Air Asia AK 382 from Kuala Lumpur to Jakarta

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Flight Information Display System (FIDS) in front of sleep place.

Entering Friday, around half past five, when the dawn of Malaysia arrived, I sat down to awake from sleep in one of seat row in Transportation Hub located at Gateway@klia2 mall level 1. I was still rubbing my eyes when several other travelers were still snoring around .

I forced my feet to step into the 1st floor mosque which was located outside the terminal building in order to fulfill my obligations to “The Creator” who had given time and funds for an adventure through East Asia….Thank you, God.

My scheduled flight time at seven in the morning made me not dare to budget for breakfast time. I only bought two packaged chocolate buns at a convenience store located next to NZ Curry House as lunch in the plane.

At five o’clock, I went to the check-in desk in 3rd floor of Main Terminal Building to get a boarding pass to Soekarno Hatta International Airport. Shortly after, I headed to the immigration counter to get permission to leave Malaysia. As predicted, everything happened easily and quickly.

Half an hour before boarding, I arrived at the gate and found an Air Asia AK 382 nicely parked in front of it. Shortly after my arrival, the gate was actually opened. I started entering the waiting room after reporting my boarding pass and passport to the ground staff who checked every passenger.

A few minutes later….The pilot, co-pilot and several flight attendants entered the plane to preparing. The bustle of loading in the fuselage, filling avtur and loading inflight meal became a sight that caught my attention at every stage until everything ended well.

The boarding announcement filled the airport ceiling, I immediately queued, then entered the cabin through the aerobridge full of joy because soon my adventure would be over. I found a seat right at the tail of plane. Understandably, this was a cheap ticket which was purchased nine months before the flight.

Since the boarding process, demonstration of flight safety procedures, taxiing, take-off, airborne to cruising, I hadn’t even touched the Travel 360 magazine which was Air Asia’s inflight magazine. Of course I was bored, I had read it many times since the QZ 200 (Jakarta-Kuala Lumpur), AK 170 (Kuala Lumpur-Kaohsiung) and D7 505 (Seoul-Kuala Lumpur) flights. For more than twelve hours during those three flights, I had finished reading the inflight magazine.

After enjoying the packaged chocolate bread, I quickly felt asleep. A sleepless night on last night made my eyes no longer helpless to stay awake while in the air. I was sleeping….and hopefully not snoring……????

I was really asleep until the announcement of plane that would soon land at Soekarno Hatta International Airport woke my eyes. Leaving behind a bit of a headache and taking a little time to clear the eyes, I could see the streaks moving fast out there and watching from the window. The plane was landing…

Spoilers on the wings of plane seemed to stand to help contain the wind speed to stop the fuselage speeding down the runway. Shortly after, the plane started taxiing and stopped in the apron.

Ohh… It was over.

With a faint smile, I left the fuselage via aerobridge and entered the airport building. I immediately went to the immigration counter to certify my passport with an arrival stamp.

After that I immediately went to DAMRI Bus counter to go to the Kampung Rambutan Terminal and went home….

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Nine Hours Stopover in Kuala Lumpur International Airport Terminal 2

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Landing at KLIA2.

For most travelers, Kuala Lumpur International Airport becomes the most fantastic point to jump into other Asian countries. Of course, the existence of Air Asia’s Low Cost Carrier (LCC) makes it so. Since 2001, Air Asia has been providing travelers with low-cost access to travel around Asia. Thanks to Air Asia, I have stopped at KLIA for 21 times when exploring Asia.

But in this story. it was eighth stopover….Yup, this was the eighth time I set foot in Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

After ten o’clock at night, the giant wheel of Air Asia D7 505 gently touched against KLIA2’s runway. The 5 hour 50 minute journey from Seoul was over. My first impression of tasting the wide body Airbus A330 was really pleasant. Flying across Yellow Sea and East China Sea took place with virtually non-existent turbulence, calm and smooth without a hitch. That was probably one of the advantages of riding a large plane when exploring sky.

After taxiing for a few minutes, Air Asia D7 505 was stopped in apron and as soon as the plane door opened, I entered KLIA2 building via aerobridge. I returned to KLIA2 after ten days before stopping by at it before jump to Kaohsiung, Taiwan. It was such a happy feeling that night because I was already close to home, only 2 hours 15 minutes away by air.

And for me, stopping at KLIA2 would be more convenient if I left immigration counter, because I could find many culinary offerings at Gateway@klia2 mall instead of just sitting in transfer hall.

“Transit, Sir. I want to find food for dinner”, I lightly greeted an immigration officer in front.

“Where are you going?”, he asked while checking my green passport.

“From Seoul, want to go back to Jakarta, Sir”

“Oh…”, He briefly answered and then ordered me to face the camera and do fingerprints. By midnight that night, actually my stomach was already filled with wind because the dinner schedule had long passed. But to complete the schedule, I chose to hasten my steps towards a restaurant. It was NZ Curry House which was an Indian restaurant located at Transportation Hub level 1 Gateway@klia2 mall.

Subscribed restaurant.

(On my last visit at KLIA2 at the end 2019 when I was about to fly to Kochi-India, this restaurant area was undergoing renovations, either closed or just being repaired).

The mainstay menu which I often order when I stopped at this restaurant was “Nasi Lemak” with boiled eggs and a cup of hot O tea. For that menu, I usually only spend 6.5 Ringgit.

