Bus from Amanjaya Terminal to Medan Kidd Terminal, Ipoh, Malaysia

Finding information about tourist attractions in Ipoh through internet is very much and easy.

But via googling, I have never found a sure way towards Ipoh downtown from their main land-gate i.e Amanjaya Bus Terminal … that’s the point. That’s why, I feel the need to write this article and hopefully backpackers like me out there can find this article later on Google.

But I know that the hotel where I stay is located about 1 km east from a small bus terminal called Medan Kidd Bus Terminal, then I can walk from iterminal to Abby by the River Hotel for 15 minutes.

Finding a taxi is certainly very easy, just need to whistle a little then taxi will come to you. Because taxi isn’t in my backpacker dictionary, without adequate information, I had to found the city bus until I got it.

Worries was surely in me….worried about scams or worry if I couldn’t arrive on time at the hotel… but the show must go on … this is the thrilled if You do solo-traveling with minimal information .

“Perak Transit” bus which departed from Penang Sentral dropped me off on first floor of the Amanjaya Bus Terminal.

I immediately entered the intercity bus arrival hall. The seat lines which passengers waited for their bus became first view that I saw there.

I deliberately allocated about 30 minutes to explore the whole of Amanjaya Terminal.

Of course, I had to found information about city bus towards Ipoh downtown. Luckily I found the Amanjaya Bus Terminal information center on 1st floor, precisely in terminal lobby.

According to a female officer at this information center, city bus to Medan Kidd Terminal was located on 2nd floor and numbered T30a.

Didn’t want to long waiting because I was worried about being late, I immediately used escalator to get the closest bus departure time.

And finally I found the bus shelter

And this is a bus route from Amanjaya Terminal to several destinations in Ipoh:

Whereas this is schedule of Bus No T30a from Amanjaya Terminal to Medan Kidd Terminal:

My trip to downtown began by getting in MyBas T30a

Paid for USD 0,9 when entering front door, I was greeted with familiar smile by Indian driver.

There is something different about this MyBas service. When I am using buses in Kuala Lumpur and Penang (Rapid KL and Rapid Penang), if you pay more than fare, the change money willn’t be refunded. But when I use MyBas, which is operated by Perak Transit, I pay 5 Malaysian Ringgit (USD 1,3) then driver gives me the change money about 1.5 Malaysian Ringgi (USD 0,4)…. Fair and Good.

Indian songs accompanied my journey that afternoon. The bus briefly stopped to refuel near to Terminal Amanjaya.

During the trip I diligently paid attention to a Chinese female solo-traveler descent who always pay attention to her google maps. Surely he also has lacks information like me.…hehehe.

Here are some views during my trip to downtown:

In 40 minutes, MyBas finally arrived at Medan Kidd Terminal

I didn’t wait long at Medan Kidd terminal because I had to immediately go to Hotel for check in then get around the city.

I noticed again this female solo-traveler who looked confuse at terminal. I took a time to ask where was he going, but She said that She would go to downtown by a taxi. I offered myself to walk together but it seems like She didn’t believe.…haha. A look like me really seems suspicious….wkwkwk. Well the important thing is that I have tried to offer kindness.

I decided to immediately walk along Ipoh’s pedestrian walkway.

Walk down this road to Abby by the River Hotel

I had to stop several times because of light rain pouring down Ipoh at that time. And finally in 30 minutes I arrived at Abby by the River Hotel.

Checked-in, paid, put my backpack in the room … then I explored around downtown until evening. Finally I can cross out one destination in my bucket list.

Tourist Attraction in Ipoh, Malaysia

Ipoh….Capital City of Perak State is located 200 km north of Kuala Lumpur. The city that have a nicknamed as Bougenville City isn’t as busy as Penang or even Kuala Lumpur, but believes in me that this city will give a different side of exoticism because the location of this city is fortified with beautiful hills.

The time was 16:17. So after checking in and putting my backpack at Abby by the River Hotel, I decided to spend my first day in Ipoh by visiting the downtown.

