Closing Yogyakarta in Malioboro

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I left Borobudur Temple at the last second of the sun which was about to say goodbye to its duties. I turned my back on that wonder of the world as bus which I was riding towards south. Still at the center of Yogyakarta, the last destination of that night.

A fatigue as a result of focusing on tour guide steps at Borobudur earlier, as well as the wilt of my body due to consistency of sun sting, made me fall asleep during last part journey. But I wasn’t alone, all passengers have started exploring their dream world just before I did the same.

Approaching eight o’clock in evening, a committee who sat in front seat raised his mic and began to wake up participants, most of whom were still asleep. Meanwhile, I was still focusing on seeing a biographical film of Samba’s football legend.

Bus had already lunged at the end of Panembahan Senopati Avenue, busy splitting the heavy flow of road in order to get a slot in Malioboro parking area. Failed at the first try because parking area was full, bus took a detour again to wait for several buses to leave parking area.

The second attempt seemed to be successful, bus slowed down at parking staff’s cue who was seen in front. Bus slowly pulled over and started to enter the parking area. I’ve been impatient to get down. Apart from the Malioboro armosphere which looked thick with culture and history, hungry condition had strengthened my intention to enjoy Malioboro culinary tourism.

I hurried to get off when bus had completely stopped. “At nine o’clock in night, we gathered on bus again, friends!” Said a committee member with a loud voice at same time as participants’ small jumps out of bus.

I was walking now along Panembahan Senopati Avenue at a fast pace without reducing my eyes seriousness in witnessing Malioboro area busyness. To west of avenue, perches Serangan Umum Sebelas Maret Monument as a historical landmark which represented effort to defend National Independence in 1949.

Post Indonesia Building.
Bank Indonesia Building.
BN! 46 Building.

Meanwhile, old and classic Dutch heritage buildings which functioned as Bank Indonesia office, Pos Indonesia office and BNI 46 Yogyakarta Branch office looked beautiful with spotlights on building paint which still looked fresh, neat wide sidewalks with andesite and fenced bollards.

At an intersection of Yogyakarta’s 0 Km point, I headed north, changed directions at Malioboro Avenue, enjoyed several souvenir and culinary stalls, my eyes began to watch out for finding appetizing culinary delights, considering that I was almost two hours late to dinner.

My steps stopped in an alley with a very busy meatball stall. Its smoke spreads a fragrant aroma indicating that this shop was a favorite place in Malioboro area. I decided to take a queue and got ready to eat a vein meatball menu.

Hi, Donny“, several other participants seemed cheerful passing me.

They headed for a cart with satay griller. “Oh, they want to eat satay“, I thought in the middle of impatience waiting in line.

Fifteen minutes later, I managed to acquire a seat. Meanwhile, some friends who I knew still seem to flock to that satay cart. Apparently a participant gave a short message to another friend to get closer there.

Satay might be better“, I was still thinking, trying to defend myself that I didn’t choose a wrong dinner menu. But there was a little regret feeling too, why I didn’t join with them to eating satay at the end of alley.

Kriinnngggg….”, my smartphone rang when I was just halfway in eating an ordered meatball. There was someone who wants to meet. She was a Sales Admin who had worked as a team in my sales team where I work. She was waiting in front of Brievenbus van Djokdja, many of friends had gathered there, she said.

Forcing me to hurry in eating remaining meatball in order to immediately join with the others. Dinner which I didn’t really enjoy. After paying, I jogged towards the place which mentioned by her earlier. At the far end, I saw that my friends were busy and shaking hands with her. Intriguing me, I hastened my pace, to got closer and immediately knew what was happening.

Oh my God, it turned out that she was saying goodbye because she resigned from the company when the year-end party was over. It turned out that she chose as a housewife and got married. The closing of year end party wasn’t so perfect for me. The moment of saying goodbye was also be a closing of that night’s journey.

Malioboro Avenue.

All participants began to flock to bus. Likewise myself, after taking last few photos with her, I hurried to bus.

Fifteen minutes later, all passengers were ready. A committee had calculated based on manifest, nothing was left behind. Bus started to drive away from Malioboro towards the capital.

Before all felt asleep, I, who was still curious, asked a friend a friend on an opposite seat.

Me: “Hi, what satay were you eating, it was really fun?…If I know that it was fun, I was with you guys from earlier“.

He: “Hahaha….it’s pork satay. Do you want?

Me: “Oops ……

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Borobudur Temple: the Third

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Big party last night was over. Successfully delivered the party as the MC role with my two work-colleagues. After midnight, I felt asleep in Sahid Jaya Hotel & Convention room. In the morning, I just realized that since last night I embraced two awards as a result of my work in the company for a previous year. Even though, I didn’t really win it, I became one of five Best Leader nominees in my company. The award was closely hugged by me along with a symbolically of five gram gold as a door prize which I got last night.

This morning, committee allowed Year End Party participants to enjoy hotel facilities until noon. Because of that, I took time to go to swimming pool, relax my muscles along with several other participants who had been descending into water since morning.

I also enjoyed my breakfast at hotel restaurant for a long time, the most comfortable moment after yesterday’s rushed breakfast. Even more relaxed, I still had time to enjoy my hot coffee on the porch of room with the best view.

—- **** —-

After closing and praying together session in ballroom, all participants flocked to leave the hotel, boarding their respective buses according to the manifest. I sat on my seat. Still on Kanaya Bus number 2 as before since leaving Jakarta. Buses pushed north, the harmonious acceleration of throttle, brakes and clutch shown by the driver made almost all passengers fall asleep. Accelerated by the impact of post-lunch drowsiness before event closing session.

Meanwhile, I prefer to be busy surfing using the world’s leading search engines. Looking for all literatures which can explain a little about the masterpiece of Samaratungga. A masterpiece which was composed by a series of stories starting from Karmawibhangga as a consequences explanation of good and bad deeds, then Lalitawistara which tells the story of the Buddha’s birth, continues to Jataka/Awadana which explains the story of the Buddha before becoming the consecrated as Prince Siddharta and closes with Gandawyuha which explains Mahayana Buddha.

I continued to trace the stories behind the splendor of this ninth century architecture. The Buddhist version of a classic cosmology depiction which involving three realms, namely Kamadhatu (world realm), Rupadhatu (transitional realm) and Arupadhatu (the highest realm of Buddhists).

One o’clock in the afternoon, my bus entered parking area, I immediately jumped, rushed to ticket booth, spent group’s ration money to enter this historic building.

Quite a long queue because of so many visitors, I got a ticket ten minutes after entering the queue. Now I step towards the gate and enjoy the beauty of this historical building from a distance.

Not the first, this was already the third….I have always admired Borobudur….The pride of my country.
The largest Buddhist temple in the world.
Founded by Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles.
With 2.672 reliefs.
Beautiful view.
72 stupas.
Abhaya mudra stupa.

That afternoon visitation was like a bonus, I was met by a tour guide who was explaining each side of Borobudur to ten foreign tourists. Like reading a novel, I followed the storyline about this temple starting from base level to the top of temple….

Because of my own busyness, for three hours I separated from the group. Like that myself, always troublesome the group by traveling at will….Bad habbit on me.

At exactly four in the afternoon, my smart phone rang, announcing that visiting time was over. It was time to gather back at parking lot because tour group would leave Borobudur soon….