While tasting spoon by spoon of Nasi Lemak, I understood that after that I would only spend the night on the 1st floor while waiting for tomorrow to arrive. Therefore, I wasn’t in a hurry to eat my simple dish.

After eating, I took the time to change into a t-shirt in the toilet near restaurant and then went up for a while to level 2 to look for souvenirs at Jaya Grocer. For me, KLIA2 was also a favorite place to look for souvenirs if I didn’t have time to stop by in downtown, the halalness of Malaysian products, which were 61% of its citizen was Muslim, was a guarantee in itself. My main shopping target was the packaging of “Teh Tarik Aik Cheong” so I could enjoy it in my working days in my homeland’s capital. A package of Teh Tarik Aik Cheong contained 15 sachets I redeemed for 13 Ringgit that night.

After I got souvenirs, I immediately looked for a spot to lay down in 1st floor because that time had touched the dawn and my eyes had also turned red as if asking me to immediately close them.

Shortly after choosing, there were rows of empty seat in 1st floor in a corner of hall. After acquiring it, I felt half asleep on it until dawn.

However, I deserved to be grateful for KLIA2’s presence in my long history of traveling around Asia.

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Air Asia D7 505 from Seoul to Kuala Lumpur

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D7 505 flight path (source:

I sat at one of seats near gate 112 belonging to Satellite Concourse Building Incheon International Airport after a few minutes before being transferred by shuttle train from Terminal 1. Boarding time was only half an hour away, so I couldn’t take the risk to explore the entire airport terminal building.

I prefered to watch airplanes fly by. Some of them seemed to focus in landing their wheels at airport’s runway and others seemed to be queuing up to get permission from Air Traffic Controller (ATC) to fly. I often did this habit because of my interest in aircraft and aviation industry. From this habit of observing, it wasn’t uncommon for me to find the names of new airlines which in the future I usually targeted them to enjoy their services in traveling around world.

For me, that day was very special in my travel history, because Air Asia D7 505 would be my first trip using a large aircraft. If in previous flights I had always ridden a small aircraft, such as an Airbus A320 or Boeing 737, but that time I would ride an Airbus A330 with 9 columns of seats…. That afternoon really created curiosity and impatience.

Half an hour later, the gate actually opened. I started to take a position in the right column of queue.

“Just give duty free shopping to mom, let mom hold it,” a male passenger shouted in Indonesian language to his son who was carrying two large bottles of alcoholic drinks. Hearing the language of my nation while in another country was indeed a special gift that could help raise the mood to always feel close to home. That time at my left was an Indonesian citizens of Chinese descent who also seemed to be on their way home.

“Which city are you come from, Sir?”, I ventured to ask.

“Oh, you’re from Indonesia too? I’m from Bekasi, Sir.”

“Oh, I’m from East Jakarta, Sir”.

“Oh, our home are close. What kind of business do you do, Sir in Jakarta?”

“I just work in a company, sir, in Jakarta. Not doing business”

“Oh, is that so, are you alone, Sir?”

“Yes, Sir”

“Wow cool….cool…”

Our conversation didn’t last long because our meeting had to end when a ground staff checked our tickets and passports. After that we were separated in a long aerobridge.

At the end of aerobridge, I was greeted by a Malay-looking flight attendant at plane door and I was directed to turn towards front cabin. According to my boarding pass, I looked for seat numbered 14K which turned out to be positioned in  right side of window seat. That was the seat which I had to enjoy during the long flight later.

Oh yes, my flight number that time was D7 505. Do you want to know the meaning of code?….

If QZ was the flight code operated by Indonesia Air Asia and AK was the flight code for Air Asia Malaysia, then D7 was the flight code belonging to Air Asia X specifically for long-haul flights.

D7 505 itself was a flight of 5,000 kilometers with a travel time of 5 hours 50 minutes. The flight started from Incheon International Airport, South Korea and would end at Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2, Malaysia.

Hmmm…..During the flight….

Turns out, the window seat I was in was uncomfortable because the curve of airplane cabin limited my comfort during the flight. While flying in economy class, I could only pass the time by flipping through Travel 360, which was Air Asia’s inflight magazine. When my eyes get tired of reading, then I continued to spend time with closing my eyes. Luckily, the packaged almonds I bought at Namdaemun Market a day before made my flight a little less boring.

Half of the flights in light conditions allowed me to freely enjoy the views of Yellow Sea and East China Sea, while the rest of the flights continued in complete darkness where I couldn’t do much. Until finally the plane arrived in Kuala Lumpur around ten at night.

After the flight, I still had to go through the last leg of my journey to explore East Asia by staying for 9 hours at Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 before returning to my homeland on the next day using Air Asia AK 382 connecting flight.

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Tasting Mixed Fried Rice in Incheon International Airport

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On 12:15 am I arrived at Yeongjong Island, an island in west coast of South Korea where Incheon International Airport was magnificently built.

I unsteadily walked out from Seoul Metro Line I carriage, as if didn’t willing to leaving Seoul, which I had just enjoyed five days ago. But still, I was still self-conscious about my budget which couldn’t be helped anymore. Without a credit or debit card I wouldn’t be able to go anywhere with Won left. Even a few Won sheets tucked away in my curly wallet might just be enough to buy a modest breakfast at airport later.