Abby by the River Hotel where I stayed during visiting Ipoh

Abby by the River Hotel is quite good in providing tourism information with a special spot in the lobby corner which provides many Ipoh tourism leaflets. After 15 minutes of reading the information, I concluded that the selling point in the downtown is an Old Town landmark which is a relic of British colonialism on 19th century.

Didn’t need long time to thinking, I immediately left the hotel to go to downtown. Along Sultan Iskandar street which is the protocol street in Ipoh, immediately the frenzied in my mind was vanished without traces. Don’t compare Ipoh with Jakarta (capital city of Indonesia), because this city is different than metropolis like Jakarta. You will feel as the owner of this city because of its silence.

Kinta River splits beautifully on Sultan Iskandar street

1. Hugh Low Bridge.

This bridge was built to connect Sultan Iskandar street which crosses Kinta River.

Drizzle makes me colder to enjoy Kinta river from this bridge

Stopping for a moment on the bridge, I observed activities of some Ipoh residents who were fishing in several spots of Kinta River

2. Ipoh River Front Park

When I crossed Kinta River, I was immediately found a vast city park. It is famous park which has a name as Ipoh River Front Park.

This vast city park has a pool, a fountain and food stalls inside. Being a comfortable place for refreshing.

250 m walked down along Sultan Iskandar street, then I turned right and continued walking along shopping complex on Bijeh Timah street.

Meeting European tourist spouse and Malaysian tourist family didn’t made me feel alone in this city. My hunger became more and more at the end of this street because of this line of food stalls:

This is one of three street food stalls that I met that afternoon

Didn’t want to lose a lot of time for just eat here, I prefer decided to chew my biscuits which I bought on Penang Sentral that afternoon while continuing to walk down the beauty of Ipoh.

3. Ipoh Mural Art

Then….turned left at the end of Bijeh Timah street, I found some mural paintings like the famous ones in Penang.

You must be observant and patient in looking for these mural because some of their locations are hidden. That afternoon I played hide and seek with Ipoh City to find its beauty.

4. HSBC Bank Building

The sun at the dusk on that time made every scene that I saw was very special. also this HSBC Bank Building. The building that built on 1931 is part of Ipoh Heritage Trail

5. Padang Ipoh

Historically, This field was used as a place for the royal officials of Ipoh to honor the Kingdom of Japan during its time.

Here, I finally found residents of Ipoh who doing their activities. From teenagers who play soccer until small families who bring their children to just play and eat together in this field.

6. Ipoh Tourist Information Centre

Hiddenly located at the end of a dead-end street (Bandar street), I insisted on visiting it to get as much information as possible to explore Ipoh next day.

7. Ipoh Town Hall

This building which built on 1916 was originally main administrative office of Ipoh. But now, it’s been used for space functions such as weddings and general events.

8. Cenotaph War Memorial

Used to commemorate them who were killed and injured in the state war and its use was inaugurated in 1927.

9. Perak State’s Police Headquarters

This is Headquarters of Perak Royal Malaysia Police. I actually didn’t dare to take photo of this building. But, because my camera shooting habbit was over finally I captured this building as fast as possible.

10. Sultan Idris Shah II Mosque

I closed my steps that afternoon by praying maghrib at Perak State’s mosque. The resident friendliness was felt when I pray. Warm smile that accompanied their handshake made me feel like I was in my own country.

Malaysia has indeed became my second home because of its cultural resemblance.

It was time to leave downtown and got close to hotel because the situation is very quiet on that night.

Do you dare to walk alone in silence night of Ipoh ?.…pounding but easy-cool.… try it !

The silence of Ipoh made me a little struggling in finding dinner. Although I finally found a bowl of Curry Noodle for USD 1 at Daud Mat Jasak Noodle Stall where was located on Dato Onn Jaafar street in “Kampung Jawa” area.

