORROR. “A little cursing in the heart” when I found faeces didn’t flush in the closet …. I thought it didn’t hard for just push the button.

So I canceled to pie there….

I left the room and looked for Shenzhen Metro station. Because I actually confused to found it. So I approached young officer. I spoke English and he just stared at me. Yess … He finally failed to understand.

For effective communicate with him… I opened my handphone … show their train picture. Finally, his hand immediately pointed to an underground gate at the end of She Kou Ferry Terminal courtyard.

Okay, Let’s went to Hotel, bro….Oh I was sorry, my mind was hostel.

Were we finding the hostel later?

NO NO NO … the Shenzen Fomo Hostel that I booked was already closed…
How was I looking for an impromptu cheap hostel? … I will tell it later … hihihi