Coming out of Airport Station, I intently stared at Flight Information Display System (FIDS) to track down check-in desk I had to go to. Of course, it was very easy to find flight information at largest and most sophisticated airport, the pride of South Korea. The instructions directed me to go to check-in desk D as a counter to exchange my e-ticket for a boarding pass to Kuala Lumpur.

In galloping steps, I had to go to 3rd floor to find the whereabouts of check-in desk D where Air Asia flight D7 505 would be opened. Maybe because I didn’t focus on reading the information posted in FIDS, I arrived in front of check-in desk which was still quiet. “Hoo yeah, the flight status isn’t open yet,” I thought with a smile, fooling my lack of accuracy. “I’ll better find breakfast first”, another self-expression that was wrong because actually I arrived in the airport on noon.

I rushed to Basement 1 Level to look for breakfast as well as lunch. With Won left, I finally got a portion of stir fried rice which became my most luxurious menu while traveling in South Korea….Ooops. As for drinking, I still rely on the existence of a free water station.

I deliberately bought time while enjoying food at one of food court seats. After all, I easily could see my flight status from a medium size FIDS displayed in its side.

For almost an hour I controlled that seat, relaxing eating a serving of stir fried rice, sucking in the exposure to delicious aroma which wafted in every corner of room, enjoying the hubbub of travelers from various nationalities in their culinary hunt and always keeping an eye on FIDS screen which continued to displace the array of flight information to the top of page.

I gasped when I last saw Air Asia flight number D7 505 appeared in bottom row of FIDS. After approaching to make sure, I finally left my seat and headed back to 3rd floor to go to check-in desk D.

Check-in Desk D.

Considering that that was a return ticket towards the starting point of trip, the female staff at check-in desk didn’t ask too many complicated questions. Likewise with the male officer at immigration counter, he didn’t take long to put a departure stamp on my green passport. That process wasn’t certainly as complicated as my story when entering South Korea through immigration counter at Gimhae International Airport in Busan city.

After immigration area, I thought it would be easy to find the gate where Air Asia plane I would be riding would load. It turned out not to be so. To found gate 112, I had to go to Satellite Concourse Building which could only be reached by Incheon International Airport shuttle train via underground line.

Following a signboard, I was directed to shuttle train platform which would take all passengers to Satellite Concourse Building towards west of Terminal 1. The Satellite Concourse Building itself was a longitudinal building in the middle of Terminals 1 and 2 of Incheon International Airport. It had 30 gates, 6 lounges and was almost 1 km from Terminal 1.

The two-seatless shuttle train spent seven minutes cruising the double-track subway at Incheon International Airport and then transferred me to Satellite Concourse Building. Arriving at the building, of course it wasn’t difficult for me to find Gate 112, which was the gate where I would be flown to Kuala Lumpur International Airport for a nine-hour transit before heading back to my homeland.

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Seoul Metro from Downtown to Incheon International Airport

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The atmosphere inside Seoul Metro to Incheon International Airport.

After Fajr prayer, my eyes no longer closed. It was my nature to always stay awake when faced with a flight schedule. Meanwhile in the corner of dormitory, my blue backpack with a capacity of 45 liters had been neatly packed since last night, after returning from Gangnam District to be exact. Last night, I decided to do some packing after taking a shower.

Around half past seven in the morning, amid light snoring of Kimchee Guesthouse Sinchon guests, I slowly tiptoed to shared-bathroom to soak myself under warm shower. So, an hour later I was tidy and sat in shared lobby downstairs to just socialize.

In a chair, I slowly drank mineral water left over from last night while opening Seoul Metro map. I have to find the best route to Incheon International Airport Terminal 1 that afternoon.

About fifteen minutes later, a girl with a blue veil with a beautiful Malay face came sitting in front of me. From her appearance, she was preparing herself for exploration.

“From Malaysia?”, the question was definitely directed to me.

I looked up and answered, “Jakarta, Indonesia”.

“Oh, Indonesia. How long have you been in Seoul, Brother?”

“Three days. I’m Donny, may I know your name?”, I answered briefly.

“Mariya, I’m from Kuala Terengganu”.

“You’re ready this early, where are you going, Mariya? “, I kept asking curiously.

“Oh, I want to visit Itaewon, take a look at Seoul Central Mosque. Where are you going brother?”

“I will go home this afternoon, tomorrow I will stop in KL first”.

“Can Indonesian people get a free visa to Korea, brother?”

“Oh no Mariya. I had to pay 150 Ringgit to get a Korean visa. What about Malaysians?”

“Malaysians have free visas to Korea, brother”.

Mariya is a solo-traveler from my neighboring country who is armed with high self-confidence. She even talked about her trip around Asia alone without showing the slightest bit of fear. A hour I had a very interesting conversation with him.

Mariya herself is very interested in several cities in Indonesia which she wants to visit in the future. He asked a lot of questions about Bandung, Malang, Labuan Bajo and Ambon. To compensate for her enthusiasm, I was interested in seeking information from her about several cities in Malaysia which I would also like to visit, such as Kuching, Ipoh, Penang, Kuantan and Kuala Terengganu.

Our conversation ended when Mariya said goodbye to go to Itaewon. After that conversation, I went to my room and got ready to check-out.