After satisfied, I immediately decided to back into hotel to take a warm bath and rest. Get ready to explore Ipoh tomorrow.

This is a room for USD 5/ night where I rest

Bus dari Terminal Amanjaya ke Terminal Medan Kidd, Ipoh, Malaysia

Mencari informasi tentang destinasi wisata di kota Ipoh melalui dunia maya sangatlah banyak dan mudah.

Tetapi via googling, Aku tak pernah menemukan cara pasti untuk memasuki kota Ipoh dari gerbang darat utama mereka yaitu Terminal Bus Amanjaya….itu intinya. Itu kenapa Aku merasa perlu menulis artikel ini dan mudah-mudahan para backpacker sepertiku diluar sana bisa menemukan tulisan ini kelak di google.

Tapi yang jelas hotel tempatku menginap terletak 1 km di sebelah timur sebuah terminal bus kecil bernama Terminal Bus Medan Kidd lalu Aku bisa berjalan dari terminal bus ini ke Abby by the River Hotel selama 15 menit.

Mencari taxi tentu sangatlah mudah, hanya perlu sedikit bersiul maka Taxi akan menghampirimu. Karena taxi tak ada dalam kamus backpackerku maka tanpa informasi memadai aku harus mencari bus kota ini sampai dapat.

Kekhawatiran dalam diriku pasti ada saja….mulai dari khawatir terjadi scam atau khawatir tidak sampai hotel tepat waktu….tapi apa boleh buat…inilah serunya solo traveling minim informasi.

Bus Perak Transit yang berangkat dari Penang Sentral menurunkanku di lantai pertama Terminal Bus Amanjaya.

Aku langsung memasuki arrival hall bus antarkota.  Jajaran bangku tempat penumpang menunggu menjadi pemandangan pertama yang kulihat disini.

Aku sengaja mengalokasikan waktu sekitar 30 menit untuk mengeksplore seisi Terminal Amanjaya.

Tentu Aku harus mencari informasi tentang bus ke tengah kota Ipoh. Beruntung Aku menemukan pusat informasi Terminal Bus Amanjaya di lantai 1 tepatnya di lobby terminal.

Menurut petugas wanita di pusat informasi ini, Bus menuju Terminal Medan Kidd terletak di lantai 2 dan bernomor T30a.

Tak mau menunggu lama karena khawatir kesorean, Aku segera naik menggunakan escalator untuk mendapatkan waktu keberangkatan bus terdekat.

Dan akhirnya shelter bus itu ketemu juga:

Dan inilah rute bus dari Terminal Amanjaya menuju berbagai tempat tujuan di Ipoh:

Sedangkan ini adalah jadwal Bus No T30a dari Terminal Amanjaya menuju Terminal Medan Kidd:

Perjalananku menuju ke pusat kota Ipoh pun dimulai dengan menaiki MyBas T30a:

Membayar Rp. 12.250 (3,5 Ringgit) ketika memasuki pintu depan, Aku disambut dengan senyum akrab sang sopir keturunan India.

Ada yang berbeda dengan pelayanan MyBas ini. Ketika menggunakan bus di Kuala Lumpur dan Penang (Rapid KL dan Rapid Penang), jika Kita membayar  lebih besar dari tarif maka uang kelebihannya tak akan dikembalikan. Tetapi ketika naik MyBas yang dioperasikan oleh Perak Transit ini, Aku membayar dengan uang 5 ringgit dan si sopir memberikan kembalian 1,5 Ringgit kepadaku….Fair and Good.

Lantunan lagu-lagu India mengiringi perjalananku siang itu. Bus sempat berhenti sejenak untuk mengisi bahan bakar di sebelah Terminal Amanjaya.

Selama perjalanan Aku tekun memperhatikan seorang solo traveler wanita keturunan China yang terus memperhatikan google maps nya. Pasti dia juga minim informasi sepertiku….hehehe.