At half past ten, I started to carry my backpack, went to receptionist to hand over my locker key and took my deposit money. Then I steadily stepped from Kimchee Guesthouse Sinchon towards Hongik University Station.

As usual in the morning in Seoul, I stopped by for a moment at CU minimarket which wasn’t far from the station to have breakfast. After breakfast, I immediately hunted for Seoul Metro Line 2 carriage to Sindorim Station, which was only 4 stations away from Hongik University Station.

From Sindorim Station I changed to using Seoul Metro Line 1 to Bupyeong Station. Standing in the center near carriage door, I enjoyed the speed of Seoul Metro passing through eleven stations before arriving.

From Bupyeong Station I still had to change to Seoul Metro Line I to my final destination, Incheon International Airport Terminal 1 Station, which was fifteen stations away.

Crossing the bridge over sea.
Yellow Sea View.

Overall, within an hour and a half, I arrived at Incheon International Airport Terminal 1 Station, which was 60 kilometers from downtown. I arrived at the airport a few minutes before noon. Now I was waiting for Air Asia flight D7 505 from Seoul to Kuala Lumpur which would fly on 15:55 hours.

Actually I was still very interested in enjoying Incheon downtown before heading to airport. But because I realized that the money in my wallet was only a few notes left, then instead of playing the risk and prone to miss the flight, I ended up choosing to spend hours at the airport instead. The most important thing was that my return trip to my homeland was safe and smooth.

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Air Asia AK 382 dari Kuala Lumpur ke Jakarta

<—-Kisah Sebelumnya

Flight Information Display System (FIDS) di depan tempatku tidur.

Memasuki Jum’at, sekitar jam setengah lima, waktu subuh Malaysia tiba, aku terduduk mengumpulkan nyawa di salah satu deret bangku di Tranportation Hub yang berlokasi di Gateway@klia2 mall level 1. Aku masih mengucek mata ketika beberapa pejalan lain masih saja mendengkur di sekitar.

Aku memaksakan kaki untuk melangkah ke surau lantai 1 yang terletak di luar bangunan terminal demi menunaikan kewajiban pada Sang Pencipta yang telah menganugerahkan waktu dan dana buat berpetualang menembus Asia Timur….Terimakasih ya Allah.

Waktu penerbangan yang dijadwakan pukul tujuh pagi membuatku tak berani menganggarkan waktu bersarapan. Aku hanya membeli dua roti cokelat kemasan di sebuah minimarket yang terletak di sebelah NZ Curry House sebagai bekal di pesawat nanti.

Pukul lima, aku sudah menuju check-in desk di lantai 3 Main Terminal Building untuk mendapatkan boarding pass menuju Soekarno Hatta International Airport. Tak lama kemudian, aku menuju konter imigrasi untuk mendapatkan izin keluar dari Malaysia. Sesuai prediksi, semua berlangsung dengan mudah dan cepat.

Setengah jam sebelum boarding pun aku tiba di gate dan memergoki Air Asia AK 382 terparkir manis di depannya.Tak lama dari kedatanganku, gate pun benar-benar dibuka. Aku mulai memasuki ruang tunggu setelah melaporkan boarding pass dan paspor pada ground staff yang memeriksa setiap penumpang.

Beberapa menit selanjutnya….Pilot, co-pilot dan beberapa pramugari-pramugara memasuki pesawat untuk bersiap. Kesibukan loading di lambung pesawat, pengisian avtur dan inflight meal loading menjadi pemandangan yang menarik perhatianku dalam setiap tahapnya hingga semuanya usai dengan baik.

Pengumuman boarding pun memenuhi langit-langit bandara, aku segera mengantri, lalu memasuki kabin melalui aerobridge penuh rasa sumringah karena tak lama lagi petualanganku akan usai. Aku menemukan tempat duduk persis berada di ekor pesawat. Maklum, ini tiket murah meriah yang terbeli sejak sembilan bulan sebelum penerbangan.

Semenjak proses boarding, peragaan prosedur keselamatan penerbangan, taxiing, take-off, airborne hingga cruising, aku tak sekalipun menyentuh majalah Travel 360 yang merupakan inflight magazinenya Air Asia. Tentu saja bosan, aku telah berkali kali membacanya semenjak penerbangan QZ 200 (Jakarta-Kuala Lumpur), AK 170 (Kuala Lumpur-Kaohsiung) dan D7 505 (Seoul-Kuala Lumpur).  Dua belas jam lebih selama ketiga penerbangan itu aku sudah khatam membaca inflight magazine itu.

Usai menikmati roti coklat kemasan, aku terlelap dengan cepatnya. Tidur yang tak lelap semalam membuat mataku tak lagi berdaya untuk terjaga selama di udara. Aku tidur….dan mudah-mudahan tak mendengkur……????

Aku benar-benar lelap hingga pengumuman pesawat yang akan segera mendarat di Soekarno Hatta International Airport membangunkan mata. Meninggalkan sedikit pening dan mengambil sedikit waktu untuk menjernihkan mata, terlihat garis-garis bergerak cepat di luar sana dan terpantau dari jendela. Pesawat sedang landing…..

Spoiler di sayap pesawat tampak berdiri membantu menahan laju angin untuk menghentikan badan pesawat yang melaju kencang di landasan. Tak lama kemudian pesawat mulai melakukan taxiing dan merapat di apron.

Ahhh…usai sudah.

Dengan senyum tipis, aku meninggalkan badan pesawat melalui aerobridge dan memasuki bangunan bandara. Aku segera menuju konter imigrasi untuk mengesahkan paspor dengan arrival stamp.

Setelahnya aku segera menuju konter Bus DAMRI demi menuju Terminal Kampung Rambutan dan pulaaangggg…..

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Sembilan Jam Singgah di Kuala Lumpur International Airport Terminal 2

<—-Kisah Sebelumnya

Mendarat di KLIA2.

Bagi sebagian besar pengelana, Kuala Lumpur International Airport menjadi titik paling aduhai untuk melompat ke negara asia lainnya. Tentu keberadaan maskapai Low Cost Carrier (LCC) Air Asia yang membuatnya demikian. Sejak 2001, Air Asia telah memberikan akses murah bagi para pejalan untuk berkeliling Asia. Berkat Air Asia pula sudah 21 kali aku menyinggahi KLIA selama menjelajah Asia.

Tapi dalam kisah ini adalah delapan….Yups, ini kali kedelapan aku menjejakkan langkah di Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

Lewat jam sepuluh malam, roda raksasa Air Asia D7 505 berdebam lembut menyentuh KLIA2. Perjalanan 5 jam 50 menit dari Seoul pun usai sudah. Kesan pertamaku mencicipi pesawat berbadan lebar Airbus A330 sungguh menyenangkan. Terbang melintasi Laut Kuning dan Laut China Timur berlangsung dengan turbulensi yang bisa dianggap tiada, tenang dan mulus tanpa hambatan. Itu mungkin salah satu keuntungan menunggang pesawat berbadan besar ketika menjelajah angkasa.

Usai taxiing beberapa menit, Air Asia D7 505 pun merapat di apron dan sesaat setelah pintu pesawat terbuka, aku pun memasuki bangunan KLIA2 melalui aerobridge. Aku kembali menjejak KLIA2 setelah sepuluh hari sebelumnya menyinggahinya untuk melompat ke Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Sungguh perasaan yang membahagiakan malam itu karena aku sudah berada dekat dengan rumah, hanya 2 jam 15 menit jauhnya lewat udara.

Dan bagiku singgah di KLIA2 akan lebih afdol jika keluar dari konter imigrasi, karena aku bisa menemukan banyak sajian kuliner di Gateway@klia2 mall daripada hanya berdiam diri di transfer hall.

Transit Pak Cik, ingin cari makan malam”, sapa ringanku pada seorang petugas imigrasi di hadapan.

Dari mane mau kemane?”, tanyanya sambil memeriksa paspor hijauku.

Dari Seoul, mau pulang ke Jakarta, Pak Cik

Oh…”, jawabnya singkat lalu mempersilahkanku untuk menghadap kamera dan melakukan sidik jari.

Menjelang tengah malam itu, sebetulnya lambungku sudah lebih dahulu dipenuhi oleh angin karena jadwal makan malam sudah lama lewat.Tetapi untuk melengkapi jadwal itu, aku memilih untuk menyegerakan langkah menuju tempat makan langganan. Adalah NZ Curry House yang merupakan restoran India yang terletak di Transportation Hub level 1 Gateway@klia2 mall.

Restoran langganan.

(pada kunjungan terakhirku di KLIA2 di akhir 2019 saat akan terbang ke Kochi-India, area restoran ini sedang mengalami renovasi, entah tutup atau sekedar diperbaiki).

Menu andalan yang sering kupesan ketika singgah di restoran ini adalah adalah nasi lemak dengan telur rebus serta secangkir teh O panas. Untuk menu tersebut biasanaya aku hanya mengeluarkan uang sebesar 6,5 Ringgit.

Sembari mengecap suap demi suap nasi lemak itu, aku faham bahwa setelahnya aku hanya akan menghabiskan malam di lantai 1 sambil menunggu esok tiba. Oleh karenanya, aku tak terburu-buru dalam menyantap hidangan sederhana itu.

Usai makan, aku menyempatkan berganti t-shirt di toilet dekat restoran dan kemudian naik sebentar ke level 2 untuk mencari oleh-oleh di Jaya Grocer. Bagiku, KLIA2 juga menjadi tempat favorit untuk mencari oleh-oleh jika tak sempat menyinggahi kota, kehalalan produk Malaysia yang 61% berpenduduk muslim menjadi jaminan tersendiri. Target utama belanjaku adalah kemasan Teh Tarik Aik Cheong untuk bisa kunikmati pada hari-hari bekerjaku di Ibu Kota nanti. Satu kemasan Teh Tarik Aik Cheong berisi 15 sachet kutebus dengan 13 Ringgit malam itu.

Setelah oleh-oleh kudapatkan, aku segera mencari spot untuk merebahkan diri di lantai 1 karena waktu telah menyentuh dini hari dan mata juga telah memerah seakan memintaku untuk segera memejamkannya.

Tak lama memilih, terlihat deret bangku kosong di Lantai 1 di sebuah pojok hall. Usai mengakuisisi, aku tertidur setengah lelap diatasnya hingga subuh nanti tiba.

Bagaimanapun itu, aku pantas berterimakasih pada keberadaan KLIA2 dalam sejarah panjang perjalananku berkeliling Asia.