Beginilah beberapa pemandangan selama perjalananku menuju pusat kota

Dalam 40 menit akhirnya MyBas merapat ke Terminal Medan Kidd

Aku tak menunggu lama di terminal Medan Kidd karena Aku harus segera menuju ke Hotel untuk check in dan berkeliling kota.

Kuperhatikan lagi si solo traveler wanita itu yang terlihat bingung di terminal. Kusempatkan bertanya mau kemana dirinya, tetapi dia bilang akan ke tengah kota menggunakan taxi. Aku sempat menawarkan diri untuk berjalan kaki bersama tetapi sepertinya dia tak percaya….hahaha. Tampang gembel sepertiku memang sepertinya mencurigakan….wkwkwk. Well yang penting aku sudah berusaha menawarkan kebaikan…..#gombaladamaunyaguweh

Kuputuskan untuk segera berjalan kaki menyusuri trotoar kota Ipoh

Menyusuri jalanan ini menuju ke Abby by the River Hotel

Aku harus berhenti beberapa kali karena hujan ringan mengguyur Ipoh kala itu. Dan akhirnya dalam 30 menit Aku tiba di Abby by the River Hotel.

Check-in, bayar, taruh backpack di kamar….lalu ngelayap keliling kota sampai malam. Akhirnya Aku bisa mencoret satu destinasi dalam bucket list ku.

Destinasi Wisata di Pusat Kota Ipoh, Malaysia

Ipoh….Ibu Kota negara  bagian Pahang ini terletak 200 km di sebelah utara Kuala Lumpur. Kota berjuluk Kota Bugenvil ini memang tak seramai Penang atau bahkan Kuala Lumpur, tetapi percaya padaku bahwa kota ini akan memberikan sisi eksotisme berbeda karena letak kota ini yang dibentengi gugusan perbukitan yang cantik.

Waktu menunjukkan pukul 16:17. Jadi setelah check-in dan menyimpan backpack di dormitory milik Abby by the River Hotel, Aku memutuskan menghabiskan hari pertamaku di Ipoh dengan mengunjungi pusat kotanya.

Abby by the River Hotel tempatku menginap selama di Ipoh

Abby by the River Hotel cukup baik dalam menyediakan informasi wisata dengan adanya spot khusus di pojok lobby yang menyediakan banyak leaflet pariwisata Ipoh. Setelah 15 menit membaca informasi, Kusimpulkan bahwa hal yang menjual di pusat kota Ipoh ini adalah landmark Old Town yang tentu adalah peninggalan kolonial Inggris abad 19.

Tak berfikir lama, Aku segera keluar hotel untuk menuju pusat kota. Menyusuri Jalan Sultan Iskandar yang merupakan jalan protokol di Ipoh, sekejap suasana hiruk pikuk dalam otakku lenyap tanpa bekas. Jangan samakan dengan Jakarta, karena kota ini  berbeda dengan metropolis ibu kota. Kamu akan merasa menjadi pemilik kota ini karena ketenangannnya.

Kinta River membelah indah Jalan Sultan Iskandar

1. Hugh Low Bridge.

Jembatan ini dibangun untuk menyambungkan Jalan Sultan Iskandar yang melintasi Kinta River.

Gerimis membuatku lebih sejuk menikmati sungai Kinta dari jembatan ini

Berhenti sejenak diatas jembatan, Aku mengamati aktivitas beberapa warga kota Ipoh yang asyik memancing di beberapa spot Kinta River

2. Ipoh River Front Park

Begitu menyeberangi Kinta River, Aku langsung disuguhi taman kota nan luas. Terkenal dengan nama Ipoh River Front Park.

Taman kota yang cukup luas ini memiliki kolam, air mancur dan kedai-kedai makanan didalamnya. Menjadi tempat yang nyaman untuk refreshing.

250 m menyusuri Jalan Sultan Iskandar, Aku berbelok ke kanan menyusuri pertokoan di Jalan Bijeh Timah.