Kisah Selanjutnya—->

Air Asia D7 505 dari Seoul ke Kuala Lumpur

<—-Kisah Sebelumnya

Jalur penerbangan D7 505 (sumber:

Aku terduduk di salah satu bangku dekat gate 112 milik Satellite Concourse Building Incheon International Airport setelah beberapa menit lalu dipindahkan oleh shuttle train dari Terminal 1. Waktu boarding yang tinggal setengah jam lagi, membuatku tak bisa mengambil resiko untuk mengeksplorasi seisi bangunan terminal bandara itu.

Aku lebih memilih mengamati lalu lalang pesawat terbang. Sebagian dari mereka tampak fokus mendaratkan roda di runway bandara dan sebagian yang lain tampak mengantri hingga mendapatkan izin dari Air Traffic Controller (ATC) untuk mengudara. Kebiasaan seperti itu memang sering aku lakukan karena ketertarikan diriku akan pesawat dan industri penerbangan. Dari kebiasaan melakukan pengamatan tersebut, tak jarang aku menemukan nama-nama maskapai baru yang dikemudian hari aku biasa menyasarnya demi menikmati jasanya dalam berkeliling dunia.

Bagiku, hari itu terasa sangat spesial dalam sejarah perjalananku, karena Air Asia D7 505 akan menjadi perjalanan pertamaku menggunakan pesawat berbadan besar. Jika pada penerbangan-penerbangan sebelumnya aku selalu menunggangi pesawat berbadan kecil, sejenis Airbus A320 ataupun Boeing 737, tetapi kini aku akan menunggangi Airbus A330 dengan 9 kolom bangku….Sore itu begitu benar-benar menciptakan rasa penasaran dan ketidaksabaran.

Setengah jam kemudian, gate benar-benar dibuka. Aku mulai mengambil posisi di kolom antrian kanan.

Belanjaan duty free kasih ke mama saja, biar mama yang pegang”, seorang penumpang pria berseru pada putranya yang menenteng dua botol besar minuman berlakohol. Mendengar bahasa bangsa saat berada di negeri orang memang menjadi kado istimewa yang bisa membantu menaikkan mood untuk selalu merasa dekat dengan rumah. Kini di sebelah kiriku ada seorang WNI keturunan Tiongoa yang tampaknya juga sedang dalam perjalanan pulang.

Dari kota mana, pak?”, aku memberanikan diri bertanya.

Loh, masnya dari Indonesia juga? Saya dari Bekasi, mas.

“Oh, saya dari Jakarta Timur, Pak”.

“Oh, deket ya kita. Ngerjain bisnis apa, mas di Jakarta?”

“Saya kerja aja kok, Pak di Jakarta. Ndak ada bisnis”.

“Oh gitu ya, sendirian ya mas?”

“Iya Pak”

“Wah keren….keren…”

Percakapan kami tak berlangsung lama karena pertemuan itu harus berakhir ketika ground staff memerikasa tiket dan paspor kami. Setelahnya kami terpisah di lorong panjang aerobridge.

Di ujung aerobridge, aku disambut oleh pramugari berwajah Melayu di pintu pesawat lalu aku diarahkan untuk berbelok ke arah kabin depan. Sesuai dengan boarding pass aku mencari kursi bernomor 14K yang ternyata berposisi di window seat sisi kanan. Itulah tempat duduk yang harus kunikmati selama penerbangan panjang nanti.

Oh ya, nomor penerbanganku kali ini adalah D7 505. Mau tau makna kodenya?….

Jika QZ adalah kode penerbangan yang dioperasikan oleh Indonesia Air Asia dan AK adalah kode penerbangan untuk Air Asia Malaysia maka D7 adalah kode penerbangan milik Air Asia X khusus untuk penerbangan jarak jauh.

D7 505 sendiri adalah penerbangan berjarak 5.000 Kilometer dengan waktu tempuh 5 jam 50 menit. Penerbangan bermula dari Incheon International Airport, Korea Selatan dan akan berakhir di Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2, Malaysia.

Hmmhh…..Selama penerbangan….

Ternyata, window seat yang kutempati terasa tak nyaman karena lengkungan kabin pesawat membatasi kenyamananku selama penerbangan. Selama terbang di kelas ekonomi itu, aku hanya bisa mengisi waktu dengan membolak-balik majalah Travel 360 yang merupakan inflight magazine milik Air Asia. Ketika tatapku mulai lelah dalam membaca,  maka aku berlanjut  menghabiskan waktu dengan memejamkan mata. Beruntung almond kemasan yang kubeli di Namdaemun Market kemarin hari membuat penerbanganku sedikit tak membosankan.

Separuh penerbangan yang dalam kondisi terang  membuatku leluasa menikmati pemandangan Laut Kuning dan Laut China Timur, sedangkan selebihnya penerbangan berlanjut dalam gulita yang membuatku tak bisa berbuat banyak. Hingga akhirnya pesawat tiba di Kuala Lumpur sekitar pukul sepuluh malam.

Seusai penerbangan itu, aku masih harus melewati babak terakhir pejalananku menjelajah Asia Timur dengan bermalam selama 9 jam di Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 sebelum esok hari kembali ke tanah air menggunakan connecting flight Air Asia AK 382.

Untuk mendapatkan tiket penerbangan dari Seoul ke Kuala Lumpur, Anda bisa mencarinya di 12go Asia dengan link berikut:

Kisah Selanjutnya—->

Mencicipi Nasi Goreng Campur di Incheon International Airport

<—-Kisah Sebelumnya

Pukul 12:15 aku tiba di Pulau Yeongjong, sebuah pulau di pantai barat Korea Selatan dimana Incheon International Airport dibangun dengan gagahnya.

Aku melangkah gontai keluar gerbong Seoul Metro Line I, seakan tak rela meninggalkan Seoul yang baru saja kunikmati sedari lima hari lalu. Tapi toh, aku tetap sadar diri akan amunisi yang tak digdaya lagi. Tanpa kartu kredit maupun debit aku tak akan bisa kemanapun dengan Won tersisa. Bahkan beberapa lembar Won yang terselip di dompet keritingku mungkin hanya cukup untuk membeli sarapan sekedarnya di bandara nanti.

Keluar dari Airport Station, tatapku awas mencari Flight Information Display System (FIDS) untuk melacak check-in desk yang harus kutuju. Tentunya sangat mudah menemukan informasi penerbangan di bandara terbesar nan canggih kebanggaan Korea Selatan itu. Petunjuk mengarahkanku untuk menuju Check-in Desk D sebagai konter untuk menukarkan e-ticket dengan boarding pass menuju Kuala Lumpur.

Berderap langkah, aku harus menuju ke Lantai 3 untuk mencari keberadaan Check-in Desk D dimana penerbangan Air Asia D7 505 akan dibuka. Mungkin karena kurang fokus membaca informasi yang terpampang pada FIDS maka aku tiba di depan check-in desk yang masih sunyi. “Hoo iyaaa, status penerbangannya belum open”, aku membatin sambil tersenyum membodohkan kekurangtelitianku. “Lebih baik aku cari sarapan dulu”, ungkapan diri yang salah lagi karena sejatinya aku tiba di bandara sudah tengah hari.

Aku bergegas menuju Basement 1 Level untuk mencari sarapan sekaligus makan siang. Dengan Won tersisa akhirnya aku mendapatkan seporsi stir fried rice yang menjadi menu termewahku selama berkelana di Korea Selatan….Njirrr. Sedangkan urusan minum, aku tetap mengandalkan keberadaan free water station….Yuhuuu.

Aku sengaja mengulur waktu saat menikmati makanan di salah satu bangku food court. Toh aku bisa melihat dengan leluasa status penerbanganku dari FIDS ukuran medium yang terpampang di salah satu sisi.

Hampir satu jam aku menguasai bangku itu, bersantai melahap seporsi sedang stir fried rice, menghisap paparan aroma sedap yang menyeruak di setiap sudut ruangan, menikmati keriuhan para pejalan dari berbagai bangsa dalam berburu kuliner dan senantiasa menaruh kewaspadaan mata pada layar FIDS yang terus menggusur larik-larik informasi penerbangan ke atas halaman.

Aku terkesiap saat lamat melihat nomor penerbangan Air Asia D7 505 menampakkan diri di barisan bawah FIDS. Usai mendekat memastikan, akhirnya aku meninggalkan bangku dan kembali menuju ke lantai 3 demi menuju ke Check-in Desk D.

Check-in Desk D.

Mengingat ini adalah return-ticket yang menuju titik awal perjalanan maka petugas wanita di konter check-in tak terlalu banyak bertanya hal rumit. Begitu pula dengan petugas pria di konter imigrasi, dia pun tak perlu waktu lama untuk membubuhkan departure stamp di paspor hijau milikku. Proses ini tentu tak serumit kisahku ketika memasuki Korea Selatan melalui konter imigrasi Gimhae International Airport di kota Busan.

Selepas area imigrasi, aku fikir akan mudah menemukan gate dimana pesawat Air Asia yang akan kutunggangi melakukan loading. Ternyata tak demikian. Untuk menemukan gate 112, aku harus menuju ke Satellite Concourse Building yang hanya bisa ditempuh dengan shuttle train milik Incheon International Airport melalui jalur bawah tanah.

Mengikuti signboard yang ada, aku diarahkan menuju platform shuttle train yang akan membawa segenap penumpang menuju Satellite Concourse Building di sebelah barat Terminal 1. Satellite Concourse Building sendiri adalah bangunan membujur di tengah-tengah Terminal 1 dan 2 Incheon International Airport. Memiliki 30 gate, 6 lounges dan berjarak hampir 1 km dari Terminal 1.

Shuttle train dua gerbong tanpa tempat duduk itu selama tujuh menit menjelajah jalur ganda kereta bawah tanah di Incheon International Airport untuk kemudian memindahkanku ke Satellite Concourse Building. Sesampai di bangunan itu, tentu tak sulit lagi bagiku untuk menemukan Gate 112, yaitu gerbang dimana aku akan diterbangkan menuju Kuala Lumpur International Airport untuk transit selama sembilan jam sebelum menuju tanah air.

Kisah Selanjutnya—->

Seoul Metro dari Pusat Kota ke Incheon International Airport

<—-Kisah Sebelumnya

Suasana di dalam Seoul Metro menuju Incheon International Airport.