Menemui sepasang turis Eropa dan sekeluarga turis Malaysia membuatku merasa tak sendiri di kota ini. Perut laparku semakin menjadi ketika berada diujung jalan ini karena jajaran tenda makanan ini:

Inilah satu dari tiga tenda street food yang kutemui sore itu

Tak mau kehilangan banyak waktu untuk sekedar nongkrong, kuputuskan untuk lebih memilih mengunyah biskuit yang kubeli di Penang Sentral siang tadi sambil terus berjalan menyusuri keindahan Ipoh.

3. Ipoh Mural Art

Nah, berbelok ke kiri di ujung jalan, Aku menemukan beberapa lukisan mural layaknya mural-mural terkenal di Penang.

Kamu harus jeli dan sabar dalam mencari lukisan mural ini karena beberapa letaknya tersembunyi. Sore itu Aku bak bermain petak umpet dengan Kota Ipoh untuk menemukan sisi keindahannya.

4. Gedung HSBC Bank

Surya dikala senja saat itu membuat setiap pemandangan yang kulihat menjadi sangat istimewa. Begitu pula dengan Gedung HSBC ini. Bangunan tahun 1931 ini adalah bagian dari Ipoh Heritage Trail

5. Padang Ipoh

Lapangan ini dalam sejarahnya digunakan sebagai tempat para pejabat kerajaan Ipoh melakukan upaca penghormatan terhadap Kerajaan Jepang pada masanya.

Disinilah akhirnya Aku bisa menemukan para warga kota Ipoh melakukan aktivitas. Dari anak-anak muda yang bermain sepak bola hingga keluarga-keluarga kecil yang membawa anaknya untuk sekedar bermain dan makan bersama di lapangan ini.

6. Ipoh Tourist Information Centre

Terletak sangat tersembunyi di sebuah ujung jalan buntu (Jalan Bandar), Aku bersikukuh mendatanginya untuk mendapatkan informasinya sebanyak mungkin untuk mengeksplore Ipoh keesokan harinya.

7. Ipoh Town Hall

Bangunan tahun 1916 ini pada awalnya adalah kantor administrasi utama kota Ipoh. Namun saat ini sudah digunakan untuk function space seperti untuk weddings dan event-event umum.

8. Cenotaph War Memorial

Digunakan untuk memperingatai mereka yang gugur dan terluka dalam perang negara dan diresmikan penggunaannya pada tahun 1927.

9. Kantor Kepolisian Negara Bagian Perak

Ini adalah Markas dari Royal Malaysia Police Daerah Perak. Aku sebetulnya tidak berani mengambil foto kantor kepolisian ini. Tapi karena kebiasaan jeprat-jepret akhirnya secepat kilat kuabadikan bangunan ini.

10. Masjid Sultan Idris Shah II

Langkah kakiku sore itu kututup dengan bersembahyang maghrib di Masjid Negeri Perak ini. Keramahan warga Ipoh sangat terasa ketika Aku menunaikan ibadah. Senyuman hangat yang mengiringi jabat tangan sesama jamaah membuatku serasa berada di negeri sendiri.

Malaysia memang telah menjadi rumah kedua bagiku karena kemiripan budayanya.

Tiba saatnya untuk meninggalkan pusat kota dan mendekat ke hotel karena suasana sudah sangat sepi.

Beranikah kamu jalan sendirian di sepinya malam kota Ipoh….asik-asik sedap lho…cobain deh

Sepinya kota membuatku sedikit struggling dalam mencari makan malam. Walau akhirnya Aku menemukan semangkuk Mee Kari seharga Rp. 14.000 di Kedai Mee Daud Mat Jasak yang terletak di Jalan Dato Onn Jaafar di daerah Kampung Jawa.

Selepas kenyang, Aku segera memutuskan kembali ke hotel untuk mandi air hangat dan beristirahat. Bersiap untuk eksplore Ipoh esok hari.

Inilah kamar seharga Rp. 70.000/malam tempatku beristirahat