Usai shalat Subuh, mataku tak lagi terpejam. Sudah menjadi sifatku yang selalu saja terjaga ketika dihadapkan pada sebuah jadwal penerbangan. Sementara di pojok dormitory, backpack biruku yang berkapasitas 45 liter sudah terpacking rapi sejak semalam, sepulang dari Distrik Gangnam tepatnya. Malam tadi, aku memang memutuskan melakukan packing seusai mandi.

Sekitar pukul setengah tujuh pagi, ditengah nada-nada dengkuran ringan para penghuni Kimchee Guesthouse Sinchon, aku perlahan berjingkat-jingkat menuju shared-bathroom untuk mengguyur diri dibawah shower air hangat. Sehingga, satu jam kemudian aku telah rapi dan terduduk di shared lobby lantai bawah untuk sekedar bersosialisasi.

Di sebuah kursi, perlahan aku menenggak air mineral sisa semalam sembari membuka peta Seoul Metro. Aku harus mencari rute terbaik menuju Incheon International Airport Terminal 1 siang nanti.

Sekitar lima belas menit kemudian, datanglah gadis berjilbab biru dengan wajah cantik khas Melayu duduk di hadapan. Dari penampilannya dia sedang bersiap diri untuk melakukan eksplorasi.

Dari Malaysie kah?”, pertanyaan itu sudah pasti tertuju untukku.

Aku mendongak dan menjawab, “Jakarta, Indonesia”.

Oh, Indonesia. Sudah berape lame di Seoul, Abang?

Tiga hari. Saya Donny, boleh tahu nama kamu?”, jawabku singkat.

Mariya, saya dari Kuala Terengganu”.

Sepagi ini sudah bersiap, mau pergi kemana, Mariya? “, aku terus saja bertanya penuh rasa penasaran.

Oh, saya nak melawat ke Itaewon, tengok sekejap Seoul Central Mosque. Abang mau kemane?

Saya siang ini akan pulang, besok singgah di KL dulu”.

Orang Indonesia dapat free visakah ke Korea, Abang?

Oh, tidak Mariya. Saya harus membayar senilai 150 Ringgit untuk mendapatkan visa Korea. Kalau orang Malaysia bagaimana?

Orang Malaysia free visa ke Korea, Abang”.

Mariya adalah seorang solo-traveler asal negeri jiran yang berbekal dengan rasa percaya diri yang tinggi. Dia bahkan bercerita tentang perjalanannya berkeliling Asia sendirian tanpa menunjukkan sedikitpun rasa takut. Satu jam aku terlibat percakapan yang sangat menarik dengannya.

Mariya sendiri sangat tertarik dengan beberapa kota di Indonesia yang ingin dia kunjungi di waktu mendatang. Dia banyak bertanya perihal Bandung, Malang, Labuan Bajo dan Ambon. Mengimbangi rasa antusiasnya, maka aku tertarik mencari informasi darinya tentang beberapa kota di Malaysia yang hendak pula kukunjungi seperi Kuching, Ipoh, Penang, Kuantan dan Kuala Terengganu.

Percakapan kami berakhir ketika Mariya berpamitan untuk pergi ke Itaewon. Usai percakapan itu, aku pun menuju ke kamar dan bersiap diri untuk check-out.

Pukul setengah sepuluh, aku mulai memanggul backpack, menuju resepsionis untuk menyerahkan kunci loker dan mengambil uang deposit. Kemudian aku melangkah mantap meninggalkan Kimchee Guesthouse Sinchon menuju Stasiun Hongik University.

Seperti pagi-pagi biasanya di Seoul, aku mampir sejenak di CU minimarket yang letaknya tak jauh dari stasiun untuk bersarapan. Usai bersarapan, aku segera berburu gerbong Seoul Metro Line 2 menuju Stasiun Sindorim yang keberadaannya hanya berselang 4 stasiun saja dari Stasiun Hongik University.

Dari Stasiun Sindorim aku berpindah menggunakan Seoul Metro Line 1 menuju Stasiun Bupyeong. Berdiri di bagian tengah dekat pintu gerbong, aku menikmati laju Seoul Metro melewati sebelas stasiun sebelum tiba.

Dari Stasiun Bupyeong aku masih harus berpindah keSeoul Metro Line I menuju  tujuan akhir yaitu Stasiun Incheon International Airport Terminal 1 yang berselang lima belas stasiun ke depan.

Melintas jembatan di atas laut.
Pemandangan Laut Kuning.

Secara keseluruhan perjalanan, dalam waktu satu setengah jam, aku tiba di Stasiun Incheon International Airport Terminal 1 yang bejarak 60 kilometer dari pusat kota. Aku tiba di bandara beberapa menit sebelum tengah hari.  Kini aku menunggu  penerbangan Air Asia D7 505 dari Seoul menuju Kuala Lumpur yang akan mengudara pada pukul 15:55 nanti.

Sebetulnya aku masih sangat berminat untuk menikmati pusat kota Incheon sebelum menuju bandara. Tetapi karena sadar diri bahwa uang di dompet hanyalah berupa beberapa lembaran tersisa, maka daripada bermain resiko dan rawan ketinggalan pesawat, aku akhirnya lebih memilih untuk menghabiskan waktu berjam-jam untuk berada di bandara saja. Yang terpenting perjalanan pulangku ke tanah air aman dan lancar.

Kisah Selanjutnya—->